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Jai Sree Ram : Ayodhya 6th Dec. 2010

Ayodhya peaceful on 18th Vijay anniversary for the demolition of Babri Structure to build a Magnificent Ramlala Temple at Ram Janma Bhoomi.

Ayodhya peaceful on 18th Babri anniversary

Ayodhya:6th Dec.: Saffron outfits vowed to construct a grand Ram temple at the disputed site while Muslims prayed for building a mosque as the 18th anniversary of the razing of the Babri shrine passed off peacefully in Uttar Pradesh on Monday.

Amid tight security, VHP and Bajrang Dal held separate functions in twin cities of Faizabad and Ayodhya and took vows for building a Ram temple at the disputed site. Muslims observed the day as “yom-e-gam” (day of grief) and prayed for reconstruction of the Babri mosque.

They also unfurled black flags at a mosque in Beniganj to express anguish over the demolition of the Babri shrine on this day in 1992. VHP leaders, including former MP Ram Vilas Vedanti, took part in “Hanuman Chalisa” recital at Kar Sewakpuram. No untoward incident was reported from any place in Uttar Pradesh on the 18th anniversary of the demolition of the Babri mosque, officials said. PAC, Rapid Action Force and police were deployed in strength, especially in vulnerable places, to ensure peace. Round-the-clock vigil was kept at all points leading to Ayodhya-Faizabad, the officials said. Thirteen Hindu Mahasabha activists were arrested for violating prohibitory orders in Faizabad, they said adding all of them were later released.


Togadia wants law for building Ram temple in Ayodhya

Vadodara:2010-12-06 09:51:01:Sify: VHP leader Pravin Togadia on Monday demanded enactment of a law by Parliament for building of a Ram temple in Ayodhya and said the construction of a mosque will “not be allowed” to take place at the disputed site.
“The construction of a mosque will not be allowed to take place in Ayodhya and only construction of Ram temple will take place in the entire 67 acres of land,” he said after attending a religious function here.
Talking to the media, he demanded enactment of a law by Parliament for construction of a temple at the site.
The building of a temple in Ayodhya will “lead to emergence of a new ideology” after which no one will “dare to issue” a fatwa against singing of Vande Mataram, he said.
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18th anniversary of Babri destruction for restoration of the Hindu dignity by building a Grand Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple.

Hindu Existence News | Dec. 6th 2010 | Lacknow : Uttar Pradesh : India | Hindu Activists remember the sacrifice all 1000000 martyrs for the liberation of Ram Janma Bhoomi ( birth place of lord Rama)at Ayodhya,  since a military general of Mughal emperor Babur  captured that holy place of Hindus and destructed the old temple in 1528 AD.

While some parts of Hyderabad, Lacknow and other Muslim influenced areas remained shut on Monday in response to a call given by Muslim organizations to mark the 18th anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on  Dec. 6th 1992, the Hindu organizations observed this day in this year with a festive mood as the recent verdict of designated court accepted the historic view supporting a certain existence of old temple before the disputed mosque structure erected there forcefully.

Hindus prayed to their Lord Rama to shift the hurdles for an early clearance in all respect in the higher judiciary from the arm-twisting of litigant sides so that their desired Ram Temple can be established and also paid homage to all souls so sacrificed for their battle of Ram Janma Bhoomi.

Muslims put black badges on their shirts to mark it as a protest against Indian Judiciary and are being united to launch a nation-wide agitation to get back a Babri Mosque in Ayodhya again as a Muslim supremacy over the majority Hindus as existed in Mughal period in India.

In this year RSS-VHP have launched a nation-wide Hanumat Shakti Jagaran programme to boost up Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple movement to set its final phase for the construction of the Temple by defeating any challenges in all quarters. Thousands of Hanumat Shakti Jagaran Programmes have been organized successfully all over the country.


One comment on “Jai Sree Ram : Ayodhya 6th Dec. 2010

  1. Shankar
    March 3, 2012

    It is not the day of Babri Anniversary…..
    It is the day of Hindu Unity and the day of rememberence of re-building RMA MANDHIR in RAMJANMABHOOMI in AYODHYA which was demolished by Babar



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