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The Godri Banjara Mahakumbh is set to make a revival of Sanatan Hindu Dharma from the grass root level.

Banjara Kumb Godri 2023

‘Conversion on 3 thousand branches’,  all will return home in the Sanatan Hindu roots; Great determination in Godri Banjara Mahakumbha.

322732558_1283626798858085_5711657184219035664_nUpendra Bharti | HENB | Godri | Jan 28, 2023:: While the issues of Gharwapsi programmes (re-conversion and homecoming) are prevalent in the country’s politics, it has also had its repercussions in the Mahakumbh of the Banjara community. Saint Babusingji Maharaj has made a shocking claim that conversion of Banjara (nomadic-gypsy) community is going on in 3000 tandas (branches) after directly targeting 11 thousand tandas in eight states. He was speaking at the ongoing Mahakumbh in Godri in Jamner taluka.

Mahakumbh of All India Hindu Gor Banjara and Labana Naikada Samaj is currently going on in Godri.  We are going to bring all converted brothers back to Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Babusingji was speaking at the event. He said that this Kumbh was organized to awaken this society and give further direction.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Dharma Jagran Samiti chief Sharad Dhole was also present on the occasion. Seeing the wealth of the country, foreign invasions took place. The invaders tried to convert the indigenous people by a hook or crook.  That conversion campaigns are still also underway in North East and other parts of India. This conversion is not limited to worship. It started with the demand of a separate state and a separate country. “Hundreds of saints have come here to stop the conversion of the Banjara community,” he explained.

A target for political gain, say secular elements

The impact of the topic presented in Banjara Mahakumbh has started to emerge. Those secular elements never raised their voice against the conversion of banjaras in Christanity or Muslims are now blaming the Banjara Kumb Event as the pothole of ‘Hinduization’.  It is told that, again the issue of conversion is being magnified in the Banjara Kumbh for political gain. Banjara society is culturally rich. This kind of culture must survive. Banjara community is a peaceful environment loving society. “Politicians who think politics will be easy if they are instigated are wrong,” criticized social activist and advocate Asim Sarode.

Since the early 17th century, members of the Banjara community from across India have been gathering every year at the Pohra Devi shrine in the Washim district of Maharashtra. But this year, attempts are being made to enrich the Pohra Devi pilgrimage – considered to be a vital part of the community’s belief system – with a ‘Kumbh Mela’ at Godhri village in Jalgaon, which began on January 25 and will continue until January 30.

Many community members have supported  this development and welcome the intention behind the Banjara Kumbh Mela, organised under the patronage of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is to protect the nomadic-gypsy community into their Hindu fold from the clutch of Evangelic and Islamic conversion racket.

The Maharashtra state government has funded a large part of the six-day festival, spending close to Rs 2 crore just on sanitation for the event organised over 500 acres of land in Jalgaon district. Over 10-12 lakh people from the Banjara community from across India are expected to attend the mela. Senior RSS member Suresh ‘Bhaiyyaji’ Joshi, Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde and his deputy Devendra Fadnavis are scheduled to attend.

Banjara Kumbh Sandesh

Many seers and saints joined in this mega event of Banjara Mahakumbh where UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is to join on January 30, the last day of this unique congregations.

Hindu Regeneration in grass root level 

While respected Vrindavan Saint Mahamandaleshwar Sharanananda Ji Maharaj told, “The world wide Banjara (Gypsi) society is a part of Sanatan Hindu people” and Mahant Jitendra Swami Maharaj told, “Gour Banjara Samaj is an integral part of Hindu Society”; Sant Babusingji Maharaj told, “Three thousand branches of Banjara samaj have been converted so far and the aim of this Banjara Mahakumbha is to return them back to Hindu fold.”

Mahamandaleshwar Visheshwarananda, Mahamandaleshwar Janardan Hari, Sant Morari Bapu, Sant Suresh Maharaj, Gopal Chaitanya Baba and many others have already participated in the Banjara Kumbh in different dates. All the speakers and dignitaries pitched for a Hindu regeneration at the grass root level.

Godri Mahakunbh 2023

The Godri Banjara Mahakumbh has also been made a centre of attraction as it is showcasing the nomadic life-style of Indian people highlighting their folklore,  culture, dance,  drama, arts, handcrafts and cuisines.

The Godri Banjara Mahakumbh (Jan25-30, 2023) is set to make a revival of Sanatan Hindu Dharma from the grass root level.

The details of Godri Banjara Mahakumbh 2023 and updates  are available its website:   and the Facebook page at .

Read update: Those involved in religious conversions will never succeed, says Yogi Adityanath in ‘Banjara Kumbh’

__Inputs from Lokmat an Sakal.

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