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Is entire North East going out of Indian Territory ?

Hindus came from Bangladesh are threatened in Assam, Massive conversion in Nagaland, Chinese occupation in Arunachal Pradesh. Anti-Hindu wave in North East by Congress, Communist China, Muslims and Christians. Is entire North East going out of Indian Territory ?

Digvijoy’s Congress plays ‘minority card’ to woo Muslim votes, declares – “Bangladeshi Hindus are infiltrators, same as Muslims”.

Silchar  Correspondent, Hindu Existence.

SILCHAR, Feb 17: Getting a large Arab-Pak funds perhaps, Molla Digvijoy Singh now reached Assam and North East States as a torch-bearer of Islam there. Learning lessons from Bihar, BJP leaders both at the Centre and the State of Assam have been cautious not to play blatant ‘Hindu Card’ notwithstanding its explicit stand on ‘Hindutva’. Congress, on the other hand, has started a sort of vilification campaign against ‘Sangh Pariwar’ in general to target BJP as ‘communal’ and ‘exponent of terrorism’. The strategy, according to political analysts, has been well timed and designed in view of Assembly elections in some States including Assam. By blaming RSS being involved in certain acts of blasts and explosions in the country and the arrest of Swami Asimananda, Colonel Purohit and Prajna Bharati, Digvijay Singh, AICC general secretary and in-charge of Assam created a furore.

Lambasted over AGP-BJP stand point over the issue of Hindu refugees came from Bangladesh, an imbalanced Islamist provocateur Digvijoy said in a Congress meeting at Mollagunj, South Karimganj that Bangladeshi Hindus came from Bangladesh have no right to be treated as refugees. They are only infiltrators like the Muslims.

When questions came from the press that the new comer Muslims certainly manage their voter cards, ration cards very easily by the help of their fellowmen but Hindus cannot manage the situation and threatened to push back again in Bangladesh where they were persecuted, an ignorant Digvijoy entered another business hectically. This suspect ISI Agent inside Congress, this AICCI member gave scope to get his comment over the recent Pak flag hoisting in Assam in various places on 26/01 Republic Day, mass conversion into Christianity from the India-root tribal people through out the NE regions and the Chinese-Maoist aggression in Arunachal Pradesh.

BJP national leaders were quick to react, dubbing the allegations as unfounded and politically motivated since none of those under detention have yet been charge-sheeted. Arun Jaitley, BJP MP and leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, has been most vociferous in denouncing Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh and gone on record to say that their diatribes against Sangh Pariwar are to divert the attention of people from the whirlpool of ‘scams and corruptions’ in which the Congress under the leadership of Manmohan Singh is enmeshed.

After landing in Barak Valley and having a preliminary knowledge of the ground reality that the Bengali dominated region is a saffron bastion, Chandan Bagchi, observer of this valley, Digvijay Singh, AICC general secretary and observer for Assam, and Bhubaneswar Kalita, APCC president, thought it wise to repeat the ‘refrain’ and hit out at BJP to give further edge to their traditional ‘minority appeasement’ policy. Their attack on BJP became more virulent in their addresses to the meetings with the workers and nomination seekers and their supporters here at Congress Bhavan on Wednesday after getting the feedback that of the three districts, Karimganj and Hailakandi are minority dominated while Cachar is close to become a minority dominant.

All the three leaders found the ground fertile to play ‘minority card’ and called BJP communal. Digvijay Singh was more pungent in his attack on Sangh outfits when he said, “Muslims are unnecessarily blamed for terrorism unleashed by Sangh Pariwar”. Reacting to their observations, Kiriti Bhushan Purkayastha, district president of BJP, said, “this is nothing new but a part of the communal politics of Congress which has boomeranged in Bihar.” He added to say “it will only consolidate Hindu votes in favour of BJP because the game plan of Congress has been more than exposed”. The Congress is now playing as he said “Muslim card” to blame Sangh only to divert the attention of people from CWG, Adarsh Colony and 2G Spectrum scams at the national-level.

With reference to Assam, BJP president said, “it is the same ploy to divert the attention of people from the multi-crore scam of North Cachar Hills, now called Dima Hasao district.” But, he added to say people are not going to be fooled by such false propaganda or malicious campaign against BJP. It was also strange that the Congress leaders after having seen for themselves the deplorable conditions of highways and roads of this valley have nothing to say about it. Nor did they explain why the two national projects- BG and East-West Corridor- are being delayed. Digvijay Singh had only to tell the mediapersons that it was for the Chief Minister of Assam to answer.

Bhubaneswar Kalita became more explicit in the electoral strategy of his party when he said Congress was eager to have alignment or adjustment with AIUDF, but its president Badruddin Ajmal “has declined to accept it”. It was clear that Congress in Assam was banking more on minority votes as well as alliance with AIUDF to ensure its return to power. In the final analysis, political observers say, more the BJP is blamed by Congress, it will only bring Hindus of this valley closer to it and it will not be a surprise if the saffron party repeats 1991 when it bagged nine Assemblies and both the MP seats.

It is a great concern in Assam that the Hindus are minorities in 6 districts here viz. Dhubri, Barpeta, Goalpara, Hailakandi, Karimganj & Naogaon  and out of 27 districts in Assam there are 13 Muslim concentrated Districts. A land slide demographic change in Assam always turns a peril for Hindus in Assam in every moment. And in these areas hoisting of Pakistan Flag in National Days is a very common phenomenon now a day with the indulgence of present Congress led State Govt. in Assam.

Save Rangfra mandirs in Arunachal: Janajati body’s SOS to PM

‘On January 14, chief of Ozakho village, Awang Wangsu, the lone son of his parents, was shot dead. A decade ago, his father was also killed by militants… The entire generation of the chief of Ozakha village has become extinct due to the armed conflicts…’

GUWAHATI, Feb 17: The Janajati Dharma Sanskriti Suraksha Manch (JDSSM) sent a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on February 14, 2011 requesting him to ensure immediate arrest of armed cadres responsible for creating panic at Kothung village in Tirap district, including Lazu Circle, and the entire Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh. In its letter, the Manch has also sought appropriate security to the office-bearers of Rangsomhum (Rangfra mandirs) in all the villages in the neighbouring State of Assam.

The Manch, through the letter, has also requested the Prime Minister: “Check the ‘conversion crusade’ and the ‘menace of missionaries’ sponsored by different churches of Nagaland who are moving freely under the protection of armed terrorists of the NSCN-K and the NSCN-IM”.

“One Wangdong Chaktey, a self-styled central intelligence officer (CIO) UT/III of the government of people’s republic of Nagaland (GPRN-NSCN-K) served a threat letter on January 4, 2011 to the president of the Central Rangfra Administrative Council (CRAC), district Changlang in Arunachal Pradesh. The NSCN-K has ordered the CRAC… to stop its activities by January 9, 2011, and thereafter all socio-cultural and faith promotional activities of Rangsomhum (Rangfra temple) of Kothung village of Tirap district, including Lazu circle, and the whole of Changlang district. The NSCN-K has warned that non-compliance of that order would invite dire consequences,” the letter to the Prime Minister said, and added: “NSCN-K official Wangdong Chaktey has ordered that no Rangsomhum (Rangfra mandir) could be constructed any more in any village of that area. Neither, the followers of Rangfra faith can take any religious and cultural activity anywhere. When Wangjam Chaktey and Kamjam Hangphuk, the priest and secretary respectively of the Rangfra Administrative Council (RAC) of Kothung village, could not comply with orders of the NSCN-K, they were summoned to their designated camp located in the nearby jungle. There, priest Wangjam Chaktey (75), was tied in a post and tortured them for four hours from 11 am to 3 pm on January 11.”

The letter further said: “Earlier, the same militant official of the NSCN-K had issued similar a threat letter on October 30, 2010 to stop all religious activities of Rangfra religion. Again on February 1, Kamjam Hangphuk was kidnapped and retained in their designated camp for 6 days till February 6. He was thoroughly beaten up and released only when Rs 65,000 in cash was paid and a pig worth Rs 10,000 was given to them. This is with an intention of converting the followers of Rangra religion into Christianity, and integrating Changlang and Tirap districts of Arunachal Pradesh into their proposed ‘greater Nagaland’.”

“Further, armed groups in hundreds, brandishing lethal weapons, have been roaming in the villages since November 2010 creating tension and fear-psychosis among the common masses, especially the villagers, so that they cannot celebrate their festivals… And with the latest spurt in armed conflicts, the villagers have not been able to move out to clear their jhum fields causing serious concern among the people. The hardest hit is Khonsa, the district headquarters of Tirap which is under control of cadres of the two waring factions – NSCN-IM and NSCN-K,” the letter said, and added: “On January 14, chief of Ozakho village, Awang Wangsu, the lone son of his parents, was shot dead. A decade ago, his father was also killed by militants… The entire generation of the chief of Ozakha village has become extinct due to the armed conflicts. A number of government officials have also been receiving intimidation and threat letters leading to hampering of many developmental activities. While taking into account the intensity, magnitude and movement of the latest turn of events, it is apprehended that the war of supremacy between two factions will become more vigorous with potential of damaging the prospect of peaceful survival of innocent people of these two districts – Changlang and Tirap – which have become the battleground of the NSCN-IM and the NSCN-K.”

“…The official logos of both the factions of the militant outfit bear prominently the slogan ‘Nagaland for Christ’ signaling that Christianity is the only recognized religion in the area of their control,” the Manch told the Prime Minister in its letter.

The Pak friend China have been trying to provoke  the subversive elements in Arunachal Pradesh to encroach some Indian Land to China in oder to make a strong Anti Indian base here.

Now, it is very much evident that Congress, Communist, Muslim and Christian outfits have gone into a treaty to uproots the Hindus from this North East Region to make an Islamic land in Assam, a Christian land in Nagaland, a Chinese occupation in Arunachal Pradesh and so on. Is entire North East is going out of Indian Territory ?

2 comments on “Is entire North East going out of Indian Territory ?

  1. Hemant Mistry
    February 18, 2011

    It is upsetting that this happen around the world.


  2. Prathik Thith
    November 13, 2011

    Hindutva should not be end, as it only can rescue the humanity from the grip of Christianity and Islam.


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