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Hindu Missionary work at Khargapur under attack of Ministry of Railways, GOI. Railways ordered demolition of Hindu Hostel run by Bharat Sevashram Sangha. Swami at hunger-sit-on.

Christian lobby and Muslim pressure group to stop Hindu Missionary work at Khargapur, West Bengal. Railways Department only to demolish Hindu structures.

Subarno Pandey for Hindu Existence | KGP | 6th May, 2012 :: Indian Railways has issued order to demolish Hindu Students’ Hostel run by Bharat Sevashram Sangha in Inda area of Kharagpur where an extension unit of Tribal hostel is under construction. As the Railway authority showed its pro-activism in destroying a part of the said hostel, a public sentiment has aroused in the area as the Railway authority did nothing to the Muslim and Christian occupation in the same railways lands. As a protest the Monk-in-Charge Swami Rwitanandaji of Kharagpur Unit of Bharat Sevashram Sangha started a sit on hunger from 27th April onwards as a protest and vowed to go on hunger unto death if the demolition order is not lifted completely.

BSS Hindu Tribal hostel under construction has partly been destructed by DRM Kharagpur.

As a matter of fact, the welfare activities and the Hindu missionary work by the local unit of world renowned Service Organization BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA (BSS) at kharagpur have been creating a strength of social integration and Hindu awareness which has put the anti Hindu force to go on back foot, especially in the field of ‘Conversion of Tribal Hindus into Christianity’ by local Baptist Churches and its allies.

The BSS has promoted Hindu Cultural and Welfare activities by setting up a dispensary, library and book stall, tribal students’ shelter, guest house, Guru Mandir (Temple) and Hindu family counseling center just after its establishment in 1986, when the BSS authority had prayed to railway authority for giving lease formally when Mr. A B A Gani Khan Chowdhuri was in the concerned Ministry.  But, the Rly authority then gave only the verbal permission.

It may be noted that Kharagpur is world famous town for having the longest Railway Station in the world and the most of land of this town is possessed by the railways authority. The Railways authority has given huge lands for three churches are named as Ward Memorial Church, All Saints Church and Baptist Church without any problem. One Mosque named as KGP Rly Masjid is also situated in the very property of Railway authority, but only problem as sand in the eyes of authority is nothing but existence of Bharat Sevashram obviously in the Railway land. If other religious structures are so existed in the Railway lands what is the problem with BSS so far?

Monk in charge Swami Rwitanandaji hinted our correspondent about the railway conspiracy to a Hindu Organization from Railway land as they are unable to fulfill the procurement of bribe from them. There are several business occupation in the railway lands but the authority is very much interested to demolish a real social welfare organization. In the walled campus of BSS the railway displayed notice of demolition of the hostel building and broke a portion of it. The BSS authority has planned to establish a Polyclinic with the proposed hostel in that building now under the hammer of Indian Railway.

Revered Swamiji said that he has suspended the anashan (hunger-sit-on) on request, but he may continue it for a indefinite period if the authorities of Railway do not justice with the almost a century old (est. 1919) international Hindu organization with manifold social-cultural-educational-spiritual-&-huge welfare activities.

Swami Rwitanandaji Maharaj sat on Anshan (sit on hunger strike) for 2 days and withdrew after intense pressure from devotees and common Hindus who had many anxieties over Swami’s health. The members of Bharat Sevashram Sangha and VHP forced Railway administration and SDO to offer oral forgiveness to stop the order of Ashram destruction but the photos here along with conversion video of same day by Christian in Railway ground show how anti-Hindu Railway & Local Administration have become under TMC rule.

On one hand Mamata gives sop to Muslims on the other hand she assures that she is ready to give some money for Bharat Sevashram Sangha or Ram Krishna Mission but in reality her Railway & State Administration in Kharagpur tried to destruct a beautiful BSS Mandir & Ashram with the connivance of  Christian and Muslim conspirators. The temple is functional from 1986 & ironically was permitted verbally on Railway land by then Railways Minister Abu Barkat A Gani Khan Chowdhury, a Muslim but it seems our new CM is much more Islamist! In this development public would like to know from Mamata, whether  she is really willing to pay all the Monks & Pujaris of all BSS & RKM Temples & Ashrams in West Bengal like Imams & Muazzins?

Local supporters of Hindu Aswttiva (Hindu Existence Team), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hanuman Akhara Parishad etc. are planning a convention against the vindictive demolition  of Hindu structures by Railway authority, DRM and the officers behind it.

There are over 50 big possessions of non Hindu structures in Railway land in West Bengal. Then what is the problem with Bharat Sevashram Sangha at Kharagpur railways land?

3 comments on “Hindu Missionary work at Khargapur under attack of Ministry of Railways, GOI. Railways ordered demolition of Hindu Hostel run by Bharat Sevashram Sangha. Swami at hunger-sit-on.

  1. Thakur Budh Pal Singh Chandel
    May 9, 2012

    All this happening due to influence of the Great leader of congress party ,as done in MAHARASHTRA STATE under commond of some ANDHRA domicile so called Mr.Dhabolker ,and law in this regard has already bn enforced in the state ,and if congress govt, continues they spread this epidemic in all over bharat,and be hazardous for hindustan &hunduism.BE stopped with out any further harm for NATION.


  2. prakash
    May 9, 2012

    हिन्दू इसी लायक हैं. शुतुरमुर्ग की तरह कुछ नहीं देखते. उनका तो भाग्य पहले ही लिखा जा चुका है.


  3. dattadrisangem
    May 10, 2012

    think how hindus are treated in bangla&pak…. they are very afraid about muslims but in india muslims&chistains population is increasing some states day by day…. as a result those states are changed as hindu minority states like that of goa, kerala, nagaland, assam etc…

    seculraisam means destroying hindus&temples…. it is very shame to our indian government as they are incapable to protect majority people…. please save hindus in bangladesh and pakistan… they were turned as refugees in india time and again….so how to treat bangla&pak hindus if they want to stay in india… please give that permission to stay here by our india government.


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