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Name for Education, Welfare and Communication…. Work for Jihad. A Cyber Jihad on it’s way to India.

In the name of Libraries and Internet in Mosques, a full proof Intellectual Jehad is coming to India.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

A profound Jihadi knowledge galore is now to be ready to Islamize the Indian sub-continent through all 250000 compatible mosques in India by setting up library and the internet connection in the coming year 2011. Another 150000 mosques in the rural and un-facilitated areas are in the list of upgradation, where arrangements of solar energy are being ready very fast to run the basic internet, at least to cover all the mosques under one Jehadi network. In the name of Islamic knowledge bank through libraries in the mosque, a Jihadi propaganda is now being ensured and through the internet.  This will take a shape of most desirable to Allah to capture this land of DINIA (the preferable name of India mentioned by the protagonists of Pakistan before the division of India in1947), from the hold of Hindu kaiffirs here. As per source, the all 400000 mosques in India are about to set forth under a single frame-work of Jihad in all possible methods in different manners to materialize Pan-Islamic war in India.

“Every mosque in the country that has space to spare may soon have a library and a reading room”- as resoluted  by the Zakat Foundation of India (ZFI), a Delhi based NGO.  The library initiative has the support of all leading Muslim organizations, including the Jamiat Ulema, Jamaat Islami and the Milli Council as surfaced in a Delhi programme of Zakat Foundation on 1st Dec. 2010, in presence of many dignitaries from the Indian Muslim community.

Talking to, a internet web-community and news portal for Muslims,  Syed Zafar Mahmood, president of ZFI said that “the organization wants to sponsor a reading room with a computer and books to every mosque which is ready to provide ZFI with just some space. ZFI will also provide money to build the room.”

“There can be many benefits from these information centers. For instance it will become a center from where it will be very easy for Muslims to take information regarding several welfare schemes of the government,” said Mr. Mahmood.

Mr. Mahmood said that usually a mosque is open for 5 hours at the maximum and in this situation it will be a great idea to use the space for the overall welfare of the community.

“We also want to furnish these information centers with books and newspapers so that a habit of reading can be started among the Muslim youngsters and they can become up to date with the latest happenings around the world,” he further added.

Mr. Mahmood appealed to the management of all mosques in the country to co-operate with ZFI in making this plan successful.

The president of ZFI also informed that they got many calls from Imams (priest) of Mosques wanting to implement this proposal in their mosques.

Though the camouflaging efforts are going to continue for getting support from the political and administrative sides, experts opined that it will help the Jehadi orientation of the Muslim people rather than the general education or the projected welfare run for the unprivileged.

Jamiat Ulema Hind, Jamaat Islami Hind and the Milli Council, the three main co-operators in this project of Zakat foundation are known as the most influential orthodox Islamic organization in India to make a clear division of Muslim community from the Majority Hindu community for achieving their goal to grab Indian Political power from the hands of Hindus. For many times some of these organizations are pointed out for their alleged connections with the Ultra Jihadi organizations like SIMI, HUJI, KLF, HUA and the Pakistani intelligence organization ISI.

In early eighties, when the public address systems for AZAN from the Mosques were introduced in every corner of India in a large scale, it was told a purpose for generating social awareness side by side. But it is a hard reality for the majority Hindu people to accept religious provocation against them or to face hurdles for the Govt. administration for their hardship to run Pulse Polio Programme or the Birth Control Campaign due to the anti propaganda in all cases from the microphones alofted in the mosque minarets.

While the subversive forces in India are making a hidden agenda for better penetration of Jihad in grass root level even through welfare activities and educational fields, the majority Hindu people are alarmed for a major setback, if the secular access for these libraries and internet hubs are denied in general. The uses of microphone from the mosques now harm the Hindus many ways, but the proposed Jehadi Knowledge Bank and the Insalmic Internet System in the mosques will set a holocaust for Hindus in India. Not less than that. Demanding reservations and allowing it for Muslims in the name of minority rights, setting up many Muslim Universities in various parts of India and blatant appeasement of Muslims by the political parties for utilizing the Muslim vote bank have always favored and forced  for the sprouting of Muslim fundamentalism from the beginning of new Indian era.

3 comments on “Name for Education, Welfare and Communication…. Work for Jihad. A Cyber Jihad on it’s way to India.

  1. ChandanIK Biswas
    December 5, 2010

    This will happen unless the the Muslim appeasing Congress party is not removed from the power. In order to Islamization of India , these Muslims will not stop until they reach thier destiny. Hindus needs to be unied to work first over throw this Congress government from the center.


  2. Srimanthan Arya
    December 9, 2010

    Upananda Ji,
    We should demolish all symbols of Arab Imperialism including Mosque which are not only danger for humanity but also shame for not only India but for all Nations.

    –Srimanthan Arya


  3. Rajiv
    December 14, 2010

    We should not ask question – Why Muslims are attacking us
    rather we should ask – Why Hindus are not attacking Muslims.
    We all know that Muslims are Muslims and not Indians, then for what we are waiting for.
    BJP is now governing in more states than Congress and soon other states should follow . Muslims MUST be treated in the way they treat others.


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