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Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court, Islamic Love Racket in India for Conversion.

Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court…..

HC hints law to stop forced conversions into Islam

Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court

VR Jayaraj | Kochi
Wants law to stop forced conversions
The Kerala High Court on Wednesday stated that forced conversions, termed as Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad, and efforts for that were a reality in the State despite the arguments by the Kerala Director General of Police, and Union Home Department to the contrary.Stating that the State Government had the responsibility to check forced conversions, the court asked it to formulate legislation on the lines of the other States.

Rejecting a petition for anticipatory bail in a Love Jihad case filed by Shehenshah, a Muslim youth, who had allegedly forced a non-Muslim MBA girl student of a Pathanamthitta college in the name of love, the court said that campuses should not be turned into venues for forced conversions through false love affairs.

Justice KT Sankaran also rejected another petition seeking a ban on the use of the terms Love Jihad and Romeo Jihad.

Earlier, Kerala DGP Jacob Punnoose had submitted in the court that no evidence was available to prove the existence of an organised movement in the State, specialising in converting non-Muslim girls into Islam through treacherous love affairs. Subsequently, the Union Home Department told the court that it had no information of any movement anywhere in the country specialising in such conversion methods.

Justice Sankaran also pointed out that the reports submitted by top police officials in the State were of contradictory in nature. The DGP had told the court that there were no “actionable” evidences to suggest that such a conversion campaign was on in Kerala but indications of possibility of such a programme was there. The court also said that 14 out of the 18 reports from SPs on the matter, submitted by the DGP, were of no value or use.

However, police reports themselves had made it clear that forced conversions through love affairs as a movement had been going on in Kerala since 1996. The judge said that the police reports had indicated that about 4,000 conversions had taken place through love affairs in the past four years, and 2,800 girls of other religions had undergone conversion into Islam in this period.

He also said that 1,600 such conversions had taken place in four northern districts, including Malappuram, Kerala’s Muslim-majority district. It was evident from the report submitted by the DGP that outfits like Islamist Popular Front of India (earlier NDF) and its student wing, the Campus Front, were behind the organised campus-based conversion programme, said Justice Sankaran.

He added that the DGP’s report had also indicated that Muslim conversion centres had been functioning in Kozhikode district.

Though the Constitution guaranteed equal rights to all religions, the right for faith should not be used for forced conversions and conversions through treachery, the judge said. Mixed marriages could be promoted but such marriages should not be used as tools for forced or treacherous conversions, he pointed out.

He also said that several other States had formulated legislations for preventing forced conversions and the people and the Government of Kerala should consider formulation of such legislation in view of the particular context.

Courtesy : Daily Pioneer.

The statistics of the Jihadi conversions in Kerala since 2006

The statistics of the Jihadi conversions in Kerala since 2006 are shocking. The number of those converted in this way was 2876. Cases were registered in only 705 of such incidents. Kasargod tops the list of Jihadi conversions with a figure of 568. Only 123 incidents have been registered with the police.

The numbers from 2006 till 2009 of such Love Jihad conversions on a district basis in Kerala is staggering. Below is a table giving the data district wise in Kerala with total incidents, cases registered, and those brought back with the help of various institutions and friends. The statistics of Waynad district are not available.

Sr.No. Districts Incidents Cases Registered Rescued
1 Thiruvananthapuram 216 26 6
2 Kollam 98 34 7
3 Alappuzha 78 22 6
4 Pathanamthitta 87 36 11
5 Idukki 156 18 9
6 Kottayam 116 46 13
7 Ernakulam 228 52 26
8 Thrissur 102 41 19
9 Palakkad 111 19 9
10 Malappuram 412 88 31
11 Kozhikode 364 92 29
12 Kannur 312 106 27
13 Kasargode 586 123 68

Central investigation agencies have recieved information that 4000 such girls all over India who have been converted under Love Jihad are being trained for Jihadi activities by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations.

Recently, an incident that left Keralites in a shock was the suicide of three girl students in Ambalapuzha. The reason behind that is being cited as Love Jihad. The three girls, Anila, Veni, and Julie, committed suicide as they were being tortured by their classmates, Soufar and Shanavas. Soufar and Shanavas reportedly have links to NDF, a muslim extremist organization in Kerala.  Read details here…..

9 comments on “Love Jihad is real, says Kerala High Court, Islamic Love Racket in India for Conversion.

  1. Sundar Raj
    December 29, 2009

    Fine. Really the fake politicians wants power,sex and money , they depend vote banks and support the anti Indians.Now it is high time for correcting them at any way for the sake of our NATION


  2. RT
    January 6, 2010

    It is happening in Britain too: Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam


  3. C Pagedar
    January 16, 2010

    The observation Keral Court is eye opening to those who are appeasing Muslim in the name of
    minority. They are multiplying by forced conversions and multiple marriages with no ban on reproduction. They do not cooperate with the state and central governments for birth controls and by doing so all the planning on all fronts gets distorted. This is possible in India only. In all other countries in the west the muslims are subjected to observe the strict rules and regulations / civic etiquette and any offenders has to undergo severe punishment irrespective of post and position. In Indian Union the central and all state governments must enforce strict
    regulations on all such Jehads and forced conversion to any religion.


  4. prathap
    April 20, 2010

    Its our mistake. Hindus should not rely any Muslim for marriage. They have the plan to kill all Hindu Kaffir or to convert them into Islam. Love Jihad is a little part of a big PAN-ISLAMIC plan.

    Prathap Sreeram.
    Karnatak, India.


  5. Amit Ghodke
    April 24, 2010

    Save India. Kick Congress Out.We need guys like Modi. I dont care which party he is from. but he is the man


  6. Dr.Kailash
    May 26, 2010

    hinduon ko ab jag jana chahiye. [Hindus should wake up now]
    jab tak hindu apni shakti ka pradarshan nahi karenge tab tak islami gunde hum par aise hi havi rahenge. [Unless and until Hindus show their might and power, the Muslim Goondas will reign us]
    jahan par bhi hum is prakar ki harkate dekhate hai wahan par bina ladkiyonki maa baap ko puche in gunda tatwo ka nash kar dena chahiye. [Whenever we see such malicious work upon Hindu girls, we should finish such goondas without asking anything even the guardians of the involved girl]
    aur koi besaram hindutwa taggi ladkion doshi mili to unsavai ko jaldi sashti milna chahiye.
    [And if any Hind girl is found shameless, anti Hindu and guilty, she should be punished at once]


    Dr. Kailash


  7. J.Ramesh Kumar
    May 27, 2010

    It is really shameful that these things happen in India.Parents of girls have to be very careful and keep a close watch on their daughters.In case of any problems call the helpline.

    J>Ramesh Kumar


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