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DEGANGA UPDATE || Police lathi charged upon BJP protest on Deganga at Barasat || Fresh violence in Barasat Town || They will come back after Idd…….


Today protesters of various pro-Hindu groups including HINDU SAMHATI demonstrated  in various places in south Bengal on DEGANGA ISSUE.

In the morning Mr. Tathgata Roy, State BJP leader proceeded towards Deganga with some other Hindu leaders. Ultimately they reached Deganga Police Station in the afternoon.

However, it was reported that Mr. Roy met Mr. Sanjay Mukherjee, IG and Mr. Rahul Srivastava, IPS , Superintendent of Police,  North 24 Pgs and  for a dialogue about the peace process and to rescue the severely affected  Hindus of KARTICKPUR, BISWANATHPUR, KHEJURDANGA KARMAKAR PARA and other places of DEGANGA  AREA.

But when the BJP supporters started a demonstration at Vijoy Cinema Hall near Barasat Champadali Crossing to protest the persecution and torture upon Hindus even in the presence of Army at Deganga area, Police from Barasat P.S. came and severely lathi-charged the protesters to disperse them . Before that the Muslims from nearby areas tried to dismantle the peaceful demonstration with heavy brick-baiting. After that some 10/12 Muslim youth attacked the common Hindu people near Haritala and broke some shops there.

Afterward, at 9.00pm a Muslim mob came from Peergacha area of Barasat Town and vandalized some shops at K.B. Bose Rd. and threatened to come back with dire consequences to vacate all Hindus from there just after Ramzan and Idd. One shop named M/S Chowdhury Jewellers at K.B. Bose was severely damaged, as reports came in from various sources.

Mr. Tathagata Roy conveyed the HE moderator this message @ email:

I have been receiving disturbing reports from Deganga since 7th morning. However, 7th being a bandh day in West Bengal, no transport was available on that day. Today (8th) morning I started out, and reached our party office at the district headquarters of Barasat around 2.30 PM. After conferring with police officials to ensure safety, I reached Deganga P.S. On the way we say Hindu shops completely gutted at Beliaghata and other places and a temple desecrated. At Deganga Shri Sanjay Mukherjee, an IG was camping, and Shri Rahul Srivastava the SP was also present. I impressed upon them the need to restore confidence among the Hindus and they promised to do their best. Upon coming out from the office I had to contend with the ousted Hindus camping in front of the thana. Somehow I managed to pacify them. On return to Barasat I addressed a street corner meeting where there was a huge gathering. After I spoke and left, the IG called up our karyakartas and told them to stop the meeting because it was inflaming Hindus at Barasat and Muslims in Deganga. This was a most unfair request because none of us said  anything inflammatory, but out of deference our karyakartas stopped the meeting. This angered the crowd who blocked traffic on the road.

3 comments on “DEGANGA UPDATE || Police lathi charged upon BJP protest on Deganga at Barasat || Fresh violence in Barasat Town || They will come back after Idd…….

  1. Sunjay
    September 9, 2010

    I’m sorry to say but Hindu guys need to get more “macho”… I mean 10/12 Muslim guys attack a full market in broad daylight, what the hell were Hindus going?


    • Bidyut
      September 11, 2010

      Hindu youth knows that he won’t have any political, media, intellectual or administrative support. All political parties are desperate to have Muslim votes even if this goes against the country’s interest.Mamata Banerjee is now MAMATA BIBI.That is why now Hindus are becoming minority due to Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration.But no one shout for this imminent danger. If Hindus go to resist, they will be arrested, their house will be ransacked by the secular police by name of searching.Police guard Muslim mahalla.

      Sporadic riot of 1992 in Calcutta showed us that truth. I, myself was the victim.


  2. chandra
    March 23, 2011

    leave west bengal to the army and let them control the situation as they are doing it in jammu and kashmir


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