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Emerging Kumbh Culture in Bengal in the mode of Hindu unification.

Tribeni Shahi Snan yatra

Spectacular show of Tribeni Kumbh in Banshberia, Hoogly. Emerging Kumbha culture in Bengal. 

fa88c02d-9225-4a27-a4fc-0dbcbdfc1bf6Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Tribeni | Feb 13, 2023:: Started on yesterday (12 Feb), the Kumbh show in Banshberia, Hoogly reached its peak today through a grand finale when the Shahi procession and bathing invoked a huge spiritual and social congregation through out this old town of West Bengal involving the lakhs of Hindu adherents.

Lakhs of Hindu devotees thronged in the town and took a holy dip in the Muktaveni Triveni [Open braid of Ganga -Jamuna (Kunti) and Saraswati] in the Maghi Sankranti after the Sahi Snan (holy bathing) of hundreds of Naga sadhus and other revered Monks and Saints following a spectacular shobhayatra (procession).

Tribeni Tirthe Snan

Hundreds of Hindu religious and social organizations took part in the programme jointly organized by Tribeni Kumbho Porichalana Samity and Banshberia Municipality and supported by Bangla Abar and Eastern Zonal Cultural Center.

The old town of Tribeni awoke up suddenly with a Hindutva vibration in the event of Kumbha for which WB Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also sent her message for the success of the programme.

Senior saints and monks like Padmashri Baba Shivananda Goswami (Varanasi), Swami Vaidyanathananda (Ramakrishna Mission), Mahamandaleshwar Paramatnananda (Mahanirvani Akhada), Swami Saradatmananda (Alambazar Satyananda – Ramakrishna Math), Swami Satyapriyananda (Bharat Sevashram Sangha- Bangladesh), Swami Uttamananda (Vasudev Sevashram-Somra Bajar) Swami Hansananda Puri (Tarapeeth Ramakrishna Ashram o Math) and many others were present in the programme and blessed the congregation.

birat shobhayatra

Apart from the saints and monks, political leaders like Dr. Sukanta Majumder (BJP WB state president), Aditya Neogy (Chairman, Banshberia Municipality from TMC), Tapan Dasgupta (MLA, Saptagram from TMC) and others joined in the programme to make it a success in all possible ways.

Kanchan Banerjee, a key of the Tribeni Kumbho Porichalana Samity described the programme as a regeneration process of Hindu culture and tradition in Bengal with the observance of such “Samajik Kumbha” (social congregation) breaking all barriers whatever in the differences in political, caste and creed and other fields.


Expansion of Kumbha Culture in Bengal

Defecting from the original group, the Bango Kumbha Parishad and Sanatan Sanskriti Parishad has started a new Hindu congregation in the name Bango Kumbha Mela on Feb 11 at Majherchar-Kalyani-Nadia just across the river Ganga, opposite to Tribeni. This Kumbh has also attracted a huge number of devotees in its starting year. Despite of many difference of opinions and charges hurled to each others between the two  committees so far, the programmes both the sides of Ganges gave an output of  Hindu unification in the name of Kumbh in reality.

Led by Swami Pradiptananda (Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Beldanga), Swami Nirgunananda (Rishra Prem Mandir), Jagadartihar Prabhu (ISKCON, Mayapur) and assisted  by Manas Bhattacharya (Bango Kumbho Parishad) and Brojen Roy (Sanatan Sanskriti Parishad), the Kumbh Snan in Majherchar has also been made successful so far.

bango kumbh mela 2023

The emerging Kumbh culture of Bengal may lead to a fruitful Hindu regeneration if the Hindu public in Bengal are energized in a though process to reject the shackles of un-Hindu inertia as such.

Next prog

Many of the activists of both the Tribeni and Majherchar Kumbh committee believe that with such big Hindu congregation and Hindu-interaction, the Zafar Khan Gazi Majar (mausoleum)  which was built upon Hindu Temples destroying those, can be liberated again or the Islamic threat on Majherchar for a ‘land jihad’ can be subsided with a definite goal of Hindutva consolidation.

This year the Kumbh Mela in Bengal has expanded its areas in the both side of  Ganga river in Tribeni and Kalyani (Majherchar) as seen in the Kumbh melas are held in Haridwar and Prayag sprawling both sides of Ganges. Whether there is any reference of Kumbh in Bengal in the Hindu scriptures or any history books, the Hindu congregations in Tribeni or Kalyani hold its organizational significance.

_ Pics supplied by various including the team o Prakash Das and devotees of Napara Brahmoyee Kalibari.

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