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Baba Ramdev is helping Muslims to send them in huge number in all State Assemblies and Indian Parliament. What a conspiracy?


A most dangerous move By Baba Ramdev towards Muslim appeasement.

Those who have not full faith in Indian Constitution, how they claim full rights and reservation from it?

 ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The whole media, a greater section of Arya Samaj, actually the whole Hindu Samaj in broader concept, Constitutional experts, true national politicians with some of intellect, everybody all on a sudden stuck with a severe blow from Baba Ramdev as he surprised concerned sections  by supporting Muslims for their claim of reservation under Art. 341 of Indian constitution. Knowing nothing about  the provisions, implication and jurisdiction of Art 341 and the conspiracy of Muslims demanding such a facility publicly and  behind the scene, Baba declared his support for Muslims in this matter as Baba has set his eyes only to grab Muslim supports to make his success in 2014 election ventures.

When all are desperately waiting and preparing for the 3rd June2012 to drive a massive movement to bring back the black money, Baba Ramdevji, really surprised all patriots yesterday (on12/05/2012, Saturday) by supporting and by declaring that he is going to fight for Muslim and Christian Dalit Reservation with the amendments in article 341 of Indian Constitution. Baba was addressing a conference at the venue of India Muslim Cultural Center, New Delhi, as convened by All India United Muslim Morcha. This Morcha has definite connection with Kerala Muslim League and United Muslim Democratic Front, two dangerous Muslim Political outfit to destroy Indian Secular and Democratic threads in majority main stream.

Stepping away from the RSS stand, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev supported Muslim leaders in their demand for reservation for both Muslim and Christian dalits and sought their active participation in his black money campaign. It is now heard that Baba Rambev will demand the rights of conversion by Christians and Muslims from Hindus soon under a pressure of Muslim-Christian lobby helping (eye-washing) Ramdev in his Anti Corruption movement.

“I did not know till recently that Article 341 does not cover Muslims and Christian Dalits. This is not fair. dalit is a dalit, whether s/he is a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim. So, all Dalits should get equal rights. We will have to struggle to achieve this. We will launch a struggle (for this). I extend my whole-hearted support,” he said.

Article 341 of Indian constitution of India is  a PART of XVI dealing with SPECIAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO CERTAIN CLASSES. It starts with Article 330 and ends with Article 342. Actually, Muslims are now trying to get inserted in the Scheduled Caste ( Art. 341) category and certainly they are not satisfied with their just Dalit status in Mandal Commission or  Ranganath Mishra Commission or in Sachar Committee Reports. As the provisions of Dalits or OBC (Other Backward Classes) give only the reservation in jobs and various scholarships and loans/grants etc. to them, it never be counted synonymous to the rights of the SC and ST communities in the Hindu fold who get the seat reservation in the State Assemblies and the Parliament by the virtue of PART  XVI of Indian Constitution. Now, this Muslim Morcha demands the Scheduled Caste Rights to grab the political power in every State Assembly and in the Indian Parliament with their reservation rights in Indian Polity through Art. 341 and they gradually will extend their demands upto Art.330. And Baba Ramedv preponderantly supported those who love Sharitat at the highest level than their life and treat Indian Constitution as a political tool to make ease to reach to the goal of Shariyat. It is must but should be clear for Revered Baba that the whole Hindu community may reject him for advocating much Muslim rights than the preaching of reasonable responsibilities of Muslim community  in obeying Indian Constitution whole heartedly. Baba Ramdev is advocating absurd rights  for those  Muslim propagators who believe in Shariyat and desire to capture Delhi again through  getting reservation facilities from the top of Indian Parliament (for ruling India again as Akbar, Sahajahan or Aurangjeeb) down to the Hindu families (for making Love Jihad and so on).  Those who have not full faith in Indian Constitution, how they claim full rights and reservation from it?

In Kerala, Andhra Pradesh  and some other states in India, the Muslim and Christian OBCs are getting more facilities than the Hindu OBCs. And Muslims and Christian OBCs are gradually encroaching the facilities from the share of Hindus.

Baba Rambev succumb unnecessary pressure from Muslim pressure groups and equating a ‘Dead hand of Islam’, ‘Brute Muhammad’ or a ‘Satanic Verses – Quran’ with real Dharma (Virtue)  and Darhshan (Philosophy) of Aryavarta-Bharat-Hindusthan. Does Baba Ramdev want to discard 14th chapter of Satyartha Prakash, where Swami Dyananda vehemently opposed the unreasonable, eccentric and unscientific Quran? Is Baba Ramdev is going to be another Swami Agnivesh?


A copy of Quran (with translation in Hindi) was offered to Baba Ramdev. To Muslims Quran is the final words for everything. Will BaBa be kicked off as Jogendra Nath Mondal, the lone Hindu Minister in Pakistan?   

Instead of plainly supporting or opposing Baba Ramdevji, we just wish to share some points. Decision is with you.

  1. “1. Majority Hindus has supported Baba Ramdevji, and his Bharat Swabhiman Trust from the core of heart, by money and by becoming volunteers. His main force is Hindu Clan. Why he is wooing Muslims like all pseudo secular political parties?
  2. 2. To gain the support from Muslims, or to feel and to prove himself as the greatest secular compromising the interest of country’s unity and integrity, Baba Ramdev is going to fight for Dalit Muslims and even Dalit Christians.  Baba Ramdevji is surprised to know that Article 341 doesn’t give reservation to Dalit Muslims and Christians. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji, doesn’t know about Minority commission?
  3. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji doesn’t know the root cause of partition of Hindusthan, the reservation policy on the basis of Religion?
  4. Muslims and Christians already have special status in this secular country for being ‘Minority’ despite increasing population, now how can they demand the invasion in Hindu Dalit Reservation? And more surprisingly how can anybody support and fight for such demand?
  5. What was and is the contribution of Muslims in the anti corruption movement by Baba Ramdevji as compared to Hindus?
  6. Why can’t Muslims contribute any movement just as an ‘Indian Citizen’?
  7. Is doing something for the country is a favor on our motherland that Muslims want to be paid just for ‘showing’ the support to any cause?
  8. And by this way are Muslims blackmailing now, just like they blackmailed Gandhiji and which resulted in the partition of the country with massacre of Hindus and rapes on Hindu women which is still continued in Pakistan?
  9. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji has thought him more important than the country, just because he has served the country by Patanjali Yogapeeth  being Yoga Guru/Legend by spreading the Pranayam and selling Ayurveda on which Hindus just not claimed any copy right?
  10. We won’t oppose if Baba Ramdevji would enter politics to fight with corruption or by any other desire, it is his choice after all, but here his behavior and people’s reaction on his statements yesterday in All India Muslim United Morcha he has used and played with the emotions of common people who had trust and faith on him, who were ready to die for him in the name of a Saffron Sanyasi’. Is Baba Ramdev getting worst in spirituality and best in adjustability?
  11. On which basis Baba Ramdevji has compared Puran, Vedas and Quran? Is it according the teachings of Arya Samaj and Swami Dayananda Saraswati? How does he compare a butcher like man with Lord Krishna and Lord Ram? Very shameful.
  12. Last question is very important for us and all the patriot Hindus,

“Will we ever get a spiritual leader who will fight for the justice of Hindus, for the Hindutva, just like Swami Vidyaranya became the kingmaker of Vijayanagar Empire during the worst Islamists’ Invasions and remained as the mentor of the empire for the three generations?

Will we ever get a Spiritual leader like Samarth Ramdas Swami who made a king like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

Will it not be a dawn again when the Sikh Khalsha will reign Bharat further under Gairik Dwajh (Saffron Flag)” ???

Courtesy: hindutvamevavijayate | twocirclenet.

11 comments on “Baba Ramdev is helping Muslims to send them in huge number in all State Assemblies and Indian Parliament. What a conspiracy?

  1. Thakur Budh Pal Singh Chandel
    May 15, 2012



  2. cnm
    May 16, 2012

    Baba Ramdev is playing with fire. It seems he has no knowledge of history or he has not learnt anything from history.Everybody knows what disaster befell Hindus when Gandhi despite warning from patriots and krantikaris like Veer Savarkar went on with his fetish of Hindu- Muslim unity. Ramdev should read the Koran and the Hadis from their origianl sources along with the bloodsoaked history of Islam to understand that Islam is no Dharma but a predatory Ideology. And given a chance which (Ramdev is certainly trying to give) the goons of Islam will leave no room to destroy Hinduism.


    • Soumitra
      May 17, 2012

      Dear Cnm, you have described the situation so lucidly. Hope educated yet ignorant Hindus learn a bit from the history of Islamic invasion in our country.


  3. Raj
    May 16, 2012

    Just when a “Hindu” leader gains some significance thanks to untiring efforts of Hindu supporters, he suddenly grows the wings of pseudo secularism and makes random drastic overtures to muslims at the cost of dealing a body blow to Hindu cause and interests a.k.a L.k.advani, Ramdev to name a few.
    In the long run they end up damaging the original cause as well as their own credibility.
    Will we ever get a leader who puts the interests of 100 crore Hindus above his own narrow personal ambitions, someone whose heart burns for revitalisation of this ancient way of life?
    “Baba” Ramdev with one statement you have lost millions of supporters who selflessly fought for you, who adored you and who so blindly put their faith in you.


  4. Dr. Babu Suseelan
    May 18, 2012

    A most dangerous move By Baba Ramdev towards Muslim appeasement.

    – Dr. Babu Suseelan.

    What made our spiritual leader Swami Ram Dev to change his mind? The impact of spiritual leaders, intellectuals, religious leaders, parents, teachers, and the media pundits is a major factor how opinion is shaped, re shaped, attitudes, and decision making are formed. Since Hindus were betrayed by our leaders before, we are really apprehensive and concerned abut Swami Ram Dave’s sudden attitude change for promoting Jihadis.

    Is he subjected to intense political pressure from Jihadis or facing life threat from them? Repeat advertisement, life threats, mind manipulation, media game plan, repeat or clever political pressure, continuous media manipulation and mind control, deceptive and cunning psychological warfare can alter our mindset, or change our mental attitude. Is swami Ram Dev, all of a sudden facing any mind misdirection or threats for his his life from Jihadis? We are puzzled as to what make Swami Ram Dev to join with our deadly enemies. Is it stockholm syndrome? Peace loving, gullible Hindus were cheated before and are still facing countless so called spiritual leaders taking them for a ride. We have recently heard from a self styled Sat Guru in Houston, Texas that Hindus should not believe in Bhagavat Gita or sri Krishna’s messages. Why important Hindu spiritual leaders ignoring reality? Ignoring truth and endorsing Jihadis? Why all of a sudden Swami Ram Dev endorsing Islamic reservation? Now he speaks out forcefully in support of Islamic terrorists. Is it our existential problem? why there is no serious Hindu response?

    Hindus have been subjected to insult, slavery, mind manipulation and betrayal before. We need to do something focused and effective. Hindus who supported Swami Ram Dev are disappointed. We must disapprove such turns looking for approval from our deadly enemies, Jihadis. Swami Ram Dev’s journey is spiritual. Did he find something spiritual, something amusing in Islam, something more appealing in the desert originated closed and brutal Islamic dogma? By supporting reservation for murderous Muslims, is swami Ram dev is trying to open a fresh debate with indoctrinated and stubborn Jihadis? Or is he taking us for a ride?

    Since Hindus are open minded, tolerant and spiritual we ere betrayed by our political, social and spiritual leaders before. Is he going to alter or reviise, or reform Islam and their cohorts? He may be attempting to change the attitude of few strong willed Hindus and their assumptions, attitudes and approached on how to deal with Islam and Islamic terrorists. Swami Ram Dev and his cohorts will miserably fail in their futile attempt to change the course of action of Islamists, the culture vultures. Swami Ram Dev will miserably fail in changing the poison from the snake or the stinging from the Jihadi scorpion.


    • Dilip Mehta
      May 18, 2012


      I have been telling all Hindus I know not to depend on our Gurus, Babas and Swamis. These so called spritual leaders never uttered a word for protection of our Dharma and our value system. Corruption and crimniality in politics etc. are surface problems. Once we get good government those problems will be solved. But idiological problems are deeply rooted creating so many conflits and divisions. All Indian Muslims and Christians are converted from Hindus. Now they are trying to finish Hinduism and its traditions. But our ignorant Gurus and babas don’t have logical capacity to undrstand what ideological divisions are. Gandhi gave up his life for Muslim cause. What happened? Do our babas have common sense to understand history? It is time for them to grow.

      Dilip Mehta.


    • AyodhyaPrasad Tripathi
      May 20, 2012

      Respected Dr Susheelan Ji,
      Yogguru has no choice. We are victim of the Indian Constitution. Sonia has got killed/concealed the Guru of Yogguru Swamy Shanker Dev. Since then Yogguru is dancing on her tune.

      Azaan, broadcasted from mosques, is insult to our Ishwar and Vedic Sanaatan Dharm. We seek support of non-Muslims to abolish Azaan. While no enquiry commission was setup for demolishing our 108 temples in Kashmir alone, Sonia is in panic for blast in 4 mosques alone. We are fighting to salvage Vedic culture. We want to stop loot of your houses, rape of your women before your own eyes and your genocide. (Bible, Isaiah 13:16). Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. They had been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources. These cultures are fabricated to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won’t survive. Since 300 B.C. we are the first to fight against real enemies. Our 12 officers in jails for opposing these criminal regimens.
      We seek your support to protect you and your descendants! If ready contact us on +91 9868324025


  5. Bramh D Mishra
    May 18, 2012

    Trying to understand the reasons will not reassure Hindus. Its much too late for that. Sanatna Dharma is all about fearlessness in support of truth, reason, reasonableness and justice. Swami Ramdev has demonstrated utter failure by his sudden change of mind. He could have resorted to other methods instead of a complete turnaround showing cowardice for a Hindu leader. He had time on his side and slowly the overwhelming majority of Hindus all over the nation were showing signs of support for a dharmic agenda. Ramdev set himself a time frame and apparently he was guided by that alone. June 3, 2012 is only just a few short weeks away.

    Its much too obvious now that his agenda has been weak all along, no better than what he had for June 3, 2011.

    Mohandas Gandhi did exactly the same when faced with a challenge. Every Hindu leader since MK have all demonstrated failure to neglect dharma
    The last leaders with any substance were clearly Sardarji and Netaji.

    If Ramdev has guts he should explain himself and correct his moves ASAP. People will admire that more than cowardice

    Bramh D Mishra.


  6. abhay
    June 4, 2012

    just by doing hindu hindu one can win or have power in this hardly hindu have any self-respect for themselfes or for the country,but if you praise muslim then tons of support and vote will come for you..and congress rueling in india from decades..because of this simple muslim vote-bank policy..Hindus people are Mentally WEAK.


  7. Kapil Kumar
    December 11, 2012

    For the last 2 years, as a member of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, I have never seen even single muslim in our meetings to discuss on nationalist issues. Infact, I have found Hindu Sadhus and Karsevaks to help Swami Ramdev and his followers to strengthen their campaign against corruption.
    Recently post release of Bal Krishna on bond, suddenly Swami Ramdev became muslim lover. He is repeating mistake of Gandhi who forced Hindus to keep muslims after division of India.
    We all must remember that during freedom struggle pre-1947, 99% Hindus laid down their lives to attain freedom. Not even single muslim died for the country but post freedom these jihadis asked for their own country for islam. These islamic people are never trusted by any non-muslim across the world. Why Swami Ramdev is supporting them.
    THIS IS THE REASON I LEFT Bharat Swabhiman Trust LAST MONTH. I am very dejected and feel sorry that we dont have any party or flag bearer to unite and create real nation for Hindus.

    Jai Bharat
    Vande Mataram
    “Rashtra Prem Ucchtam Prem”

    Kapil Kumar


  8. Dr Gour Mohanty
    August 5, 2017



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