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The Prime Hindu Tirtha (Pilgrimage Place) HARIDWAR under Islamic Conspiracy

Holy Snan ( Holy Dip) at Kumbha Mela 2010





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Hindu Tirtha Haridwar under Islamic Conspiracy

2Haridwar in the Northern State Uttarakhanda in India is regarded as a Prime Pilgrimage Place since Time immemorial for the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and all Indian Religious roots. It is worshipped as a holiest place at the confluence of River Ganges as anyone takes a dip into Mother Ganga, reaches emancipation in this life without any hesitation. It is considered as the gate way of  Baikuntha, the abode of Lord Hari in the Heaven. The spectacular evening rituals of offerings lights to Mother Ganga in every evening with chanting of Mantras and specific Aratis are world famous and viewed by more than 10000 devotees and visitors around the world every day.  

Haridwar Thirtha City has countless Hindu Akharas, Maths, Ancient Temples, Hindu Scripture Research Institutions, Sanskrit Colleges and Deemed Universities, Yog  & Vedanta Foundations, Yog  &  Ayurveda Centers, Pilgrimage Rest Houses, Several Ghats ( Public bathing stairs attached the flow of Ganges) and other Hindu places of religious and historical interests. In terms of every six or twelve years this city holds the Adhara (half) and Purna (full) Kumbha Mela (Holy Nectar Pitcher Festival). The next Purna Kumbha Mela falls on January, 2010.

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For Kumbha Holy Dip Timings and more details see:   and

But the Ruling Party in the Central Government, Indian National Congress (INC) is now trying hard to malign the State Ruling Party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttarakhanda many ways by pampering the minority Muslims against the Hindus and BJP in Uttarkhanda. The Haridwar City has a clear majority of Hindus by 90% of total population. The Lashker Road areas and the outskirts of the city have some Muslim population who want to a good relation with the Hindus. But the Central Minister of  Labour & Employment, Sri Harish Rawat of  INC demanded a Permanent and Big Namaz (Prayer) place in for a little number Muslims who have no problem at all in this regard even in Ramadan month. Obviously, the problem creator Central Minister H. Rawat now wants to be a good friend of Muslims, keeping his eye to the Muslim Vote Bank. This type of appeasement and odd demand of a new Namaz Place in a Hindu Religious Place, has been condemned in every quarter of Sadhu Samaj (Saint and Hindu Holy Men) in Haridwar and other places in Uttarakhanda. An annoyed Respected Santa said that it is a childish and bad demand as a demand of Hindu Worship Place in Ajmer Sharif or Mecca or Medina. The Muslims never allowed a prayer site within their jurisdiction but they want Namaz site everywhere in the world. This is not just and proper.ddn18loc-10-c-3-1_1253337169_m

An agitated Swami Hari  Giri Maharaj of Haridwar Akhara Parisad told this reporter that the Central Minister of Congress wants a communal tension before the Purna Kumbha so that the Hindu pilgrims fear to come to this auspicious event. Brahmaswarup Brahmachari of Jayram Ashram told that the ugly minded Central Minister should do his own job better and not to poke his nose to any religious event. All the Ashrams and Akharas have been united to crack this conspiracy of Islamization of Haridwar before the Purna Kumbha 2010. The Sadhu Samaj of Haridwar is united to protect GAU (Cow), GANGA (Ganges) and GAYATRI (Sanskrit Scriptures) in Haridwar for fortifying Indian Tradition and Culture. The Viswa Hindu Parishad has planned to launch a signature campaign against Harish Rawat.

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