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Strong protest against anti-Hindu Ram Pal’s books in Rajasthan.

Alwar (Rajasthan): Hindutva people got angry about the distribution of Ram Pal’s books that played with the sentiments of Hindus, and filed a complaint in Kotwali.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Alwar| March 14, 2023:: In Alwar, a case of hurting the religious sentiments of Hinduism has come to the fore. Hindu organizations protested against the wrong remarks made about Hindu deities and reported the matter to the Kotwali police station. At the same time, the police are also engaged in investigating this whole matter, at present, the Hindu organization has registered a case in the Kotwali police station.

As a  matter of fact,  some people were selling and distributing some religious books in the heart of the city. In these books, wrong comments were made about the deities of the Hindu religion, and abusive words were written about them. On this, the matter was informed to the police. Talking to both sides, the police have started the investigation.

Actually, books were being sold and distributed on the streets with the name “Andh Shraddha Bhakti -Khatra e Jaan’, written by self-proclaimed Jagatguru – Ram Pal, some objectionable comments about Hinduism were put on the book. Due to this people associated with various Hindu organizations and the Hindu religion appeared angry.

In the disputed book, Shivling is described as private parts of the male and female human body in conjugation with the comments related to not worshiping Shiva. Regarding this, many Hinduist activists, including Braj Bhoomi Kalyan Parishad’s national convenor Dr. Pankaj Gupta, reached the Kotwali police station and lodged an FIR. Dr. Pankaj Gupta told that about 20 to 30 people claiming to be followers of Sant Rampal in Alwar were selling some books. Objectionable comments have been made towards Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the book to spread conversion (through anti-Hindu Naam-Daan)and religious frenzy. In this context, a case has been registered in Kotwali.

At the same time, people from the other side also reached Kotwali, they did not consider it wrong and said that the book was written on the basis of facts only. On this, a tussle broke out between both parties, after which the police pacified both contenders.

Sant Ram Pal, a self-proclaimed Jagat Guru (world teacher) declared himself as Prameshwar (Supreme God) in the line of Sant Kabir. From his Satlok Ashram at Barwala in Hisar (Haryana), Ram Pal runs his propaganda school against Hindu Dharma to create a cult to ruin Sanatan Sanskriti for his own interest in order to make the public fool to rule.

To vilify the majority Hindu faith, Sant Ram Pal prohibited many things which is glorified and mandated in Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Ram Pal comments, “Going to places of Pilgrimage is prohibited”, “Worship of Pitras (manes i.e. dead ancestors) prohibited”, “Worship of Mata Masaani or Kali (a mother goddess) prohibited”, “Performance of last-rites after death prohibited”, “Worship on the birth of a child prohibited”, “Going to place of pilgrimage of a favored deity to get child’s head tonsured prohibited”, “Singing and Dancing even for deities- prohibited”…. and many such ideas those denounce the faith and rituals of Hindu tradition.


One comment on “Strong protest against anti-Hindu Ram Pal’s books in Rajasthan.

  1. Deshpande RaghavendraRao
    March 14, 2023

    Who is this Rampal and what is his qualification and eligibility to write against Hindu Sanathana Dharma.? He has flickering knowledge about Hinduism.


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