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Bengal Temples are Violently Attacked by the Muslim Fascists. Temple & Hindu Properties grabbed by Bengal Talibans.

Some shocking news both from Bangladesh and West Bengal recognize the onslaught of Bengali Hindus there.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) Dhaka received an appeal from the Hindu victims/devotees requesting us to take initiative to protect their rights of religion and also for legal assistance in the court.

Peaceful Hindus last year on 23.11.2008 went to cremate Hindu dead bodies at their cremation ground situated at Mukunda Patty Baneswardee Area at Nagarkanda Upazila of Faridpur District. But they had been intercepted by some Muslim perpetrators. As a result Hindus lodged general diary entry number 875 dated 23.11.2008 at Nagarkanda police station apprehending danger in future.

But again on 26.01.2009 at about 9.30 a.m. the perpetrators namely:-

1)     Sheikh Serajul (60) son of late Sheikh Abdus Sattar, 2) Showkat Sheikh (40) , 3) Yead Ali Sheik (35) sons of both Sheikh Serajul, 4) Asad Sheikh (18) son of Showkat Sheikh, 5) Sahadat Sheikh (45), 6) Wadud Sheikh (40), 7) Sarwar Sheikh (35), all of late Sattar Sheikh  and  *8) Mintu Mollah (40) son of late Amjad Mollah and more 15 to 20 persons of the same locality armed  with country-made weapons attacked Hindu temple and their cremation ground.

The perpetrators also with intent to destroy the temple and cremation ground set fire on the Kali temple and destroyed the deity- Ma Kali. As a result of burning the deity Ma Kali burnt into ashes substantially. The cost of temple burnt with other belongings would be around Taka 50,000/-. When the fire broke spread out in the locality the Hindu communities came forward for protection of their temple and deities, but in the meantime their temple and deities burnt to ashes and the perpetrators escaped.

Devotees -Monoranjan Biswas, Sawpan Kumar Mondal, Nani Gopal Biswas, Jagadish Mondal instantly informed the matter to local Chairman Khaondakar Ohidul Bari Alam who visited the spot and he tried to console Hindus.

Monoranjan Biswas being complainant of the case lodged F.I.R. at Nagarkanda police station on 27.01.2009 against those perpetrators under section 295/297/436 of Bangladesh penal code which was registered as case No. 20 dated 27.1.09.

Perpetrators surrendered before the court of Sessions Judge, Faridpur and the court granted them ad interim bail on 10.08.2009.

It is also alleged that after getting bail from the court the perpetrators again intimidating the Hindus to withdraw the case.

The matter has been reported in different news papers of Bangladesh.

A copy of F.I.R., picture of the burnt deity Ma Kali and its temple are attached herewith.

Bangladesh Minority Watch contacted with the respective Deputy Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police today on this matter. They informed me that the case has been proved and police has already submitted charge sheet against the perpetators and the matter is pending in the court of Sessions Judge,Faridpur.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)  also decided to investigate the matter at the spot. Sri Rabindranath Ghosh, Senior Advocate of Bangladesh takes the task on behalf  of persecuted minority Hindus as repots came in. Reports of hindu persecution of Bangladesh mae be watched in the acclaimed site :

Another report of temple destruction and Hindu land grabbing in Bangladesh came through the above source :

Hindu protesters assembled in front of a Old Hindu Temple targeted by Bangla Talibans.

********Protest against demolition of structure and forceful occupation of Hindu Temple and its properties situated at Hatbaria of Jhenaidaha District of Bangladesh (The Daily Sangbad dated 24th November, 2009)********************

BDMW Correspondent from Jhenaidaha:

Structures of two hundred years old houses of worship for Hindu community situated at Hatbaria of Jhenaidaha district demolished by some powerful perpetrators. On last Sunday morning perpetrators partially demolished the religious places ( Kali Mandir ) and brought 8 to 10 trucks of dust and soil to occupy those lands.

Rishi Hindu community protested this desecration of their religious places at Hatbaria.

Yesterday from Monday last hundreds of Rishi community irrespective of men and women assembled in front of their religious place. In this connection agitation, procession in favour of their religious rights continued in the street in protest of forceful occupation of religious places and temple thereon. The agitated procession centred round at the Office of Deputy Commissioner, Jhenaidaha.

Later on a group of Rish Community leaded by Khagendra Nath Das, Bidyut Kumar Das, Dulal Das, Kalipada Das and others submitted a Memorandum to Sheikh Rafiqul Islam – Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jhenaidaha with an appeal for speedy remedy.

In the said Memorandum they alleged that since two hundred years Rishi Community had been worshiping in this “Ganga Tala Kali Mandir” situated at Hatbaria. But on last Sunday on 22.11.09 morning some powerful perpetrators under the leadership of Bakul Munshi the said temple was desecrated and demolished. Perpetrators also brought 8 to 10 trucks of sands for forceful occupation of this religious place.

The Rishi communities on each occasion celebrate daily Seva Puja such as Ganga Puja,, Chaitra Shankranti etc. on this religious place.

Mr.Matiar Rahman – Officer-in-Charge of Jhenaidaha police station informed that he heard this news and he will look into the matter and investigate incident.

Bangladesh Minority Watch communicated with Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, Jhenaidaha over telephone, they informed BDMW Dhaka that the incident took place is not an incident of religious persecution or an attempt to defame Goddess, it was an accident and it would be amicably settled very soon.

Ms.Roma Rani Roy – Deputy Commissioner of Jhenaidaha was contacted over her telephone cell no. +01715213041. Ms. Roma Rani Roy informed us that she got a Memorandum of appeal from Rishi Community and he would look into this appeal with sympathy.

I also communicated with the Superintendent of Police-Jhenaidaha asking him to take necessary steps for protection of religious rights of Rishi communities. He informed me that he would look into the matter.

I also talked with Mr.Matiar Rahman–Officer-in-Charge of Jhenaidaha police station and requested him to assisting me supplying the General diary entry made by police in connection with this unfortunate incident.  Mr. Matiar Rahman became very angry and threatened me disconnecting his telephone line with angry mood. (+01713374192 ). I also informed this misbehaviour shown by Matiar Rahman to Superintendent of Police today.

In West Bengal the situations of Hindus are worst in many areas than their counterparts in Bangladesh as such oppressesion and onslaughts upon Hindus are suppressed by the Secular Press and pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu Political Parties. Hindus are unheard an not even permitted in the Police Stations. Nobody knows this.

*************Some reflections of the same came to us from a southern districts of West Bengal.**************************


Land of 80 Years old Shiva Temple has been grabbed by fanatic Muslims and Temple de-sanctified by anti-Hindus, in Mograhat, West Bengal.

After losing its home and hearth in the recent polls, Communists in Bengal are trying hard to stalemate the Trinamool  Party’s strategey of Muslim appeasement. Both of them are playing with fires of Islamic fundamentalism.

As the Black Stone Shiva Symbols are desecrated and uprooted twice, the earthen symbols are worshiped now after the original shifted elsewhere. (Pic. Prokash Das.)

An.absolutely dilapidated temple, named Prachin Shiva Mandir, is situated in the village named Dihi Kalash of Mograhat – I Block in South Pargans has been desecrated at least thrice including uprooting and throwing the Shiva Linga (Black stone Shiva Symbol). The nearby Muslim residents have been occupied the Devottar Sampatti ( Land permanently given to the service of God) through the sidelines of some 23 Satak (Decimal) land of the temple of Shiva.

Though the land bearing JL No. 112, Khatian No. 965, Touji No. 155 is clearly recorded in the Government survey and demarcated as Temple Land, the majority Muslims forcefully grabbed the portion of the Hindu Land as a mark of Muslim Supremacy spearheading in rural Bengal now a days.
The scheduled caste Hindus in that village of Dihi Kalash a bare minority and get no help from any so called Big Hindu Organisations and even any support of caste Hindus of the adjacent areas. In Mograhat Block Hindus are minority (In 1981 Hindus in Mograhat were 87% and 2001 it came down to 45% under an unbelievable strategic operation) and they do not dare to protest even, as all political parties do not here the Hindus for such case of violation of religious rights.

The sevayet ( trustee or manager) of the Shiva Temple, Madhusudan Nasker told the Bengal Spotlight that the situation of Hindus concerning the protection of the Temple is unbearable and nobody gives us justice. There is a case for the illegal occupation of temple land by Abdul Gazi Gani being M/C No. 12/96 in Diamond Harbour Civil Court but the proceedings are being hampered for the non-appearance of the land grabbers. It is believed that one of the illegal occupier of the temple land, Md Hanna Gazi has such a rapport in the system that all the papers frequently disappear from the court itself.

Madhusudan Nasker is standing upon the temple ground unlawfully occupied and domestically used by the Muslim zealots. (Pic. Prokash Das)

Madhusudan Babu reported the matter everywhere in Police and Administration including Human Rights Commission, but it yields no result so far. With a very ardent zeal and devotion Mr Nasker and his wife are striving for restore the dignity of this 80 years old Shiva temple where their forefathers worshiped there earlier.

posted by Hinduexistence Kolkata Correspondent.

12 comments on “Bengal Temples are Violently Attacked by the Muslim Fascists. Temple & Hindu Properties grabbed by Bengal Talibans.

  1. Venkat Sekhar Subramaniam
    December 4, 2009


    Sitting at Mumbai the undersigned send strongest solidarity with you all and to the extent possible is ready to help if anything required…… As long as Brave heroes alike Madhusudan Nasker are alive, no miscreant can destroy our faith in Hinduism instead will affirm more faith——Om Namasivaya/Om Narayananaya/Jai Maa Kali.

    Venkat Sekhar Subramaniam


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  3. Arjun
    December 5, 2009

    Hindus must learn to FIGHT back and defend our temples. Do not let the fascist bully Islam trodden you! Do not attack first, as only barbarians without culture attack first BUT if attacked, DEFEND yourself by ALL means necessary! JAI KALI MAA, JAI BAJRANG BALI!


  4. rakhal saha
    December 7, 2009



  5. Hindu Vijoy
    December 7, 2009

    Hindu Existence is a potential site to watch.

    Please identify these Islamofascists attacking Hindu Temples, Hindu men & women in the name of Islam. We have to punish them severely.

    Besides Muslim word please also use terms such as




    violent allah and followers

    violent allah and his assistant paedophile moha-mad


    It is a linguistic fight as well and we should use terms that benefits use, just like they call us hindutva, khakhi chadi etc.

    regards viji


  6. Changarath Vikram
    January 3, 2010

    It is said that if you ignore history, history will repeat itself. Bengal and Bengalis went through hell during 1947. Yet the Hindu Bengali along with the rest of India did not do anything to contain the Muslims. So, history is repeating again.


  7. HariTejam
    February 7, 2011

    what a crap , i was reading this site which gives google add….

    Ads by Google
    How to Convert to Islam
    How to convert and become a Muslim with Live Help by chat

    whose the authority here ? can you look in this matter ?


    • Upananda Brahmachari
      February 8, 2011

      Dear Hari Tejam, is a blog-site registered under “wordpress” domain.

      This hinduexistence blog is not a compete website having its own separate domain under our sole control.

      As per the terms and condition of the WORDPRESS, they run free type advts. in the blogs without paying anything to the bloggers.

      I have several times written to WORDPRESS to allow us advts. under their condition, but they didn’t reply even.

      Really, we are also some Islamic Advts. in our blog-site, which are totally opposite to our thinking. But, we are simply unable to remove these advts. from our sites.

      This is embarrassing. Any suggestion from your end, Sir.


      Upananda brahmachari.

      Editor-in-Chief, HINDUEXISTENCE.


  8. shailesh alane
    February 23, 2011

    i have yashoreshwari mata photo
    so, pl. send mata yashoreshwari & temple photo
    and more information


    July 6, 2012

    can someone please provide pictures of kanshanarayan temple at rajshahi with some kind information?


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  11. saroj nayak
    November 19, 2013

    why world support lower activities of muslim without prevent terrorist.


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