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‘Hindus most discriminated in Pak, Bangladesh’ by the State Islamic authority

Posted by hinduexistence on September 18, 2010

‘Hindus most discriminated in Pak, Bangladesh’

- Ed Royce, Republican Congress Man, US

Report : Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC for Rediff  News dt. September 15, 2010

An American Congressman has slammed the alleged ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan and said that Hindus have been discriminated much more than any other ethnic group in these countries.

Speaking at the Capitol Hill reception hosted by the Hindu American Foundation, California Republican Ed Royce said he had nothing but “feelings of humility and empathy for a people who have been subjected to — despite the tolerance of their own religion and despite the way in which Hindus have treated and accepted others — more discrimination than just about any other ethnic group.”

The influential lawmaker, who was presented with HAF’s Friend of the Community Award for his campaign against discrimination and human rights violations of Hindus in Bangladesh, said that “as someone who has been to Bangladesh, Pakistan, to Central Asia, to South Asia and talked with many of the victims,” he deplored the kind of human rights abuse they had undergone in these countries.

“There are two million Hindu Americans here in the United States, and many of them have shared their own stories with their neighbours and us in the United States,” he said, and noted, “So we have some inkling of what they went through.”

Royce said one could just fathom the level of ethnic cleansing that had taken place in Pakistan when one considers “the fact that Pakistan was once 25 per cent Hindu.”

“To think about the loss of life that has occurred and to think about the ethnic cleansing that still goes on,” he said was a tragedy of enormous proportions, and added, “To think about the use of intimidation against Hindu women used and still used in those societies where there is a small minority yet of Hindus in Pakistan.”

Royce said the same kind of blatant human rights against Hindus were occurring in Bangladesh and Bhutan and spoke of his familiarity “of what the Bangladeshi Hindu population has been through.”

“It cries out for the international community to step in,” he said. “I can share with you that I’ve made many trips to India [ Images ], but I’ve also in these trips gone to Bangladesh and Pakistan and raised these human rights issues with those governments because it is unacceptable — it’s absolutely unacceptable — the inhumane, intolerant way in which Hindus are treated when they are a minority in these countries in South Asia.”

Royce lauded the HAF to “trying to galvanise here in the United States, not only the rights of Hindus here in the United States, but also equally importantly, the safety, the security of Hindus throughout South Asia in the face of the kind of intolerance that we see being advanced through Islamist extremism.”

“And, my fervent hope is that we can learn from the lesson of what has befallen other victims and begin to take the action necessary to cut off the support for the Deobandi schools, for the madrassas, which are turning out the next generation of those who are going to teach hate.”

Royce said it was also imperative that “we’ve all got to pressure the government of Pakistan to put an end to those textbooks which teach the concept that hatred should be visited upon the Hindu minority or spread the message that only one religion should be practiced in that country.”

“And, it’s also my hope going forward that we can further our humanitarian efforts to assist those victims of the type of ethnic cleansing that is going on today,” he said.

Courtesy :

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Post Eid Celebration : Drunken Muslims vandalized Hindu temple in Bangaladesh

Posted by hinduexistence on September 16, 2010

Sat, Sep 11th, 2010

Chittagong, Sep 11 (—Miscreants at Gosaildanga in Chittagong rampaged a Hindu temple, the police say.

Eyewitnesses said some six youths led by one Mohammad Masud of the adjacent Muslim-dominated area stormed the temple in the port city around 10:45pm by breaking iron gate and wooden doors.
They smashed several idols including those of Lord Narayana, Shivalinga and Ghaut, and utensils there.
Thousands of Hindus of the area took out a procession demanding arrest and punishment of those responsible.
Mihir Das, joint general secretary of Gosaildanga Shwashan Kalibari Temple Committee, told “Five to six drunken youths led by gangster Masud of the neighbouring area vandalised the temple.”
Bandar Police Station officer-in-charge Rejaul Karim and local ward councilor Jahangir Alam Chowdhury went to the scene hearing of the incident.
The police official told measures will be taken against those guilty.
Sun, Sep 12th, 2010

Chittagong, Sep 12 (

The police have arrested a youth in the early hours of Sunday for his suspected involvement in vandalism of a Hindu temple in Chittagong on the Eid day.
Chittagong Port police duty officer Surajit Barua said locals, at about 2:30am, caught Mohammad Rinku, resident of Kabir Manzil of Gosaildanga’s B Nag Lane, from near his residence. They roughed him up before turning him in to the police.
The police could not immediately provide more details of the alleged offender.
On Sunday morning, Milan Chowdhury, president of the governing body of the vandalised Gosaildanga Shamshan Kalibari Temple, filed a case with the port police, Barua said.
The police official added that additional police force had been deployed on the temple premises to avert further untoward incidents.
Local members of the Hindu community announced a human-chain protest and rallies at 4pm.
Advocate Rana Das Gupta, central general secretary of the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad (BHBCP), in a written statement, demanded immediate arrest of the vandals and exemplary punishment.
Some six youths led by one Mohammad Masud of the adjacent Muslim-dominated area stormed the temple in the port city around 10:45pm by breaking iron gate and wooden doors, eyewitnesses said.
They smashed several idols including those of Lord Narayana, Shivalinga and Ghaut, and furniture there.
Mihir Das, joint general secretary of Gosaildanga Shwashan Kalibari Temple Committee, had told “Five to six drunken youths led by gangster Masud of the neighbouring area vandalised the temple.”
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No Babri Mosque at Ayodhya, No Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero NYC.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 14, 2010

9/11, Ground Zero mosque, Babri & their symbolism

Sep 9, 2010
Sanjeev Nayyar || DNA India NEWS.

The controversy over the construction of an Islamic Centre near New York’s Ground Zero has got everyone excited. Media, bloggers, activists and even president Obama have jumped in and out of the fray, with those opposing the centre being labelled “fascists” by the liberal media.

The right way to understand the controversy is through its symbolism. September 11, 2001, (9/11) was the first major terror attack on US soil.
There’s symbolism in this date. Apart from 911 being an emergency dial-up number, September 11, 1683, was the date on which a Christian army defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Vienna.
The battle was won by Polish, Austrian and German forces commanded by the King of Poland, against an army of the Ottoman Empire commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha. The importance of this date could not have been lost on those who planned the 9/11 attack — an attack to defeat Christian America!
The Islamic Centre at Ground Zero was initially proposed to be called ‘Cordoba House’. Cordoba (Muslim Qurdubah) is a city in Spain that symbolised Islam’s inroads into the Christian world. The Arabs conquered the Iberian peninsula in the early eighth century and the St Vincent Church was torn down and replaced with one of the largest mosques of Islam. When the Christians reconquered Cordoba in 1236 they converted the structure into a Cathedral and set up an altar in the middle. In the 16th century it was given its current look.

Hindu Human Rights Watch Speech at  Stop Islamization of America rally held on 9/11/2011 at Ground Zero, NYC

New Yorkers Say “No” to Ground Zero Mosque

Narain Kataria in New York

Hindu leaders at SIOA Rally 9/11 at NYC>

US Hindu body (Hindu American Foundation) condemns vandalism of mosques : September 06, 2010 :

This is why even Christians who have not opposed the construction of mosques earlier are upset about Cordoba House.
They understand the significance of why Muslims (subliminally) want a mosque at Ground Zero. 9/11 is perceived as an Islamic attempt to take revenge for the loss in the Battle of Vienna, among other things.
Naming the building ‘Cordoba House’ reminds the Americans of the 800-year Muslim rule over Spain, just as two pilgrim places in north India do — the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Krishna Janmabhumi. The original Kashi Vishwanath Temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb and even today you see the Gyanvapi mosque standing on the old temple platform behind the current temple built by Ahilyabai Holkar (1780). The two domes of the temple were covered by gold donated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1839). At the Krishna Janmabhumi in Mathura, too, there is a mosque.
Just as these two temples have enormous symbolic significance for Hindu devotees, the symbolism of an Islamic Centre so close to Ground Zero can be a painful memory for those who lost dear ones on 9/11, and for those who understand the symbolism of that date. Constructing a mosque near where the Twin Towers stood is a reminder to the traumas of 9/11.
The supporters of the Ground Zero mosque have made the following arguments in their favour. One, it would promote inter-faith understanding between Muslims and the majority Christian community. It would be a blow to all fascist Muslims who proclaim that the US is anti-Muslim. It might result in fewer American Muslims taking to terror and make society more inclusive. It also affirms every American’s constitutional right to religion and its propagation.
Opponents to Ground Zero could counter these by saying the mosque might be, in the Muslim mind, a symbol of Muslim victory over the Christian west and America in particular. The mosque will be on the same lines as the Babri Masjid in India, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Salimya mosque in Istanbul.

A few questions arise: when it comes to inter-faith understanding and pluralism, why do liberals living in democracies repeat these words as gospel but rarely use them when it comes to non-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia and the Indian state of J&K?
More importantly, Cordoba House is an attempt to rewrite history. One hundred years from now Americans will only see the mosque, and the Twin Towers will be distant memory. Two hundred years later, Americans might doubt if the Twin Towers ever existed. Babar’s general similarly attempted to rewrite history by destroying the Ram Temple at Ayodhya. If the temple had existed, no Indian court or political party would have doubt the existence of Sri Ram!
Some liberals may wonder why the past is so important when there are more pressing concerns in the present. When posed with a similar question, Swami Vivekananda said: “Nowadays everybody blames those who constantly look back to their past. It is said that so much of looking back to the past is the cause of all of India’s foes. So long as they forgot the past, the Hindu nation remained in a state of stupor and as soon as they have begun to look into their past, there is on every side a fresh manifestation of life. It is out of this past that the future has to be moulded”.

Why Anti Ground Zero Mosque rally of 9/11 has been ignored by the mainstream media ??

New Yorkers Honor 9/11 Victims Amid Dhimmi Protestors

Faith Freedom and Other Sources :

Today solemn ceremonies were held at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. In New York, the names of all the victims’ name were read aloud while bag pipes were played at the background.

This years’ anniversary is somewhat different from the previous years. An attempt to build an Islamic center near Ground Zero has stirred up controversy.

Two rallies were held – one in favor of the Islamic center and the other opposing it. Those who opposed the mosque carried banners and shouted “USA” and “No Mosque”.

The other demonstrators chanted, “Unity yes, racism no.” Apparently, these people have no idea of how Muslims treat No-Muslims under Islamic rule. They are not aware of non-Muslims’ dhimni status either.

We Came to protest Ground Zero Mosque

The group favoring the mosque had about 1,500 participants, mostly Muslims and their leftist allies.

On the other hand, the opposition group had more than 2,000 demonstrators.  The group was addressed by Geert Wilders of Netherlands.

Wilders commented, “This is where we draw the line”, he continued, “We must never give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us…Draw this line so that New York… will never become New Mecca.”

Mounted Police and cops kept those two groups separate. Yet a few noisy arguments broke out at the sidewalk.

One protester who opposed the mosque rightly pointed out the problem and said, “On 9/11 Muslims were dancing in the streets.”

What ? 40,000 at anti-mosque Ground Zero rally & ignored by the mainstream media ??

Tens of thousands descended upon Ground Zero today to remember those we lost nine years ago, and to save the American principles of freedom that the sharia tramples. Crickets are chirping in taqiya media newsrooms nationwide (although they were all there). There has been no coverage.
We organized a rally of remembrance that dwarfed the opposition. If the America haters had 4,000, we had ten times more. The media is playing the dueling rallies; it was no such thing. Free people came from all over the country and all over the world to stand in solidarity with the 911 families and to declare our iron determination that no victory mosque will be built on their graves. The crowd was young and old, black and white …….. politics of all stripes. The crowd was beautiful. The crowd was proud and good and decent America. All the speakers were excellent. Rousing.
But the highlights included Geert Wilders, who was greeted as the great hero that he is, and spoke about how a sharia mosque at Ground Zero would be the death New York’s proud tradition of Dutch tolerance.
Ambassador John Bolton spoke bluntly and unequivocally via video link about the affront to American values that this mosque would constitute.
Read here details…..

Hindus also joined the Protest Rally on 9/11 over MOSQUE ON GROUND ZERO.

Mr. Narain Kataria of Indo-American Intellectual Forum and Supporters of Hindu Human Rights Watch are seen in the 9/11 Protest Rally.

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Deganga Protest Rally by Hindu Samhati at Kolkata

Posted by hinduexistence on September 13, 2010

| Kolkata | 12th Sept,2010|

| Hindu Existence Correspondent|

Must Read : Green Terrorism in Deganga

||V Sundaram I A S||All India Gen. Secretary (Ideology)||Janata  Party|| ||Source : Haindava Keralam||

A Packed Mohabodhi Society Hall witnessed toady a strong protest by Hindu Samhati (HS) Kolkata District Committee. Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati addressed the gathering to wake up for the Hindu Resistance every where so that no such incident like Deganga can do another fatal to the Hindu Society  of West Bengal. Sri Prokash Das of ‘Swadesh Samhati Sambad’ (monthly Bengali organ of Hindu Samhati) shared a eye-witness experiences to see the disastrous plight over Hindus of Deganga from 6th to 8th Sept. with a Power Point presentation.

After that a strong 1000 protesters of Hindu Samhati and the common people aggrieved by the Hindu Persecution at Deganga started a rally, bearing protest placards reached M.G. Road and [< Deganga Protest Poster of HS] Surya Sen Street crossing, where they burned an effigy of Haji Nurul Islam, MP, Basirhat Parliamentary Constituency, alleged  as chief perpetrator  Deganga Conspiracy against Hindus.

Sri Tapan Ghosh, Upanada Brahmachari, Sudir Brahmachari and Dr. Arun Giri led the rally with protest slogans highlighting the Islamic atrocities in west Bengal.

Hindu Samhati declared a “Deganga chaloo Abhiyan” (March to Deganga) on 18th Sept. from Barasat to Deganga to convey its solidarity to the persecuted Hindus of Deganga.

Video Clippings of Deganga Protest at Kolkata

View 1.

View 2.

News Spot : BJP demands arrest of Haji Nurul : Daily Pioneer reports from Delhi
…………….. : The day we were reminded of Noakhali 1946 : Rishi Khujur in Hindu Samhati
…………….. : Kolkata confidential: The Trinamool problem : Express News Service in Indian Express

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Hindu Dalit girl forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan

Posted by hinduexistence on September 11, 2010

Forceful conversion is an attribute of Islam ?

Dalit girl forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan: Report

|Sep 11th, 2010 ||Courtsey : The AA|
A 13-year-old Dalit girl was kidnapped and apparently forced to convert to Islam in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, according to a media report on Saturday. Poonam was kidnapped from her house in Lyari Town in Karachi on Wednesday, her uncle Bhanwroo told the Daily Times newspaper.
When neighbours informed her family of Poonam’s presence at a madrassa in Lyari, they went there. “She was very scared and under the influence of maulvis. She told us they will not let her go, so she will stay with them as a Muslim,” said Bhanwroo. The family contacted police in Chakiwara to lodge an FIR on the kidnapping but they refused to do so, he said.
Lyari’s Superintendent of Police Khadim Hussain Rind told the newspaper that lodging an FIR would not make any difference as it will be cancelled during court proceedings.

Update on 15th Sept. 2010.

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Pictorial message of Deganga for the secularist politician, media and the intelligentsia of India.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 11, 2010

Pictures not for those heads are screwed, eyes are closed and sensation got blanked.

Deganga Riot Pics – September 2010

Below are the pictures of the Deganga Riots collected by the Hindu Samhati Investigation team.

Deganga tense but peaceful : Saugar Sengupta reports for Daily pioneer from Kolkata : Peace because the perpetrators of violence were busy with festivities’…’rioters had contacted notorious criminals like Gaffar Haji and Harun Rashid’ to attack Hindu villagers.

For the detalis of the above pictures please Click here : Nothing Happened ?

Dear visitors, you have the mollycoddling report of the Indian Media of a very serious outrage and you have our pictographic report. Now decide for yourself. The Bengali Media reports that groups like Hindu Samhati and Prabasi are fanning the communal fires and vilifying Haji Nurul Islam, the TMC MP of Bashirhat. Its the locals who state that the Haji is responsible.

Posted by Hindu Samhati International Media Communications Team.

Hindu Existence demands :

1. Immediate resignation of Haji Nurul Islam, M.P. of Basirhat, N 24 Pgs. for his alleged role involving Deganga Riot.

2.  CBI Investigation to reveal the role of Haji Nurul Islam behind Deganga Riot.

3. Safety and Security of Hindus of Deganga along with compensation and rehabilitation of Riot Victims.

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A Hindu Temple and a Islamic Mosque is not the same thing. Obama should apologize for his misleading statement.: Brahmachari

Posted by hinduexistence on September 11, 2010

If a church or Hindu temple okay at ground zero, why not mosque?: Obama

Fri, Sep 10 10:48 PM

Washington, Sep 10 (IANS) President Barack Obama Friday again backed controversial plans to build an Islamic centre near the site of 9/11 attacks in New York reminding critics that the US was at war against terrorism not Islam.

‘All men and women are created equal, they have certain inalienable rights, and one of those is to practice their religion freely,’ he said at a White House press conference.

‘You can build a church on a site, you can build a synagogue on a site, if you could build a Hindu temple on a site, you should be able to build a mosque.’

Obama’s comments came amidst a controversy about a Florida pastor’s plans to burn the Quran on the ninth anniversary of the Sep 11, 2001 terror attacks unless the proposed Islamic centre was moved away from ground zero in exchange for the burning being called off.

Obama said he recognised the sensitivity in the area because of the 9/11 attacks and acknowledges that family members are continuing to experience pain and anguish over their losses.

However, he urged people to remember who their real enemies are. ‘We are not at war against Islam. We are at war against terrorist organizations that have distorted Islam or falsely used the banner of Islam,’ Obama said.

‘If we’re going to deal with the problems … (of) reducing the terrorist threat, we need all the allies we can get.’

Obama pressed that in fact, the anti-Islam sentiment and a war between the West and Islam is exactly what terrorist organizations are hoping for.

‘Al Qaeda, that’s what they’ve been banking on,’ Obama said. ‘The overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace-loving – are interested in the same things that you and I are interested in.’

Obama stressed it is important that Americans do not believe the entire religion of Islam is offensive.

(Arun Kumar can be contacted at

A Hindu Temple and a Islamic Mosque is not the same thing. Obama should apologize for his misleading statement.: Brahmachari

(This message has been sent to the 9/11 protest organized by Hindu Human rights Watch from Upananda Brahmachari, Editor, Hindu Existence)

Barack Hussein Obama does not know about the Reality of Radical Islam.

How could he really understand the difference of a Christian Church, a Hindu Temple and an Islamic Mosque?

I do not know extensive about Christianity and Jesus. But I believe that there is no scope of hatred preaching from the services of a Church. May it be for Justice, Peace and Love. And the Hindu Temples are the abode of peace and spirituality which embrace everybody in the fold of highest philanthropic attributes.

But the Mosques are the workshop of devils who want only Jehad to destroy the civil society to capture this world under a monolithic Islamic pattern. They don’t know democracy, not peace, love, brother hood anything with the non-believers. Mosques are the epicentre of all Islamic hatred, disharmony and the catastrophe for us. It is an arsenal of Allah to end up humanity.

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes are our helmets, the minarets are our swords, and the faithful are our army”… as they think so, why do you think different Mr. Obama?

The whole American Nation is against the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, where over 3000 innocent lives were lost under a complete Islamic massacre. And you are allowing a refuge of those radical Islamists in the name of Ground Zero Mosque. The rest of world is also against such aggression of Islam in NYC and USA.

Equating Hinduism with Islam, you did a Himalayan blander. Mr. President of US, you should apologize and keep the Ground Zero Mosque ever restrained.

There should be no Mosque at Ground Zero. Repeat, No Mosque at Ground Zero.

Brahmachari is available at or at +919007543148

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Violence Checked in Deganga after further deployment of Army troop. Hindus protested at various places over Deganga Issue.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 10, 2010

Cautious Peace in Deganga

September 9, 2010

A cautious peace is now prevailing in the Deganga riot affected areas. Today no attacks or untoward incidents happened in Deganga. Yesterday a further troop of Army from Eastern Command reached the area considering the gravity of the situation.
Yesterday (September 8th) more police reinforcements were there and more raids by the police were conducted in the Muslim villages (the source of the attacks for the last few days). Nine Muslim activists were arrested. They were denied bail by the Barasat court, due to the serious nature of charges against them.
Today (September 9th), police arrested four Hindu youths of Deganga – Lab Kumar Das, Kush Kumar Das, Gopal Das, Gopal Das (brothers, and sons of Parimal Das), and Chana Banik (son of Anukul Banik). They all got immediate bail from Barasat Court. Advocate Satyabrata Sen, a prominent lawyer in that court represented them. There are a group of very active Hindu Samhati supporters among the lawyers in Barasat Court.
Yesterday evening (August 8th) Tathagata Roy visited Deganga. His visit was followed visits by 3 state ministers. They declared compensation for the Hindu victims and others. Today BJP MPs Chandan Mitra and Uday Singh visited the area, accompanied by BJP state leaders Rahul Sinha and Samik Bhattacharya.

Deganga : Repercussion in the Media

Upananda Brahmachari | September 10, 2010: Though the overall situation in Deganga is now under control more or less, a pro-politics media group and the political parties of every colour want to grab the advantages out of the situation. They want to depict the situation more as political than communal. It is told that the situation has been vitiated by CPIM critically to dismantle the rally of Ms. Mamata Banerjee to be held at nearby Shasan ( a totally CPIM controlled area ) on 15th Sept. instant.
While, the North 24 Dist. CPIM leader, Mrs. Papri Dutta categorically pointed out the communal game plan of Haji Nurul Islam (TMC), MP of the area, a retaliating Haji conveyed to media that the CPIM leaders like Abbas Ali (Chakla), Yakub Ali (Falti) and Farook Ahamed (Dogachia) are behind the communal tension and torture occurred so far. Though Haji strongly denied his any involvement in this case so far, according to the District CPIM leader, Haji is playing with fire balls of communal incitements.
Today on 10th Sept. one morning daily, named ” Dainik Statesman” ( phone 033-2212-7070-76, 033-2212-7990-92, Fax 033-2212-6181/9473 and email : fomented upon the Hindu Activity Groups and Hindu web blogs and sites like ‘Probashi USA’, ‘Hindu Existence’, ‘Satyameba Jayate’ and ‘Hindu Samhati’ for their prompt circulation of news of Deganga even far from America in the cause of protecting Hindus in danger. According to the Bengali daily, the news are provocative and partisan in nature. And all these sites have been targeted the MP of the affected area along with the other TMC leaders.
The viewers of this Hindu Existence blog along the other sites as mentioned above are now fully aware of the series of developing situations there. No sites had no intention for any provocation or incitement so far as alleged by some pro-Islamic quarters.
The situation of communal rift started out of a land dispute and putting boundaries of  a Hindu religious place on Monday (6th Sept.) fore-noon in Kartickpur area of Deganga. And Iftar, the organized Muslims from all political parties attacked the Hindus in the area ruthlessly. No political affiliation of any Hindu could save the situation anyway. Hindus of the area were grossly affected. The attackers were Muslim and the sufferer were Hindu. The sufferers contacted the Hindu Samhati to rescue them.
In the very next morning on Tuesday, 7th. Sept., the HS approached to reach the spot of occurrence for fact finding. But as the situation of communal riot spread over the adjacent areas on Tuesday and Hindus had been victimized engross, a hidden process in the media were activated to suppress this serious and organized onslaught  upon Hindus. The media (specially the Bengali print and electronic media) tried to depict it as a clash between two groups, not a communal at all.
As hundreds of phone call and SOS reached the Hindu Samhati Office and the Hindu Site Groups, they started to highlight the matter of plight upon Hindus, both nationally and internationally. The insiders of the Hindu Groups also tried to request all political, police and administrative levels to protect the life and property of endangered Hindus and the honor of  all Hindu Girls and Women who were threatened to be raped on Tuesday night. No media friends or political men reached the spot to save the everything of the unprotected peace loving Hindus.
The Probashi USA Group and other activist groups meanwhile were able to alert the situation in the Central and State Government level in New Delhi and Kolkata, compelling the state authority to deploy the Army at Dengang on and from Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, not a single Hindu girl or woman could be able save their honor from a religious rape at Tuesday night. As the Police under the State control were also attacked by the Islamist and failured to take control, Army deployment was inevitable there to chase the Islamists. Deganga is always a abode of Islamic Fundamentalism. The assembly constituency of Deganga once elected one M.K.M. Hasanuzzaman as M.L.A. from Muslim League in the eighties. No media friends in ultra-secular mind-set never exercised the actualities of Islamic insurgencies in West Bengal in the last 33 years of Leftist CPIM regime and in the  ‘change syndrome’ of the rightist TMC and Congress  in the present days.
“The allegations of provocation and misleading connotations on Deganga Riot by Hindu Groups as fabricated by Dainik Statesman may be caused to save the Islamic perpetrators of all political color. These media and political persons are always try to suppress the fact of Hindu persecution all over West Bengal”, said by a spokesperson of Hindu Samhati, HQ  from  Kolkata, over telephone to Hindu Existence editorial desk.
Actually, the Hindu groups and sites in question always put the actual situations in their sites as per available information so far received from different sources and through interactions with the political leaders as reported by the affected people near and far from Deganga. The complete matter relies upon the facts so far published in the sites time to time including appeal of relief and rescue to different humanitarian organizations like Bharat Sevashram Sangha and Ramakrishna Mission. No specific false allegation has been charged by Hindu Existence blog-site to any individual out of context.
God saved the lives of Hindus and Muslims and restricted the casualty in one and not the seven, but it would surely cross the seventy and every Hindu woman were scared by the rapists  if the Army weren’t sent in time. And that is the success story of activities of these Hindu groups certainly to save the situation in favour of the peace loving people.
However, the Probashi USA Group has sent an appeal to the Prime Minister Mr. Monmohan Singh and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharya for a justified actions in Deganga Matter. The full appeal can be down loaded from and can be forwarded to the authorities as a campaign for Deganga Victims.

Hindu Samhati Protested for Deganga Conspiracy

On August 8th Hindu Samhati organized protest meetings in many places to express their solidarity for the Deganga Hindu victims . There were road blockages by HS supporters at two location in Barasat. Samhati President Tapan Ghosh attended a rally in Baguihati.
On August 9th, Hindu Samhati organized successful ‘Rail Roko’ (Block Rails) at two places one in Thakurnagar on Sealdah-Bangaon Route, and the other at Canning Station on Sealdah-Canning Route. There was massive participation in both the events.
At both the places police/rail police tried to intervene and stop the protesters, but could not succeed. Later, one Officer named KM Siraj (a Muslim) of Sonarpur RPF Police Station (Sealdah South Section) interrogated and tried to intimidate Hindu Samhati’s Canning Unit in-charge, Dinabandhu Gharami. We have unconfirmed reports that Mr. Gharami and three HS workers have been charged with a case.

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Fresh spread of violence in Deganga. Hindus just wait for another massacre.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 9, 2010

Peace eludes troubled Deganga

Attacks continue in clash zone, Hindu* victims move to safer areas

Arnab Ganguly & Sanjib Chakraborty

Deganga: The deployment of Army in violence-hit Deganga in North 24-Parganas has not yet succeeded in defusing the situation. Attacks continued on Wednesday morning despite the Army and state forces’ presence on Taki Road, which passes through the area.
Around 23 houses were ransacked by attackers near Salimpukur and Hospital area, off Taki Road. The victims have taken shelter at nearby Kartikpur. The officer-in-charge of Deganga police station, Arup Ghosh, was injured during brickbatting by a mob. Women from the area held a demonstration outside Deganga police station, demanding security. Seven people were arrested till the evening.
Prodded by chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, three state ministers — Asim Dasgupta, Ranjit Kundu and Mortaza Hossain — visited Deganga in the evening and held a meeting with district officials and Army officers. Dasgupta announced compensation for those who lost their homes and shops in the violence.
Senior BJP leader L K Advani spoke to Union Home minister P Chidambaram over the situation at Deganga. A team of BJP leaders will visit the area on Thursday, it was learned.
Two more areas — Barasat’s Golabari and Berachampa — came under the purview of Section 144, even as the armed forces moved around to establish their control in the territory. Police opened fire and hurled tear gas shells at Gambhirgachhi to disperse a mob.
EFR jawans were deployed at Beliaghata, where shops were attacked, looted and set ablaze on Tuesday.
“The Army is patrolling in the area. Sporadic clashes have taken place. The situation is coming under control,” said a senior official of the North 24-Parganas district administration.
On Wednesday morning, the armed forces were at Beliaghata when a mob from Ramnathpur and Khejurdanga attacked the houses at Salimpukur.
“They have wrecked everything — TV sets, furniture. We managed to escape with our life,” said Samir Hazra, a resident of Salimpukur. Samir has fled with his family members to nearby Kartikpur. “The Army is present. We hope the attackers will not dare to come this far,” Samir said.
When a team from Deganga police station, led by O-C Ghosh rushed to the spot, the mob hurled stones at them. A bike was set ablaze and a police vehicle was ransacked. One of the stones hit Ghosh on the head. He was escorted out by his men to Kartikpur and, from there, to hospital.
The Army reached the spot around 12.45pm. A large number of women and men who had to leave their homes assembled in groups on the main road. Some of them later went to the Deganga police station, demanding protection. “The situation is under control. The Army will remain in the area,” said state home secretary Samar Ghosh.
Villages like Gambhirgachhi, Dogachhia, Falti, Doharia, Chattalpally, Ramnathpur and Khejurdanga are still tense.
“The Army and police are moving near the main road. The attackers are assembling in the interior villages and then coming forward. Unless the forces move inside, it will be difficult to bring the situation under control,” said Kanai Pal, a resident of Kartikpur.
Finance minister Asim Dasgupta has asked the BDO to prepare a list of violence-affected people. “The compensation will be handed out as soon as possible. Peace will be restored in the area at all cost,” Dasgupta said.

The Army’s presence has failed to defuse the situation at Deganga; (right) a wrecked scooter at Deganga market.

Hindu* , as the victims are all Hindu minorities there, it is included in the headline by the moderator.

Now, the culprit Muslim leaders of TMC are  trying hard to establish the entire incident as a clash between TMC and CPIM after giving a political colour upon it. And both the MP ( Hazi Nurul Islam of TMC) and the MLA ( Dr. Murtaza Hossian of AIFB) keep mum about the severe loss and rampage upon the Hindus of the affected areas. Practically West Bengal facing a ethnic Hindu cleansing in many places in border districts, Muslim majority areas in the Muslim majority districts and blocks.

Viewers may contact these numbers to know the where-about of the Hindu victims there.

Courtesy : The Times of India, Kolkata Edition & Bartaman Patrika & Hindu Samhati Website.

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DEGANGA UPDATE || Police lathi charged upon BJP protest on Deganga at Barasat || Fresh violence in Barasat Town || They will come back after Idd…….

Posted by hinduexistence on September 8, 2010


Today protesters of various pro-Hindu groups including HINDU SAMHATI demonstrated  in various places in south Bengal on DEGANGA ISSUE.

In the morning Mr. Tathgata Roy, State BJP leader proceeded towards Deganga with some other Hindu leaders. Ultimately they reached Deganga Police Station in the afternoon.

However, it was reported that Mr. Roy met Mr. Sanjay Mukherjee, IG and Mr. Rahul Srivastava, IPS , Superintendent of Police,  North 24 Pgs and  for a dialogue about the peace process and to rescue the severely affected  Hindus of KARTICKPUR, BISWANATHPUR, KHEJURDANGA KARMAKAR PARA and other places of DEGANGA  AREA.

But when the BJP supporters started a demonstration at Vijoy Cinema Hall near Barasat Champadali Crossing to protest the persecution and torture upon Hindus even in the presence of Army at Deganga area, Police from Barasat P.S. came and severely lathi-charged the protesters to disperse them . Before that the Muslims from nearby areas tried to dismantle the peaceful demonstration with heavy brick-baiting. After that some 10/12 Muslim youth attacked the common Hindu people near Haritala and broke some shops there.

Afterward, at 9.00pm a Muslim mob came from Peergacha area of Barasat Town and vandalized some shops at K.B. Bose Rd. and threatened to come back with dire consequences to vacate all Hindus from there just after Ramzan and Idd. One shop named M/S Chowdhury Jewellers at K.B. Bose was severely damaged, as reports came in from various sources.

Mr. Tathagata Roy conveyed the HE moderator this message @ email:

I have been receiving disturbing reports from Deganga since 7th morning. However, 7th being a bandh day in West Bengal, no transport was available on that day. Today (8th) morning I started out, and reached our party office at the district headquarters of Barasat around 2.30 PM. After conferring with police officials to ensure safety, I reached Deganga P.S. On the way we say Hindu shops completely gutted at Beliaghata and other places and a temple desecrated. At Deganga Shri Sanjay Mukherjee, an IG was camping, and Shri Rahul Srivastava the SP was also present. I impressed upon them the need to restore confidence among the Hindus and they promised to do their best. Upon coming out from the office I had to contend with the ousted Hindus camping in front of the thana. Somehow I managed to pacify them. On return to Barasat I addressed a street corner meeting where there was a huge gathering. After I spoke and left, the IG called up our karyakartas and told them to stop the meeting because it was inflaming Hindus at Barasat and Muslims in Deganga. This was a most unfair request because none of us said  anything inflammatory, but out of deference our karyakartas stopped the meeting. This angered the crowd who blocked traffic on the road.

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Posted by hinduexistence on September 8, 2010










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Posted by hinduexistence on September 7, 2010

Updated by Hindu Existence on 8th Sept. 2010.






MILITARY DEPLOYED, 7 KILLED IN FIRING (1 killed as per electronic media flashed so far) ……………………..





As the Press says :

“Army out, curfew clamped on Bengal dist to tame violence”- The Statesman, Kolkata Edn.<Read Here

“Curfew clamped as tension grips WB district” - The Telegraph, Kolkata Edn. <Read Here

Clashes after places of worship defiled in Barasat - Hindustan Times, Kolkata Edn. <Read Here

Army out after Deganga rioting – The Times of India, Kolkata Edn. <Read Here

Then no casualty so far reported by the Local Administration or the Ultra Secular Media of West Bengal.

September 7, 2010 : Yesterday (6th Sept.) evening after Iftar, Muslims assembled in the Deganga Mosque (Basirhat SD, North 24 Parganas) and proceeded to a number of Hindu areas, looted and ransacked many Hindu shops and Hindu temples, severely beat up many Hindus, torched 4 public buses. The life of the whole stretch from Berachapa to Kadamgachi has been frozen.

Shani Temple of Kartickpur and Kali Temple of Deganga Biplabi Colony desecrated and ransacked by the rioting Muslims.

Arup Ghosh, Officer in Charge of Deganga police station is seriously injured by the rampaging Muslims. His head and hand have been fractured. Several other policemen also injured. Police had to fire to control the Muslim mob, but with no effect.

Yesterday at 11 am, the dispute started when some fanatic Muslims started to dig the passage of a Durga Temple in Chattal Pally village which is situated just beside the Deganga Police Station. This Durga Temple is at least 25 year old. In past, Muslims tried many times to stop the Durgapuja. Hindus resisted their ill effort. This Chattal Pally and Deganga P.S. come under the district of North 24 Parganas, and its Parliamentary constituency is Basirhat. In 2009 election, Hazi Nurul Islam of T.M.C. won this constituency defeating long time Communist M.P. Ajay Chakraborty (C.P.I). After this change of power, Hindus of the whole area are facing all types of threat, humiliation, torture and their religious practices are in danger.

When Hindus objected the digging of the Temple passage, Muslims gathered there in large number and started mayhem. Hindus informed the police. Police came and they had to face the jihadi enthusiasm of the Muslims. Officer in Charge injured at that time. Then Muslims threatened that now Roja is going on. After the end of Roja and taking Iftar, they will teach stern lesson to the Hindus. So, after afternoon, Hindus dared not to open their shops on the stretch between Berachapa to Kadamgachhi on the Barasat – Basirhat Road. By this time, large contingent of police and RAF took position. Defying their presence, Muslims gathered in large number in the Deganga Mosque and started looting and destroying the Hindu shops, not in Chattal Pally, but in the big markets of Beliaghata, Deganga and Kartickpur. A big shop of Anil Bangal, a Hindu, has been looted fully among many other shops. Anil Bangal has been seriously injured. More than 25 people have been injured.

Latest position is that Police is not allowing the Hindus to come out of their homes so that they can enquire the damage done by the Muslims and Muslims are roaming freely in front of police force. Overall situation has been worsened. It is alleged that Maqbur Rehman, Mintu Sahaji led the Muslim rioters. It is also alleged that one TMC Hindu leader Ms. Ratna Chowdhury is trying to pressurize police not to take strong steps to arrest the Muslim rampaging mob. The new TMC M.P. (Member of Parliament) Hazi Nurul Islam allegedly influenced the police to remain inactive.

The Muslims are majority in number in the Deganga Block as well as in Basirhat Sub division of North 24 Parganas district. According to 2001 Census report, Muslims were 69.51 percent in Deganga Block. Naturally after nine years, their percentage increased a lot and Hindus in that Block are living a life almost like Pakistan. This North 24 Parganas district, is the largest border district where the highest number of Hindu refugees took shelter after being persecuted in erstwhile East Pakistan and present Bangladesh. In spite of that, the eight Blocks among total 29 of this districts became Muslim majority blocks in 2001 census.

Yesterday’s violence in Deganga has been reported only in the NE Bangla channel of electronic media of West Bengal. All other channels including Star Anand, as always they do, are mum and suppressing the misdeeds of the fanatic Muslims.

As per available information the Rioting Muslims started the violence afresh in the 7th. morning and restricted the entry of any body to the area to smoothen their jehadi activities there. “Hindu Samhati” leaders rushed to the area with Hindu Existence” (HE) media team to boost up the morale of the fighting Hindu youths there, but blocked by the local Muslims at Golabari point. They are trying hard to reach the spot at any cost. Reports came in that Hindus are not allowed to enter in those areas of Kartickpur and tortured by the Islamists even by checking the genitals.

Today, when contacted with Mr. Jyotiprio Mallik,(+919433446800) State leader and in-charge of  TMC of  North 24 Pgs District, he told the HE correspondent that Military has been deployed in the area just now about 11.40 am and gradually taking over the control. So far 7 persons are killed in the firing of Military contingent. Mr. Mallik expressed his utter astonishment by the severity of the incident of erecting a disputed fence between Hindu and Muslim holdings.  He also told that he was also fearing to enter the area of open swords and fire arms in the hands of fundamentalists. He told that the overall communal situation of the area is very bad now.

One Shakuntala (name changed) in the South 24 Pgs was informed  in the early morning about the awesome condition of her relatives residing in Kartickpur areas where destruction of  Hindu temple and torture upon her relatives were tremendous. She tried to take up the matter to the State TMC leaders to rescue the persecuted Hindus of the Deganga area. When contacted Mr. Partha Chatterjee,(+919831002887) Opposition leader  Of WB State Assembly, he cut off the mobile phone hearing some words without any comment. But a responsive Mr. Mukul Roy,(+919830040931) State TMC leader and Central Minister of State of Shipping, stated that the CPIM is doing this nefarious work of communal riot. But when  Shakuntala categorically told Mr. Roy that one notorious Hazi Nurul Islam is behind the communal tension, Mr Roy said, ” I know him well. But our first duty is to calm down the tension in favour of the peace loving community.” Md. Mortaza Hossian is the M.L.A. of Deganga Assembly Constituency. As the M.P. and M.L.A. are both of Muslim community, the minority Hindus in this area always face the persecution of majority Muslim here without any redressal.

Both the TMC and CPIM is trying to take political advantage out of the situation and bye-passing  the activities of communal Muslims in the name of restoring the peace and harmony. But the cry of the local Hindus are rejected by all political parties. Now, Hindus are trying to be united to face this Islamic force, irrespective of any political colour.

Now the State authority in Writers’ Building ascertained the military deployment in the Kartickpur area of Deganga and the Bengal electronic media is now flashing the news of Deganga with one casualty out of Communal Clash there.

Courtesy : Hindu Samhati Blog.

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False charges of Blasphemy, Abduction of Human Right Activists, Molestation of minority women glorified Islam in Pakistan

Posted by hinduexistence on September 5, 2010

Hindus are equaled to anything in Pakistan. Hindus will be vanished from Pakistan by the Grace of Allah in next 10 years.

radical-islamist-and-hatred-225x300Islamabad : Sept. 5 2010 - The unhindered aggression of certain violent Orthodox Muslims in Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province, Pakistan. On the early hours of August 23rd, 2010, at around 2 am, Mr. Maulvi Mushtaq Ahmed Naqshbandi, a leader of the local seminary known as Jamia Siddiqia, announced through the loudspeakers that there was some graffiti  in which abusive words were written against Islam supposedly by the local Hindus. He incited Muslim people to teach the Hindu community a lesson. Some people asked about the proof that Hindus had written the abusive language. The Maulvi said that a truck-driver informed him that when he was entering the area near the mosque he saw a young man was standing adjacent to the wall and after seeing driver he ran away towards the Hindu settlements, the Bhemo Mal Megwar. The driver saw the graffiti and informed Maulvi. The driver has not yet been found or identified.

The Maulvi also provoked the Muslim community to search the homes of the Hindus and find the young man whose hand was presumed to be stained with black ink. Around 50 persons under the leadership of Maulvi started searching each house during which women were dragged by the hair out from the houses in their sleeping garments and, children were kicked out . There were 60 houses and it took three hours to search for the man suspected of blasphemy but no such person was found in the community. The situation deteriorated after the humiliation of Hindus and the mob threatened to burn their houses. A police party under district police officer of Mirpurkahs arrived and started controlling the mob of more than three hundred Muslims. The angry mob started pelting the police with stones shouting slogans to burn down the houses of Hindus. The mob then burned three houses and looted the belongings of the community.

In the meantime the loudspeakers of the mosque were continuously used to provoke the Muslims to attack the houses of Hindus of Bhemo Mal Megwar who might have provided shelter to the person who had written blasphemous writings on the walls around the mosque. The mob was swelling and going out of control so the Rangers were called to help the police in controlling the mob. As the Rangers came some miscreants used fire arms during which one Ranger, Mr. Haq Nawaz, received a bullet injury. The Rangers and police used tear gas shell and baton charged the mob. On the demand of the Muslim leaders seven Hindus were arrested on the charges of Blasphemy. The arrested people were Mr. Faqeero, Mr. Kirchand, Mr. Mukesh, Mr. Kishan, Mr. Prem and Mr. Heroo Ram Chand. One possible reason for their arrest is that they were the only persons available at that time as the Hindus fled the area to take shelter in other places. They also left all their belongings and animals that have been without water and fodder since then. The perpetrators have not yet been bought to justice and the Hindus continue to remain displaced. The accused individuals have not yet been released despite no evidence to suggest their role in the blasphemy, and no Muslims have been arrested for the ransacking, looting, and burning of Hindu homes.

The case above is simple violation of Human Rights and Social Justice due from any State of civil society. But the Fundamental Government does not care any protection of minorities in Pakistan and specially for minority Hindus residing there under tremendous pressure of supremacist Islamists.

Just in the last month  one Human Right Activist named Veerji Kolhi, a senior member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), who had been missing since August 19. No trace of Veerji Kolhi is available so far and a gross irresponsibility is surfaced in this matter in every respect.

ISLAMABAD :Tuesday, Augest 31, 2010 : The Daily News : Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti on Sunday urged the authorities to make all-out efforts to recover Veerji Kolhi, a senior member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), who had been missing since August 19.
In a press statement issued on Sunday, the minister said he would not allow anyone to take law into its own hands and terrorise innocent people. He said justice would be ensured to everyone in the country. He promised to take all necessary measures for the safe recovery of Kolhi.

The minister has also directed the provincial governments to ensure protection of life and property of minorities and their places of worship at every cost. He also sought an inquiry report within three days. Kolhi belongs to a Hindu community from Hyderabad.

However, Mr. Gopinath Kumar, the Editot-in Chief of Pakistan Hindu Post has sent a letter to the President of Pakistan as follows (edited):


His Exellency The President of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Dear President of Pakistan,

In PAKISTAN, the Hindu community was attacked and evicted on false charges of Blasphemy, one person killed by firing.

Names of the victims:
1. Mr. Faqeero
2. Mr. Kirchand
3. Mr. Mukesh
4. Mr. Kishan
5. Mr. Prem
6. Mr. Heroo Ram Chand,

All are living in Bheemo Mal Megwar Para,Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province

7. Inhabitants belonging to the Hindu Community settled in Bheemo Mal Megwar Para, Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province

8. Mr. Mohammad Imran, died in exchange of firing, Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province

Names of alleged perpetrators:
1. Maulvi Mushtaq Naqshbandi, Head of Jamia Siddiqia Madressa and mosque, Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province
2 . Mr. Haq Nawaz, Official of Pakistan Rangers, Mirpurkhas district, Sindh province

Date of incident: 23 August 2010
Place of incident: Bheemo Mal Megwar Para, Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province

I am writing to voice my deep concern regarding the attack on the settlement of the Hindu community at Bheemo Mal Megwar Para, Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district,Sindh province, by Muslim extremists on the false charges of writing blasphemous slogans on and around the walls of close to the mosque. They burned the houses of the Hindus and looted their belongings. One Muslim man was killed during the firing from the extremist elements.


One young Muslim man, Mohammad Imran, was killed by gunfire. In the funeral prayers one particular person attended. He is Pir Aube Jan Sarhandi, from Sanghar city, Sindh, and is known in the area along the Indian border to convert Hindu women to Islam by abducting them. He openly claims that he has converted 2000 Hindus to Islam.

I am appalled as to how a leader of a mosque can order the people to search of each and every house for a person for writing the alleged blasphemous slogans. How the law was given over to the hands of an Imam of a mosque, is this the rule of law in the country? I am also concerned with the misuse of loudspeakers from the mosques and how they are frequently used against the religious minority groups.

According to the information I have received, it seems to me that the local administration is at the mercy of the extremist Muslim groups who use their influence against the religious minority groups in Sindh province. Many Hindu communities have already left their settlements because of the absence of rule of law in the interior of Sindh.

I urge you to take stern action against the persons responsible for attacking on the century-old settlements of the Hindu community. I also urge the authorities to stop the misuse of Blasphemy law without properly following the law. The misuse of loudspeakers from the mosques should be stopped. The government should help the displaced Hindu community for their rehabilitation in their own settlements. Maulvi Mushtaq should be arrested and prosecuted on the charges of misusing loudspeakers from the mosque and taking search of the each houses of the Hindu community illegally. The government should also provide compensation to the family of Mr. Mohammad Imran who was killed during the firing from the extremist elements. (The details of the letter can be read here.)

Yours sincerely,
Gopinath Kumar


These are the some reports coming from Pakistan where the Hindus are tortured tremendously by the Quran rading Muslims and the non-muslim minorities fear to tread a single step.

There were 16% Hindus in Pakistan (West) in 1947 which came down to 2% in 2001 as per latest census there. International Hindu Community and Hindu Organizations in India should take it as HIGH ALERT.

For More Reading :

Pakistan and Bangladesh : where minorities fear to walk…………

Courtesy : FFI & PHP.

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Hindu Human Rights Watch to protest Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by hinduexistence on September 4, 2010

Hindus & Sikhs urged to join 9/11 rally on Sept 11 Sat. near Ground Zero NYC, with other communities against Ground Zero Mosque there.

A massive rally is planned near Ground Zero after the memorial Services on September 11th (Saturday) near Ground Zero in the afternoon (exact venue and time to be announced).

The organizers requested the followers of Eastern religions, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains who suffered the most due to Islam and continues to suffer to attend the rally where thousands of people from other religions plan to attend.

This is an opportunity  not  to miss and speak up for what Indian subcontinent faced where 80 million were killed, 350,000 Kashmiri Hindus were driven away from their homes during last 18 years, in the next decade there is expected mass migration of Hindus from West Bengal, Assam and Northern UP,  where Hindus/Sikhs numbers were reduced from 25% to less than 1% in Pakistan in just last 60 years and 30% to less than 10% in Bangla Desh where there is an ongoing genocide.

In the Press Release the organizers state : “If we don’t speak up today, tomorrow it will be your turn or that of your loved ones.   This movement is not against Muslims, it is against Islam and its supremacist ideology, hate and Jihad against non-believers (as well as against Muslim women).  This is to protect Universal human rights of all.”

Please mark your calendar:

What           :  Massive 9/11 rally
Date/Time….:  Sept 11th (Saturday), during afternoon (being finalized, most likely ……………………….3PM)
Venue         :  Near Ground Zero (being finalized)

Hindu Human Rights Watch





DATE:  9/11/2010

TIME:  03:00 PM


Thousands of Christians, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh people along  several Human Rights organizations are expected to assemble  after Memorial Service at Ground Zero to express their disgust and revulsion against the Mega Mosque being built by Imam Abdul Rauf.

It is our duty to cooperate with the patriotic forces who are working hard to create an  awareness about the menace of radical Islam.

You are cordially requested to mark your calendar and participate in the massive rally along with your friends.

We need at least 250 Indian Americans to be present at the Rally.  Please spread the word around.

We will be very thankful if you kindly let us know whether you are joining us in the Rally.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to call us at the following numbers.

Best regards.

Narain Kataria

(718) 478-5735

Arish Sahani

(718) 271-0453

Bhupinder Singh Bhurji

Namdhari Sikh Foundation

((516) 515-9570

Satya Dosapati

Hindu Human Rights Watch

(732) 939-2060


For watching Vedio. Pt. 2 and Pt. 3 Pl. Click here.

Stop the Provocation Mosque in New York. See Video.

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Fundamental Muslims have eyes to capture Hindu Holy Place GANGASAGAR

Posted by hinduexistence on September 3, 2010

Gangasagar Erupts Again……..

Muslims want to build a big Mosque upon Hindu Worship Land……..

Hindus Declare Bandh against atrocities.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Gangasagar Island, 1 Sept’ 2010 : As per Hindu belief, you may visit other holy places several times, but you must visit Gangasagar Dham at least once. But the fundamental Muslims of Bengal under different Jehadi organisations now want to capture this Hindu Pilgrimage by a sinister design of uncontrollable growth rate of Muslims in this island along with influx of outsider Muslims in the Gangasagar island with the help of various Muslim Organizations very much active in their area of operation. When the Muslim population of this island reaches 12% in 2001 from a low of 3% in 1951, in the last 3 years it has records of at least 100 registered and other un-recorded cases of harassing the Hindu pilgrims, teasing of Hindu women in their bathing places, dacoity in Hindu villages, attack upon Hindu temples, Communal attack upon Hindu Volunteer groups, ransacking  Hindu Ashrams and Institutions, collection of ransom from Hindus by Muslim miscreants and fundamental groups in various occasions .

In the event of Makar Sankraman, last day of Paush month, lakhs of Hindu devotees come to this holy place from every corner of India and abroad to take a holy dip in the confluence of Ganga river and the Bay of Bengal, where 60000 sons of King Sagar once got rebirth with the flow of water of Ganga so navigated by Bhagiratha from Himalaya to the Sagar Sangam (confluence), near tha Ashrama of Kapil Muni. But this Holy Pilgrimage of Ganga Sagar is now under the very threat of Islamic seize, where they want to erect Muslim Mosques, Madrashas, Muslim Rest Houses, Islamic Academies, Islamic Business Houses, Muslim Habitations etc. totally disproportionate to the present ratio of Muslims in this Island. Successfully, the Muslims of Gangasar have captured various places of Hindus and proved their majority and extreme influences to those places, just before complete Islamization of the Gangasagar in near future.

In the month of March this year, Muslims tried to forcibly build a Mosque at the site of the Hindu festival of Durgapuja run by local ‘Ahalya Club’ near Rurdra Nagar Market Place. Hindus protested in large numbers. In retaliation Muslims looted and destroyed the Hindu shops and police ironically arrested the Hindus. Muslims are deliberately trying to create disturbance in this famous Hindu pilgrimage Gangasagar.

Today 1st September thousands of Hindus came to the street  near Rudra Nagar and stopped all movements of vehicles in the whole of Sagar island (West Bengal, India) in protest of atrocities on the Hindus by the Islamic fundamentalists, as in the morning Muslims severely beat up Nirmal Mandal, a Hindu at his own house. Mr. Mandal cultivates on a piece of land which he owns by the order of the government court. The puja place of ‘Ahalya Club’ is connected with the land of Nirmal Mandal and Muslims illegally claim this land as their proposed Mosque, where not a single Muslim resides at all in the place of Rudra Nagar. Hence they want to spread  a fear psychosis in the Hindus by  torturing Nirmal Mandal. The torture upon Mr. Mandal took place at about 7.30 in the morning.

But the Hindus stand united immediately to rescue Mr. Mandal and thrashed the Muslim attackers to flee from the place. But about 1.30 p.m. a gang of 15-20 Muslim armed men  with sharp weapons and sacks of bombs reached Rudra Nagar all on a sudden on motorbikes from the direction of Khansabad, a high concentration of notorious Islamists. Immediately they charged three bombs and threatened to vacate the market place, perhaps to loot all the Hindu shops easily.

But, the Hindus there gallantly chased those Muslim armed persons and tried to catch them with their motorbikes. But the police on duty, who reached the spot after bomb-charging, restrained the people to indulge into a direct clash with the Muslim attackers and ultimately the attackers went away.

Getting a clear picture of favourtism by the Police and Administration for the Muslims, the Hindus from nearby thronged in thousands to Rudra Nagar and blocked all the conveyances and gheraoed  the Police contingent present there as a mark of protest. Every Hindus with a large number of Hindu women came to road with possible type of object to teach a pungent lesson to the Muslim who ever cross the spot. This affected the hole island and jeopardized the normal life up to 6.30 in the evening, when a negotiation held between the protesters and the administration.

The main and central place of Gangasagar island is Rudranagar. There is a club named ‘Ahalya Club’. Just beside the club, annual Durga Puja (a Hindu religious festival) is held every year. Near that spot, Muslims from a far-off locality are forcibly offering Namaz (Muslim prayer) every evening during this Ramzan month (This is a well-repeated tactic of scaring the Hindus and taking away their worship areas through out West Bengal and Bangladesh). In spite of several complaints by the Hindus, he police have taken absolutely no action on this issue. The reason is because an extremely corrupt and inefficient Sub Divisional Police Officer Mr. Jayanta Banerjee is still in charge of the Kakdwip sub division of South 24 Pargana district, under which the Gangasagar island comes. Mr Banerjee is also known to be very anti-Hindu.

Local people complain that Muslim leaders and supporters of both the ruling CPIM and opposition party TMC joined hands to achieve this aim. These allegedly communal attackers from Khansabad are Seikh Saiful (S/O. Rahaman),  Seikh Fareed (S/O. Ashadul), Seikh Mashikul (S/O. Makshed), Seikh Shamsul (S/O. Azabuddin), Seikh Farhad (S/O. Unknown), Seikh Saibul (S/O. Unknown) and others. Seikh Shamsul is the leader of this gang who has various criminal records and close connection with two most communal leaders of this island viz.  Seikh Ismail of CPIM and Abdul Kahar of TMC Minority Cell. Sk. Ismail and Abdul Kahar have joined their dirty hands well before to islamize the Sagar island as a part of Pan Islamic design.

Hindus of the island could not tolerate the communal misdeeds of Muslims. So, today they blocked the main road of the island and protested. At 6 pm the corrupt and infamous SDPO Jayanta Banerjee and other senior officers came and assured the Hindus that they will arrest the Muslim culprits. Then the road block lifted. But it is difficult to believe that under political pressure and under the influence of bribe, police will do justice to the Hindus.

In Sagar police station, the Officer in Charge is Mr. Anirban Bhattacharya. A persecuted Mr. Nirmal Mandal put a diary ( G.D. No. Sagar P.S. 28 dt. 01.01.2010) against the Islamic torture upon him. Police imposed Sec. 144  in the 200 meters areas of  “‘Ahalya Club”’, so that no illegal Namaj can be offered by the outsiders upon a disputed land in a Hindu Majority area. However, the Hindus of the area have erected a “Tulshi Mancha” and planted a sibling of  holy basil there on the very spot of offering illegal Namaz.

As the issue of Islamization of Ganga Sagar is becoming critical for the Hindus and obviously for their future day by day, Hindu Existence ForumShakaracharya of Govardhanpeetham His Holiness P.P. Swami Nischalananda Swaraswati (Gangasagar Dham comes under his holiness jurisdiction), Pujya Swami Pradiptanadaji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangah (His Gangasagar Branch of BSS was attacked by Muslims for several times) and Sri Tapan kumar Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati(The first training camp of Hindu Samhati  at Gangasagar was vandalized by the Islamist some years back) to take joint effort to save the Hindus of Gangasagar at any cost. Gangasagar is strategically important as it comes under the Sundearban delta areas and nearer to Islamic Bangladesh coastal hereby requests the border.

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