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Dalanghata Punar RathaYatra held successfully. United Hindu Force checked Bengal Jihadis.

Sri Sri Jagannatha Swami Deity of Dalanghata Ratha Yatra.

A large Hindu mass participated in the Ratha Yatra.

Pj. Madan Pravuji of Diamond Harbour Goudiya Math inaugurated the Yatra.

Hindu women largely participated in the Ratha Yatra.

Hindu Samhati Cadres guarded the whole Ratha Yatra.

Pj Manadan Pravu, Upananda Brahmachari & Tapan Biswas of Hindu Samhati led the procession.

Upananda Brahmachari, Vice-President, Hindu Samhati, Pj. Madan Pravu of Goudiya Math, Tapan Biswas, Advocate addressed the gathering.

Dalanghata Punar RathaYatra (Return Chariot Procession) held successfully. Hindus took the challenge to defeat the Bengal Jihadis.

On 21st July, there was Return Ratha Yatra Festival at Dalanghata in South 24 Parganas district. The situation was tensed as the place witnessed a major communal attack by the Muslim miscreants in the area on last 14th July in which 2 Hindu Temples were ransacked, Deities were broken, Police were attacked, Police vehicles were burnt and huge public property was damaged. It was apprehended that the turn out of the Hindu disciples in this Return Ratha Yatra will be less.

So, Hindu Samhati volunteers spread out over the villages around, organized village meetings, mobilized people and encouraged them to attend the Festival without fear. The message was conveyed that Hindu Samhati workers are determined to protect the Hindus in the Festival from any attack or humiliation from any quarter.

With the grace of Lord Jagannath, the Hindus of Dalanghata (under Kulpi Police station, South 24 Pgs, West Bengal, INDIA) and adjacent areas made the Dalanghata Punar RathaYatra 2010, held on 21th July, a grand success. Thousands of villagers, especially the Hindu women in a large number enthusiastically participated in this occasion. Pj. Madan Pravuji of Diamond Harbour Goudiya Math inaugurated the function  with large conch tunes and religious uttering. Brahamachari Upananda, Vice President of Hindu Samhati was graced the function with other dignitaries as Tapan Biswas and Ashoke Kumar Das, senior Advocates of Diamond Harbour Criminal Court.

With a large procession the Ratha reached its resting place at Dalanghata Bridge where another hundreds of devotees received the procession with full devotion and ecstasy. The Mela of Dalanghata was full of visitors excluding any Muslim miscreants. The volunteers of Dalanghat Rath Yatra Samannoy (Co-ordination) Committee maintained the peace and gave full security to the visitors of the Mela. A huge Police force was also deployed in the Mela area.

Police objected the lectures of Pj. Madan Pravu, Tapan Biswas and Upananda Brahamachari as they urged a Hindu Unity for  self protection of the Hindu Society. Upanand Brahmachari of Hindu Samhati demanded the repairing of the destroyed Hindu temples by the Administration as their callousness caused such loss of the  Hindu people. But the protesting audience denied any plea of the police to stop the lectures in public address system by the invited guests. The guests gave their message in full to the Hindu society to be united and chess the enemies of Hindu Society with full energy and dedication for save the Sanatana Dharma.

The role of Mr. Surya Shankar Mondal, Officer-in-Charge, Kulpi P.S. (+919051028283) was questionable as he tried to stop the speech of the Hindu Saints in a Hindu Function. Sri Tapan Biswas of Hindu Samhati Core Committee fused him with strong protest. One Sub Inspector ( Mr. A.K. Mondal) tried to shorten the Mela duration as he argued with the  Mela Committee in this matter under the instruction of the higher authority.

Confidence of the local Hindus restored finally. Though the fanatic Muslims will try to fracture the Hindu unity and confidence by their Jihadi means, that can only be sorted out by the strong Hindu organisation.   Jai Jagannath.

Input : Prodip Kanti Mondal.

4 comments on “Dalanghata Punar RathaYatra held successfully. United Hindu Force checked Bengal Jihadis.

  1. Premananda Debnath
    July 22, 2010

    It is very nice to see that at least Hindus of Dalanghata have shown their unity against the Islamic extremist, but this is not the end Hindus of WB, Hindus must be united apart from any segregation. It is hopeful that, under the local leadership of HINDU SAMHATI, Hindus have been able to unite themselves to fight against anti Hindu people in some areas of West Bengal.

    Jai Sri Ram, Jai Jaganatha !!


  2. Vinod
    July 23, 2010

    It is not that only Kshatriyas who should protect Dharma.
    It is the duty of every one to protect Dharma.
    Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha !


  3. Mukhtar Ali Naqvi
    August 15, 2010

    Muslims want to kill Hindus & all kaffirs without mercy as per doctrine of Quran. This is inhumane. Pakistan invaded India at Kashmir many times unsuccessfully. But India did not once. For the permanent peace, Pakistan and India should be one as Bharatvarsha – Hindusthan as before 1947, 14th August. Nowadays Pakistan is going under complete talibanization. NPak Administration of Pak has given golden opportunity to take over Pakistan by Talibanization. Indo-Pak joint solidarity is the only solution. This is the only way for a communal harmony. Hindus and Muslims should come close together.


    October 3, 2010

    The dimension and horizon created by our mentor guardian of all the three organs on account of its slave orientation to drag an individual to the point of abrogation and subjugation by confining his inner instincts and his existence is an iron cage, not having any ventilation and people are living in the state of suffocation, virtually on the verge of their death point. There is a complete apathy of the custodian of the power towards their welfare and in our country “We, the people ” who are regarded to be the sovereign of the nation are living a life full of abrogation and subjugation. I seldom consider that whether it is worthwhile to shout a voice and thereby invite some lighter sleeper to suffer the agony of the death and this purpose achieved through my writing may serve some purpose. Since the daylight shallow the darkness, Please Write articles to take the intellectual from apathetically approach towards rectification of prevailing maladies as to wake up
    Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court Allahabad (India) e mail Address or Phone:- 91/ 0532/637720/2436451, Mobile:- 9415284843


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