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Jilted Muslim Love Jihadists in West Bengal increasing Cruelty upon Hindu Girls terribly.

Barrackpore : North 24 Pgs : West Bengal : December 1, 2011: The Love Jihadi  Chottu Islmail who stabbed Ritu Shau of Kakinara in this news was arrested from Jagaddal area by the SDPO Barrackpore, Mr Amit Kumar Singh about 1 pm on Wedensday (30-11-2011). Sources said that on the basis of confidential information Chottu Ismail was arrested and produced to Barrackpore Court today on 1.12.2011 for taking the culprit into police custody [Ref. Jagaddal P.S. Case No. 645 dt. 26.11.2011]. But the accused was freed on bail though having three non-bailable sections like IPC 324 (Voluntary causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means),IPC 326 (Voluntary causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means), 307 ( Attempt to murder) and one bailable section of IPC 341 ( Punishment for wrongful restraint). Series of cases are with us where the Muslims culpritps doing rape, murder, arson, loot, communal attacks, attack on Police and Administration with severe charges in West Bengal are allowed bail very easily. updated on 4.12.2011.  
Pic.1. Ritu the Victim of Jilted Love Jihad in Kakinara, West Bengal. Rape, Molestation, stabbing upon Hindu girls are growing.
Pic.2. Stabbing upon Ritu by a Muslim Culprit came to the banner in Media without any reaction of Hindu people of West Bengal.

Hindu Girl stabbed by jilted Muslim lover, another raped by four Koran followers……

Upananda Brahmachari.

Report in Bartaman Patrika in Bengali

KAKINARA | WEST BENGAL, 26 NOV, 2011: The non satiated Love Jehadists are getting more violent in West Bengal. The Muslim Romeos are very much interested to use them against the consent of the Hindu girls and a result of that the angry Muslim guys mostly in disguised in the Hindu names are attacking the unwilling Hindu girls brutally with choppers, knives and some times the Hindu girls are the victims of Islamic gang rape. The   numbers of such menace under love Jihad in West Bengal are growing under the protection of the TMC ( All India TrinMool Congress) in the ‘CHANGE’ whirlwind.

Now, a 17-year-old girl was stabbed at Kakinara, North 24-Parganas, this morning (26/11) by a youth when she resisted a molestation bid.

Police said that a resident of Kakinara Bazar, Ritu Sahu, who is a student of Class XII of Kakinara Arya Samaj High School, went to fetch water from a well at around 7.30 a.m. today. Shortly afterwards, a local youth, Chottu, tried to molest her after she spurned his marriage proposal. The incident led to an altercation between the girl and Chottu. Eyewitnesses told police that the jilted lover, who had a chopper with him, stabbed Ritu repeatedly during the altercation and managed to escape. Ritu started bleeding profusely. Local people rushed her to Bhatpara state general hospital where a senior doctor stated her condition to be critical. Ritu’s father, Mr Om Prakash Sahu, who is a retired schoolteacher, lodged a complaint with the police. The police have launched a raid to arrest the accused.

Local people alleged that criminal activities are on the rise in the area these days.

TMC MLA Arjun Singh

The Big Boss of the area Mr. Arjun Singh, MLA from TMC rejected any increase of such planned violence of  Islamic hooliganism upon the Hindu residence of the mixed areas, especially upon the Hindu teen-aged  girls. This tiger is totally perplexed to search out the mole Chottu Ismail from his refuge in a local Mosque. A Mafia like TMC Leader and MLA Arjun Singh of TMC can do nothing against a rapist Chottu Ismail.

While Hindus of the area is in an attacking mode to strick out the Muslim culprits, the Muslim Society of the area are chalking out another plan to hide the culprits with getting some more Hindu girls anyway.

But, it is not an isolated case in  Bengal now a days. The creeping cries of Hindu girls are tactfully suppressed by the Trinmool Congress Supremo and the State Chief minister, Mamata Banerjee (read correctly as Mamtaz Banu Arjee) to satisfy the Islamic lust to enjoy Hindu Girls. As a matter of fact, keeping eyes to the Muslim Vote equations, Mamtaz Banerjee is allowing all such Muslim menace in all TMC dominated areas.


The spot where Sampa was raped by Four Koran Follower Muslim Guys.

As an example, Kumari Sampa Naskar (slightly Changed), daughter of Kanai Naskar of Gayen Para, village: Raghunathpur, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), was gang raped by Four Muslim Culprits ( all in teens or just crossed teens) on November 16, 2011, in a paddy field nearby to her house.  Sufficient to shame that wild beasts even, surpasses all these. Sampa happens to be an innocent Hindu girl of 17 years and on the fateful day, she went to a small pond in the field, behind her house, to fetch some fishes for the lunch. She was seized there by 4 Muslim hooligans and was gang raped. After the bestiality, the Muslim perpetrators tried to murder Sampa by her scarf by strangulation. But she was saved anyway after the culprits left her assumed as dead. But Sampa was taken to Naiyarhat Block Primary Health Center immediately and survived anyway. An FIR was lodged by the wretched Hindu family but now, it is proved that both the FIR and Medical Report have been twisted by the anti Hindu and Jihad propagators in TrinMool Congress Party, leading to execute an Islamic terror over the Hindus before snatching the Political Powers in coming Panchayet Election from the loosing Hindu grip as a Gift from ‘Mamta Didi’.

Though Police arrested the main culprit Halim Baidya (one of the four rapists), the other three are still untraceable and the case is being diluted in favour of Muslims by giving early bail for the main accused.

Fishes caught by Sampa were lying in the field when we visited the area. But the dead fishes have no way to give witness for any Islamic menace. Allah is Great and Merciful. Love Jihad Quran. 7.8.6.

Actually, it is known for the cause of unchecked bleeding and sinking condition, Sampa was referred to Diamond Harbour Sub divisional Hospital for urgent and necessary treatment on that late night of the day of incident from Naiharhat Block Primary Health Centre, but she was discharged  forcefully before the completion of treatment with a purported medical report mentioning no external and internal injury with a comment that Sampa is a suspected psychiatric patient and referred to any psychiatrist.

All these were done most unethically only to appease the Muslims in the Raghunathpur and Madhabpur locality under Hindu repercussion.

Actually, C. M Jatua, MP of the Mathurapur Loksabha Constituency, the Local MLAs like Jogranjan Halder (Kulpi AC), Jaydeb Halder (Mandirbazar), Dilip Jatua (Chairman, Mandir Bazar Panchayet Samity) all from Mamtaz Banerjee’s TMC are turned as puppets of the local Muslim operators.

Some fake anti-Jihadists in the net and some paper tigers in the Bengal  Hindu Organizational scenario are frying their cakes in their own pans and Bengal Hindus are set on fire of a red hot Islamic Oven.

Courtesy : Sanmarg | Dainik Statesman | Hindu Samhati Org.

12 comments on “Jilted Muslim Love Jihadists in West Bengal increasing Cruelty upon Hindu Girls terribly.

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  2. Iragavarapu Narasimhacharya
    November 28, 2011

    1. I am greatly agonised at the horrible incident. It is shame to the Govt at the centre and the state.This must be immediately brought to the notice of the concerned with photos soon and their reaction is to be tested.The people fond of love for this country must rise to the occasion and prevent this trend from further happenings of this kind.This shows how our M.P.s have become inactive towards the interests of this land.This is to be brought to the notice of the UPA chair-person also with evidences soon.Any way the people of the locality must guard against these menaces.

    2. What moderation my comment awaits ? I am unable to grasp.Please enlighten. How I felt aggrieved at the instance was explained.

    Iragavarapu Narasimhacharya.
    Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, BHARAT.


  3. Ankush Abhisar
    November 28, 2011

    These rascal muslims, son of a rapist itself are doing which is intollarable…… I just can’t believe what i’m seeing…

    But now i’ve decided…to give them what they are given to us… I’ve decided to start a “hindu shudhi yojna” we’ll purify ourself by doing the same what those son of witch muslims are doing…

    Ankush Abhisar.


  4. pewneet
    November 28, 2011

    Its is a punishment for Hindus for being politically dormant.


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  6. Akshat
    November 29, 2011

    The Hindus of Bengal must vote away all secularists


    • akshay.D
      December 24, 2011

      Its better Hindu to be communal rather thinking of secular…. if secular ppl’s becomes more, one day we may not see hindus :(….

      *secular means, condemning Hindu n liking others, this is what I have
      seen :-\


  7. sushil porwal
    November 29, 2011

    Never under estimate NonViolance > what a simple Gesture can do. It is the Little thing that Jihadi is doing to Make Big Difference. Who get punished faster > Show is going on continue till the Moment Complite 1st Indian people security > Indian Boundries becoms unsecured as per Love Jihad Quran 786 > enforcing Terrorism, VioLance nd Jihad > enforcing cruielty on India >…STRUGGLE for Indian existance Honestly > INDIA hv right for Survival for all excepting HINDUS…..


    Sushil Porwal.


  8. Akhilesh
    January 3, 2012

    It is a dangerous sign for w bengal shame to tmc and secularist and hindu community who vote to secular party be united and attack to enemy give punishment jai sri ram


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  10. Aahimsha
    June 9, 2012

    Hum logo main ekta kyon nehi hai?janwaro k pass dimag nehi hai, isliye insan janwar par raz karta hai.inasno main jish k pas ekta hai woh raj karta hai.


  11. Lambda Scorpio
    February 6, 2015

    Muslims and Islamists continues to be the single most Dangers to the followers of Sanatan Dharma.


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