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Honor Killing in India. Islamists killed Muslim girl as indulged affair with Hindu beloved. Hindu boy now threatened to dire consequences.

Muslim girl killed for love affair with Hindu

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) || Nov 25, 2010 : A Muslim man has been arrested for killing his teenaged daughter who was in love with a Hindu youth from the same village, police said Thursday.

Mushtakeem, a resident of Mawaithakuran village, strangled his 18-year-old daughter Rehana Parveen after she insisted on marrying her lover Bhoora Prajapati, 21, police said.

Mushtakeem was arrested late Wednesday after Parveen’s body was recovered from their home. The village is in Moradabad district, some 300 km from Lucknow.

According to police, Prajapati and Parveen used to meet regularly in the fields on the outskirts of the village. But as Parveen had not been coming for the last few days, Prajapati approached police suspecting the girl could be in trouble.

Police raided Mushtakeem’s house and recovered his daughter’s body from a locked room.

“Preliminary investigations indicate it’s a case of honor killing. The father has confessed to the crime,” police inspector Ravi Kumar told reporters Thursday.

“The father told us he committed the crime as he thought his daughter’s marriage with the youth of a different community would bring a bad name to the family,” he added.

According to police, besides the father, the girl’s family members could also be involved in the crime.

As per source. now the family of Bhoora Prajapati expressed fear as the life threats were coming to them all around and Bhoora is now going to the village committee to get a protection for his family and himself. The local Panchayet (village adminstration) assured the protection for Prajapati family as the source confirmed.

In India Hindu girls are frequently fallen with love with various tricks by the Muslim boys and they are successful to marry a good numbers of Hindu girls in the Muslim prone areas of India. But they never allow the vice-versa.

In Kerala, numbers of cases are pending in various courts against  love intrigue, elopement, abduction, blackmailing after affairs or forceful marriage with Hindu girls by the Muslim boys, which is now believed as an Islamic agenda of some fundamental organizations, now called as Love Jihad.  These Jihadists keep keen vigil upon the Muslim girls as they must not get any chance to make a love affair with Hindu boys. Then the honor killings come alike.

Source : IANS and Agencies.

  • For a detailed reading of honor killing of Mehnaz Click Here.

15 comments on “Honor Killing in India. Islamists killed Muslim girl as indulged affair with Hindu beloved. Hindu boy now threatened to dire consequences.

    November 29, 2010



    • Sunil
      December 1, 2010



  2. TruthBeTold
    November 29, 2010

    How Islam basks in all its sham modesty. It is with a chill and a thrill that I wonder where the next Charles Martel will come from, and when, oh, and when: the new ‘Hammer of the West’ who will rise out of all this obsequiousness and drive the abhorrence out, out, out; drive it out, and all of its ghouls, back into the pit, and the memory of its prophet and his vile book expunged forever from living memory!


  3. Ross
    November 29, 2010

    KRASHKOWALSKI – Islam is destroying itself. It just needs to be exposed. Turn the light of truth on it and its hollow , evil core will shrivel away.


  4. Eating islam with curse of death.
    November 29, 2010

    Islam is spreding like a virus to all over the world from muslim nations.
    Their main agenda is spread islam to all over the world by force or money , war.Western countries please stop migration of muslims from muslim nations to their countries.

    Burn koran , burn all mosques to save all mankinds.

    I personally congratulate the Hindu Existence blog-site for its positive role in raising the public awareness for the threat of koran loving people in India and abroad.


    Praveen Kumar.


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  7. M rob
    November 29, 2010

    Once again the religion of peace rears its ugly head. What kind of parents are capable of killing their own child. Islam is a devil worshipping cult. Only the devil could drive people to do what these worshippers of Islam are capable of.


  8. Sri
    November 29, 2010

    This is nothing. In earlier incidents Hindu boys were killed, I could recall 3 such incidents. All 3 happened after infamous Rizwanur incident in Kolkata.

    Islam prohibits Muslim women marrying other men but it allows Muslim men marrying other women.

    Much worse is it allows honor killings. Muslim world accounts for more than 90% of honor killings in world.


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  10. india
    December 7, 2010

    Shriram play by Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra. A celebration of Ramleela before Dussehra which is on 21st October.
    Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra enters its 51st year of the presentation of the story of ‘RAM. At the time when ‘RAM’ was first performed in 1957, there were practically no dancers in Delhi and had to be specially brought from Kolkatta and Kerala. Today it is a matter of pride that perhaps almost every school in Delhi – of which there are hundreds – have dance teachers who have performed in this production.


  11. shri
    January 14, 2011

    everyone is sad about as everyone is saying muslims are cruel but what we are doing 2 stop all this things my bro…………try to stop all this things..


  12. Nabanita Singharoy
    February 5, 2011

    Speak up and get involved.

    Stop honor killing.

    To anyone who can stop this honor killing please act now. (2nd Feb, 2011)

    My cook’s(Lalit Kamti) younger brother Rupak Kamti(16 years), and his friend, Kaushal Dhobi(18-or 19 years old) study at Samastipur zilla College, and go for tuitions at Darbhanga in Bihar, IN. They are from a village Vishnupur Diha in Samastipur zilla, Bihar, IN.

    Two girls (sisters, not twins, one older and one younger (16 and 17 years) from the village, young teenagers decided to get to Darbhnaga which is like a big city for them. The girls are called Preeti and Chanda Rai. Since they’re all from the same village, once the girls reached Darbhanga, they called the two boys and within a span of a few hours the village started a hue and cry about how the girls have run away. Now, the girls were scared, so they refused to come back to the village. The boys come back in the weekend anyways since they have no tuition.

    The village immediately sort of zeroed in on them when they visited this weekend cause Chanda used to hang around near Kaushal at times. The villagers kept harassing them so they ran back to Darbhnaga. Now the problem is, the village has ascertained that the boys have run away with the girls, and there’s a honor killing order on them from the sarpanch. They’re looking for the teenagers to kill them.

    In fear, they even married. Both are obviously underage weddings and can’t be legalized but that’s what they did in fear and to deal with immediate consequences.

    If anyone can save them please call/email, I’ll give you my cook’s number, and he has his brothers number. All 4 kids are hiding in Darbhanga.

    See for original posting >>> http://www(dot)phototamasha(dot)com/blogs/?p=543


  13. umar
    February 26, 2011

    islam is destroying every thing that some people make it happen so muslim only to follow fanatic islam rules by what our islam says. we do that and dont say islam is destroying some people. islam is destroying entire humanity.


  14. WASIM
    March 26, 2012

    Fanatic Muslims must go to hell and destroy themselves in suicide bombings …they are illiterates and cancer to the human society.

    Raja Wasim.


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