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Andhra HC strikes down Muslim minority sub-quota. Big slap to Muslim Reservation process in India on religious basis.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 29, 2012

Andhra Pradesh HC Quashes Centre’s 4.5% Sub-Quota for Minorities.

Hindu Existence News Bureau :: 29th June, 2012 :: While at least four states  in India viz. Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh are trying hard to set exclusive reservation policy for Muslims on religious basis in India under the benevolent support from the  Congress led UPA Govt. in the Centre, the Andhra Pradesh High Court today discarded the ongoing reservation policy for Muslim minority in a fraudulent  mode  of appeasement and quashed the concerned policy of reservation for Muslim minorities so far adopted by the concerned Govt.

In the present movement to bow down to the Muslims, the ruling forces in the States and Centre somehow have surrendered to the organized Muslim forces in all Political Parties in India,  envisaging a new concept of

‘Holding that the Centre acted in a “casual manner”, the Andhra Pradesh High Court today quashed the 4.5 per cent sub-quota to minorities carved out of 27 per cent OBC reservation–a verdict that may affect admissions already made in central education polictional institutions such as IITs. sub-quota or religious quota for Muslims of India who are much believers of Shariat than the civil law of India. And special  felicities given to minorities are being solely given for and grabbed by the Muslims.

In a setback to the Centre over the sub-quota issue, the Court said the Office Memorandum(OM) creating the sub-quota was based on religious grounds and not on any other consideration.

The December 22, 2011 OM for a subquota of 4.5 per cent for socially and educationally backward classes of citizens belonging to minority communities out of the 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in central educational institutions and jobs was announced by the Centre ahead of the Assembly elections in five states including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

The very use of the words “belonging to minorities” or “for minorities” indicates that the sub-quota has been carved out only on religious lines and not on any other intelligible basis, the bench observed while setting aside the sub-quota.

Shortly after the verdict was pronounced, the Congress treaded cautiously, saying the court judgement has to be read and understood.

“You cannot react to court judgments until you have perused, read, understood and appreciated..(We can comment)….After we receive copy of the judgment”, party spokesman Manish Tewari told reporters in Delhi.

Setting aside the OM, a division bench consisting Chief Justice Madan B Lokur and Justice Sanjay Kumar said, “In fact, we must express our anguish at the rather casual manner in which the entire issue has been taken up by the central government.”

“No evidence has been shown to us by the learned Assistant Solicitor General to justify the classification of these religious minorities as a homogeneous group or as more backward classes deserving some special treatment.

“We must, therefore, hold that Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis) do not form a homogeneous group but a heterogeneous group,” it observed.

MIM Chief and Communal Member of Parliament Asaduddin owaisi along with his party workers participate in a rally to demand reservation for muslims in Sangareddy. Photo Courtesy: The Hindu.

According to K Ramakrishna Reddy, senior counsel who argued for the petitioner R Krishnaiah– a backward caste leader from Andhra Pradesh, the judgement may affect the admissions that have already been made in central educational institutions such as IITs.

“We have, therefore, no option but to set aside the carving out of a sub-quota of 4.5 per cent in favour of backward classes belonging to minorities out of the 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in both the OMs dated 22.12.2011 and the Resolution dated 22.12.2011. We do so accordingly,” the court said.

The first OM states that the 4.5 per cent sub-quota is carved out of socially and educationally backward classes of citizens “belonging to minorities” as defined in Section 2(c) of the NCM Act.

The resolution and the second OM created a sub-quota “for minorities”.’

The Present direction of AP High Court is a land mark decision and obviously a staunch blow to curb the policy of minority appeasement policy in India.

Courtesy: ‘-‘ OUTLOOK INDIA.

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‘Minority sub-quota to double jobs for Muslims’- What is the meaning of Secularism in India?

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Optimum persecution on Pakistani Hindus. 160 years old Gorakhnath Temple vandalized, Shivling desecreted. 70 Bheel Hindus forcefully converted into Islam.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 21, 2012

Religious intolerance in Pakistan : Hindu temple vandalized in Peshawar : 70 Bheel Hindus  forcefully converted into  Islam in Sindh.


Guru Gorakhnath temple at Gorgathri, Peshawar.

Peshawar | May 21, 2012 :: Unidentified men stormed a at least 160 years Hindu temple of Guru Gorakhnath and Lord Shiva in Peshawar on Sunday evening, police said.

This Gorakhnath temple was just reopened in 2011 after a long legal fight or 60 years as the temple was forcefully closed by the Evacuee Property Trust Board and the Provincial Archaeology Department. As one Phool Wati and her son Kaka Ram own the sacred battle the opening rituals were performed with a great grandeur in last Diwali.

But, the old temple of Nath Tradition has been vandalized with all Islamic impetus and and desecrated by Muslim menace. The Idols of Shiva and Nath Gurus were destroyed, holy books are set on fire, human excreta were thrown and so on. All in the name of Mohammad, Islam and Allah as these  vicious entities are always to instill terror into the mind of idol worshiper and to destroy all existence of non Muslims.

The History and Heritage of Gorkhatri is attached with Hindu Nath Yogi for a long time.

According to the police, the attackers burnt images and took away idols from the temple in the Gorghathri area, and fled the scene after the incident, reports the Daily Times.

No immediate claim of responsibility was made, they said.

The custodian of the temple said it was the third such attack. He said when he arrived at the temple, he saw around eight men burning images and sacred books.

Members of Hindu community expressing concern over the incident, have demanded immediate action against the miscreants.

Again to say that in a brazen act of vandalism, unidentified men sneaked into a Hindu temple in the capital city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday (20-05-2012), smashed a holy figurine and burnt down scriptures and images of deities.

“We opened the temple around 6pm and found all holy scriptures and images burnt down. A statuette of Lord Shiva was also smashed to pieces,” Ramesh Lal, a priest at Guru Gorakhnath temple, told The News Agencies

The temple is situated in the Gorgathri neighbourhood inside the walled city.


This Guru Gorakhnath Hindu temple in Pakistan reopened after 60 years on the last Diwali, 2011

Peshawar, which is believed to be one of the oldest living cities of South Asia, houses dozens of monuments and structures from the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and British eras.

The priest said that the community had reported the incident to the local police who gave them the customary cold-shoulder.

“Vandals smashed a statuette of Lord Shiva to pieces and burnt down the holy Gita as well as several images of our deities,” Lal said. The temple, according to him, did not have armed guards because the government pays scant attention to the security needs of a Hindu place of worship.

According to Lal, the 160-year-old temple was named after a Hindu pontiff Guru Goraknath. The local Hindu community had abandoned the temple following the 1947 partition of the subcontinent. For decades no ritual was undertaken within the temple ground until the Peshawar High Court handed over its custody to the Hindu community a few months ago.

“This desecration and vandalism has hurt the religious sentiments of our community. Lack of cooperation from police and administration has added insult to the injury,” Lal said and added that the police were reluctant to concede that the temple had holy images and figurines.

“When the temple was reopened [after the PHC verdict] after almost six decades, we imported a figurine from India which cost us hundreds of thousands of rupees,” Lal claimed.

Haroon Sarblal, a representative of the Hindu community, condemned the incident as ‘unacceptable’. He called upon the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government to arrest the vandals and provide security guards for the temple.

“If the government wants the Hindu community to remain calm, it should arrest the vandals and punish them accordingly,” Sarblal told The News Agencies.

These acts of vandalism and desecration  are a deliberate attempt to create communal tension in the city, he said. However, he vowed that the Hindu community would remain calm and record its protest peacefully.

No group has claimed responsibility for the vandalism – but past attacks on the shrines of Muslim Sufi saints and spiritual figures have been blamed on Taliban insurgents.

Within the same hours 70 Tribal Bheel Hindus were converted in to Islam in Pak Hyderabad. The reports came in as :

Entering the fold: 70 Bheels embrace Islam in Sindh


70 Hindu Bheels forcefully converted to Islam in Sindh, Pakistan.Pic Link.

HYDERABAD: Some 70 people drawn from the Hindu Bheel community embraced Islam at the Madrasa Baitul Islam in Badin on Sunday. The families hailed from Golarchi in Badin, Raju Khanani in Tando Mohammad Khan, Shaikh Bhirkyo in Hyderabad and Thano Bula Khan in Jamshoro division. Qari Abdul Majeed converted the 37 men and 33 women and gave them new names.

This report is published in The Express Tribune, May 21st, 2012. But the sources ascertained that these Bheel people have been victimized by the local Muslim Goons for the years out of a conspiracy  to convert them forcefully. The lands and occupations of these poor people were snatched, their women folk were raped and abducted and threatened to evacuate from their own place. Ultimately the this Bheel Hindu folk submitted to Islam under the wrath of Allah. But the Muslims will say it is a peaceful embracing of Islam. Shame.

Oh Hindus of Ghorakhpur Nath Khestra (area), START REACTION. Your temple in Pakistan is under attack. It is not the hour of understand ours or yours. HINDUS OF THIS WORLD IS UNDER THE NEFARIOUS DESIGN OF ISLAM. LET THE TRIDENT OF SHIVA BE FLASHED TO REACT FROM INDIA. HAR HAR MAHADEV.

Revered Mohant Shri Avaidyanath and Yogi Adityanathji, your blessings are highly necessary to start the Holy War… DHARMA YUDH.


Courtesy: The Tribune Pak | Siasat.pak | Zee News | Agencies.

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Posted by hinduexistence on May 18, 2012

Rohingya Muslim Refugee camp near Sultan Garhi Dargah in south Delhi. They have captured some portions of other States also.

Entry:  Bengal border or the Bihar-Kishangarh border in India.

Rohinhya Muslims started Small Business at ease here. Reluctant Hindus tolerate them for own destruction.

In the name of forced exoduses from Myanmar, they draw attention with their children. Rohingays like to breed above average.












Does Rajya Does Rajya Sabha MP Mahmood Madani (Jamiat Ulema) want 4 million Muslim Rohingyas to breed in India ?

No place to go, Rohingyas seek refugee status in India.

Priyanka in Delhi

Living in tattered tents in Delhi, Myanmarese refugees from the Rohingyas community have been demanding refugee status in India, as they seek jobs and education for their children. Priyanka reports in Rediff News……  

A group of 2,500 Myanmarese refugees were on Tuesday chased out of a barren land near the Sultan Garhi Dargah in South Delhi.

5000 Rohingya Muslims are seen in Delhi. Muslim leaders are demanding rehabilitation of 4 million of Rogingyas in India. Govt of India is contemplating suitably.

The group belonging to the Rohingyas community, an ethnic minority in northern Myanmar who had been camping near the dargah for a week, was driven out by the police. They now have scattered across the city, mainly near the Old Delhi railway station, Kashmeri Gate and Ajmeri Gate.

“We had a meeting with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and they asked us to go back to our country. They said they cannot do anything for us,” one of the refugees, Masood Mohammad said.

Meanwhile, at a makeshift refugee camp near Pir Baba, women lay under tattered tents, or, as in most cases, under bed sheets held up by four bamboo sticks, an unlikely respite from the summer heat in the capital. Young children and men roamed around aimlessly.

‘Only a few of us have an asylum-seeker card’

At first, the refugees camped at a small open area opposite the United Nations office in Vasant Vihar where they cooked, ate and slept out in the open for almost 30 days.

“We have been demanding refugee status in India,” said Zia-ur Rehman, one of the refugees. “Only a few of us have an asylum-seeker card, which does not give us any benefits. There is no ration, no food, no job, nothing,” he said.

People belonging to the Rohingya community are Muslim natives of the Arakan region in Myanmar. According to the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, the origin of the name ‘Rohingya’ comes from ‘Rohang’ or ‘Rohan’, a name popularly assigned to the Arakan region in the ninth and tenth century.

However, these are different and should not be confused with ‘Rakhine’, another community that resides within the same region. The latter form an ethnic majority, and are of mixed Hindu and Mongolian ancestry.

“In the name of gross deprivation, they want to capture Indian space very substantially. Indian Muslim communities provides them.” – HE.

‘Rohingyas subjected to abuse, exploitation, and discrimination’

With an enormous breeding of new generation, the  Rohingya Muslims threat the fate of your own children. Callous India Govt tolerate them. They may claim a room in your house also.

A Human Rights Watch report says that the Rohingyas community has been subjected to abuse, exploitation and discrimination and they have been fighting to gain recognition as a ‘distinct ethnic group’ in Myanmar, and for equal opportunities in education and earning livelihood.

The Rohingyas community has also gone through many phases of forced exoduses from Myanmar, cites the report. The report chronicles their tale of mass migration from Mayanmar, first after the military coup in 1962, and for a second time in 1991-92.


As a result, close to 260,000 Rohingyas people were already living in refugee camps in Cox Bazaar, their first point of entry into Bangladesh, by 1992.

The Rohingyas have now been coming to India to find refuge and wants a refugee status. Read details here.

‘Most refugees have had no formal education’

“But many of them managed jobs in Delhi” – HE. Sheikh Ahmed, a young 24-year-old refugee, came to India a month back. After staying in Aligarh for a while, he joined the protests in Delhi, and is now a part of the refugee group camped in the middle of nowhere. Most of the people, women mostly, are unable to speak in Hindi or English. Most of them have had no formal education, while some have been able to study up to class ten. They now work as rickshaw pullers or rag pickers in the city. “We face lot of exploitation in Myanmar, as we are not allowed to study. They also took our lands,” said 26-year-old Amir Khan. “I too wanted to study, but we came here to India for better prospects, hoping our children will be educated and we might be able to find jobs.” Khan works in a bangle factory nearby, and has been living in the capital on a meager monthly salary of Rs 3,000.

‘Bangladesh is their first point of entry’

“Bangladesh is silently jeopardizing the demography of India by infiltrating Bangladeshi Muslims, now Rohingya Muslims – Bangladesh is acting as an enemy State.” – HE.

ASI monuments, bank of Jamuna, Dargas are their new destinations. Delhi security has no meaning for them. They are absolutely free to move anywhere.

Having followed the migration of Rohingyas refugees into India, he said, the influx into India territory is not a new concept.

“The Rohingyas have coming to India since 1992,” Nair says.

He explains, “Technically, Bangladesh is their first point of entry. They enter Bangladesh through the Cox Bazaar, which is very close by to Chittagong.”

Unlike the ethnic Myanmarese who prefer to enter India through the state of Mizoram, as they can easily blend with the local population, the Rohingyas population usually takes the Bengal border or the Bihar-Kishangarh border to enter into the country, Nair said.

“Many of them would want to go to Pakistan and merge with the Muslim population there, but the LoC has become very stringent now. Hence, you will find many Rohingyas refugees who have lived in Jammu for a while and have now come to Delhi,” he added.

There are about a dozen police personnel stationed, but they say that they are not responsible for the safety of the refugees, and are only there to maintain law and order.

“We are here just to see that there is no law and order problem,” said Anil Sharma of Vasant Vihar police station. “Their safety has been taken up by the Jamiat Ulema,” he added.

People, who say they belong to the Burmese Rohingya community from Myanmar, sit in an open air madrasa, or a religious school, at a camp in New Delhi. Clear intention to Islamize the issue.

Jamiat Ulema leader, Mahmood Madani, who is also a member of the Rajya Sabha, has written to Home Minister P Chidambaram to intervene and provide some assurance to the refugee status seekers from Mayanmar. Read full report here.

Actually Mahmood Madani has shown his tramp card of utter communal attitude.  This man never uttered any words for the REHABILITION of Kashmiri, Bangladeshi or Pakistani Hindu refugees.




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Baba Ramdev is helping Muslims to send them in huge number in all State Assemblies and Indian Parliament. What a conspiracy?

Posted by hinduexistence on May 15, 2012


A most dangerous move By Baba Ramdev towards Muslim appeasement.

Those who have not full faith in Indian Constitution, how they claim full rights and reservation from it?

 ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The whole media, a greater section of Arya Samaj, actually the whole Hindu Samaj in broader concept, Constitutional experts, true national politicians with some of intellect, everybody all on a sudden stuck with a severe blow from Baba Ramdev as he surprised concerned sections  by supporting Muslims for their claim of reservation under Art. 341 of Indian constitution. Knowing nothing about  the provisions, implication and jurisdiction of Art 341 and the conspiracy of Muslims demanding such a facility publicly and  behind the scene, Baba declared his support for Muslims in this matter as Baba has set his eyes only to grab Muslim supports to make his success in 2014 election ventures.

When all are desperately waiting and preparing for the 3rd June2012 to drive a massive movement to bring back the black money, Baba Ramdevji, really surprised all patriots yesterday (on12/05/2012, Saturday) by supporting and by declaring that he is going to fight for Muslim and Christian Dalit Reservation with the amendments in article 341 of Indian Constitution. Baba was addressing a conference at the venue of India Muslim Cultural Center, New Delhi, as convened by All India United Muslim Morcha. This Morcha has definite connection with Kerala Muslim League and United Muslim Democratic Front, two dangerous Muslim Political outfit to destroy Indian Secular and Democratic threads in majority main stream.

Stepping away from the RSS stand, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev supported Muslim leaders in their demand for reservation for both Muslim and Christian dalits and sought their active participation in his black money campaign. It is now heard that Baba Rambev will demand the rights of conversion by Christians and Muslims from Hindus soon under a pressure of Muslim-Christian lobby helping (eye-washing) Ramdev in his Anti Corruption movement.

“I did not know till recently that Article 341 does not cover Muslims and Christian Dalits. This is not fair. dalit is a dalit, whether s/he is a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim. So, all Dalits should get equal rights. We will have to struggle to achieve this. We will launch a struggle (for this). I extend my whole-hearted support,” he said.

Article 341 of Indian constitution of India is  a PART of XVI dealing with SPECIAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO CERTAIN CLASSES. It starts with Article 330 and ends with Article 342. Actually, Muslims are now trying to get inserted in the Scheduled Caste ( Art. 341) category and certainly they are not satisfied with their just Dalit status in Mandal Commission or  Ranganath Mishra Commission or in Sachar Committee Reports. As the provisions of Dalits or OBC (Other Backward Classes) give only the reservation in jobs and various scholarships and loans/grants etc. to them, it never be counted synonymous to the rights of the SC and ST communities in the Hindu fold who get the seat reservation in the State Assemblies and the Parliament by the virtue of PART  XVI of Indian Constitution. Now, this Muslim Morcha demands the Scheduled Caste Rights to grab the political power in every State Assembly and in the Indian Parliament with their reservation rights in Indian Polity through Art. 341 and they gradually will extend their demands upto Art.330. And Baba Ramedv preponderantly supported those who love Sharitat at the highest level than their life and treat Indian Constitution as a political tool to make ease to reach to the goal of Shariyat. It is must but should be clear for Revered Baba that the whole Hindu community may reject him for advocating much Muslim rights than the preaching of reasonable responsibilities of Muslim community  in obeying Indian Constitution whole heartedly. Baba Ramdev is advocating absurd rights  for those  Muslim propagators who believe in Shariyat and desire to capture Delhi again through  getting reservation facilities from the top of Indian Parliament (for ruling India again as Akbar, Sahajahan or Aurangjeeb) down to the Hindu families (for making Love Jihad and so on).  Those who have not full faith in Indian Constitution, how they claim full rights and reservation from it?

In Kerala, Andhra Pradesh  and some other states in India, the Muslim and Christian OBCs are getting more facilities than the Hindu OBCs. And Muslims and Christian OBCs are gradually encroaching the facilities from the share of Hindus.

Baba Rambev succumb unnecessary pressure from Muslim pressure groups and equating a ‘Dead hand of Islam’, ‘Brute Muhammad’ or a ‘Satanic Verses – Quran’ with real Dharma (Virtue)  and Darhshan (Philosophy) of Aryavarta-Bharat-Hindusthan. Does Baba Ramdev want to discard 14th chapter of Satyartha Prakash, where Swami Dyananda vehemently opposed the unreasonable, eccentric and unscientific Quran? Is Baba Ramdev is going to be another Swami Agnivesh?


A copy of Quran (with translation in Hindi) was offered to Baba Ramdev. To Muslims Quran is the final words for everything. Will BaBa be kicked off as Jogendra Nath Mondal, the lone Hindu Minister in Pakistan?   

Instead of plainly supporting or opposing Baba Ramdevji, we just wish to share some points. Decision is with you.

  1. “1. Majority Hindus has supported Baba Ramdevji, and his Bharat Swabhiman Trust from the core of heart, by money and by becoming volunteers. His main force is Hindu Clan. Why he is wooing Muslims like all pseudo secular political parties?
  2. 2. To gain the support from Muslims, or to feel and to prove himself as the greatest secular compromising the interest of country’s unity and integrity, Baba Ramdev is going to fight for Dalit Muslims and even Dalit Christians.  Baba Ramdevji is surprised to know that Article 341 doesn’t give reservation to Dalit Muslims and Christians. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji, doesn’t know about Minority commission?
  3. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji doesn’t know the root cause of partition of Hindusthan, the reservation policy on the basis of Religion?
  4. Muslims and Christians already have special status in this secular country for being ‘Minority’ despite increasing population, now how can they demand the invasion in Hindu Dalit Reservation? And more surprisingly how can anybody support and fight for such demand?
  5. What was and is the contribution of Muslims in the anti corruption movement by Baba Ramdevji as compared to Hindus?
  6. Why can’t Muslims contribute any movement just as an ‘Indian Citizen’?
  7. Is doing something for the country is a favor on our motherland that Muslims want to be paid just for ‘showing’ the support to any cause?
  8. And by this way are Muslims blackmailing now, just like they blackmailed Gandhiji and which resulted in the partition of the country with massacre of Hindus and rapes on Hindu women which is still continued in Pakistan?
  9. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji has thought him more important than the country, just because he has served the country by Patanjali Yogapeeth  being Yoga Guru/Legend by spreading the Pranayam and selling Ayurveda on which Hindus just not claimed any copy right?
  10. We won’t oppose if Baba Ramdevji would enter politics to fight with corruption or by any other desire, it is his choice after all, but here his behavior and people’s reaction on his statements yesterday in All India Muslim United Morcha he has used and played with the emotions of common people who had trust and faith on him, who were ready to die for him in the name of a Saffron Sanyasi’. Is Baba Ramdev getting worst in spirituality and best in adjustability?
  11. On which basis Baba Ramdevji has compared Puran, Vedas and Quran? Is it according the teachings of Arya Samaj and Swami Dayananda Saraswati? How does he compare a butcher like man with Lord Krishna and Lord Ram? Very shameful.
  12. Last question is very important for us and all the patriot Hindus,

“Will we ever get a spiritual leader who will fight for the justice of Hindus, for the Hindutva, just like Swami Vidyaranya became the kingmaker of Vijayanagar Empire during the worst Islamists’ Invasions and remained as the mentor of the empire for the three generations?

Will we ever get a Spiritual leader like Samarth Ramdas Swami who made a king like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

Will it not be a dawn again when the Sikh Khalsha will reign Bharat further under Gairik Dwajh (Saffron Flag)” ???

Courtesy: hindutvamevavijayate | twocirclenet.

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Pratpaditya Utsav starts afresh in Kolkata to boost up Bengali Hindu youth force. Planning to popularize Bengali Martial Art.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 10, 2012

Pratpaditya Utsav starts afresh

Gap of century fails to be any hindrance……….

Pratapaditya Utsav Programme Card.

Hindu Existence News Desk |  Kolkata | 10th May, 2012 :: Pratpaditya Utsav, under the aegis of Atmabikash Samiti – a nationalist youth organization meant to impart physical, mental and spiritual attributes through abiding by conformist Hindu disciplines – was held today itself at Kolkata, May 6, 2012, to idolize gallantry of Maharaja Pratapaditya in public, unearth the lost martial traditions of Bengali Hindus and make youths valorous to get active and serve the nation better. The meeting was attended by an assortment of dignitaries from different walks of life.

It is worthwhile to mention Pratpaditya Utsav that started in 1903 by Smt. Sarala Devi Chowdhurani, niece of Sri Rabindranath Tagore, to venerate valor of Maharaja (great monarch) Pratapaditya in public made a profound impact on contemporary political scenario, especially the then rising revolutionary movement in Bengal. However, the celebration ended soon owing to several developments.

The convention was inaugurated by sacred Vedic chants of Sri Animitra Chakraborty followed by adoration of Sacred Swords by all. A succinct description of the life of Maharaja Pratapaditya, his love for the motherland and struggles for its sovereignty was narrated by Sri Kalyan Sarkar. 

The description was followed by the substantial address on two different topics – Significance of Pratpaditya Utsav in modern times and Role of Pratpaditya Utsav in the revolutionary movement in Bengal – by Sri Upananda Brahmachari and Sri Sujoy Chatterjee respectively.

Sri Animitra Chakraborty was also witnessed to speak on different occasions; however, his thrust was the need to lionize Pratpaditya Utsav by Bengali Hindus more than ever before and the crisis that may befall to them in its absence.

In a word, Pratpaditya Utsav, after a gap of more than a century, has been revived to inculcate martial spirit among Bengali Hindus (these days) so that they can follow footsteps of their valiant ancestors and ameliorate the entire nation.

The convention ended thanking all to partake in it and announcing formation of Pratpaditya Utsav Celebration Committee (Pratapditya Utsav Udjapan Samity) with Sri Arabinda Patra as its president.

Three proposals so far placed to the committee to adopt for furtherance are that:

(1). A statue of  Maharaja Ptratapaditya at Pratapaditya Road, Kolkata- 700026.

(2). A rich Wikipedia page containing all the new research and refs. about Maharaja Pratapditya with a Bengali booklet about Maharaja.

(3).  Wider celebration of Pratapaditya Utsav with exposition of Martial Art of Bengal, specially connected with the Military troop of Maharaja Pratapaditya.

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Hindu Missionary work at Khargapur under attack of Ministry of Railways, GOI. Railways ordered demolition of Hindu Hostel run by Bharat Sevashram Sangha. Swami at hunger-sit-on.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 9, 2012

Christian lobby and Muslim pressure group to stop Hindu Missionary work at Khargapur, West Bengal. Railways Department only to demolish Hindu structures.

Subarno Pandey for Hindu Existence | KGP | 6th May, 2012 :: Indian Railways has issued order to demolish Hindu Students’ Hostel run by Bharat Sevashram Sangha in Inda area of Kharagpur where an extension unit of Tribal hostel is under construction. As the Railway authority showed its pro-activism in destroying a part of the said hostel, a public sentiment has aroused in the area as the Railway authority did nothing to the Muslim and Christian occupation in the same railways lands. As a protest the Monk-in-Charge Swami Rwitanandaji of Kharagpur Unit of Bharat Sevashram Sangha started a sit on hunger from 27th April onwards as a protest and vowed to go on hunger unto death if the demolition order is not lifted completely.

BSS Hindu Tribal hostel under construction has partly been destructed by DRM Kharagpur.

As a matter of fact, the welfare activities and the Hindu missionary work by the local unit of world renowned Service Organization BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA (BSS) at kharagpur have been creating a strength of social integration and Hindu awareness which has put the anti Hindu force to go on back foot, especially in the field of ‘Conversion of Tribal Hindus into Christianity’ by local Baptist Churches and its allies.

The BSS has promoted Hindu Cultural and Welfare activities by setting up a dispensary, library and book stall, tribal students’ shelter, guest house, Guru Mandir (Temple) and Hindu family counseling center just after its establishment in 1986, when the BSS authority had prayed to railway authority for giving lease formally when Mr. A B A Gani Khan Chowdhuri was in the concerned Ministry.  But, the Rly authority then gave only the verbal permission.

It may be noted that Kharagpur is world famous town for having the longest Railway Station in the world and the most of land of this town is possessed by the railways authority. The Railways authority has given huge lands for three churches are named as Ward Memorial Church, All Saints Church and Baptist Church without any problem. One Mosque named as KGP Rly Masjid is also situated in the very property of Railway authority, but only problem as sand in the eyes of authority is nothing but existence of Bharat Sevashram obviously in the Railway land. If other religious structures are so existed in the Railway lands what is the problem with BSS so far?

Monk in charge Swami Rwitanandaji hinted our correspondent about the railway conspiracy to a Hindu Organization from Railway land as they are unable to fulfill the procurement of bribe from them. There are several business occupation in the railway lands but the authority is very much interested to demolish a real social welfare organization. In the walled campus of BSS the railway displayed notice of demolition of the hostel building and broke a portion of it. The BSS authority has planned to establish a Polyclinic with the proposed hostel in that building now under the hammer of Indian Railway.

Revered Swamiji said that he has suspended the anashan (hunger-sit-on) on request, but he may continue it for a indefinite period if the authorities of Railway do not justice with the almost a century old (est. 1919) international Hindu organization with manifold social-cultural-educational-spiritual-&-huge welfare activities.

Swami Rwitanandaji Maharaj sat on Anshan (sit on hunger strike) for 2 days and withdrew after intense pressure from devotees and common Hindus who had many anxieties over Swami’s health. The members of Bharat Sevashram Sangha and VHP forced Railway administration and SDO to offer oral forgiveness to stop the order of Ashram destruction but the photos here along with conversion video of same day by Christian in Railway ground show how anti-Hindu Railway & Local Administration have become under TMC rule.

On one hand Mamata gives sop to Muslims on the other hand she assures that she is ready to give some money for Bharat Sevashram Sangha or Ram Krishna Mission but in reality her Railway & State Administration in Kharagpur tried to destruct a beautiful BSS Mandir & Ashram with the connivance of  Christian and Muslim conspirators. The temple is functional from 1986 & ironically was permitted verbally on Railway land by then Railways Minister Abu Barkat A Gani Khan Chowdhury, a Muslim but it seems our new CM is much more Islamist! In this development public would like to know from Mamata, whether  she is really willing to pay all the Monks & Pujaris of all BSS & RKM Temples & Ashrams in West Bengal like Imams & Muazzins?

Local supporters of Hindu Aswttiva (Hindu Existence Team), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hanuman Akhara Parishad etc. are planning a convention against the vindictive demolition  of Hindu structures by Railway authority, DRM and the officers behind it.

There are over 50 big possessions of non Hindu structures in Railway land in West Bengal. Then what is the problem with Bharat Sevashram Sangha at Kharagpur railways land?

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Supreme Court of India orders Haj subsidy cut. Phase out Haj subsidy in ten years: SC to Govt.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 8, 2012

India’s Supreme Court orders Hajj subsidy cut.

Every year, about 125,000 Indian Muslims (most of them are rich – Ed. HE) are subsidised to go on the Hajj.

BBC input:  Supreme Court o India has barred the government from giving subsidies to Muslim pilgrims going on the Hajj.

The court said the policy was “best done away with” and told the authorities to gradually reduce the subsidy and abolish it in 10 years.

The court also said that the government’s “goodwill delegation” to Mecca must not exceed two members. It currently has 30 people.

India provides billions of rupees every year to people going on the Hajj.

Pilgrims apply through the Hajj Committee of India and are offered a concessionary fare on the national airline, Air India.

Every year, about 125,000 pilgrims take the subsidy.

The pilgrims are charged 16,000 rupees ($302; £187) air fare. A regular Delhi-Jeddah flight would cost about double that.

Last month, the government told the Supreme Court that it had decided to restrict the subsidy to one pilgrimage per person.

At the moment, it is available to a Hajj pilgrim once every five years.

The government also said that priority would be given to pilgrims older than 70 and those who had never visited Mecca.

Phase out Haj subsidy in ten years, Supreme Court tells Govt: 10 big facts.

NDTV input: New Delhi | Reported by A Vaidyanathan | Updated: May 08, 2012 :  The Supreme Court wants the central government to phase out its policy of giving subsidies to Haj pilgrims.

Here are the 10 big facts of the case:

1.    Directing the government to progressively “eliminate” its subsidy within a period of 10 years, a bench of justices Aftab Alam and Ranjana Prakash Desai said today, “We hold that this (subsidy) policy is best done away with.” This interim order is also applicable to the Haj pilgrimage of 2012.

2.    The bench also directed the government to reduce the number of its representatives in the Prime Minister’s goodwill delegation from 30 to two.

3.    The court also said that it will look into the functioning of Haj Committee of India and its process for selecting people for the pilgrimage.

4.    The court was hearing an appeal filed by the Centre challenging a Bombay High Court judgement which had directed the Ministry of External Affairs to allow certain private operators to handle 800 of the 11,000 pilgrims earmarked under the VIP quota subsidised by the government.

5.    The bench had expanded the purview of the plea and decided to look into the legality of the government’s policy on granting subsidies to Haj pilgrims.

6.    Muslim members of Parliament have welcomed the decision. “The Haj subsidy of Rs. 600 crore is given to Air India and not pilgrims… Under this garb of subsidy, it (money) is going to Air India which is a sick airline,” Majlis-e- Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi told reporters.

7.    A senior member of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Niyaz Farooqi, said that pilgrims do not get the benefits of the Haj subsidy. The government should shift focus on providing better accommodation and food facility to the pilgrims, he said adding, “Despite the subsidy, pilgrims have to pay extra for the trip.”

8.    In an affidavit, the Centre had told the court that it has decided to restrict Haj pilgrimage at government subsidy to Muslims only as a “once in a lifetime” affair as against the existing policy of “once in five years”. It had said the new guidelines have been framed to ensure that priority is given to those applicants who have never performed Haj.

9.    The government, however, had refrained from disclosing the amount of subsidy being incurred by it for 2012, saying, “The exact figure in respect of the travel subsidy to the pilgrims going through Haj Committee of India for 2012 will be known after the Hajis completed their Haj journey and return to India.”

10.    India has a quota of 1.70 lakh pilgrims every year. Of these, about 1.25 lakh are selected through Haj committees.  Rest of the pilgrims go through private operators. The government subsidy is approximately Rs. 40,000  for each pilgrim selected by the Haj Committees. (with PTI inputs).

“Politicising” Haj by permitting official delegations to accompany the pilgrims, for which the government offers huge subsidy, “is a bad religious practice.” – SC.

Phase out Haj subsidy in ten years: SC to govt.

HT input: The Supreme Court today struck down the government’s policy of giving subsidies to Haj pilgrims and directed that it should be progressively “eliminated” within a period of 10 years.

“We hold that this policy is best done away with,” a bench of justices Altamas Kabir and Ranjana Prakash Desai held.

The bench also directed the government to reduce to two the number of its representatives in the Prime Minister’s goodwill delegation.

It said it will look into the functioning of Haj Committee of India and it process for selecting people for Haj pilgrimage.

The apex court was hearing an appeal filed by the Centre challenging a Bombay high court judgement which had directed the ministry of external affairs to allow certain private operators to handle 800 of the 11,000 pilgrims earmarked under the VIP quota subsidised by the government.

The bench while hearing the plea of the Centre had expanded the purview of the plea and decided to look into the legality of the government’s policy on granting subsidies to Haj pilgrims.

During the hearing in the case, the Centre had defended the policy of giving subsidies to the Haj pilgrims and had said it had framed guidelines so that people get subsidies only once in their lifetime. Read details.


Courtesy: BBC | HT | NDTV | ANI | AFP | The Telegraph- Kolkata.

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Calcutta High Court refuses to stay honorarium to Imams from public exchequers. Bengal getting infuriated.

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Calcutta HC refuses to pass stay order on honorarium to imams. Hindu mass, the Brahman Purohits (Hindu Clerics) and Other Religious leaders getting infuriated in Bengal due to Communal steps by Mamata Banerjee, CM, West Bengal.

Kolkata, May 4, 2012 (Hindu Existence News): The Calcutta High Court  refused to stay the payment of honorarium by the West Bengal government to Imams till the suit is pending in the court on Friday, while hearing a public interest litigation filed by (i) West Bengal BJP (Case No.WP 358 of 2012 -Original side), (ii) Acahrya Yogesh Shastri, Arya Samaj, Bengal (Case No. W.P. 9163 of 2012 – Appellate Side) & (iii) another party. The PIL challenges the honorarium on the ground of a Supreme Court directive which states that salary to an Imam can be paid only from the state Wakf board fund. “Although the court refused to stay the payment of honorarium, it asked the state government to give an affidavit to take the responsibility of recovering the amount so paid if the honorarium is held unconstitutional by the court,” Bharatiya Janata Party counsel Kaushik Chandra said.

Mr. Asish Sanyal, senior counsel for Arya Samaj petitioner vehemently opposed the communal approach of West Bengal Govt only to favour the Muslim Imams by giving the monthly honorarium by spending the Govt. exchequers collected from all mainly from Hindus.   He said that in name sake this Govt includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christians, Zoroastrian (Persi) in the cluster of West Bengal minority community, but the state only giving the monthly to Muslim Imams. He also narrated it ‘Vote for Cash’ policy by the West Bengal Ruling Party while it was highlighted in the Indian Parliament as ‘Cash for Vote’.

Renowned Hindu Rights Activist Brahamchari Upananda said to  Hindu Existence correspondent that this Govt. in West Bengal wants to bid a farewell to the democratic and secular system in the name of welfare of Muslim minorities. He is apparently found dissatisfied by not getting the stay on  Honorarium of Imams as the State is failure to provide basic amenities to the poorest of the poor, but spending huge amount of money for Muslim Vote Bank.

The division bench of Chief Justice J.N. Patel and justice Sambuddha Chakrabarty has also ordered the disbursing authority to inform the Imams that the honorarium will be paid subject to the decision of the court. “If the verdict goes against them, they shall be liable to refund the money paid to them,” added Chandra. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday announced her government’s plan to pay a monthly honorarium of Rs.2,500 to around 30,000 Imams in the state.

The Court directed the state to file the affidavit by 15th May; reply to that affidavit by the partitioner by 1st June and fixed the haring for the concerned all the cases against giving the honorarium of Imam on 8th June, 2012 accordingly.

WB Govt is now disbursing the Imam’s honorarium very hectically though the matter is subjudice.

Refusing to pass a stay order on the notification no 220/SMAME/L/12 dated 09.04.2012, 222/SMAME/L/12 dated 09.04.2012 and 232/SMAME/L/12 dated 11/04/2012 issued by the state government to pay honorarium to imams, the Calcutta High Court today said the amount to be paid to the imams, if at all, would be decided according to the final verdict of the writ petition.

The Division Bench wanted to know from the Advocate General, Sri Anindya Mitra, if any amount has been paid to the imams or not and how would the state government and the Wakf Board realize the money in case of an adverse verdict.

Mitra submitted that the money would be realised from the imams by the administrative procedure if the High Court turn downs the notification.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, the Division Bench directed the  governments to file an affidavit on the petitions within two weeks.

The writ petitions claimed that the notification was unconstitutionals and it should be cancelled by the High Court.

The counsels of the petitioner pointed out that the Wakf board has already paid honorarium to a few imams even when the case is pending in the High Court.

During the hearing it was revealed that the Wakf Board has already paid honorarium to 12 imams from its own fund and not from the budgetary allocation. Ashoke Banerjee, counsel of the Wakf Board, said the application of the imams were under process and the fund allocated by the state government in the budget has not been utilised for such purpose yet.

Hundreds of supporters of BJP and Arya Samaj were present in the 1st Court   to hear the arguments of the concerned parties before the division Bench of Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr J. N. Patel and Mr. Sambuddha Chakroborty (J), expecting a stay over the communal approach of the State Govt of West Bengal in giving more and more sops to Muslim community keeping the eyes on upcoming Panchayet Election in Bengal.

Related reading: 

Mamata’s each approach boosts Islamists, seals Hindu fate

Bengali Hindus remain disinclined to protest even…… Do Bengali Hindus deserve to live? read here…..

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Muezzins to get Rs 1000 a month


Calcutta. May 2, 2012: Mamata Banerjee today announced a monthly honorarium of Rs 1,000 for muezzins working in mosques across the state.

Announcing the decision after a cabinet meeting, the chief minister said she had received requests to help the muezzins, who give the call to prayers.

“They are very poor. We have decided to provide this assistance as it will help in their socio-economic development. This is aimed at community development. A number of community leaders had requested me to do something for the muezzins,” Mamata said. “The Muslim population in Bengal is around 30 per cent, the highest in India. They have to be given equal opportunities for their socio-economic development.”

Last month, Mamata had announced a similar scheme for imams. Each imam would get Rs 2,500 a month as honorarium through the Wakf board. She had also announced a housing scheme for the imams and formed a task force with clerics as members to consider her proposals for the welfare of the imams.

Mamata said the muezzins too would be given the honorarium through the Wakf board. “The government also utilises the services of the muezzins to raise awareness about schemes such as the pulse polio drive. So the government should also do something for them.”

The chief minister said Bengal was not the only state to have offered welfare schemes to clerics. “We have not done anything new. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu had also offered similar financial assistance.”

Earlier, the government had proposed giving three cottahs to each imam in rural Bengal to build a house with financial assistance from the government. Mamata had also offered scholarships and stipends for the children of imams. Government sources said these schemes could be extended to the muezzins, although no decision had been taken yet.

“If the Ramakrishna Mission or the Bharat Sevashram Sangha place any request before me, I will consider those as well. Our government is also working for the development of shrines in Tarakeswar, Tarapith and Nalhati,” she said.

The cabinet also cleared reservation for Muslims under the other backward classes category. The Mamata government has decided to add 33 Muslim sub-castes to the list of 65 so that they get the benefit of reservation in educational institutes and government jobs.

“The previous government had passed a bill in a hurry and it was not approved by the governor. Court cases were also filed. We have completed a survey. The new bill will be placed in the next session of the Assembly,” Mamata said.

More sops for minorities

2 May 2012

Muezzins to get honorarium 

statesman news service
KOLKATA, 2 MAY: With an eye on the panchayat elections, the Trinamul Congress-led government today once again sought to woo the minorities with the state Cabinet approving a decision to pay monthly honorarium to muezzins working in mosques, but not before the chief minister lost her temper when some of her colleagues tried to raise a point against the move.
The Cabinet also extended the existing 17 per cent reservation to more minority groups under Other Backward Classes (OBC) category. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, announcing this to mediapersons later, said her government would table the relevant Bill afresh since the earlier Left Front government failed to get it enacted before the elections.
The decision to give a monthly honorarium of Rs 1000 to muezzins ~ those who sound the call to prayer ~ came on the heels of Miss Banerjee’s decision to grant imams Rs 2500 every month, though today she was judicious enough to declare that the Wakf Board would be disbursing the amounts, although the state government would provide the funds.
There are around 30,000 muezzins working in mosques across the state and it would cost the state exchequer, roughly, at least Rs 3.6 crore annually.
The Cabinet meeting, which went on for over an hour, saw the the chief minister in a foul mood after senior minister Subrata Mukherjee pointed out that muttewalis may remove imams and muezzins at will, so the move may not benefit the latter.  READ DETAILS.

Imams and Maulanas @ Bengal Mujahideens invading Kolkata streets for more facilities, more power, more autonomy and Ideal Islamic State in West Bengal.

Courtesy: The Telegraph – Kolkata | The Statesman – Kolkata.
Graphics: Sunistha, HE. Video: Pulak, HE.

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Police and Islamist jointly tortured Hindus in Magrahat, West Bengal.

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“West Bengal : Hindu-Muslim clashes rock Mograhat”


Changed Reality rocks Magrahat Hindus to put into Jail.

“<Strong Hindu defense foils Islamists’ plan to persecute Hindus en masse 

Mograhat (West Bengal): As fresh reports are coming in, the fair in village: Kamarpukur, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South), has been rocked by a series of Hindu-Muslim clashes, starting from evening of November 29, 2012 thus far.

In accordance with sources, problem erupted when an Islamist wanted to give a fake Indian currency note to a Hindu shopkeeper; he refused to accept it leading to a scuffle between the two. The situation would have ended there if the Islamist returned with more of his fellows to teach the Hindu shopkeeper a lesson. The pack of Islamists torched the entire shop and whoever tried to oppose them was beaten outrageously.

Hindu shopkeeper cried for help desperately; Hindu youths in the vicinity, acquainted with such postures of Islamists day in and day out, built up a strong defence and in no time smashed a few shops of Islamists forming the said pack.

This incident sparked off another set of troubles. Hundreds of Islamists turned up in the venue soon started vicious attacks on Hindus soon. However, unlike other times, Hindus did not withdraw to their houses and were found to implement countermeasures as well. And rule of administration became the greatest casualty as a result.

A number of police contingents along with SDPO rushed to the spot (on the very night) to rein in the situation.

RAF has been deployed to maintain a vigil in the area and tension continues to grip the area.

More details are being awaited.

Source : Hindu Samhati>” as published in Hindu Janajagruti Site.

Reality differs from above as the Hindus in the areas lastly faced joint attack of RAF and Police with the help of Political goons obviously Muslims. Two Hindus injured ghastly. One Hindu boy separated/not traced yet.

Know the reality of Magrahat. 

Mograhat Update: Pro-Islamist standpoint of administration thwarts peace meeting in Mograhat.

Abhed Acharya from Magrahat [1st May, 2001]: I was then within 20 km from the place of occurrence at the sporadic time of clash started after 7 pm afresh on 29th of April (2012). Frequent phone calls were reaching to a number of a reliable person whom the sufferers believe as a protector in crisis. The man with a subtle skill and calmness was giving important instructions to his men in Magrahat and also reporting the matter to the Police and administration from another phone number. He also preparing arrangements with an advocate to move bail as RAF already arrested some Hindu men from the area of Kamarpukuria.

At the meeting point of three villages of Haludberia, Kamarpuria and Kadamanuraj there is a religious pond named Kaipukur Where an annual Hindu Mela (congregation) held every year on and from Akshay Trithiya in the name of Mata Manasa in front her Temple/Vedi.  The mela is gradually growing its shape with the participation of nearby villagers for the last three/four years. Muslim operators have been trying to take control over the Mela for last two years, but the local Hindu young generation kept the control in a manageable way.

This year some fake notes of Rs.100/- denominations were recovered in the Mela but the culprits were not detected. On 28th April a fake note of Rs 500/- was detected on spot when a Muslim boy tried to make payment to a Hindu shop keeper. A tiny scuffle turned a big discord all on a sudden when the manhandled Muslim boy attacked the Hindu village Kamarpukuria with a greater Muslim force came from Bankipur, Mamudpur and Magrahat Market area plan fully. Yes, Hindus resisted heroically with their limited strength, but they were victimized under heavy bomb charges from Muslims. Muslims attacked with sharp chopper and three Hindu boys injured seriously. As, no Hindu Organization in Bengal does not believe in armed resistance to an armed attack, the follower of all the Hindu organization usually fallen victim as their leaders tell them an impossible mass awakening and not to be in the fray of the ruling political force.

Getting stern resistance from the Hindus, the Muslim attackers took refuge of Political Strength of ruling Trinmool Congress (TMC) and immediately they put diary against Hindu villagers. Getting the diary from the Muslims and obviously under the pressure from the Muslim appeaser TMC, RAF entered the troubled area and tortured the Hindu villagers. In this dispersed moments the Hindus could not put any diary against Muslim attackers from outside. Within this span of time the news reached to a Hindu Organization only busy then to prepare a report to be posted in their internet site. Nobody from the organization gave any advice to make a general diary to the local police station or to admit the injured persons in the nearby Govt. Hospitals to be treated there to procure injury reports from the authority to produce it in Court cases etc.

I was hearing the appeal from local BJP leader named Ratan Sardar of Magrahat to make arrangements for bail for some Rabin, Ranjit and Prasenjit of Kamarpukur and Two others from Maititrhat and one from Atasura. So far 11(eleven) persons are arrested and put in judicial custody till 15.05.2012. Police is searching other 6 (six) accused upon false allegations.  On 15.05.2012 the case will be moved for bail. No Muslims are arrested yet, not a single Muslim was admitted so far in any Hospital or Nursing Home being injured in the clash save and except the boy injured on 28.04.2012 after caught with fake note.

It is noteworthy that some leaders of different Hindu Organizations are also giving advice not to go against TMC and one perpetrator Akhtar Gazi of the area is now acting as an agent of the Islamist to calm down the Hindu retaliation so that it may not turn virulent.

The most injured Hindu man Tapas Mondal was threatened by the Islamists perhaps escaped in a safer place and his father Manik Ch Mondal is still searching his son here and there.

I came to know that the Muslim population of Magrahat Block has been increased by 40% in just last twenty years. And the Hindus came down to 47% in 2001 from 87% in 1981. The situation of Hindus in Magrahat (West Bengal, India) is not better than any vicinity of Pakistan.

But, the most alarming thing to me from this current happening is that (i) The Hindu organizations in Bengal is less interested in field actions but prefer reactions in Internet. (ii) There is no co-ordination between various Hindu Organizations in Bengal. Everybody wants to be the Big Boss. (iii) The freaky Hindu leaders dream a change through an absurd Mass Awakening without any armed resistance to the well equipped Jihadists. (iv) Now the Hindu leaders in Bengal are will convinced by State BJP, not to oppose TMC, as there is a chance of alliance of NDA in 2014 General Election. So bear all the Muslim torture with tight lip. This idiotic calculation will turn the Bengal as a Total Muslim Change. These calculation helped TMC to sit on power and kick out Hindus now & (v) Unfortunately, Bengali Hindu leaders are envious each other shamelessly.

The tendencies to grab the Hindu Credits for own organization with doing nothing is another disease in Bengal in Hindu Organizational methodology.

God knows who will save Bengal?

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“RAM MANDIR ADALAT AUR AASTHA”. Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya : Judiciary and Faith.

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Jai Shri Ram. Unique Short History of Ram Janma Bhoomi Struggle.


राम मंदिर ~ अदालत और आस्था (हिंदी).

 Show it. Discuss. Dub it in your own languages.  Please spread it in lakhs.

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Oh Sachin! Uphold the Hindu-Marathi sentiment to build a strong sentiment of Indian-ness. Present Congress is anti Hindu and void from Traditional Nationalism too.

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महाराष्ट्र  दिनाच्या  हार्दिक  शुभेच्या!  जय  महाराष्ट्र! जय  मुंबई! जय भारत! ~हिंदू अस्तित्व |

Read: I won’t quit cricket for politics: Sachin Tendulkar

Thackeray slams Sachin’s Rajya Sabha nomination…

Dirty picture, cries Shiv Sena.

SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT | The Telegraph | Kolkata
Pic. Bal Thackeray and  Sachin Tendulkar.

Mumbai, April 29: The Congress move to have Sachin Tendulkar nominated to the Rajya Sabha is the “real dirty picture”, Shiv Sena patriarch Bal Thackeray said today.

“It is the Congress’s dirtiest play… the real dirty picture is this,” he told reporters after being given a lifetime achievement award by a Raipur-based magazine,Cartoon Watch.

Thackeray and his party have accused the Congress of trying to “appropriate” the cricket icon.

Today, asked how he would draw a cartoon of Sachin, Thackeray, who ran a cartoon magazine before founding the Shiv Sena, said that in some cases “a mere photograph is enough”. There is no need for a cartoon.

In the editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamna yesterday, Thackeray had said the Congress must have an ulterior motive in having Sachin nominated to the upper House.

The Sena chief said he was proud of Tendulkar. “I feel proud of Sachin. Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Hema Malini (too) went to the Rajya Sabha. But before going there, one should know whether he has a scope (to do anything) there,” he said.

Sammna Editorial about Sachin

The state Congress was quick to react. “If Thackeray says nominating Sachin to the Rajya Sabha is the ‘dirty picture’, then was nominating Dhoot a case of ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’?” state party spokesperson Sachin Sawant said.

Industrialist Rajkumar Dhoot of the Videocon group, a Rajya Sabha nominee, is said to have the Sena’s support.

Not all seem to agree with Thackeray, though.

Singer Lata Mangeshkar said she was happy with Sachin’s nomination and that the cricketer would make a good parliamentarian provided he got the time to attend the House.

“I am very happy…. He truly deserves this but I don’t know how he will split his time between cricket and Parliament,” Lata said.

“Sachin is a busy person. There is a lot of international cricket happening. It will be a tough task for him to attend Parliament sessions regularly. I don’t know how he is going to do it.”

Lata herself was nominated for the Rajya Sabha in 1999 but could not attend sessions regularly, which had attracted some criticism then.

“I could not attend sessions regularly during my tenure as I had recordings every day. It was very difficult for me. I did not say a single word during my tenure in the Rajya Sabha and experienced criticism as well. My overall experience was okay, though,” she said.

“Sachin is a very sincere, wise and good human being. He will say whatever he wants to. I am sure he will make a name in Parliament the way he has done in cricket,” Lata said.

Courtesy : Telegraph, Kolkata.

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Sachin snubs Mumbai Corporation: Sena members….IBN Live. 

Sachin in RS is Cong’s dirtiest play: Thackeray…. Hindustan Times.

Sachin’s nomination is Congress’ Dirty Picture: Bal Thackeray… Indian Express.

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