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Calcutta High Court refuses to stay honorarium to Imams from public exchequers. Bengal getting infuriated.

Calcutta HC refuses to pass stay order on honorarium to imams. Hindu mass, the Brahman Purohits (Hindu Clerics) and Other Religious leaders getting infuriated in Bengal due to Communal steps by Mamata Banerjee, CM, West Bengal.

Kolkata, May 4, 2012 (Hindu Existence News): The Calcutta High Court  refused to stay the payment of honorarium by the West Bengal government to Imams till the suit is pending in the court on Friday, while hearing a public interest litigation filed by (i) West Bengal BJP (Case No.WP 358 of 2012 -Original side), (ii) Acahrya Yogesh Shastri, Arya Samaj, Bengal (Case No. W.P. 9163 of 2012 – Appellate Side) & (iii) another party. The PIL challenges the honorarium on the ground of a Supreme Court directive which states that salary to an Imam can be paid only from the state Wakf board fund. “Although the court refused to stay the payment of honorarium, it asked the state government to give an affidavit to take the responsibility of recovering the amount so paid if the honorarium is held unconstitutional by the court,” Bharatiya Janata Party counsel Kaushik Chandra said.

Mr. Asish Sanyal, senior counsel for Arya Samaj petitioner vehemently opposed the communal approach of West Bengal Govt only to favour the Muslim Imams by giving the monthly honorarium by spending the Govt. exchequers collected from all mainly from Hindus.   He said that in name sake this Govt includes Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christians, Zoroastrian (Persi) in the cluster of West Bengal minority community, but the state only giving the monthly to Muslim Imams. He also narrated it ‘Vote for Cash’ policy by the West Bengal Ruling Party while it was highlighted in the Indian Parliament as ‘Cash for Vote’.

Renowned Hindu Rights Activist Brahamchari Upananda said to  Hindu Existence correspondent that this Govt. in West Bengal wants to bid a farewell to the democratic and secular system in the name of welfare of Muslim minorities. He is apparently found dissatisfied by not getting the stay on  Honorarium of Imams as the State is failure to provide basic amenities to the poorest of the poor, but spending huge amount of money for Muslim Vote Bank.

The division bench of Chief Justice J.N. Patel and justice Sambuddha Chakrabarty has also ordered the disbursing authority to inform the Imams that the honorarium will be paid subject to the decision of the court. “If the verdict goes against them, they shall be liable to refund the money paid to them,” added Chandra. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday announced her government’s plan to pay a monthly honorarium of Rs.2,500 to around 30,000 Imams in the state.

The Court directed the state to file the affidavit by 15th May; reply to that affidavit by the partitioner by 1st June and fixed the haring for the concerned all the cases against giving the honorarium of Imam on 8th June, 2012 accordingly.

WB Govt is now disbursing the Imam’s honorarium very hectically though the matter is subjudice.

Refusing to pass a stay order on the notification no 220/SMAME/L/12 dated 09.04.2012, 222/SMAME/L/12 dated 09.04.2012 and 232/SMAME/L/12 dated 11/04/2012 issued by the state government to pay honorarium to imams, the Calcutta High Court today said the amount to be paid to the imams, if at all, would be decided according to the final verdict of the writ petition.

The Division Bench wanted to know from the Advocate General, Sri Anindya Mitra, if any amount has been paid to the imams or not and how would the state government and the Wakf Board realize the money in case of an adverse verdict.

Mitra submitted that the money would be realised from the imams by the administrative procedure if the High Court turn downs the notification.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, the Division Bench directed the  governments to file an affidavit on the petitions within two weeks.

The writ petitions claimed that the notification was unconstitutionals and it should be cancelled by the High Court.

The counsels of the petitioner pointed out that the Wakf board has already paid honorarium to a few imams even when the case is pending in the High Court.

During the hearing it was revealed that the Wakf Board has already paid honorarium to 12 imams from its own fund and not from the budgetary allocation. Ashoke Banerjee, counsel of the Wakf Board, said the application of the imams were under process and the fund allocated by the state government in the budget has not been utilised for such purpose yet.

Hundreds of supporters of BJP and Arya Samaj were present in the 1st Court   to hear the arguments of the concerned parties before the division Bench of Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr J. N. Patel and Mr. Sambuddha Chakroborty (J), expecting a stay over the communal approach of the State Govt of West Bengal in giving more and more sops to Muslim community keeping the eyes on upcoming Panchayet Election in Bengal.

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5 comments on “Calcutta High Court refuses to stay honorarium to Imams from public exchequers. Bengal getting infuriated.

  1. Chanchal Majumdar
    May 6, 2012

    India was partitioned in 1947 without a need for it . The partition had for larger population viz. ‘hindus’ the present ‘INDIA’ which obviously should have been a ‘hindu land’ but by CROOKEDNESS of JLN it was made ‘secular’ We did not find much ‘secular’ practices!
    Hindus’ interests were always curbed by many ways –
    1) ‘hindu marriage act 1955’ was forcibly enacted
    2) ‘movements against cow slaughters’ were thoroughly dealt by govt to stop ‘hindus’ from movements
    3)’Ganga’ is being polluted and water being diverted for stray uses though its sacred river for hindus
    …… ……
    There are plenty of instances of hindu oppression by congressi govt.
    And now!
    WB CM is behaving in a non secular manner ! IS THAT JUSTICE FOR HINDUS?


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  3. Sanjid prohit
    May 7, 2012

    *Leading salaughter houses r run by Jains and Hindus.
    *Ganga is polluted from our own religious practices can’t blame anyone.


    • Chanchal Majumdar
      May 9, 2012

      I will clarify more for your convenience!
      1.A ‘hindu’ by name or his/her parents were ‘hindu’ DOES NOT GIVE HIM/HER the sanction of being ‘hindu’
      Ex: Indira Nehru was hindu till she married to Feroze Khan .Marrying Feroze she became muslim!
      M K Gandhi has no right to transfer ‘hindu’ label to Feroze to make Indira a ‘hindu again! ITS A BIG BLUFF ON THE NATION!
      There are umpteen examples !Cant elaborate !
      1a I talked about stopping the movement by ‘dharmagurus’ and you
      are talking about ‘slaughter house’
      There are greedy ‘hindus’ too who
      cant take into their own hands the
      power of creating nuisances as the major proportion of people await govt to take action!
      2 What does one understand by
      pollution? flowers/leafs after puja?
      or ‘sewerage ‘ from towns/cities along the route of ‘ganaga’?


  4. Ashwini
    July 19, 2012

    In the name of secularism,all traitor leaders,govts,institutions practice anti-hindu(indian) non-indian,arab-oriented,rome-oriented activities,traditions.hindus are qafirs for islamists&non-believers for christians.and qafirs have to pay zizya-tax to islamists,and if they start rule india ,all indians have to accept islam or be ready for slaying,loot,murder,jahnnum(fire) and all those punishments allowed by rulers.Paying immams/maulavis and implementing legal/illegal policies for islamists&christians are just like paying zizya,next step will be rule of “sharia”.We should be ready with our family to welcome islam and bear arabian ,bowl-cut,pierced cap(chhedahia topi).Jai ho islam ki!


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