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RSS must reject its tendency to oppose a Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra with the cultural dimension in India.


‘Bharat is already a Hindu Rashtra, no need to make a Hindu Rashtra further’ – conjecture of RSS is only to make impediment in the direction of being a Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. 

~ UpanandaBrahmachari

In the press meet at Samalkha (Haryana) on March 14 at the end of three day Akhil Bharat Pratinidhi Sabha (all India representational body) of RSS, the General Secretary of the Organization, Dattatreya Hosabale said that Bharat is already a Hindu Rashtra, no need to make a Hindu Rashtra further.

Clarifying his stand Hosabale conveyed the press, India is already a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ which is a ‘cultural concept’ and does not need to be established by the Constitution. He added further, “About Hindu Rashtra, we have been saying for the last 100 years that it’s a cultural concept, not theocratic one.”

It clearly denotes that RSS (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangha) has no plan to make India i.e. Bharat as a Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra as demanded by many including the new face of the claim of Hindu Rashtra, Birendra Krishna Shastri of Bageswar Dham.

There is a big conspiracy as apprehended in this row to make impediment in the goal of making a Real Hindu Rashtra in Bharat meaningfully with the concept of Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign basis.

Some days before, under the ‘Hinduism is a way of life’ cliché, which is also regularly highlighted by RSS, a bench of Supreme Court of India comprising of Justices KM Joseph and BV Nagarathna rejected a plea to appoint a renaming commission to rename the cities and places named after foreign invaders.RSS did not raise its voice to object that motive of the apex court to stop further provision to change any name of any place that was vandalized by the Mughals or plundered by the Britishers and put a name by the foreigners by forced dictum. In an article in Hindu Post, the writer Vikramnicely explained how the Supreme Court judges tried be-fooling the Hindus by their ‘Hinduism is a way of life’ cliché or even through the effort of Justice KM Joseph in his claim to be ‘proud enough of Hinduism being even a Christian’.

In a general understanding it is clear that the SC bench tried to convince the Hindus to be tolerant enough to bear upon all the injustice and torture unleashed upon them earlier in order to tolerate again in the same situations if come again. Such prototype secular mentality at any cost of the Hindus has been affected the Hindutva principal of RSS not to make India as a real Hindu Rashtrain its Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign basis for protecting the majority Hindus in this land.

If RSS understands that a declared Hindu constitution in India will make the country as a ‘Theocratic’ one, then we must question RSS about their understanding on Hindu and Hindutva.

The discourses of ‘Cultural Hindu Rashtra’ of RSS is not a brainstorming in their Sakhas (daily activity unit), but that should be analyzed in the practical field of application.  RSS’ Cultural Hindu Rashtra does not give any protection of the Right and Might of the Hindus when devalued or attacked in the ambit of Secular constitution of India.  The Cultural Hindu Rashtra of RSS does not give any protection to their members or to the general Hindu public when their sentiments are smashed with cow slaughter, when their girls and women are snatched under Love Jihad, when the property and temple lands are encroached by Wakf Boards under Land Jihad, when Hindus are converted randomly by the Evangelist Christian forces, when the Hindu Rights are demoralized under the appeasement of minority people, when the Hindus are discriminated under the Secular constitution, when the demographic changes are so fast in India or in many as such situations; the big talk of RSS on Cultural Hindu Rashtra does not come for any purpose.

In this land of Hindus, they are not protected by any personal law which is guaranteed as the Muslim Personal law for the Muslims being specially protected citizens with other benefits reserved for them.

When there are more than 50 constitutionally declared Muslim states in the world, over 150 constitutionally declared Christian states (or otherwise Christianity or Islam as state religion), what is the problem of RSS to demand India as a constitutionally declared Hindu Rashtra or State for more than 1 billion Hindus in the world in a place?

RSS must understand their ‘Cultural Hindu Rashtra’ claim is not a game of play in the Sakha (daily activity unit), but the establishment of a Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra is dire need in the present global situation to give the legitimate rights to have a Hindu Rashtra for the world’s highest third population with an international recognition.

In reality, ‘Cultural Hindu Rashtra’ concept of RSS is a weak component unless it is fortified with the ‘Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra’ dimension to make a ‘Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra’ in India in an urgent basis.

The RSS’ mind game for claiming India as a Hindu Rashtra should not be a detrimental process for making the land of Hindus as a Practical Hindu State with its Hindu Constitution and Hindu Sovereignty.

As Hindus still face the instability and insecurity of many threats in this ‘Cultural Hindu Rashtra’ of RSS, the stake-holders of Hindu Rashtra must think about the only option of ‘Cultural, Constitutional and Sovereign Hindu Rashtra’ in India to neutralize the increasing challenges made by the anti-Hindu and anti-Hindutva elements day by day.





__News Inputs from PTI.

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