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Bengal Jihadis warming up for a Islamic West Bengal.

Destroyed Panchanan Temple at Golabari near Dalanghata Bhandaripara.

Ransacked Deity of Panchananda at Golabari. Jihadis followed Quranic doctrine.

Broken Deities in the destroyed Panchananda temple at Golabari Bhandaripara Panchanantala.

Broken Deity (Bigraha) of Lord Krishna thrown in pond in Bagaria by Islamists.

Ransacked Temple of Radhakrishna at Bagaria village.

The Islamists in Bengal want to continue Jihad with the help of both TMC and CPM.

General Diary made in Kulpi Police Station by Hindus.

Fakirpara mosque visited by D.M. Khalil Ahmed. No harm or damage to the mosque. But nobody in Police or Administration visited the ruined Temples. Form this Mosque the rumors started first.

50 Govt. and Private vehicles were rampantly damaged by the Jihadis.

Escaping Police and the Jihadi with bomb in hand. This policeman got seriously injured by this bomb.

Islamic Jihad in action in West Bengal, police van fleeing.

Heavy deployment of Police on 14th July at Hotuganj Crossing. But the Police was barred to check the Jihadis under political pressure.

A police jeep torched by the local Jihadis at Hotuganj.

Road blockade by Jihadis at Ragunathpur and an injured Police staff.


Ratha Yatra (The yearly Chariot Procession) of Lord Jagannath at Dalanghata under Kulpi Police Station in Diamond Harbour Sub-Division, South 24 Parganas in West Bengal (INDIA) is about 50 years old. The attraction of the Mela for the years delighted the Hindus as well as the Muslim participants as a reflection of festive harmony of Bengal.

But the havoc growth of Muslim population in South 24 Parganas District () have set a fashion of Muslims in the Hindu Festivals in the manner of molestation of Hindu Girls, rowdy behavior of Muslim guys, looting Hindu shops, provocation by defaming Hindu rituals, unjustified stoppage of ongoing ceremonies for the Azans from Mosques in the recent days.

In Dalanghata near Dimond Harbour, Rath Festival was in full swing on 13 July. Huge crowd was there.

Muslim youths were  misbehaving with Hindu girls. This is a regular feature in this district of South 24 Parganas. One Hindu girl of Bahadurpur slapped a Muslim boy for molesting her. The matter was sorted out.

Next one Muslim boy of  Berandari village stole 2 saplings from one nursery shop owned by a Hindu. Mela committee volunteers caught him and thrashed him.

The Muslims targeted 2 Hindu boys. The Muslims abducted those 2 boys in the dark of night and took them to Muslim dominated Fakirpara. Mela Committee informed the police, rushed to Fakirpara and rescued the Hindu boys with the help of police.

The Muslims could not tolerate this.

The Muslims broke some tiles of the urinal of the village mosque, scattered them.

Then they started announcing from the microphone of the mosque that Hindus have attacked and broken the Fakirpara Mosque  and poured some filth inside the mosque.

From mosques of other villages too this rumor  was being spread, e.g, Dakshin Berandari, Heliagachhi, Chandipur, Ektara, Hotuganj, Raghunathpur and Juaru.

From early morning of 14 July, about 3.00 am, huge Muslim crowd gathered in Fakirpara. After morning Namaz, they started rampaging. They started ransacking Hindu shops in Jamberia Golabari, Dharapur and Hotuganj. Over 100 shops and homes of Hindus were under the attack of rioting Muslim mob.

They destroyed 2 Hindu temples in Jamberia Golabari and Bagaria.

At 9 am, police arrived at Fakirpara and they encircled the mosque.

The Muslim mob then blocked the Hotuganj crossing of the Kakdwip Road at about 10 am.

They forced the Hindu shops to close down. Sufficient quantity of country made bombs and stones were with them.

A large number of Muslim criminals with fire arms were brought in from Lalpur, Dhola, Baneswarpur, Sangrampur, Deula and Magrahat.

The notorious criminal Salim (CPIM connected) made the strategic operation from behind and TMC leader and Secretary of Hatuganj High School – Ainal Gazi led the Muslim mob against the Hindu people. But the role of Anich Sheikh, RSP leader was beyond any limitation to foment the situation. It is reported that in some places the police relied this communal person for an unknown reason.

All office goers and students were barred to attend their offices and schools. Terminal Exams of several schools were suspended for the day.

The Hindus of the road-side areas protested the unreasonable road blockade and created a vehement communal clash and tension.

More than 50 buses and jeeps have been broken and damaged. Passengers were scared. It was a mayhem.

At 11 am police reached Hotuganj. They tried to remove the obstruction on road. Clashes started with police. The Muslim mob stoned the police heavily. The O.C. of Dimond Harbour  P.S. Sanjib Banerjee got serious injury. Other 8 police persons too have been injured.

One police jeep has been totally torched. One police wireless phone set was snatched away.

Police had to fire in blank for self protection.  Police lathicharged and used tear gas.

Then RAF came to the spot. Prohibitory order Section 144 imposed. Somehow situation brought under control. Night curfew was imposed for the day of 14th and 15th as a precautionary measure.

Police arrested about 20 Muslim miscreants. But all were released after all party meeting at afternoon. All the Muslim representative from all the political parties gave rubbish excuse for the notorious and criminal activities of the Muslims. They demanded unconditional release of Muslim rioters booked for the Dalanghata-Hatuganj Riot. But Dilip Gayen, the Upa-Pradhan of Ramkishore Gram Panchayet oppossed the false allegation of the Muslims. He categorically stated that no harm for any Mosque was done and it was a simple Islamic propaganda.

Clashes spread over many villages like Kochuberia, Shyam Bosur Chak and Kulpi.

The whole Dimond Harbour sub division is under terrific tension.

Role of Superintendent of Police of South 24 Parganas district has been impartial. But the role of  District Magistrate of South 24 Parganas, Mr. Khalil Ahmed was absolutely partisan and communal.

Upanada Brahmachari of Hindu Samhati visited the areas with Samhati Workers and conducted meeting to tighten the security of Hindu villages and urged all round peace in the areas so far.

On 18th July, The SDPO Diamond Harbour conducted a peace meeting at Fakirpara with all concerned and categorically stated that nobody would be spared who attacked the peace-loving general people and the police on duty.

A Dalanghata Ratha Yatra Suraksha Samiti (Dalanghata Chariot Procession Security Committee) was formed by the local Hindus to run the Ulto-Rath Yatra (Return Chariot Procession) in any challenging situation on 21st July,’10 Wednesday at Dalanghata. Hindus of the area demanded immediate repairing of  the destroyed and desecrated Temples at Bagaria and Dalanghata-Bhandaripara by the Police and Administration as penalty.

Hindu Existence demands immediate ban of Mosque Microphones which are usually used as the tool of spreading communal hatred.

Photos & Input  by Swarup Mondal, Prodip Kanti Mondal and Upananda Brahmachari.

4 comments on “Bengal Jihadis warming up for a Islamic West Bengal.

  1. Vinod Dhall
    July 18, 2010

    Young boys, like any where else, are complimemnting young girls-albeit a bit storngly and roughly.
    People who want to “see” that the boys were Muslim and the girls Hindu are differnet “ëyes”. Who use a different colored -religiously – colred specs.


  2. Sri
    July 19, 2010

    This is very disturbing.

    Why do Hindus have to vote for such political parties like CPI(M)? Even BJP is disgusting and appears some times not progressive. Either Hindus unite or vanish. No other possibility.

    Any way, this riot is in conformity with Islamic philosophy of death and life.


  3. Sri
    July 19, 2010

    Why doesn’t minority commission go in to investigations of violence by Jihadis?

    The truth is Hindus need a politically free organization to further their cause. It is not good to associate with RSS. It is equally evil.


  4. neeraj atri
    October 30, 2010

    Either fight back or perish.

    This is the only option because right now the threat is not only from Islam, Christianity and Marxism but from lack of unity among Hindus.


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