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Violence Checked in Deganga after further deployment of Army troop. Hindus protested at various places over Deganga Issue.

Cautious Peace in Deganga

September 9, 2010

A cautious peace is now prevailing in the Deganga riot affected areas. Today no attacks or untoward incidents happened in Deganga. Yesterday a further troop of Army from Eastern Command reached the area considering the gravity of the situation.
Yesterday (September 8th) more police reinforcements were there and more raids by the police were conducted in the Muslim villages (the source of the attacks for the last few days). Nine Muslim activists were arrested. They were denied bail by the Barasat court, due to the serious nature of charges against them.
Today (September 9th), police arrested four Hindu youths of Deganga – Lab Kumar Das, Kush Kumar Das, Gopal Das, Gopal Das (brothers, and sons of Parimal Das), and Chana Banik (son of Anukul Banik). They all got immediate bail from Barasat Court. Advocate Satyabrata Sen, a prominent lawyer in that court represented them. There are a group of very active Hindu Samhati supporters among the lawyers in Barasat Court.
Yesterday evening (August 8th) Tathagata Roy visited Deganga. His visit was followed visits by 3 state ministers. They declared compensation for the Hindu victims and others. Today BJP MPs Chandan Mitra and Uday Singh visited the area, accompanied by BJP state leaders Rahul Sinha and Samik Bhattacharya.

Deganga : Repercussion in the Media

Upananda Brahmachari | Kolkata | September 10, 2010: Though the overall situation in Deganga is now under control more or less, a pro-politics media group and the political parties of every colour want to grab the advantages out of the situation. They want to depict the situation more as political than communal. It is told that the situation has been vitiated by CPIM critically to dismantle the rally of Ms. Mamata Banerjee to be held at nearby Shasan ( a totally CPIM controlled area ) on 15th Sept. instant.
While, the North 24 Dist. CPIM leader, Mrs. Papri Dutta categorically pointed out the communal game plan of Haji Nurul Islam (TMC), MP of the area, a retaliating Haji conveyed to media that the CPIM leaders like Abbas Ali (Chakla), Yakub Ali (Falti) and Farook Ahamed (Dogachia) are behind the communal tension and torture occurred so far. Though Haji strongly denied his any involvement in this case so far, according to the District CPIM leader, Haji is playing with fire balls of communal incitements.
Today on 10th Sept. one morning daily, named ” Dainik Statesman” ( phone 033-2212-7070-76, 033-2212-7990-92, Fax 033-2212-6181/9473 and email : fomented upon the Hindu Activity Groups and Hindu web blogs and sites like ‘Probashi USA’, ‘Hindu Existence’, ‘Satyameba Jayate’ and ‘Hindu Samhati’ for their prompt circulation of news of Deganga even far from America in the cause of protecting Hindus in danger. According to the Bengali daily, the news are provocative and partisan in nature. And all these sites have been targeted the MP of the affected area along with the other TMC leaders.
The viewers of this Hindu Existence blog along the other sites as mentioned above are now fully aware of the series of developing situations there. No sites had no intention for any provocation or incitement so far as alleged by some pro-Islamic quarters.
The situation of communal rift started out of a land dispute and putting boundaries of  a Hindu religious place on Monday (6th Sept.) fore-noon in Kartickpur area of Deganga. And Iftar, the organized Muslims from all political parties attacked the Hindus in the area ruthlessly. No political affiliation of any Hindu could save the situation anyway. Hindus of the area were grossly affected. The attackers were Muslim and the sufferer were Hindu. The sufferers contacted the Hindu Samhati to rescue them.
In the very next morning on Tuesday, 7th. Sept., the HS approached to reach the spot of occurrence for fact finding. But as the situation of communal riot spread over the adjacent areas on Tuesday and Hindus had been victimized engross, a hidden process in the media were activated to suppress this serious and organized onslaught  upon Hindus. The media (specially the Bengali print and electronic media) tried to depict it as a clash between two groups, not a communal at all.
As hundreds of phone call and SOS reached the Hindu Samhati Office and the Hindu Site Groups, they started to highlight the matter of plight upon Hindus, both nationally and internationally. The insiders of the Hindu Groups also tried to request all political, police and administrative levels to protect the life and property of endangered Hindus and the honor of  all Hindu Girls and Women who were threatened to be raped on Tuesday night. No media friends or political men reached the spot to save the everything of the unprotected peace loving Hindus.
The Probashi USA Group and other activist groups meanwhile were able to alert the situation in the Central and State Government level in New Delhi and Kolkata, compelling the state authority to deploy the Army at Dengang on and from Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, not a single Hindu girl or woman could be able save their honor from a religious rape at Tuesday night. As the Police under the State control were also attacked by the Islamist and failured to take control, Army deployment was inevitable there to chase the Islamists. Deganga is always a abode of Islamic Fundamentalism. The assembly constituency of Deganga once elected one M.K.M. Hasanuzzaman as M.L.A. from Muslim League in the eighties. No media friends in ultra-secular mind-set never exercised the actualities of Islamic insurgencies in West Bengal in the last 33 years of Leftist CPIM regime and in the  ‘change syndrome’ of the rightist TMC and Congress  in the present days.
“The allegations of provocation and misleading connotations on Deganga Riot by Hindu Groups as fabricated by Dainik Statesman may be caused to save the Islamic perpetrators of all political color. These media and political persons are always try to suppress the fact of Hindu persecution all over West Bengal”, said by a spokesperson of Hindu Samhati, HQ  from  Kolkata, over telephone to Hindu Existence editorial desk.
Actually, the Hindu groups and sites in question always put the actual situations in their sites as per available information so far received from different sources and through interactions with the political leaders as reported by the affected people near and far from Deganga. The complete matter relies upon the facts so far published in the sites time to time including appeal of relief and rescue to different humanitarian organizations like Bharat Sevashram Sangha and Ramakrishna Mission. No specific false allegation has been charged by Hindu Existence blog-site to any individual out of context.
God saved the lives of Hindus and Muslims and restricted the casualty in one and not the seven, but it would surely cross the seventy and every Hindu woman were scared by the rapists  if the Army weren’t sent in time. And that is the success story of activities of these Hindu groups certainly to save the situation in favour of the peace loving people.
However, the Probashi USA Group has sent an appeal to the Prime Minister Mr. Monmohan Singh and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharya for a justified actions in Deganga Matter. The full appeal can be down loaded from and can be forwarded to the authorities as a campaign for Deganga Victims.

Hindu Samhati Protested for Deganga Conspiracy

On August 8th Hindu Samhati organized protest meetings in many places to express their solidarity for the Deganga Hindu victims . There were road blockages by HS supporters at two location in Barasat. Samhati President Tapan Ghosh attended a rally in Baguihati.
On August 9th, Hindu Samhati organized successful ‘Rail Roko’ (Block Rails) at two places one in Thakurnagar on Sealdah-Bangaon Route, and the other at Canning Station on Sealdah-Canning Route. There was massive participation in both the events.
At both the places police/rail police tried to intervene and stop the protesters, but could not succeed. Later, one Officer named KM Siraj (a Muslim) of Sonarpur RPF Police Station (Sealdah South Section) interrogated and tried to intimidate Hindu Samhati’s Canning Unit in-charge, Dinabandhu Gharami. We have unconfirmed reports that Mr. Gharami and three HS workers have been charged with a case.
Courtesy : Hindu Samhati Website.

4 comments on “Violence Checked in Deganga after further deployment of Army troop. Hindus protested at various places over Deganga Issue.

  1. Sunjaykumar
    September 11, 2010

    Thank you for giving us the news of what was happening, mainstream media almost completely blocked it. If you can kindly post a detail report of what happened in the last few days, including the casualties suffered.


    • Hindu Existence Moderator
      September 11, 2010

      Please see the updates every day.

      The morale and the courage of Hindus there in DEGANGA to stick on their own place for survival, have been restored to some extent.

      At least one Hindu Organization named “HINDU SAMHATI” and the BJP are trying to keep the safety, security and honor of the affected Hindus in Deganga. They sent their high rank delegation teams there.

      In the name of Muslim Vote Bank and absurd communal harmony of Islam, Hindus are put in a Jehadi Fire Place named WEST BENGAL.

      In West Bengal, 3 Districts viz, Malda, Murshidabad and Uttar Dinajpur are now Muslim Majority Districts along with other 65 development blocks (Vikash Khand)in West Bengal. In the 2011 Report of Census of India, it is expected that at least 9 Dists. and 150 Vikash Khand (Development Block)will come under Muslim majority.

      Knowing it fully well, all the political parties in WB are playing the Muslim Cards for their political prospects. This is fatal for the Hindus in West Bengal.

      In Deganga, now it has been authenticated that the casualty is One not Seven. It was also posted in our updates earlier.

      Hindu Existence Moderator.


  2. Sri
    September 11, 2010

    Media showed itself why it should not be trusted. They themselves justified it.


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    April 15, 2017

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