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BOL News Marketing Head Akash Ram Abducted by Suspected Islamists in Karachi.

Akash abducted

BOL TV Marketing Manager Akash Ram was abducted by Islamist Criminals from his house in Karachi. No Coverage in mainstream Pakistani Media to hide the ugly face of Human Rights Violations in Pakistan.

Seema Sahani | HENB | Karachi | April 13, 2023:: Three days back, Mr. Akash Ram, the Marketing Manager of BOL TV and News Network has been kidnapped by Islamist Criminals from his house in Karachi along with two of his house workers and a building caretaker by the suspected Islamist Criminals.

BOL TV has been working with an impartial stand to report the repression of minorities in Pakistan and that is not liked by the fundamental outfits there.

In a press conference, Sami Ibrahim, the Chairman of BOL TV and News Network condemned such kidnapping of his company’s Marketing Manager Akash Ram, and narrated the matter as a gross human rights violation in Pakistan.

Ibrahim highlighted the recurring attacks on BOL TV by the miscreants mentioning the kidnapping of the company’s Manager Nabeel  Jakhura last year. “They are following our journalists and they also went to the house of our co-chairman Shoaib Shiekh. Our finance people and marketing people are being followed and a couple of weeks back our staff stopped them but then they were allowed to go. Three days back Akash Ram, who is the head of the marketing department of BOL TV, some unknown people entered his house forcibly and dragged him out, put him in a small truck, and took him away. Besides that they also picked up three more people, one was a cook, the other was a guard, and another guy who was the caretaker of the building, a 25-year-old, a patient of diabetics, we don’t know whether he is getting his medicine or not. I decided to hold this press conference, when I heard the appeal of the mother of Akash Ram, She was crying. It really touched my heart. She is a Hindu by religion. She was appealing to the Chief justice. She was appealing to the Army Chief and she was saying, Oh Muslims, I swear in the name of Allah, please return my son…” An emotional  Ibrahim narrated his feelings on Akash’s kidnapping.

 In a video published by Narain Das Bheel, a Hindu activist in Pakistan’s Sindh as uploaded to his Twitter handle, the condition of the mother of Akash was seen just in a disaster as saying, ‘Though we are Hindus, even we are Pakistani. Please return my son without delay.”

Interestingly enough, the mainstream media in Pakistan just censored the news of such an attack on the press and media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. It just proves that there is no democracy or human rights in Islamic Pakistan. Attacks on minority Hindus in Pakistan are not an issue before anybody as it appears.

And international media agencies like BCC, Reuters, CNN, AFP, AF, DW, New York Times, Washington Posts, etc., and selective Human Rights agencies like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, UN Human rights, etc. are just functioning as the stooge of Islamists in Pakistan by a huge payment of Islamic Monetary Fund as distributed by the Arab World!

__Inputs from Bol News & Twitter Handle of Narain das Bheel.

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