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Hindus in Bangladesh worship Goddess Durga and celebrates Sharadoutsav through many hazards. Numbers of Durga Puja have been decreased remarkably.


This year the Bangladeshi Hindus completed their long preparation for observing their greatest Puja Festival according to their Bengali tradition in the autumn overcoming many impediments and obstacles put by the frenzy muslims and fundamentalist political parties.

Though the highest Offices of the President and tha Prime Minister of Bangladesh have conveyed their good wishes to all hindu minorities in Bangladesh in this occasion of Durga Puja and Sharadoutsav, many reports came in regarding stopping of  Durga Puja by Muslim Fundamentalists  and anti hindu power groups who want an ethnic cleansing of  Hindus absolutely from Bangladesh. Bangladesh had around 24% Hindu population at the time of independence of the country, which came down to mere 9% in recent days.

The Religious affairs Department of Bangladesh Source says that there has been an increase of  2000 Durga Pujas as this year holds 24000 pujas instead 22000 pujas held last year. In the capital city of Dacca the Hindus arranged 172 pujas in comparison to 163 held last year.[]. But in many places Hindus boycotted or suspended Durgapuja as a protest in the event of increasing atrocities upon Hindus, looting their properties, rapping hindu girls and women, encroachment upon  religious rights of Bangladeshi Hindus. In the last 15 days there were many clashes, rifts and disputes between Hindu and Muslims for which Hindus are in trouble to perform their religious rights. The Muslims and Anti Hindu Political Groups directly attacked Durga Puja Pandals in Mithapukur in Rangpur, Debuganj in Panchgarh, Satkhira Prachin, Mohammadpur in Magura and Strapur Shiva Temple in Dacca._1591794_durgaafp150

As per another report some puja committee in Dacca viz. Tanti Bazar, Lakhhi Bazar, Shankhari Bazar boycotted the Durga Puja   protest of unauthorised, illegal & forceful occupation of hindu houses, violation of modesty of hindu girls and forceful marriage of hindu girls by muslim goons. In the last three months 68 hindu families are uprooted from their hearth and houses in and around Dacca in the regime of so called Hindu friendly Awami League and Seikh Hassina Govt. In 30th March last Ten Hindu Families are driven out from R S Dass Road, Dacca in one night. In 25th August nine family members of Netai Das were abducted by one Land Maffia Alamgir from Rishikesh Dass Lane of Sutrapur. Alamgir fixed the ransom only by evacuating the land properties of  Netai Das immediately.

In Rangpur the  Muslim land mafias prepared fake deeds to  all land properties( including Durga Vita, i.e. permanent worship place of  Goddess Durga) communist leader Late Manikrishna Sen in order to drive out four hindu families residing there. Out of turmoil the Old Durga Puja of  Senbari Durga Vita is suspended this year.[]

A deadly clash between Hindu and Muslim tolled one Hindu life over the Durga puja issue in Madargaon Rasik Rai Jiu Mandir in Thakurgaon Sub District on 18th Sept 2009. In that Temple the present ISKCON authority arranged Durga Puja which was targeted by local muslim anti socials. The anti-hindu muslim goons brutally injured 10/12 Hindus of the Puja Committee and one Fulubabu Chandra Burman died in Rangpur Medical College & Hospital. Instead of punishing the muslim attackers upon Hindu Puja Committee, the local administration took control over the Hindu Temple and suspended the Durga Puja there in the name of keeping absolute peace of Hindu Cremation.[]

161539_1From a comprehensive report from a reliable source of Bangladesh it is estimated that 5000 Durga Pujas are suspended or stopped or destroyed in Bangladesh during last three years. And the claim of 24000 Durga Pujas this year is a false proposition of the Bangladesh Authority as per available Durga Puja records as below.

Chattagram 1520, Sylhet 523, Barishal 449, Khulna 722, Jessore 505, Natore 349, Narayanganj 159, Comilla 589, Noakhali 132, Banderban 219, Bhola 85, Lakshmipur 59, Satkhira 442, Naraile 454, Dacca 172, Tangaile 109, Thakurgaon 227 and Rajsahi 350… Total 4065 Durga Pujas are held in these 18 Zillas (Districts). And reports convey that there are 10939 Durga Pujas are held this year in the rest 46 districts in Bangladesh. As such maximum 15004 Durga Pujas are held in this year in Bangladesh against the acclaimed 24000, which is simply baseless. In every hour some Hindus are uprooted from Bangladesh. In each minute rights of a Hindu in Bangladesh is being seriously tarnished. []. The frightened Hindu Minorities in Bangladesh always face any dire consequences by the Muslim Terrorist groups. The Bangladesh Daily News Paper ‘Sambad’ reports on 24.09.09 that the  new alliance HUJI & JMB planned to target Durga Puja in different places in Bangladesh to demoralize the Hindu confidence. []

But all the Organisers and Participants of Durga Puja in Bangladesh are praiseworthy as they fight to restore and propagate their Hindu Struggle for Existence. They are the profound admirers of Hindu Tradition and Culture. Durga Mai Ki Jay. All Praise to Maha Shakti Durga Maa.

One comment on “Hindus in Bangladesh worship Goddess Durga and celebrates Sharadoutsav through many hazards. Numbers of Durga Puja have been decreased remarkably.

  1. Lambda Scorpio
    September 24, 2014

    Why is the CM of West Bengal remain silent this time??????? How long she will continue to appease the Muslims? More Bangladeshi Hindus should come to India and throw these Muslim sympathisers out.


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