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Malay Hindus express outrage over sale of slippers bearing pictures of Hindu deities

Malay Indians express outrage over sale of slippers bearing Hindu deity impressions

By ANI | ANI – Sat, Feb 12 12:49 PM IST

Kuala Lumpur, Feb 12 (ANI): A number of Indian religious organisations in Malaysia have expressed outrage over the sale of slippers bearing impressions of a Hindu deity.

The Star quoted the Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) President R.S. Mohan Shan as saying that the act selling slippers with deity impressions in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur has shown disrespect towards the Hindu religion.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple President R. Nadarajah has expressed shock at the incident and added that slippers must be immediately withdrawn from the market.

The country had earlier experienced a number of complaints after a deity’s picture was printed on T-shirts, compact discs and playing cards. (ANI)

Don’t try to humiliate Hindu Deities or malign Hindus. Otherwise, the time will return in :

3 comments on “Malay Hindus express outrage over sale of slippers bearing pictures of Hindu deities

  1. yogesh kumar saxena
    February 17, 2011


    Maulana Mohd Ali whom Mahatma Gandhi
    called his brother is on record
    humiliating the Mahatma and saying

    “Yes, according to Islam I hold
    an adulterous and fallen Musalmaan
    even better than Mahatma Gandhi”.

    Gandhi advocated pardon to the
    Assassin Muslim who killed
    Swami Shradhhanand,
    who was believed to have written
    a book with its Title “Rangeela Rasul”


  2. yogesh kumar saxena
    February 17, 2011

    The world experience of the past cannot ignore social, cultural, economic and poloitcal upliftment of man. The world holds a colossal store house of man’s accomplishment in growing towards maturity of human mind. Hence, none can escape taking into account human’s belief in theology or religion or faith while attempting to shape man’s own future to ensure moving as one human family inhabiting the planet earth.. Indeed, man’s continuing evolution has also found a common basis of trying to shape his future on the pedestal of science and the great progress made by it in the last 3 to 400 years. Man’s continuing belief in his faith or religion has undisputedly cast its effect on his own maturity in social, cultural, economic and political necessities.

    Human problems when collectively taken finally focus on one common point i.e. the humans need to establish a firm political centre. By this, it is meant to control human actions on theological beliefs. In the case of Islamic faith, one cannot fail to notice that the Islamic doctrine has remained totally stagnant. It is for the reason that the holy book of Quaran itself forbids any one to dare alter anything in it since it is a dogmatic assertion what is contained in it, is the last word of God Almighty, the Allaha. The world of today is pushed to take a special notice of Muslim world’s Pan Islamic vision.

    Islamic theology is strongly tied to its root of converting the entire world into one Islamic society and according to it, this alone is the correct road to final world peaceAt does not accept any other road thought by man equally good to emancipate hinself. Islam is therefore totally opposed to any other theological idea. In this context, it not only challenges the world society by being intolerant but it sanctions violence as an accepted notion to wage wars that are called Jehads against the non-believers. Islam divides the human society into two clear halves. Those who believe in the basic tenets of Islam and those who do not. The Islamic faith begins with Muslims accepting the only declaration which is


  3. shripad
    February 25, 2011

    Every religion has their own country and government preserve their all rights.Only Hindu don’t have their own country.Every religion is snatching our country from us. From last thousand years we are on verge of instinct ion.I think after 100 years we will be concentrated in central part of secular India and around us there will be lot of religious countries like Pakistan and Vatican. Hope where we will be after 200 years. Our Hindus are destroying us. India can survive only as a Hindu country.Hindu give extra respect to all religion which Hindu does not get anywhere in the world. Because of excess liberty everybody is converting us. we were forcefully converted earlier by Muslim and now by Christians taking benefit of our poverty. If religion is converted then they will have polarity towards Arabs and Vatican’s. Then where will be our culture and traditions. Talk Hinduism, Learn Hinduism Walk Hinduism. Hindu is not a Religion but a way of living.All the spiritual thoughts are generated by Hinduism. Hindu has no threat to others but we are in threat.


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