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Kerala is Kashmir in South India. Kerala Hindus are under strangulation by Jehadi Islam.

Is Kerala posed as Second Kashmir in Southern India?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Sharon, the RSS Activist - The last Victim of Marxist-Islamist Terrorism Nexus in Kerala.

Hindus in Kerala are almost under siege in the Muslim majority districts of Malappuram and Kottayam and also in Christian majority district of Ernakulam.  The Hindus of other three or four districts in Kerala are also in danger line.  The Mallapuram district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboodiripad on 16 June 1969.

This land of Kerala is famous for the birth place of Adi Shankarayara and bearing a strong legacy of Hindu tradition and culture. But for a long drawn strategy of the anti Hindu force in Kerala, the Hindus are now decreasing the numbers and powers in Kerala which is very alarming.

Slaughter of Pregnant cow near Sasatha Temple at Peumbavoor - A warning to Hindu society in Kerala

In the last week, two disastrous incident happened in Kerala one at Perumbavoor in Ernakulam District where a pregnant cow was slaughtered by three Muslim butchers under instigation of the Muslim perpetrators in front of a Hindu Sasatha Temple temple during Makara Villakku time in Sabarimala and one Hindu activist named Sharon (Mullassery area RSS Karyavaha) was brutally murdered on 19th January 2012 in Manaloor area of Thrissur District by anti Hindu force led by CPIM-Islamist perpetrators. All the times Hindus and their sentiments are vehemently attacked with dire consequences in Kerala by anti Hindu force having their roots in Arabia, gulf countries or in Vatican. However, as a retaliation of Sharon’s murder, the local CPIM offices was vandalized and set on fire on the next day on 20th January.

Dawn-to-dusk shutdown and rallies in Ernakulam district at Muvattupuzha, Kunnathunadu and Kothamangalam area marked vehement Hindu Protest against Cow Slaughter in front of Perumbavoor Temple.

In the last three years in Kerala, more than 100 of Hindu activists (most of them are RSS, Hindu Munnani or Hindu Aiyakavedi activists) were murdered by the Muslim, Christian or CPIM goons, over 2000 Hindu girls were snatched forever by Muslim Love Jehadis, hundreds of Hindu establishments and Hindu occupations were vacated by the anti-Hindu Muslim, Christian or Political force, many Hindu temples and Devaswom boards were forcefully undertaken through anti-Hindu legislation. Anti-Hindus secular policies of the pseudo secular government of Kerala, either led by the secular Congress party or Communist parties always harm the Hindus in Kerala.  The elected “Secular” Government of Kerala tried to  a legislative Bill in 2010 with a view to  take  over only Hindu temples, trusts, their asserts and related affairs including the revenue from Hindu devotees, their donations and endowments, and entrusted their ownership, management and control to specially constituted statutory bodies like Travancore Devaswom Board, Cochin Devaswom Board, Guruvayoor Temple Committee, etc. But that bill was somehow restrained by the Hindu organizations through a series of protests.

Politics in Kerala has always been controlled by either Left power led by CPIM or the Rights counterpart led by Congress in their term were obviously dependent upon the Kerala Congress (A Christian Political force) or the Muslim League to grab the power in Assembly. The vote bank policies never facilitated Hindu voters in recent past except in the case of Pallakad Municipality was captured in 2005. In the recent years the Muslim  and Christian political groups are putting various pressures upon all the political parties in Kerala to fulfil their goal for a ethnic cleansing of Hindus in the furthest destination in the south India. Newly built ‘Kerala Religious Police” a Muslim fanatic wing, Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the Islamic Sevak Sangh (ISS), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) floated by the Islamists of Kerala, all are very musch active Keralian Jehadi road maps or the reorganized National Democratic Front (NDF) have recently emerged as stronger alternatives to ISS and SIMI and have allegedly masterminded communal violence in recent years.

T J Joseph, a professor at the New Man College, Thodupuzha - a victim of the Islamists. His right palm was chopped off by fanatic Muslims for setting a controversial question paper for an examination.

Perumbavoor, where the Jihadi Islamic fanatics slaughtered a pregnant Cow in Temple site and the surrounding areas have witnessed a rise in Islamist operations recently. The place is just 25 km away from Muvattupuzha, where activists of Islamist organization Popular Front of India had cut off the right hand of a college professor on July 4, 2010.

In 1921, present day Malappuram district witnessed a devastating revolts and massacres known as the Moplah rebellions killing lacs of innocent Hindus overnight. Through the establishment of Mallapuram, all the then Hindu majority districts in Kerala was divided in two parts as the Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad  and Kozhikode in the North were separated from the districts of Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam , Idukki, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram in the southern part. And if the non Muslims in Ernakulam and  Idukki get majority in any chance (high chance is there) the Kerala Hindus will be divided by three parts geographically.  All these are happening under a certain plan by the anti – Hindu force in Kerala.

Demographic change in Kerala marks a disastrous destiny of Kerala Hindus.

Out of 14 districts of Kerala Hindus are minority in at least five districts as the non Hindu population is larger now than the Hindu population there. These districts are (i) Malappuram (ii) Wayanad (iii) Ernakulam (iv) Idukki and (v) Kottayam in which Muslims are singly majority in Mallapuram and Kottayam and Christians are singly majority in Ernakulam Districts as per projection reports available on the basis of Census Report 2001 (published) and the Census Report 2011 (un-published).

As per  Census Report 2001, the district-wise population of Hindus, Muslims and Christians is as follows: Kasaragod: 7,05,234 (Hindus), 4,13,063 (Muslims), 84,891 (Christians); Kannur: 14,80,748 (H), 6,65,648 (M), 2,61,090 (C); Kozhikode: 16,69,161 (H), 10,78,759 (M), 1,27,468 (C); Wayanad: 3,92,141 (H), 2,09,758 (M) 1,75,495 (C); Malappuram : 10,57,418 (H), 24,84,576 (M), 1,75,495 (C); Palakkad: 18,02,766 (H), 7,03,596 (M), 1,09,249 (C); Thrissur : 17,61,842 (H), 4,88,697 (M), 7,20,152 (C); Ernakulam: 14,44,994 (H), 4,51,764 (M), 12,04,471 (C); Idukki : 5,66,744 (H), 81,222 (M), 4,80,108 (C); Kottayam: 9,63,497 (H), 1,16,686 (M), 8,71,371 (C); Alappuzha: 14,57,188 (H), 2,08,042 (M), 4,41,643 (C); Pathanamthitta: 6,94,560 (H), 56,457 (M), 4,81,602 (C); Kollam : 16,85,044 (H), 4,74,071 (M), 4,23,745 (C) and Thiruvananthapuram: 22,02,112 (H), 4,31,512 (M) and 5,95,563 (C). In the red lined districts Hindus became minority now below the strength of Non-Muslim population there.

Following the path of Muslim dominated Mallapuram district, Kottayam also became a certain Hindu Minority District in Kerala.

As per the recent details published by Department of Economics and statistics, Kerala,  out of 19,53,646 population the so called minority Muslims counts for 9,88,057 while the Hindu population is only 9,63,497.

The current demographic trends in Kerala indicate that within the next five years Hindus will become a minority in the land of Sankaracharya (Kerala). As per recent census, Kerala population is: Hindus 56.20 per cent. Muslims 26.7 per cent and Christians 20.90 per cent. But the joint effort of the Muslims and Christians to end the Hindu majority and hold in Kerala to make a Kashimr or Nagaland in the certain parts of the state has been speeding up gradually since the declaration of Mallapuram as the first Muslim majority district in India in 1969. More over, the area wise increase of Muslims and Christians and the decrease of Hindus in Kerala in general is a dangerous threat to so called secular and democratic atmosphere in Kerala. Once Hindus become a minority, Hindu slaughter will begin like in Kashmir and Nagaland. Keralite Hindus cannot stop it in Kerala alone if the others Hindus in every Indian state do not retaliate and restrict the Jihad and Evangelization in Kerala just now. Yes, now or never.  We should support the Hindu cause in Kerala.


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104 comments on “Kerala is Kashmir in South India. Kerala Hindus are under strangulation by Jehadi Islam.

  1. indian citizen
    January 22, 2012

    The demography will decide the fate.


    • jai
      May 24, 2012

      Hinduism is a way of life, that is why no serious takers for RSS and its political clown in Kerala. More exploitation is going on Kerala Hindu circle than any religion there. Apart from injecting Hindu sentiment for communal enmity, RSS has done nothing to improvise the marginally sidelined section of Hindu community in Kerala.. Whether it was the first communal riot in Kerala, which originated in the mid of 1970 at Tellicherry or the ongoing cannibal stupid ideological war in between communist led group and RSS led group, the history of RSS splinter is too weak in Kerala.
      That is why even after applying all tricks in the Hindu dominated part of the state, they are yet to find an opening in the arena of democratic setup.
      If the self styled Hindu Crusaders (RSS) are too much concerned about the Hindus, let them fight for education and castisum not in Kerala, but especially for the socially & economically weaker section of the Hindu community in the northern part of the country, where this RSS are relatively established from the ignorance, illiteracy & superstitious, accompanied with empty stomach.
      Remember, more Dalit/ lower cast Hindus are butchered by Upper cast Hindus in all over India regularly in front of the eyes of RSS.
      Who could forget the Ranvir Sena of the Upper Cast Bihari’s and the silent support to them by the RSS to massacre the landless lower cast poor Hindus?

      I still recall the Kerala in the 1970’s where we were kids and those are the days, in Malabar region, we use to celebrate all religious festivals together and thank God no-one told us this particular festival was related to a particular community, but that warmth among the communities had already destroyed by the fanatic wing of all religions in Kerala.


      • cm
        March 27, 2013

        Mr.jai,correctly said,these religious fanatics spoil kerala………Swami Vivekananda Truly said about these caste n religious fanatics n kerala as ‘MADHOUSE ‘………….


      • nishad
        June 19, 2013

        well said mr jai.instead injecting communal poison to common peoples blood RSS and other hindu orgainisation should think what they have done for the entire community.just watch muslim and christian organisation they are giving islamic and christian education everywhere and what RSS is doing?.just creating the fight .what will be the benefits .innocenet people are lossing their life and can see other communal organisation there are giving financal helpes and even makes home for their community and what RSS has done?because of all these he muslim in kerala not like the north indian they are far work for the hindu backward casts and other people instead of fighting for temples and cow.why there are no charity organisation like chrisian missionaries from hindu community??


        • ashish arya
          October 8, 2017

          Nishad well u r unaware about the RSS work bcoz u r not interested to take part or initiative. let me tell u d truth is if RSS is not here in india.. we would be converted long before .. we still have some unity and value for nation bcoz of RSS, i m from rajasthan and let me tell u that d dedication i have seen in ppl of RSS, i have never seen ppl like that. ppl who r from very good background and can enjoy all luxury of life, spending their whole life in remote parts of rajasthan to establish schools, to run shakha, to make ppl understand to leave castism, my own grand father left his surname when he get in touch with RSS, its ppl like us who raise question on their service, but do not want to participate. second point is indian constitution gives d benifit to minorities to settle their religious and educational institutes where autonomy will remain with them but same is not with majority. most temple trust have govt. affiliated ppl , y would they serve d cause for our religion. did u protest for that?
          thts y they are more organized and hindu ppl r so rigid that they dnt wan to look beyond their caste and regional identity while muslims from any part of d world dont consider themselves a part of nation, they always prefer religion above anythn. and let me tell u about myself that i am pure atheist and do not believe in god but i can die for hindu identity coz this is my identity which i inherit from my parents .. this is d culture of this country. u talked about cow, agn u ignored d fact that north india was land of krishna, i belong to brij area, my family follow arya samaj but still first roti my maa made everytime for cow. i agree that instead fighting for cow, RSS and right wing shd fight to unite ppl and organize them so plz participate, its very easy to make comment on that


  2. rr
    January 23, 2012

    Unless the central cogress leadership falls we are at the receiveing end. So Hindus should fight back unitedly. The unity is laking among us. One need not fight on the streets. When the elections are held all the Hindu votes should be casted without fail. As we can visualze we do have silver lining on the horizon. Let wish for bright future for the sober tempered Hindus.


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    • Vishal Sathyan
      July 26, 2012

      No, it can’t be. But, we want to save our dear Kashmiri Hindu brothers.


  4. Leelamani
    January 26, 2012

    These all are happened due the disarray Hindus. Hindus has to be united. India should be with one religion. That is ‘Bhagavat Gita’. Please wake up my dear Hindu Brothers and sisters. I am al quoting the leter from Srilaoprabhupada.

    4th August, 1958

    Pandit Shri Jawaharlal Nehru,
    Prime Minister of India,
    New Delhi-2

    My dear Pandit Ji,

    Please accept my respectful Namaskar. I beg to inform you that your speech on 2/8/58 at the Gurukul University Hardwar, has given me some inspiration to inform you something about Indian culture. The basic principle of Indian culture is spiritualism which defies the external attraction of phenomenal materialism.

    You are thinking of adjusting western ways of material adjustment with Indian culture of spiritualism and I beg to give you herewith the clue that materialism conducted with an aim of reaching spiritual perfection, is the right adjustment of human activity.

    If the aim of spiritual realisation is missed, the whole plan of materialism is sure to be frustrated and that is the law of Nature. The law of nature is so made by a superior authority and no body can surpass the intracies of material nature simply by partial adjustment of material science. The history of the West beginning from the time of the Greeks and the Romans down to the modern age of atomic war — is a continuous chain of sense gratificatory materialism and the result is that the westerners were never in peace within the memory of 3000 years of historical records. Neither it will be possible for them at any time in future to live in peace till the message of spiritualism just suitable to the present age does not reach their heart.

    Therefore India may not waste her time in imitating the western way of life. You have admitted it that the position of India’s culture is of very high order. But at the same time you want to bring in material prosperity of India by scientific advancement of knowledge. And what is that scientific Knowledge? Spiritualism is also advanced scientific knowledge. Material advancement of scientific knowledge cannot give even the desired material prosperity to the people in general without spiritual help. Swaraj of Mahatma Gandhi was adjusted in spiritualism more than materialism. Do you think that horseless carriage or telephonic or radio communication or any other such ephemeral facilities of life, can bring in material prosperity? No it cannot. Material prosperity means that the people must have sufficient to eat or to maintain the body and soul together in sound health for further development in spiritual consciousness which is conspicuous by its absence in the sense gratificatory life of the animal. Do you think that your different plans have brought in that standard of material prosperity or that modern western civilisation can bring in that ideal prosperity? Even they are given all the facilities of material need yet the unrest will continue to go on till there is spiritual satisfaction of life. That is the secret of peace.

    Both the Americans and the Russians are better materially advanced and although they have different political philosophy of life till they are not materially happy and peaceful because both of them are unconsciously hankering after spiritual realisation as the child cries for the mother without expression by language. You can help the people of the world for satisfying their spiritual hankering as the true Indian messenger of peace. The world has recognised your sincere effort for endeavouring peace in the world and this is the suitable time to help your friends and at the same time glorify the standard of Indian spiritual advancement of knowledge for world peace. Please take up the matter in cool brain.

    Poverty means poverty of knowledge. Prime minister Chanakya Pandit used to live in a thatched house or cottage but he was the dictator of India in the days of Emperor Chandra Gupta. Mahatma Gandhi your poltical Guru voluntarily accepted the ways of the so called poor Indians and still he was the dictator of India’s destiny. But was he actually poverty stricken on account of his plain living with the primitive charkha? He was always proud of his spiritual knowledge. Therefore it is the spiritual knowledge which makes a man really rich and not the radio set or the motor car. Please therefore try to understand this position of Indian culture and try to give it to the western brothers in the prescribed standard method of the liberated persons and that will be an exchange of Indian culture with western material advancement and necessarily bring in a happy life in the peaceful world.

    Here is a programme of spiritual movement (an appeal enclosed herewith). I am struggling alone very hard to give it an effective shape without any help from persons like you. You can help the movement a lot without the least difficulty or disturbances.

    My humble advice to you, as I am your old friend from Allahabad, is that you should now take leave from your present responsibility of Prime ministership and as you are a popular gentleman of the world you can just engage the rest of your most valuable life in this organised spiritual movement to achieve the aim of your life which is yet to be known by the ______ the world. By pushing on this authorised spiritual movement you can make a real adjustment of the western material science combined with Indian way of spiritual realisation.

    Please therefore think over this proposal very seriously and let me know your reaction upon it and oblige. If you can spare a little time, I am sure to convince you about its importance more quickly. Thanking you in anticipation and awaiting your early reply.

    Yours sincerely,


  5. hinduawaken
    January 27, 2012


    Why the UPA govt. has dared to propose such a nasty anti-Hindu bill that would make Hindus slaves and subservient to Muslims. Majority of Hindus have genetic weakness to lick the feet of Muslims. Not only politicians are appeasing Muslims, rather a huge majority of common educated Hindus/Sikhs have been appeasing them since long back. Almost 99% Hindus are quite shameless creatures in dealing with Muslims who don’t leave any opportunity to do the sycophancy of Muslims. Situation is so worse that Hindus (and also Parsi, Christians of India) are very much ready to be ruled, tyrannized and humiliated by Muslims. In fact, Hindus love to be ruled, humiliated, molested, and tyrannized by Muslims. This is why they are tolerating Sonia Govt. that makes such a nasty bill. READMORE


    January 27, 2012

    Embrace Khalsa.
    I request all the Hindus should embrace Khalsa which has shown by GuruGovindSingh. Become brave to face all the ongoing anti Hindu activities.And welcome Arya Samaj in Kerala to reconvert all those Brothers who are practicing desert cult back to Hinduism.
    38 Incidents -Still are we sleeping ?
    (1) Eranakulam Collectorate Bomb blast
    (2) Calicut Bus station twin bomb explosion
    (3) SM Street blast in Calicut
    (4) Narikkatteri bomb blast in Calicut
    (5) Bomb blast on a fibre boat at Beypore fishing harbour, Calicut
    (6) Seizure of pipe bombs under the Kadalundi bridge in Malappuram
    (7) Intermittent small scale explosion has been a regular phenomenon in kerala during the last few years
    (8) Periodic arms seizure across the state is normal
    (9) Coimbatore bomb blast and Abdul Naser Madani, Kerala
    (10) Bangalore bomb blast and Abudul Naser Madani, Kerala
    (11) Kalamassery Bus burning
    (12) Muvattupuzha Professor’s Handchopping incident
    (13) Kashmir terrorist recruitment case
    (14) Killing of Chekannur Maulavi, Edappal, Malappuram district
    (15) Kasargod communal riots and attack on temples
    (16) Panyikulam SIMI Camp near Aluva
    (17) SIMI training camp at Vagamon
    (18) Morality killing of Mr.Shahid Bava, Mukkam, Calicut
    (19) Thalibanic style killing of Mr.Vinesh, Kannur by Popular Front of India
    (20) Slaughter of pregnant Cow inside the temple compound at Perumbavoor
    (21) Attack on police station by NDF activists and rleasing the accused
    (22) Supply and distribution of Drugs to raise funds for terrorism
    (23) Love Jihad
    (24) Circulation of PAK printed fake currency through out Kerala
    (25) Routine activities of Moral policing in different parts of Kerala
    (26) Hawala money transactions
    (27) Assasination attempt on former Chief Minister Mr.EK Nayanar
    (28) Non policing in many parts of Malappuram district
    (29) Many people were reportedly selected from Kerala by LeT and provided training at camps conducted in various centres
    (30) LeT Operative David Coleman Headley’s stay in Munnar and his connection in Kerala
    (31) Visit of LeT Thahavoor Hussein Rana and his connections in Kerala
    (32) Gathering of SIMI activists in Binamipuram, Cochin
    (33) Maradu riots, Calicut
    (34) Bheemapally Violence and Subsequent firing on the Cheriyathura beach, Trivandrum.

    Read this alarming report : Sleep and Snore when terrorists target your Temples || 24/01/2012 01:29:07 || link :

    Thrissur: Making Hindu organisations a scarecrow – Campus Front – The student’s wing of Popular Front terrorists conducted their State Conference at Premises of Vadukkumnatha Temple Ground.

    Campus Front had kept it secret where the venue will be and informed their volunteers about the venue without any publicizing.This itself points to the intelligence failure and Campus front’s motive to conduct their programme in a temple premise to show off their arrogance.

    When Hindu activists protested, Devaswom officials apologised and told a lame excuse that they never knew this campus front is the student wing of NDF Terrorists. Devaswom officials also told that in future Vadakkumnatha Temple ground will only be given for functions of Hindu organisations.

    Arya & Sikh must be united to protect Mother Hindu Dharma.


    Arya-Khalsa Unity Force.


    • pr
      January 15, 2016

      u are living in fantasy world – Panth is in ruins – of course it is my desire to see Dharam in every region of Bharart but how? Enemies of Panth must be brought to justice. Ensaf
      How to regain lost glory and honour of age of Golden Sparrow while racing ahead in space age? Panth never forgives or forgets treason. hindus always betray SikhNation. Sikhs are on their own. Panth is evolving every moment. We may have been brothers but today Sikhi is for Sikhs – we protect ourselves first and as far as I’m concerned only ourselves. Everyone is welcome to become Sikh but reality is Sikhi is a divine birthright. Before hindus were enslaved all had unshorn hair. Ban bollywood, bidi, botle, badmashi and extirpate bharat from plague of mcdonalds/monsanto/marriott – get rid of all non-dharmic creeds – saffronize/sanskritize/civilize. We are living within deepest darkest kaljug when our sisters and daughters and mother cows are being raped murdered and tortured to death in every region of Earth. Moslem bollywood mafia mocks Sikhs. mrikans pretend they cannot differentiate between sikh and moslem and hindu and hate us at deepest possible level. albino peoples are ruthless and unmatched when it comes to cruelty and evil – hindus imitate the west and are thieves – hindus stole Dharam from Sikhi -the price for betraying Sikhi and panth is high. om shanti om


  7. Rajput
    May 1, 2012

    I fail to understand of all the religions why does Islamists always set a bad example of bullying, violence and hatred? Every religion teaches to love …its just a way of recognizing God.. fighting like kids my god is greater than yours…they are just misguided youth. Hindus understand this. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world for a reason and it will always be the ‘eternal law’.


    • pr
      January 15, 2016

      Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji Maharaj forbids Sikhs from associating with Moslems.


  8. Sunil Shaw Chopra
    June 1, 2012

    Hindus of Kerala must unite a take help of Sikh community & not allow to make any further Mosque in Kerala, convert Muslim/christian youth in Hinduism by providing facilities like education,jobs,food as what they are doing & getting stronger in numbers.


    • Nixa
      October 4, 2018



    • Shyam sundar
      September 18, 2020

      Wow mr Sunil what an idea, this the problem we don’t first look at our problems. Let’s first educate our people first feed them and give jobs then we can think of giving it to muslims and Christians.


  9. Ramukeers
    August 8, 2012

    The problem is the lack of unity amongst hindus. The bjp which is an insignificant party in Kerala is squabbling amongst themselves without any power in their hands and just imagine if they had power they would become much more corrupt and less focused on the needs of the Hindus. First of all the cadre based party has a blackened face and they are our saviours!!!


  10. Suresh Ghimire
    September 25, 2012

    We need strong unity first of all. Lets unite our group. I am from Nepal. Cow slaughters will be jailed for 15 years as per our constitution. As majorities of Malayalam’s are Hindus, why to get tensed from those sinful rascals????


    • akt crat
      June 7, 2019

      In kereala even Hindus eat beef!


  11. manasya eeshah
    November 16, 2012

    The time has come… now or never…. The God is leaving God’s own country. Where is Arya samaj and guys who promote Hindu reconversion? There are at least 3 TV channels to promote antihindu sentiments in Kerala , but none Hindu. There should be active centers in Kottayam and Malappuram. As Hindus we must work hand in hand to bring up a opposition which will give rise to govt like Mody’s in Kerala. Just imagine the possibilities in Kerala. With such an efficient govt, there will be people’s support so that it easier to revert Kerala back to it’s original status.


  12. sajeesh
    April 10, 2013

    The only way to get the country safe or hindu safe in kerala is , all the communist party come under bjp or rss. in Gods own contry.


  13. Krishnamurthy
    April 16, 2013

    right to recall PM, TCP, MCRM Jury system etc is the only way to save Hindus and freedom of our country.
    for more details


  14. pankaj tiwari
    June 7, 2013

    the problem in our nation is congress party! they try to grasp muslim vote bank and stay in power no matter where our nation heads..! we need to end this problem at once for all that can be only done by spreading diseases like anthrax and other various diseases …


  15. nishad
    June 18, 2013

    dear brothers,
    as person from so called malappuram district i have a say to all the commentors .please visit atleast one time to malappuram or any malabar district .i have damn sure none of them have ever visited malappuram.i can challenge you all “just show me an example communal riots between any community in malappuram after independence”.Here in you can see temple and mosque together with only a wall differnce and in my village we muslims collect the money to rebuild a destroyed temple and we all participate on the temple festivals too.About 1921 riots ,it was clearly misinterpreted by the british to divide us.there is terrorist in all religions .they are criminals .so please dont inject poison to keralaites blood.we are different from the north indians .


    • malayappaswamy
      June 23, 2013

      dear Nishad,
      A communal riot is when two communities clash, but in Malappuram district of Kerala there is indeed no communal riot as you say, and that’s because THE HINDUS ARE IN NO POSITION TO RETALIATE THERE. Malappuram is Muslim-majority district and the minority Hindus have been reduced to Dhimmitude. They are completely voiceless and helpless. Since the non-believing Kafirs (Hindus) are already weak and helpless, there is no scope for any riot as such. Thus, Malappuram is an undeclared Islamic Caliphate. Shariah courts, Islamic banks, Islamic insurance and jihadi training are rampant. Why Shariah courts and Islamic banking in a secular country ? Also, statues of famous personalities are not allowed in Malappuram since idolatry is un-Islamic. Recently, the statue of the famous writer and humanist Vijayan was vandalised by Islamic goons because they considered the presence of a statue in a Muslim-majority area to be idolatrous and blasphemous to Islam. The Muslim society in Kerala is gradually being Talibanized due to the huge inflow of oil money from Saudi Arabia (lakhs of Malayalees are working there). It would be nice if you could come out of this denial mentality that all is well in Kerala, because ALL IS NOT WELL.


      • nishad
        June 26, 2013

        dear brother swamy,
        i agree that riot the clash between the communities but not the entire community.i mean if there is attck against Hindu brothers it will be by a few people and hindu brothers can easily retaliate even they are few.but the truth i that there is no such problem.other thing,i thing you dont know what is islamic banking .its doesnt mean the is transaction system without any interest .with this bank all kinds of people can have use .a lot people had commit sucidein our country because of the cruel interst system of our national or private sector banks.once the government had paln to open to open islamic bank system but they stopped because they got information from other banks that it will lead the demolishion of other banks .we can understand that the reason which you are opposing this its the name”islamic bank”.even u dont like we can have this with any other name like interest free bank or like that because it will be usefull to our society.i think somebody made u fool by saying there is shariah court in malappuram.if u believe it is true mention the palce which the court exist.we all are under indian costitution and indian penal code and we all are accepting keralaites cant believe these kinds of foolish news which u stated before because in kerala we have more trasparent system in every field including media .if in malappuram sharia court and islamic bank exist it is against our constitution and the media should have discovered me any news paper or TV channel reports accepting this.islamic insurance,there is no such an idea in islam.actually islam oppose these kind of i dea.then how come the islamic insurance in kerala.for your information u might have read news paper that on the day republic some muslims near manglore rised pakisthani flag in their locality.later what happend?????the muslim traitors captured???????/the police under BJP government found out that it was sree ram sena behind this .like wise here also happend in a place named TIrur.its the muslim league going to reform this.i know this fact better than u because i am staying near this area.dear not only muslim are working in saudi arabia.hindu muslim christian all are there and they are not giving money as free to creat terrorism here.its the value of their i have an appeal to you before writing these kind of follishness study the facts and read not only communal fanatic media but also other meadis as well.if u r not keralite learn about kerala and dont inject these kinds of poison and dont try to make kerala as fanatic north indians.we dont want any gujrat ,ayodhya or assam here.we love to be as keralite love to be peace lovers


    • malayappaswamy
      June 30, 2013

      dear Nishad,
      I am not writing foolishness, you are in a denial mode. Before you accuse Hindus and north Indians of intolerance, turn the pages of history and go to the year 1921. In the wake of the Khilafat movement (which had nothing to do with the Indian Independance movement but was a pan-Islamist movement) the worst genocide of Hindus in modern times took place in Malabar. The Moplah Muslims went on a killing spree and slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Hindus just because the Caliphate in Turkey was abolished. Hindu women were raped en masse, lakhs of Hindus became homeless and had to flee the region, and many were forcefully converted to Islam. The Moplah genocide of 1921 will never be forgotten.
      Then fast-forward to 2003, when a second Moplah massacre took place. Have you heard of Marad ? One Friday, after the jumma prayers, a large murderous Muslim mob rushed out of the mosque and ran to the adjacent beach and randomly hacked to death 8 Hindu fishermen. When police went to arrest the culprits, the culprits went and hid inside the mosque and hundreds of local Muslim women surrounded the mosque and formed a human shield to prevent the police from arresting the culprits. Thus, the Muslim community by and large abetted and supported the Marad massacre. Why else would hundreds of Muslim women protect the culprits ? The Marad massacre was a fine example of the great tolerance and secularism in Kerala.
      The organized minorities have fully exploited the rights in a state like Kerala. Today they own more than 90 per cent of educational institutions and still demand all kinds of state benefits and bounties. Is it fair on the part of the state to favour only the richer and organised sections? We all believe in social justice and equality for all, but how come only a section enjoys everything at the cost of others?
      Several thousand Muslims from Malappuram are employed in Gulf countries. With the free flow of money from the Middle East and with the political power of the Muslim League cabinet ministers, Muslims work to undermine economic security of Hindus and disrupt Hindu family life. The goal of their strategy is to drive Hindus out of the district. Some congress politicians become a tool in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalist groups in Malappuram district.
      All the schools and colleges are controlled by Muslims and special privileges are accorded to them enabling them to neutralize Hindus. Hindu students are an easy target for psychological indoctrination. One of the most telling examples of such policy in action is the cancellation of educational classes on Friday and Muslim holidays including the month of Muslim Ramadan. By using such psychological manipulation, Muslims succeed in creating anxiety, fear and panic among young Hindus. The atmosphere created by such acts casts a great shadow over Hindu society. Hindus also feel unsafe in their own homes and workplaces, daily life is disrupted, causing considerable harm to personal and family morale. Hindus in general are depressed, marginalized and demoralized. Suicide rate among Hindus are increasing in Malappuram. The Muslim message is: until you leave Malappuram district, you will not be safe.
      Muslims exert economic pressure on Hindus with money and political power. Muslims try to amplify Hindu fear by denying them economic and educational opportunities at institutions and businesses controlled by them. With the free flow of money from the Gulf countries and government subsidies, Muslims are grabbing lands, property and small businesses from poor Hindus. Poor, unemployed Hindus are driven out of urban areas dominated by Muslims.
      Government policy of Muslim appeasement, special privileges and financial aid exclusively for Muslims is what makes strategic threats of Muslims more harmful to Hindus.
      The Hindus of Kerala are politically orphaned, and even a Congress politician like AK Anthony has admitted that the organized minorities of Kerala get much more than what is their due.
      Just like Mohammad is the prophet of Islam, Adi Sankaracharya is the greatest prophet of Hinduism. Saudi Arabia is the land of Prophet Mohammad and Kerala is the land of Sankaracharya. Compare the status of religious minorities in the land of the Islamic prophet with the status of religious minorities in the land of the Hindu prophet. From Syrian Christians and Jews to Moplah Arab Muslims, who have not got shelter in the land of Adi Sankara ? But what do the Hindus of Kerala get in return of this generosity and tolerance ? Gradually, Hindus are decreasing in population and the Muslim population is exploding. Why are Hindus becoming minority in the land of their prophet ? Isn’t there reason enough for the Hindus to be frustrated ? This Hindu frustration has given rise to the likes of VHP, RSS and others whom you call “communal fascists”.


      • nishad
        July 17, 2013

        Dear brother swamy,
        u have misunderstood the facts regarding malabar rebellion and marad riots because of may be from the Hindu extremist organization lead news papers or articles. As i mentioned before the riot was against the british your arguments you mentioned many hindus killed in this are right!because on that era there was many hindus and muslims jenmies were the supporters of british rules along with the british army these supporters also attacked and killed by the rioters.For me those british supporters i wll consider them as “”Traitors not hindus”” i think instead of Hindu you will also consider them the recent times the India based historians completely turned the fact that the malabar rebellion was a communal riot it was the bristish historians who misinterpreted this as a communal riot.for them it was a real threat to british rule so as per their “Divide and rule policy”they expands this everywhere. .the same thing happened in the case of indias first freedom movement .as per the british historians it was communal up rise against the can its justified??.more over that the Kerala governmet is providing life long pension to the participants of the malabar the govt will give pesnion to to communal extremists?????it is not happen even in Gujarat also.!1
        for your information the so called Marad is not in malappuram District it is in near by district Calicut where hindus are more poulated than muslim .i dont know from where you got this not going to support whatever happened in was happened in between the uneduated backwaded fishermen community.previosly it was not in the form of communal riot.may be you dont know that there was no fight between the hindu muslim community it was in between cretain peoples.on the second marad riot 7 hindus were killed .it was not done by the muslims the relatives of the victims of the first marad riot was responsible for this.if you have any doubt regarding this you can check the mard case accused list.later RSS and VHP aroused it as communal issue.
        in kerala,i don’t know you are keralite or not,most of the educational institutions are controlled by communal organizations not only by muslims but other also including NSS,SNDP,MES and the christian managements etc.these all are working under either the curriculum of kerala govt or CBSE or NCERT.the 90% theory of you utterly foolish because more than Around 50%controlled by the hindu management.i have proof for this ,if u have proof for ur argument just show me proof instead firing no bullet gun.all the muslim management are working under kerala govt syllabus and curriculum and there is no moral studies in schools they separate madrasa for this so how can muslim neutralise hindus????funny isnt it???or mad accusation!!
        not only muslims are working in gulf counntries large number of hindus also is not due to muslim communal theory .since the formation of kerala state the people of malappuram including hindu and muslim were far behind in eduacatiion and economic progress.i think u r well eduacted to understand that to migrate to USA or Europe u should have minimum educational qualification .but in the case middle east there is no restriction till the recent years.because of this reason large number of uneduacated backwaded people from malabar not only from malappuram migrated to gulf.there in gulf they are not giving anything as free as because of muslim its only the value of the sweat they are getting there.the progress shown in the malappuram is not becasue of muslim league or kerala Govt.its the gulf money made malappuram you can see most of the govt jobs including banks,schools and other,most of them has occuppied by Hindu or christian .its not denial its the fact with how can ur denial of oppurtunity to hindu is justified??muslim are only few on that posts.its the muslims in india denied the oppurtunities as per narendran commision u know that better than me.
        these all accusations are coming from the hindu extremist groups like RSS,VHP etc.its the kerala muslim is the well organised,eduacated and well occuppied muslim community in india .there goal is to disperse the muslims and even our country India.most of the terrorist attacks in the recent history committed by the hindu not jusifying the muslim terrorist.they had done the same also.they ahve different agenda .for me im not supporter of any communal organisation .so i appeal u that instead spreading communal poison work for the sake of our country
        Jai Hind


      • basa swami
        December 11, 2013

        Thank you Nishad for telling Jai Hind. thank you for keeping and holding India above the religion you profess – Islam. We Hindus will never come and sell our religion to you. We have enormous respect for your religion. We don’t want to increase our numbers at the cost of you. We would be bored to live without you as friends. But seeing you and your guys fellow christian evangelists destroying our culture like the way they destroyed great Greek and Romand civilizations … our blood boils… we never learnt violence for 10,000 long years… but now the time has come for all of us Hindus to learn and master the art of retaliation form the brave rajputs and the honourable sikhs – just to teach your arrogance a lesson – we have to restore the balance. This is Hindu India and not a Catholic vatican or a 6th century Arabia. We love you and tolerant attitude. We want all the christians and muslims to become like you – who could understand and appreciate others’ belief and customs. Please do ask the Kerala state government if they are taking over the temples and their lands then the churches and mosques should also be taken over – if they are secular then minorities should not be appeased… the religious conversions need to be banned – evangelism should be stopped. Pseudo seculars should not be tolerated.


    • Bharat
      April 19, 2014

      Dear Nishad – Al Taqqiya does not work anymore with Hindus, they have awakened


    • Hindu Agnostic
      June 10, 2014

      Dear Nishad,
      Lemme tell give an Advice: DONT WASTE UT BREATH…!!
      Leave these people be. These fanatics, whichever religion they may claim to be from, have always and will always remain a minority, and inspite of showers of love you may throw upon them, they’ll still percieve the people of other religions wid hatred…
      lemme justify my point about these people being a minority…
      back in 1945.. during the elections for the Constituent Assembly, Congress won a great majority, for its secular views.. Did the Muslim League win a majority. ?? no..!! it did not.. contrary to popular belief.. muslims even upto 1937 elections did not vote for he League at all (<4% muslim votes went to the Muslim league)
      Even in 1945.. the League won only those seats which were reserved specially for Muslims in Muslim dominant areas of NWFP and East Bengal..
      Even now Bro.. do u see these fanatic elements openly claiming banning of muslims and promoting Hindu Terrorism..?? nd this in a dominant Hindu Country..!!
      BJP won only 39% votes in a country wid 85% Hindus.. what does that tell u about what the majority of Hindus percieve BJP and others as..?? the majority do not want any hatred towards anyone.. we all want peaceful coexistence and tolerance..
      How many major Muslim parties do u see in India..?? hardly any.. they constitute 14% of our population.. the Sikhs, Christians, Jains.. who are in far less numbers than Muslims..all have a dominant Political Party exclusive for their religions.. But even in the areas where Muslims are a majority in India.. we do not see a domnnant muslim party..
      but these facts are for those who want to discuss and come to a conclusion.. not for those who have a sterotypical mindset..
      So my Brother Nishad..
      let these people be.. Dont waste ur energy here..
      Concentrate and direct ur energy to more productive use in serving our country..
      Nd I repeat.. Ignore these fanatics.. They cant do much bad.. nd least good to this Beautiful Country of Ours…
      take care..
      nd luv ya..


  16. shankar
    June 23, 2013

    All these Muslims are converted Hindus by Tipu sultan in 18th century…he had converted over 4 lakhs Hindus to Islam…..


    • Rajneeth
      April 10, 2016

      Well, That is a true fact. It show you never touched your f***** feet in School or History Classes.. For your kind information, Islam came to India(kerala) with Muslim invasions and Arab trade to the Malabar Coast in the 7th–8th century. The malabar area of Kerala was the first place on the land of India where Islam first preached. So the impact was there in Malabar. Did you ever hear a violence or terrorist activity or riots in kerala which leads to converting Hindus to muslim. also I haven’t heared the number 4 lakh hindus converted. I heared many hindus (Brahmins and Nairs ) fled to Travancore.


  17. Boforsthief Sonia
    July 23, 2013, Mappila Riot : 1921-1922. Genocide in North Kerala. And the victors have written it up as being part of the ‘ freedom struggle’. Tuesday, 23 August 2011 Mannur Holocaust ( Nov 8, 1921 ).,

    Bit dot ly/14wMQ1X, The 1921 Malabar muslim terrorism – The Keep Military Museum, Dorchester, Dorset
    bit dot ly/14wQtVq, bit dot ly/14wQGrO, bit dot ly/14wPS6f, bit dot ly/14wQRDu, New York times. 1921 Mopila Lahala in Kerala, 1921 mappila lahala or muslim terrorism in Kerala in youtube. Even RSS came in to being only in 1925 only.


  18. Damu Nair
    September 8, 2013

    vote for congress and communist and make non Hindu india


    • vinod
      October 28, 2013

      I agree.Why secularism for Hindus only and why strict adherence to religion for others.
      Make sanskrit the official language for hindus and india,linguistic divide will be put to an end.
      Abolish casteism ,no discrimination
      Comprehensive and mandatory religious education for hindus will put an end to regional divide as well
      Hindus should vote as a block to pro hindu parties to ensure their victory but at the same time hold the government accountable
      The start always begins with us on an individual note


  19. onehindus
    October 22, 2013

    this nishad is a liar like other mulllas. i strongly suggest all hindus in erala and in all india please be unite to protect our nation from these brutal islamic forces. keralian hindus must unite and develop weapons and must take weapons with and within home to protect themselves from mullas


  20. Trivandrum Talk Pro
    October 23, 2013

    Not only politicians are appeasing Muslims, rather a huge majority of common educated Hindus/Sikhs have been appeasing them since long back


    • basa swami
      December 11, 2013

      yes… these pseudo seculars who don’t have pride in calling themselves a Hindu should be banned from this country…. It is because of the silence of the majority that we are giving away. Please voice your anger.


  21. Suraj Goud
    November 20, 2013

    Congress Party Is The Biggest Enemy Of HINDU’s ….. Congress Supports ISLAMIC TERRORISM .

    All Hindus Plz Support RSS & VHP …& vote 4 MODI


    • sahayak
      May 15, 2015

      All Hindus please awake from your great slumber and get united or perish! Finish all enemies- first -the Italian enemies , the Congress and all the leftists ruthlessly for their rape of original Indian culture ,religion and society taking the benefit of the generous nature of our society and people.!Regain the glory of this great country and regain the lost pride of the great nation. Now or never .


  22. kailash bajrangi
    December 9, 2013

    If hindu didn;t beware from barbaric islam day they kill all hindu


  23. umesh
    December 18, 2013

    Is there any secular ‘muslim-majority’ country in the world?
    then, why should India be so secualr when majority& indigenous hindus are at risk?

    The only solution to avoid india becoming another khashmer is, all hindu votes should goto only BJP. Let our votes not devided for congress/cpi/cpm/and other local parties etc.. They are useless. Since 1947 to tilldate, india is still under foriegn ruling only..


  24. sushil patel
    January 21, 2014

    sushil singh patel
    since a long time , hindus are bieng attacked and killed by muslim terrors, basically muslims are trying to grow there population to compare with hindus. Sikhs are the anti-muslim fighters and congress wanted to kill them.
    make BJP strong.


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  27. Raj Dada
    February 11, 2014

    My Hindu brothers & sisters it’s awake call to all of us. Muslims spread their relogion by either marrying Hindu girls by cheating them or by bullying innocent people.
    Please teach our sisters, daughters, siblings & call back all who have fallen their pray.


  28. teen
    March 7, 2014

    Ok, I do understand about the muslim part , because they earned a bad name in kerala with terror and jihad ,when you say about the christians in kerala it purely shows your intention of creating a religious riot to get vote for BJP,christians are not even trying to stop islam activity in their own countries like uk , if you want proof go search for ‘islam activists in uk or europe ‘ in you tube you will get an idea, more over christian schools and colleges in kerala have contributed a lot for the community of kerala. Christians are not killing any one in kerala for religious reasons. though congress party of kerala is connected with some evangelical christian mafia groups. Kerala had seen only two christian cm’s Mr oomen Chandy and Antony. unfortunately the christian groups sometimes create tie up with maoist and rebellion groups in north west. christians killed swami Laxmanananda in orrisa as a reaction of killing of graham stains, i think. So please don’t compare christians with islamic extremists .Plus all muslims are not extremists, but a huge numbers are there and most of the muslims support terrorist laders like Osama bin Laden, saddam hossain, Dayud Ibrahim, Mulla Omar etc.

    Christians and hindus in india must come together to fight against islam.


    • SeaLion
      May 7, 2014

      Teen it is very clear that you are a Xian, and ur Bloodthirsty, cannibalistic desert ideology of Xianity makes you think all are fools except you Blood baptised xians, eating flesh and drinking blood baptism. You say christians are not killing anybody. I think you have not had your christian medicine urine called Whiskey. Do you know G.W. Bush, the mass murdering genocidal maniac a “born again christian”, have you ever heard of Obama another Xian and the genocide in Syria, Egypt, CAR, MALI where entire Muslim Population has been made fugitive and massacred by Blood thirsty Xian militias backed by France just because one President was Muslim, while here in India you Xian Genocidal demonaic maniacs including you try to garner votes for christian sonia and her Medieval barbaric inquisition against Hindus. You say Swami Lakshmanada was killed for that white skinned staines, then we Hindus have all the right to kill the entire Demonaic barbaric christian clergy as this is behind ALL VIOLENCE in India against Hindus with backing of that medieval Inquisitor sonia, a crass, uncultured barmaid from Gutters of Naples whose biological father was a Nazi. In fact its NO COINCIDENCE that all Hindu major pilgrimages, whether Kumbh, Mahakumbh, Ayyapa Swami Pilgrim, Haridwar Fire, Uttrakhand, WITH demonical precision tragedies have happened in last 10 years of your sonia rule with major Loss of life.It is DUE TO THE MANIACAL DEMONAIC BARBARIC CHURCH AND CHRISTIANS DELIBERATELY creating stampede and murder with tacit support of sonia. The savage barbaric Chjristian Inquisition vide the christian-Bangali whore controlled anti Hindu anti national media against Hindu Saints by Nazi bardancer sonia (and ALL WERE THROWN OUT BY COURTS AS THE GUTTER TRASH of sonia mafia) BABA RAMDEV, SHANKRACHARYA OF KANCHI, Swami Narendra Maharaj, Sadhavi Pragya, Nithyananda, Baba Ram Rahim, Swami Keshwanada, Kripalu ji Maharj, Param Pujya Asaram Bapuji, Mata Amritanandniji, while the same Christian Chucrh Vatican Mafiosi sonia allowed killers of sister abaya go scot free and escape to Italy,the heinous child rapist “Rev” Ghule is still out after meeting sonia wqhen charged with rape of minor while the girls have disappeared, the abuser of Manipuri Girl the christian father is free thanks that christian savage sonia, a gutter born bardancer who would have been now begging in filth of Naples, but for large heartedness of Hindus (In any other country she would have been been thrown in sea long before she dreamy of being PM), the conniving debautched worse than gutter pig media in hand of CIA-ISI-Opus Di-and Traitors are SILENT on it. Even Today the UN censored Vati-Cunt and the paedophiole bloodthirsty Pope for child abuse ( while the media is silent becaus the christian-bangali whore media mafiosi will not get their 2 pegs of liquor and some crumbs of dog meat from their white baaps at Langley, even after they have orgies with their mothers , sisters and daughters. It is very clear that Indian Mujahideen and SIMI are sonia-church-Vatican outfits to create a civil war in India between Hindus -Muslims and the Brain behind is Church-Christian. The Home Minister and sonia lapdog that despised dog faced shinde has already indicated that “If IM had taken my advise Indian would have been wracked by riots worse than 1947”, and ITS Barbaric, evil, bloodthirsty cunning christians who are behind the murder of 12000 Hindus in blasts in last 10 years. AND THAT CIA DOG worse than Jinnah and Pope agent shinde and that nefarious sonia is protected by Indian forces. SHAME ON INDIAN FORCES AND POLICE. But they are hand maidens. THE LAST 10 YEARS HAVE BEEN OUTRIGHT PLUNDER AND GENOCIDE OF HINDUS FOR WHICH THEY SHOULD NEVER FORGIVE, FORGET AND SWEAR REVENGE ON SONIA AND XIANS. AND YOU DARE SAY YOUR CHRISTIAN LIE THAT XIANS ARE NOT KILLING ANYBODY. The schools and colleges of xians are a vicious conspiracy to create ANTI NATIONALS and deliberatly Hindu temples have been kept under control by evil christian sonia (planted in India by christian enemies of India) so that Hindus do not have quality colleges of their own while the vast Nehruvian (Lady Mountbatten) conspiracy was implemented to degrade Govt education, so that missionary schools can create TRAITORS who fill media and Political parties wearing Ties and panties.
      READ SOME HISTORY your barbarism of “LOVE” is all over the Net. Read China;s christian rebellion on Joshua Project-KKKan Wikipedia itself, a christian demon,self styled “Brother of Christ”(like G.W.Bush hearing God;s voices) with a Harem of 16000 womenand BIB-LIE in 17 century created a worse bloodshed in China, killing 20 million people (More than WW-I) IN NAME OF CHRIST, Read Jpan christian Shogun and his bloodlust, Read Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Tainos, Prussians,Jews ALL EXTINCT (with great “LOVE”), the Vatican incited Rwanda genocide list is too long…slavery killing 9 million Blacks in ships itself. ALL VAMPIRISH DEMONS Hitler, Mussolini,……………………..Bush…..) born in your desert ideology.NAXALISM IS ANOTHER CHRISTIAN CHURCH VERMIN OF SONIA as by mail below clearly defines
      GO TEACH SOMEBODY ELSE. THE UNITY NEEDED IS BETWEEN HINDUS ONLY, so we can see some nefarious attempt of Muslim Legue supporters (same Muslim League which divided India and killed 3 million Hindus) to give some lame EXCUSE on Moplah massacre and MARAD massacre.IF HINDUS BECOME UNITED AND AGGRESSIVE LIKE KHALSA, HINDRAF, LTTE, TAHT WILL SOLVE ALL PROBLEM AS SONIA’S WHITE SKIN COMES ON LINE AND SHE WILL FLEE SO WILL THE CHURCHIANS


    • Rohit
      May 2, 2017

      I am agree with you in this.


  29. Lonnie
    May 3, 2014

    Remarkable! Its actually amazing post, I have got much clear idea on
    the topic of from this post.


  30. SeaLion
    May 5, 2014



  31. please dont worry ,dynastic rule is over both rahul and priyanka will run for their lives shortly along with their cronies ,as for sonia gandhi she will be leaving for italy along with fellow italians and her chamchas and cronies ,both maneka and varun are enough for usand this country ,surprisingly china has welcomed modi and his glorious win and pakistan wantstoshake hands why not give pakistan a chance openthe 6 lane lahore to amritsar highway with only one check atthe border by both armies,five years in saudi arabia and nawaz sharif is a changed man,,every bodywants wants growth prosperity ,and development except kerala which continues to be a lunatic asylum ,i have lived 20 yrs in kerala though born bred andraised elsewhere,in 20 yrs i have become alright but kerala is the same,i have retreated into my own world and strictly mind my own business as medical director andprofessor of clinical cardiology and as president s m memorial global ventures


  32. Hindu Agnostic
    June 15, 2014

    ohh. for those poor paranoid “Hindus” screaming “we are being attacked”, “muslims will kill us all”..
    Go check the statistics of the victims of the riots..
    Independent studies of all riots till 2002 have shown more than 75% of the victims to be Muslims… Good job Indians.. in making the minorities feel secure..!!
    Go do some study.. nd then make claims..!!


    • Abhi
      July 1, 2014

      Why u don’t see dat max. Of riots r due 2 Muslim provocations.We Hindus r for years peace loving people bt u Muslims hv genetical problem of unrest and voilence.


      • Hindu Agnostic
        July 10, 2014

        do u have any facts to support ur claim that max of these riots have been caused by muslims..?? or that these muslims have a problem wid their dna..??
        checked all their dnas have u..??

        nd what about the many thousands of Muslims who have contributed so much to the past and present of our country.?? nd will in ths future..??
        Maulana abul Kalam Azad, APJ Abdul Kalam, Syed Abdul Rahim, Zakhir Husain, Syed Asif Ibrahim, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan and many lakhs more..??
        search for the prominent muslims of India nd find out..
        they have problem of “unrest and hatred” as well..??

        “we hindus are peace loving” and then this page wid u fanatics just appear out of ur love, right.??

        why dont u do hrself a favour nd get ur own dna checked..?? or better still.. ur brain..?? cuz thats where the problem lies..

        not just in u.. but in any person.. of any religion.. spreading the message of hate.. has a problem wid their brain..

        so.. i say again..
        Long Live India.. Long Live Unity…


    • ritu
      September 1, 2014

      1. i really hate these people who blindly support something and called themselves as secular. but sir for ur kind information u r not secular but an idiot and if u r a muslim then u should do some reserch on ur religion.its not the people who are bad but its the ideology of islam,yah some muslims 2-3% are really good and they really love their country and do not follow or take some violent part of these quran,hadith seriously. but they are so less in number that it can’t make any difference to their community. the turth is wherever there will be a muslim majority they will either kill the minority or force them to leave or convert them, and they will never be patriotic ,that is not their fault but that is only the ideology of islam. they can never love their land since itis not in their dictionary ,it will be haram for them,to praise or worship anything other than allah, adoption is not in the culture of islam. in india the real minority are christian,jain,baudh,jews and persian and they also love their country. u know what, why every religion got problem with islam bcoz they follow satan rule .in their words killing or converting kaafirs can send them to jannat. i don’t understand by what way killing innocent people can send them to jannat even they don’t deserve any place in hell also ,this is not only in india but every were. go and do some work to refresh your current affairs and also your history, wherever muslims are in majority ,they are either trying to kill the people of other religion or force them to convert .even they are killing each other in the name of shia,sunni,ahmdi etc so they will never be in peace,and if they are in minority they will shout to be secular,for ex- let us start from gujrat, it was started by muslims only .they burn the whole train in the sake of babri masjid and same action was taken by these pakistanis and bangladeshi, i don’t understand how somthng like this is more imp than humanity ,if they really want to get revenge then they can break some mandir or murti.but killing an innocent one is not a creative thing and when they got the reaction from hindu extremist. it beacame riots, and same thing happen in mujarfarnagar ,assam ,mumbai and other parts of india ie opposed by some extremist hindu. so itis always started by idiot muslims for a silly things. but in kashmir it became tragedy bcoz it was not reacted by kashmiri hindu and all kashmir pandit even some muslims who really love their india and want to be a part of india was either killed by these terrorist n kashmiri muslims or forced to leave their own place .same cleansing of other religion like hindu,baudh,yezidi,christian is happening in pakistan,bangladesh,iraq,brunei,egypt etc .in all these countries they first get converted and then they lost their own culture ,their ethnicity ,their tradition and they opt arab ,and this is what the islam says first convert them or kill them and then clear their main culture and tradition. in iraq they are killing these yezidi n christian but in isreal itis not happening so they started shouting for peace. .according to ali sina ( if u know him) every muslim have a potential to be a terrorist if he is following kuran,hadith,saria and those who are not is bcoz they are not taking these thing seriously , bcoz its whole fundamental is based upon it . and those scholars of islam are more dangerous then these terrorist bcoz terrorist are showing a true face of islam but these scholars are hiding the truth of kuran from world by manipulating it. one of my friend (she was muslim) was against the govt for punishing these terrorist ,aacording to her they are upto somthing. for 2nd one (she was also muslim) always try to make me feel inferior for my culture n tradition and use to compare her allah n muhammad with other gods (acc to her there is no other god then allah) and try to proof how great they are, but unfortunately i wasn’t convince since i had got some knowledge about these quran n muhammad from one of my jews freind.and also i read some from various sources n quran itself.she always use to say that allah don’t allow killing anyone n islam means peace , so one day i ask a quest from her that then according to quran “is osma bin laden will go to hell and gandhiji will go to jannat” she said no but he(osma) will go to jannat and gandhiji will go to hell becoz he is a kafir”. so my dear friend this whole story is only to proof my point n not to convince you becoz i know that itis not going to make any diffrence in your opinion( that is if u r a muslim then u r going to follow the same ringtone that no islam is not like that it means peace go n read quran carefully with hadith n blah blah……….., and if u are a so called secular then plz change it becoz this not what the secular means that is appreciating every thing of one religion(muslim) even the evil one n supporting it blindly.plz try to respect sentiment and culture of every religion but not above the humanity n ur country.

      2. in india these all people are the converted one(most of them forcefully by mughal or other muslim empire n their ancesstor were either hindu or baudh n they forgot their own culture n tradition ) .muslim will show their peacefull face when they will be in minority n call others as their brother n sister but the day ,they become majority they start shouting nizam e mustafa n allah oh akbar and people of other religion were presented with three choices — Ralive, Tsaliv ya Galive (convert to Islam, leave the place or prish) .and yah there will be some peacefull muslims who call themselves peace lover not becoz they will stop these terror by stopping these jihadis n protecting the others ,but they will call peaceloving becoz they have not taken part in jihad and killing of these kaafirs. but sry to say that they will not go against jihad becoz itis against the quran n they really want to be in don’t expect anything from these people and also not to argue becoz they will never change ,they will always show their own fact to proof their point but will never except any fault in their beleif n ideology. becoz srsly they don’t want to see it ,whole time they used to read quran and hadith but they never asked from their parents that how a god can speak such hatred word or how women can be like a private property or how mohammad can marry a 6 year old girl ,kill his own tribe n beheaded more than 700 people (becoz they were not ready to accept islam) only in sake of religion n call himself a prophet. any religion and its faith is good until it will not cause any harm to others and had a characterstics of adoption n flexibility but islam is far away from this.these muslims can abuse your god or raise question mark on your faith without any fear even they are living in hindu populated country but some hindu or other then muslim even muslim dare to try these(abusing their prophet n allah) thing in pakistan,egypt,arb or any of the muslim majority country u will get your answer, they will send you straight to hell ( not jannat becoz u r a kaafir).


  33. kgk vayalar
    July 23, 2014

    please read page11 of latest organiser weekly .and brief its content here……….minister felt ashamed with ganga name to official building and erased it himself changed as grace…… it respond it………..send protest letters to lok ayuktha etc……..


  34. Samir
    August 4, 2014

    Hindu Agonist is A COMMIE-SECULARI slut, maybe no Engineer, Dr, Scientist, Farmer, but a 2 bit 2 bit Media Gutter insect wriggling in shit.ONLY PSYCHOTIC RETARDS whose 7 bastardized generations combined cannot even crack a question of 5th std Maths or science, those good for nothing usless gutter scums go in media, BECAUSE they possses one property,they can set their mothers, sisters and daughters for mass rape by white masters..The one who cannot even spell if he is not drunk, judging the brains of Engineers, Drs, Scientists and others HE HE HE HE
    After all India media are just bedwarmers of any white skinned shit cleaner. WHY EVEN ALLOW THIS TWO BIT BASTARD THE SPACE HERE, and WHO IS HE TO ASK FOR DATA, if he cannot even read and write, except reading the Blood Thirsty Mass Murdering Monsters like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Deng Xiaoping which even would have made Hitler turn in his grave. The MEDIA SECULARI sluts who set their mothers, daughters, sisters, for orgies by their white skinned masters and make BFs of them just for 2 pegs of liquor and some dog meat. They will do it for Drug Mafia, Italian Mafia, Organ Mafia, Sex Mafia, however if ISIL, Italian Mafia, Boko Haram, White skins are there they will offer themselves and their sons also for free, that’s why they are seculars. So Crypto christian so called agnostic go and do what you do best. SET UP ORGIES WITH YOUR PERSONAL ESCORT SERVICES FOR 2 PEGS OF LIQUOR AND SOME FREE DOGMEAT, In offices of TOI-let


  35. Samir
    August 6, 2014

    Son of a Bitch and A Boar Son of a Fucking Bastard, you bloody commie-christian retarded product of dog You give certificate. The product of Chinese-Russian Italian Pimps and where your mother went
    You bloody you talk of facts, Seems a 2 bit Son of a Bitch and Boar cannot even spell “FACTS”. Maybe a christian fifth columnist who till yesteryears were supplying sluts for British or the NOW THE COMFORT women to Chinese, Italians, Americans, and ISIL, Boko Haram . Swines like you are to be beheaded as facts are NOT for swines. By the way Commie nobody can change you because of your filthy genes from a big genetic pool. AND WHO the Bloody are you even of thinking or dreaming of SOBB..I’am not a 2 bit gutter media 6 month journo who has only one property, one who can sell arses and fuck their mothers, daughters and sisters and BF if ordered by their white masters.. I have more degrees than your 27000 MF generations can even dream. Go and think with your arse. that’s best you can do.


  36. Hindu Lover
    September 11, 2014

    Mohammed is a ass hole. Muslims are bastards they marry there own sister. There is no place for other religions in Islam.They want to slaughter all Hindus but it’s not gonna happen now. We have started to wake up and hopefully along with Modi we will eradicate Islam in the next 10 years.Long live Hindus. Let us all unite as one and throw Muslims out.


  37. Christi
    December 8, 2014

    Fantastic website. Plenty of helpful info here.
    I am sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious.

    And certainly, thank you on your sweat!


  38. Nasir Ahamed Hinduwadi
    December 20, 2014

    Are you mad thinking 16% Muslim’s victory against 80% Hindu here? It’s a joke ! I am a Muslim by practice of my rituals and a vegetarian Muslim. But, I think I am culturally Hindu. Actually my mother is a Hindu and under her strong influence and religiosity full of my family go to Hindu temple once in a week and join Friday (Jumma) namaz also. No problem!


    • yes2science no2communist
      December 23, 2014

      a staunch Muslim is supposed to pattern his life as mohammed. You seems to be a part muslim and part kafir(in religious practice not pedigree) .
      this may be the case with many believers , but what counts is what is written in islamic doctrine (Sira Haddith Quran). all that is required for a believer is to follow the scriptures verbatim and the onslaught on religions would start.

      It is better to look at islamic doctrine to see the true nature of islam not the believer. Its doctrine is devised to annihilate other religions.


  39. Ashim kumar dey
    April 22, 2015

    I want to join RSS. I belong to assam to increase RSS full fledged activities throughout the state. I am requesting to RSS to introduce district wise 24×7 helpline Number. Connect all Hindu youth in schools and colleges as far as possible in Assam.


  40. krishan kant
    October 19, 2015

    muslims are not trustable .


  41. suneel mahadev
    October 31, 2015

    its our seculer politicians and our paid media..
    its time to wake up Hindus..
    its our own country ..its my mother land
    but Hindus are second citizenship…
    jay sree ram
    jay hind…
    jayatu jayatu Hindurashtram……


    • B Paul
      November 8, 2015

      It is not for those who are real partisan and anti Hindu prodigy.

      Many people believes on a concocted idea and an absolute nonsense that are Muslims and Christians are usual as the Hindus are inhabitants of this country. The Hindus, (the real aryans) never came from outside and defeated and forcefully imposed any foreign culture upon the aboriginal groups of this country. But Muslims and Christians were the invaders.

      Hindus the modern Aryans are the original inhabitants of India. They are the protector of the original Culture and Tradition of Aryavarta, Bharat Varsha, Hindusthan. Muslims and Christian tried their best to destroy it.

      Understand history before you say India is not a Hindu country.

      Now everybody in India must realize the importance of Hindutva in India.

      The anti-Hindu propaganda in Kerala is a very dangerous thing for the Hindu identity of Kerala.

      Bani Paul,
      Chandigarh. INDIA.


  42. suchindranathaiyer
    November 8, 2015

    Kerala is not Kashmir in South India. Kashmir is the prototype of India, as it is of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia or Kosovo. Wake up and hear the Aazan. Islam is not a religion. It is a brutal, imperial, fascist State masquerading as a religion.:


  43. Vimal Raj
    November 16, 2015

    I am a Hindu living in Kerala. Most of your facts are very correct. We live in danger under the threats of Muslims and Christians hooligans in many places. Just visit Kerala and see how dreadful it is. The Muslims, most of my friends are Muslims, pretend like gentlemen, but out and out they support ISIS, SIMI, Muslim League and other fundamental outfits. They have a different plan to Islamize Kerala. There is a district Mallapurm, where Muslims are majority and they behave ill with Hindus there. They too are very nice people. I know all these because I am a Keralite.


    • Hazib Latheef
      October 1, 2017

      I admit muslims in kerala do have the wish to join ISIS and islamize our nation but you can’t blame the whole community of keralite muslims just because of the actions of few, can you? I hope you’re not communal.


  44. Prashob
    December 12, 2015

    You are correct vimal , i also stay in kerala and I know how bad the situation is . But i want to call my fellow muslims and christians as my brothers , bcos they actually are our real brothers . We all belong to the same race , muslims in kerala dint come outside they were our malayalee brothers who got converted rather forcefully by the murderous rampaging tipu sultans army who invaded north kerala in 18th century . History is proof that was most barbaric invasion where lakhs of hindus were killed and fearing their life many got converted and followed islam . Most of the ruling nair warrior families either got killed or ran south to travencore and most of them were forcefully converted .tipu’ invasion route was through wayanad and malapuram districts and tht prooves why its still a muslim majority . And now same goes to our christian brothers who were rather converted peacefully . So the real problem is with our muslim brothers only who for some reasons dont want to accept that they too share a common culture with the hindus in kerala . They try to potray themselves very different from indians thats why they are becoming more fanatic and adopting wahabi muslim tradition of saudi . whether it be their dress code and living style . Best example is you walk on any busy street in kerala and you would find more women with hijab and men with beard . Muslims in kerala also never mingle with hindus . They will never sell their land to hindus , but will buy their land at throwaway price . I have personally experienced . Why malapuram one should go to kasargod district where keralite muslims dont even speak their mothertongue malayalam , they speak urdu . Many prominent hindu families have settled in US and other western countries m that is the problem with our hindus we run away when we see danger , hindus of kerala shouldd never leave kerala and go to gulf or US , Australia etc etc … because then one day this land or parshuraman and adi shankracharya will be lost forever and forever ….. so my message is to our hindu brothers is not to hate muslims or christians .. but to love them because they are our very own . Some centuries back their forefathers and ours went to same temples and celebrated same festivals . They are now like a spoiled child who went away from his family to make his separate identity and started hating and killing his own former brothers and sisters . May god bless everyone . n


    • Benny Paul
      December 12, 2015

      I appreciate the views expressed by you. Now I would like to add one thing more to it. I lived in Kerala till 1986 and I have seen a very cordial atmosphere there. Now when I go back to Kerala on a visit once in an year or so I find a sea change in the attitude of the people. In those days, I have never seen a woman with hijab or a Muslim with that particular beard. Again I have never seen the Christians so aggressively propagating religion or the Hindus protesting against all these aggression on their community. Now we have allowed a kind of fanaticism to creep in to the minds of people and for that those people who always talk religion at the cost of humanity are responsible. If there is God in the heart of a person how he can hate or act against another? The answer is all those people who preach religious sermons from the nook and corners of Kerala are really the culprits. They misguide the people, the inject the poison of relgion in to innocent minds and spoil the situate for their own vested rights. I think education did not help the people the way it would have helped them in Kerala


      • Chris
        December 16, 2015

        Sorry I don’t get the whole idea of Christians. Except a minority of Pentecostal followers have you seen other Christians forcing Christianity to others . Even the Pentecostals they preach the religion and they never use force. Christians have contributed a lot to Kerala and I don’t think any Christian have kept them self away from Hindus . Yes Christians do have certain issues with Muslims coz of what’s happening in the world .


  45. Nikhil
    January 28, 2016

    I’m a keralite living in palakkad district itself. The Islams & Christians are advancing against Hindus in the state with their secret weapon, POPULATION. The attacks against Hindus by Islams are a common scenario throughout the state. The Islam people are taking a multi advantage against Hindus by joining the congress party to deceive the common people in the name of making peace in the state. On the other hand the Islam people join the left party & slaughter mainly RSS & BJP workers. The Christians are also ain’t bad, they find the financially backward Hindus & assist them with money especially on Sundays in the church, then brainwash them converting into Christians. If this continues there won’t be an us. Our children will the suffer the fate as like the Hindus suffering in Pakistan. In the state there are crores of rupees coming in to the temples by the devotees. But that money all goes to the government account & the Islam & Christian people utilise them trying to establish their territory with the help of that. I bet in a matter of years Kerala’s majority people will be switched from Hindus to Islams. For that each & every Islam individual is brainwashed inside the mosque by their preachers to make maximum population by marrying multiple women & making huge amount of Children in a single family itself. Even in each of the mosque they are outsourcing the preachers from other states for brainwashing. For them they have only one aim, acquiring our land & with the help of the government it become more easy. The Muslim league got roots in gulf countries easily acquires funding & that money will increase their efficiency. It’s all chaos over here. Once a wise man named Swami Vivekananda said ‘Kerala is a madhouse’. At the moment I’m remembering him & also his words thinking how much truthful he is. India has suffering from the 8th century itself by the Mughal invasion. Temple treasures were looted & the temples were burned or demolished, men slaughtered, small girls to women raped & forcefully converted to Islam. Then came the Portuguese, Dutch & the British converting people to Christianity. The British gone & says the Indian people got their freedom. Freedom is not acquired when the Islams are still in India. We already gave them our own land & they are still trying to conquer our land. It is because it’s the Islam people’s culture, if u doubt check these Quran portions
    >Quran 2:191- “slay the unbelievers wherever you find them”
    >Quran 3:28- ” Muslims not take the infidels as their friends”
    >Quran 3:85- “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable”
    >Quran 5:33- “Maim & crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam”.
    >Quran 8:12- “Terrorise & behead those believe in scriptures other than the Quran.
    >Quran 8:60- “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the infidels”.
    >Quran 8:65- “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them”.
    >Quran 9:5- “when the opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever find them”.
    >Quran 9:30- “The Jews & Christians are perverts,fight them”.
    >Quran 9:123- “Make war in the infidels living in your neighbourhood”.
    >Quran 22:19- “Punish the unbelievers with the garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin & bellies.”
    “Quran 47:4- “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.”

    Islam the religion of peace?? This is what the bare naked Islam is & its believers are…….


  46. prashob
    February 21, 2016

    Thanks Nikhil for throwing these true facts about islam and muslims everyone knows about it but nobody wants to talk about it , i also come from palakkad district of kerala and in the past 20 years the city has changed drastically , i remember during my childhood days driving along the highway i could not judge people by their looks , all looked same , simple malayalees with their traditional mundu ( dhoti ) . but now im shocked at what i see when i drive on to those same highways especially towards calicut and malappuram , i can only see mosques and mosques along the road , more and more people with beards and cap , women with hijab , small innocent children with full islamic attire going to madrasas . hardly i see any temples and even fewer churches . kerala was not like this before . i beleaved keralite muslims will not act according to all these hatred written in koran and will think beyond hatred and violence and will live peacefully with thier hindu brothers in the land of their own origin , but no i no longer beleave it , something is not wrong with the muslims all over the world and muslims in kerala are blindly following more fanaticism , more radicalism , muslims hating land of their own ancestors and embracing arab culture of violence and hatred towards other religion , recently at a community held onam function i was distributing sweets and prasadam near my locality where there were few christians and muslims also , when i tried offering it to one small innocent muslim child he dint accept he said his parents told him its not his god and he should not eat this , that came a big shock to me , its not the childs fault and not his thought also , its the culture of hatred that muslims are passing on to their kids and generations to come . christianity too is the victim , christians in kerala no doubt have contributed towards the development , and they never force upon their religion violently like islam , i studied from a christian missionaly school i was never intimidated to change my faith , and i beleave many of the best schools are run by catholics . And christian countries are themselves affected badly by muslim immigrants who are doing the same things in europe ,US ,canada and australia .Islamist are pressurising peaceful people like hindus , christians , buddhists , jains , sikhs and all others to get intimidated , but every action has an equal and opposite reaction , there will be actions , retaliations , and as gandhi said and eye for an eye makes the whole world blind , definitely this mite be the end of the world . if we all do not get united and stop the muslims from what they are trying to do and acheive .


    • George Brooks
      February 27, 2016

      Sorry dear Parshob,

      But I think it’s too late now!
      You cannot do “Surya Namaskar” after losing sight on both the eyes.
      The later generations should pay for the foolishness of forefathers.
      Arabia, Egypt (most of northern Africa), Persia (Iran), Turkey, Ghandara (Afganistan), Sindhu (Pakistan), Vangala (Bangladesh), ke….

      Need to say more about the shape of things to come!

      How kerala would be called? Keralistan / Keralabad / Keran / Keralapsia…


      • Om Ramanay Namah
        March 22, 2017

        India is just rising from a thousand year old slavery
        My wonderful people, strong ,courageous people, we have not lost , we were hindu, we are still hindu, and only truth prevails, hinduism. Do not be bothered by fake religions that are beneath contempt like christianity or islam.

        Fake religions are annhilated, christianity has already failed in the west and is only trying to spread its sickness here to survive as a world religion. Islam was stopped in india, We have fought and won, we have also lost, but compared to iran or the middle east, or arabia, we are still non muslims , cite the same hateful verses in arabic or in urdu , like 9:5 but switch the word non muslim with muslim. Then try to speak in arabic the same hateful verse, and then try this with some muslims, check how they feel, try to get better at it..if they say they want to kill hindus, please mention the same verse but substitute with muslim. eg after the sacred months are over, kill the muslim wherever you find him. (quaran 9 5)

        Fight back, no mercy to those cutting the clits of our little girls, how can we just be silent and watch children get trapped being burkhas and be smuggled or groomed like in rotherdam. it is way worse here, their faces are not arab, or christian, just few generations they have lost, educate everyone , give rebuttals to christians. keralites, tamils, hindus in the south still have scholarly qualities, and warrior qualities also, Defeat the enemy both ideologically and also at the level of hindu society. my people are the most wonderful people and their love of truth is beyond anything.
        We are the kafir al harbi that sticks a samurai sword up the ass of any abrahamic if they misbehave. Christianity and islam are re incarnations of the same gangster god, do not hate people, hate the idea or religion of iconoclasm, destruction of culture and temples and idols is only enjoyed by utterly perverted and deprayed vile abrahamic shits.

        Act, christianity has already been exposed, and if you study their books, quaran and hadis, you will understand the source of the evil. Please do make your own study, do not believe anyone else . Make your own judgements, remember our great heroes like Shiva and Rana Pratap, and Kaala Bhairava , our gods protect the vedas, and punish the evil doers. Do not weep , act for your fellow people. Be a pillar of strength. understanding quaran and hadis, and arabic is useful for those living in saudi salafi terrorist areas. Please do not under estimate the difference that the efforts of a single individual can have on history. Have pride , and have faith. Do not distance yourself from your language, your culture, your people, your scripture.

        After a thousand year of slavery , hindus are rising again. Karma no one can escape, muslims and christians will pay for every sin,for the destruction of every idol, for the killing of every brahmin, for seling every hindu girl, for killing entire villages. Do not forget the inquistion of goa. the killing of so many “hindus..Muslims killed 400 million people in india . faristah muslim historian mentioned this in gulshan i ibrahim and his tarikh.

        Have love for everyone, but do not forgive evil .


    • Rajneeth
      April 10, 2016

      There are more than 15000 temples in Kerala. Among these temples 1206 are managed by Travancore Devaswom Board and 353 are managed by Cochin Devaswom Board and 1343 are managed by Malabar Devaswom Board. Here is a detailed discussion on the history, legends and festivals of more than 1500 temples of Kerala that have been a symbol of faith and religion for ages.
      Ref ::

      No. of Churches in Kerala 1231
      Ref ::

      I didnt the number of mosques in Kerala. but I’m sure when you get the number, you will regret what you said here.
      No one has ever tried to achieve here. No one has ever tried fascism or spread fear to this state. but you guys did.
      Fucking Bitches.. We have the most secular system in India. and you fucking Bitch trying to say “Kerala is Kashmir in South India.” Pathetic Assholes… ..|..


  47. Vishwas
    May 3, 2016

    Oversmart Keralite Hindus realised only when Muslim sword started cutting their necks and raping their daughters, sisters and mothers. Supporting Communists, they have committed suicide. It is a gone case. Muslim majority will only increase and Hindus cowards will start running away to Mumbai. Hindus are already in minority.


  48. Anup Kumar Roy
    May 14, 2016

    There used to be a very popular anecdote about Keralites. When Neil Armstrong landed on moon a person came running to him chanting Chaya! Chaya! It a was a Keralite selling tea in the land of moon.
    People from Kerala i.e. Travancore, Cochin and Malabar were every where seen doing menial jobs and some good jobs, vending ‘chaya’ or selling ‘forin’, sometimes contraband, goods on footpaths of big cities. In Bombay they were known as malabaris and in Calcutta, madrasis. Whatever was their caste or religion they were united for survival. Their land of birth could not produce enough to sustain them; therefore they were away from home from time immemorial.
    In Kerala almost every Hindu eats beef. So they are different; but many of them follow the Hindu religion, solemnly. Caste system is of course pronounced there.
    We all know that Vasco da Gama landed at Calicut in 1490’s; but Arabs were settled there long before that. Arab male married local female and the offspring became muslim. They grew in great numbers and inhabited in the same Malabar region. They are called Moplas. They are majority in population. They once agitated for a separate sovereign mopla-state in the second decade of Twentieth Century.
    Influence of Christian clergy that came with Vasco and later, also was great among the poor. The land of Parashuram mostly got influenced by Mlechchh and Yavana.
    Nevertheless, there are some very staunch educated Hindus in Kerala. Non-Hindus/ secular/Communists are bit worried now since BJP is getting stronger than the non-hindu communal groups and Communists.
    Let us wait and see how good BJP does in the assembly election. .


    • Dr.Benny Paul
      March 23, 2017

      Upendra Brahmachari seems to have gone crazy. How the Christians are a threat to the Hindu community in Kerala. Our children are getting out of Kerala on the very first opportunity. Our population is coming down with every census. How can we be a threat to the Hindus at mere 18% of the population? We are the most progressive community in Kerala doing social work, promoting education, and helping the entire society in all possible way. Unwanted fears, I would say. Of course, the protestant churches are engaged in religious conversion and promoting fanatic Christianity, but consider them as heathens and Jesus Christ would do the same if he comes alive today. But you cannot defame the entire peace loving Christian community as a threat to Hinduism. Simply absurd. We have great respect for Hinduism and down the lane, we too trace our roots to Hinduism.


      • hinduexistence
        March 24, 2017

        Thanks for possessing a Craziness meter with you Mr Benny Paul!

        My points and allegations are not meant for those common Christians who respect the Hindus and even participate in many Hindu religious programmes

        Hindus equally respect the Christians.

        But, problem is that with those Church and Evangelic operators want to run havoc Christian Conversion in India. These types of fanatics went upto the killing of Swami Laksmanananda Ji Saraswati in Orissa.

        The Churches both Protestant (you agreed) and Roman Catholic run a huge Conversion racket in India. For this they use to defame Hinduism and vilify Hindu culture and tradition. Fake Saint Teresa is the evilest face for such crime in India.

        Hindus can’t tolerate all these nefarious poly of Churchinity, if not Christianity.

        The common Christians are good to stay with others. But the various Church orgs are making them intolerant.

        Then there will be a conflict initiated by Churches and must to receive its effect on christian society, very unfortunately.

        Thanks for your irresistible and repeated visit to this ‘communal’ Hindu site!


        Upananda Brahmachari,
        Editor, Hindu Existence website.


      • Rohit
        May 3, 2017

        I feel the same Christians can’t harm hindus and hindus. They are peace-loving people.


  49. Pingback: Kerala is Kashmir in South India, Hindus are under attack by Jihadists – Terror News Network

  50. Ravindra Singh
    July 20, 2016

    Hindus and Sikhs must be reunited the same way the Sikh warrior fights those invader Moghul in North India who spread Islam in North India and the Sikh Kalsa Force never be afraid to fight for them self and their Hindu brotherhood which their originator Guru Nanak came from. You Kerala Hindus don’t be become stupid idiots do fight for the goodwill of Hinduism. Seek the help and support from Nepali fighters, all Hindu of India and the Important Sikh Army which fight for Sikhism and their brotherhood Hinduism which Sikhs are originated from. Bring back the ancient Hindu Kerala power. Before the arrival of Islam in Kerala in year 629 AD. 100 % population of Kerala are Hindus. Now how come Kerala has about 26% of Muslim, which might be a threat for the Hindus in Kerala in few more years to come. Do not think Kerala Muslim as your brotherhood. Their (Kerala Muslim) one and only aim is to destroy Hinduism and bring Islam into Kerala. Hindus of Kerala now comprises about 54% of the Kerala population. Hindus of Kerala don’t be stupid and moron. Think about the future of Hindus and Sikhs in Kerala. Seek the help from the Khalsa Arya Powerful army support to tumble the Muslim fanatics and future separatists from the state of Kerala. Jaihind for Sikh and Hindu Army. Long Live Hindu and Sikh.


  51. Truth seeker
    December 26, 2016

    Kerala is a very peaceful state.Please don’t try to change people’s mind by writing these kind foolish articles.


  52. Bill Bolivar
    January 22, 2017

    Dear hindus,


    The cause of most of the problems hindus are facing on this planet at the moment is due to the hindu patriarchal oppression of women by men. That is the only TRUTH. ALL OTHERS ARE DAMN LIES.

    Do you really think that articles like this will help spread your beliefs ?

    Hindu population is dwindling in percentage everywhere, including India. Good luck getting extinct.

    By the way, the BrahMos cruise missile system which you think is a source of hindu pride is actually co-developed by Russia, which supplied the most vital components. It is actually an advanced version of P-800 Oniks, which is definitely
    a Russian weapon.

    You know what, you torture women for hundreds of years, you pay the price. That’s Karma and that’s the way of life.

    The good news is that there is still time to make things right.



    • Rohit
      May 3, 2017

      My dear friend….
      Hinduism is the oldest religion on this plane and will last forever..
      Lots of People tried to wipe out hindus and hinduism but they never succeeded.
      And we worship women as goddess unlike you people.


      • Bill Bolivar
        May 3, 2017

        Dear Rohit,

        Where did you get the idea that I(we) want to wipe out hinduism ? I was merely pointing out the faults of your religion, especially iskcon which is clearly an
        offensive organization. I also gave you the reference article in question. If you believe that iskcon represents hinduism, then you people are doomed.
        You also commented “…unlike you people”. What people ? Do you mean Christians ? I am an Atheist-Agnostic and ultimately this will prevail because in the next 1000
        years all organized religions will definitely come to an end, like it or not. I also do not mean that other religions are perfect. Islam is probably the worst religion
        at the moment.

        You worship women ? TOTAL RUBBISH !!! I have heard this utter nonsense before also. Its probably the biggest lie of the century. Is that the reason why there are so
        many crimes against women in India and Nepal, many of which goes unreported? Is that the reason so many hindu husbands along with their relatives torture their wives ?

        Is that the reason a girl child is still considered a curse among many hindus ? Is that the reason it took the British, who were actually Christians (and foreigners),
        to ban murdering of widows and legalize widow remarriage ? Why are there are so many religious and social hindu customs where women fast and pray for the well being of their male relatives only ? Why does not the reverse happen ?

        Merely worshiping female clay idols proves nothing. Try to respect, at least love and have a little compassion for the real human women of your religion. The most
        important of all, grant them their due rights and independence. See, nothing is static. That is why, real positive change is required in every religion, if it wants to
        survive. That is exactly what I meant.

        The good news is that, Kerala is a quite developed state in India and condition of women there is relatively better compared to other areas of India. I will give you



  53. Shahid
    April 3, 2017

    Its true.There is increased radicalization among Muslims in Kerala. I am a Muslim from Malappuram district and have also spent considerable part of my childhood in Saudi Arabia, the so called ‘Blessed True Home’ of Muslims in Kerala. People (Muslims) in my place have problem with everything; from Darwin’s theory of evolution to vaccination. No wonder so many innocent kids die out of diphtheria in this wretched district, thanks to the blatant lies propagated by the sick Muslim organizations here. To be honest, I myself was a practicing Muslim till the age of 15, since then i have changed. I consider myself as a Hindu now and according to me all Indians are Hindus as it’s a way of life practiced by our ancestors. I got tired of the sick and shameless Muslim propaganda I had to endure, coming from various sources; from my immediate family to the weekly Friday sermons.I got utterly disgusted when one Friday, the imam said we should not eat onam sadhya (the traditional onam feast)!!!. How pathetic! I haven’t attended a single Friday prayer since college days when I was in Chennai and away from home. Whenever I am home, I go to the mosque just not to hurt my parents. I argue with them about the inconsistencies in Islamic theology and about it’s barbaric nature, only to see my mother cry. I stopped engaging in such conversations after that. They all fail to see the beauty of our civilization, so glorious and magnificent. I cannot comprehend why are these people behind a foreign ideology which in it’s very nature, opposed to basic humanity itself. We should embrace our past: The Vedas, Upanishads and Vedangas; Multitudes of thoughts arising from different schools of interpretation, which rival one another in it’s depth and implication, be it Samkhya or Advaita, we have so much to learn. A true Indian’s patriotism is not evoked during Indo-Pak match or in outcries for war, but in everyday life. We, as Indian’s should not forget that we are the descendants of one of the greatest civilizations in the world, which contributed a great deal to the world. I hope all this heinous propaganda by the so called secular/muslim/christian/hindu organizations do not take away the true spirit of us Indian’s, that is ‘Vasudaiva Kudumbakam’. I urge all the muslims to sit down and a have thought about their actions which are detrimental to the harmony of our society. Please appreciate our Mother Land. She has given so much to us. Violence, terrorism and communal propaganda should not be the gifts we give her back.


    • Pramod Kumar Satpathy
      April 12, 2017

      Love you dear.You are 100% right.
      But we also love and proud of our religious diversity. We without any hesitation accept a Muslim- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as our Idol, as our most liked president. So many other examples can be presented. Amir, Sharukh….,even Adnan Sami,Altamas Kabir,Kabir,Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi Then why this hatred from our brothers ?


  54. Pramod Kumar Satpathy
    April 12, 2017

    चैटिगँ छोडकर इस पोस्ट को जरूर पढेँ वर्ना सारी जिन्दगी चैट ही करते रह जाओग…
    हर बार ,जब जब भारत बिभाजित हूआ, एक मूसलमान राष्ट्र बना… !!! क्यूँ WHY ???

    *1378 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना -* नाम है इरान.
    *1761 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना -* नाम है अफगानिस्तान.
    *1947 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना -* नाम है पाकिस्तान.
    *1971 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना -* नाम हैँ बांग्लादेश.
    *1952 से 1990 के बीच भारत का एक राज्य इस्लामिक हो गया -* नाम है कशमीर…

    और अब *उत्तरप्रदेश, आसाम और केरला* इस्लामिक राज्य बनने की कगार पर है !
    और *हम जब भी हिँदुओँ को जगाने की बात करते हैँ, सच्चाई बताते हैँ तो कुछ लोग हमेँ RSS, VHP और SHIV-SENA, BJP वाला कहकर पल्ला झाङ लेते हैँ !*

    1 मिनट चैटिगँ छोडकर इस पोस्ट को जरूर.
    *भारत में मुसलमान कौन है*
    मैसेज का आखिरी हिस्सा ज़रूर पढें तभी पूरा मतलब समझ आयेगा

    *😡🚩धर्म के नाम पर भारत के टुकड़े किये जिसने -*
    वों जिन्नाह मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩करोडो हिंदुओ का खून बहाया जिसने -*
    वों हर सुल्तान मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩हिंदुओ से जबरन इस्लाम कबुल करवाया जिसने -*
    वों अरब मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩राम मंदिर तोड़कर मस्जिद बनायीं जिसने -*
    वों बाबर मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩गुरु तेग बहादुर का सर कलम किया जिसने-*
    वों औरंगजेब मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩कश्मीर में पंडितो का नरसंहार किया जिसने -*
    वों हर आतंकी मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩मुंबई में बम धमाके करवाए जिसने -*
    वों दाउद मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩भारत में घुसे 5 करोड जाहिलो में -*
    हर बांग्लादेशी मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩बुद्ध महावीर कि मुर्तिया तोड़ी जिसने -*
    वों हर दंगाई मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩भारत के संसद पर हमला किया जिसने-*
    वों अफजल मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩गोधरा में कारसेवको कों जिन्दा जलाया जिसने -*
    वों हर जेहादी मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩पाकिस्तान, असम से हिंदुओ को खदेड़ा जिसने -*
    वों हर शख्स मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩26/11 कों हिंदुओ कों गोलियों से भुना जिसने -*
    वों कसाब मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩अमरनाथ यात्रा पर पाबंदी कि मांग कि है जिसने -*
    वों गिलानी मुसलमान था ||

    *😡🚩अमरनाथ यात्रियों पे जजिया लगाया है जिसने -*
    वों मंत्री मुसलमान था |

    *😡🚩100 करोड हिंदुओ कों काटने कि कसम खायी है जिसने-*
    वों ओवैसी भी मुसलमान हे ||

    *इसमें आगे की पंक्तिया …………………..*
    *👹जो गाय काट के खाता हैं -*
    वो हर शख्स मुस्लमान हैं |

    *👹वो वन्देमातरम नहीं गाता -*
    वो हर शक्श मुस्लमान हैं ||

    *👹कश्मीर में भारत मुर्दाबाद बोलता हैं -*
    वो शक्श मुस्लमान हैं |

    *👹हैदराबाद में तिरंगा जलाने वाला -*
    हर शक्श मुस्लमान हैं ||

    *👹जो लव जिहाद करता हैं -*
    वो हर शक्श मुस्लमान हैं |

    Is the following trendy msz true ?

    *मु -* मुलायम
    *स -* सोनिया
    *ल -* लालू
    *मा -* ममता
    *न -* नीतिश
    *जागो…हिन्दु…..जागो….. अपने देश केलिए, अपने लिए जागो
    जय हिन्द.

    1. यदि पाकिस्तान और भारत
    का बँटवारा धर्म के आधार
    पर हुआ जिसमे पाकिस्तान
    मुस्लिम राष्ट्र बना तो भारत
    हिन्दू राष्ट्र क्यूँ घोषित नहीं
    किया गया? जबकि दुनिया मे
    एक भी हिन्दू राष्ट्र नहीं था !

    2. तथाकथित राष्ट्र का पिता
    मोहनदास गांधी ने ऐसा
    क्यूँ कहा पाकिस्तान से
    हिन्दू सिखो की लाशे आए
    तो आए लेकिन यहाँ एक
    भी मुस्लिम का खून नहीं
    बहना चाहिए ?

    3. मोहनदास करमचंद
    गांधी चाहते तो भगत सिंह
    जी को बचा सकते थे पर क्यूँ
    नहीं बचाया ?

    4. भारत मे मुस्लिम के लिए
    अलग अलग धाराए क्यूँ है ?

    5. ऐसा क्यूँ है की भारत से
    अलग होकर जितने भी देश
    बने है सब इस्लामिक देश
    ही बने । क्यूँ ?

    6. केरल मे कोई रिक्शा वाला
    वाहन चालक हिन्दू श्री कृष्ण
    जय हनुमान क्यूँ नहीं लिख
    सकता ?

    7. भारत मे मुस्लिम 18%
    के आस पास है फिर भी
    अल्पसंख्यक कैसे है ?
    जबकि नियम कहता है की
    10% के अंदर की संख्या
    ही अल्पसंख्यक है

    8.कश्मीर से हिन्दुओ को क्यूँ
    खदेड़ दिया जबकि कश्मीर
    हिन्दुओ का राज्य था ?

    9. ऐसा क्यूँ है की मुस्लिम
    जहा 30-40% हो जाते है
    तब अपने लिए अलग
    इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बनाने की
    मांग उठाते है विरोध करते है
    अन्य समुदाय के गले
    रेतते है क्यूँ ?

    10. हिन्दुत्व को सांप्रदायिक
    क्यूँ ठहराया जाता है
    जबकि इस्लामिक
    आतंकवाद को धर्म
    से नहीं जोड़ने की
    अपील की जाती है ?

    11. हमारा देश ही दुनिया मे
    एक मात्र देश है जो मुस्लिम
    को हज सब्सिडी देता है
    60 वर्षो मे सरकार ने
    इसके लिए 10000
    करोड़ रुपये खर्च कर
    डाले क्यूँ ?

    12. भारत मे मुस्लिमो के
    मदरसो के अनुदान हिन्दू
    मंदिरो से क्यूँ ?

    13. कश्मीर मे गीता उपदेश
    देने पर संवेधानिक
    अडचने क्यूँ है ?

    14. जामा मस्जिद के इमाम
    सैयद बुखारी ने एक बार
    कहा था की वह ओसामा
    बिन लादेन का समर्थन
    करता है और आईएसआई
    का अजेंट है फिर भी भारत
    सरकार उसे गिरफ्तार
    क्यूँ नहीं करती ?

    15. पाकिस्तान मे 1947
    मे 22.45% हिन्दू थे आज
    मात्र 1.12% शेष है सब
    कहा गए ?

    16. मुगलों द्वारा ध्वस्त किया
    गया मंदिर सोमनाथ के
    जीर्णोद्धार की बात आई
    तो गांधी ने ऐसा क्यूँ कहा
    की यह सरकारी पैसे का
    दुरपयोग है जबकि जामा
    मस्जिद के पुनर्निर्माण के
    लिए सरकार पर दबाव
    डाला, अनशन पर बैठे

    17. भारत मे 1947 मे
    7.88% मुस्लिम थे
    आज 18.80% है इतनी
    आबादी कैसे बढ़ी ?

    18. भारत मे मीडिया
    हिन्दुओ के, संघ के
    खिलाफ क्यूँ बोलती है ?

    19. अकबर के हरम मे
    4878 हिन्दू औरते थी,
    जोधा अकबर फिल्म मे
    और स्कूली इतिहास मे
    इसे क्यूँ नहीं छापा गया

    20. बाबर ने लाखो हिन्दुओ
    की हत्या की फिर भी हम
    उसकी मस्जिद क्यूँ
    देखना चाहते है ?

    21. भारत मे 80% हिन्दू है
    फिर भी श्री राम मंदिर
    क्यूँ नहीं बन सकता ?

    22. कांग्रेस के शासन मे
    645 दंगे हुए है जिसमे
    32,427 लोग मारे गए है
    मीडिया को वो दिखाई नहीं
    देता है जबकि गुजरात मे
    प्रतिकृया मे हुए दंगो मे
    2000 लोग मारे गए उस
    पर मीडिया इतना हो
    हल्ला करती है क्यूँ ?

    23. 67 करसेवकों को
    गोधरा मे जिंदा जलाया
    मीडिया उनकी बाते क्यूँ
    नहीं करती ?

    24. जवाहर लाल नेहरू के
    दादा एक मुस्लिम
    (गयासुद्दीन गाजी) थे,
    हमें इतिहास मे गलत
    क्यूँ बताया गया ?

    Can any secular body answer us ?

    हर एक भारतीय सोचें कि आने वाली पीढ़ी को हम क्या दे कर जायेंगे ..

    जय भारत
    प्लीज थिंक (please think )
    निवेदन है कृपया इसे सभी को अवश्य भेजें व सभी ग्रुप्स में शेयर करें।



  55. well_wisher
    May 30, 2017

    This article is spreading rumors, and i think all comments except supporting this article is getting deleted by Admins, it is soo sad why you guys trying to miss lead all innocent people in india? why you want to wipe out current piece situation from kerala like you did in UP? do you think this deeds will help you grow or to help you to earn anything? so sad guys. you guys are completely in wrong way.
    and if you think that you can kill or tease all muslims. it is not going to work.
    you can try as much you can. but it won’t work out.
    it only going to help Islam to grow faster.
    this is the religion who given by almighty and he is the owner of this universe. the final decision will be his own. if yuo are lucky then you will realise the reality else you will fall into deep trouble forever.

    Me and all good hearted muslims do not want anyone of you to fall into trouble, we just need you guys should understand all reality and want to get into peace.

    We are praying to god to give you knowledge and the capacity to think in better way.

    May Almighty Bless all of us (ameen)


    • Bill Bolivar
      May 30, 2017

      @well-wisher Yeah right !!! We know very well how peaceful muslims are. A perfect example is azam khan of u.p. Trust me, nobody wants to tease muslims. Any sane person will want to kill off almost as many muslim boys and men as possible, for their own self-defense. Go rant elsewhere.


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  58. Vai
    November 13, 2017

    Whoever had written this fuck u bitch im from keral and im a Hindu .In kerala all religion live togather and celibrate all their festivals togather .Dont try to brake the unity .Kerala is known for its Temples and .Bitch u dont try to make kerala as kasmir.


  59. Subhrangshu chakraborty
    September 16, 2018

    Stfu Vai you Islamic shitskin when time will come we will cleanse all of you mallu lungis once and for all.Na Rahegi bass Na bajegi Basuri.Enough of Cuckoldery for many years.Onl;y Hindus will be spared.Allah Fuckbar!!Jai Hind!!


  60. aartisiashmed
    February 19, 2021

    very informative site.
    click here :-


  61. oogenhand
    March 28, 2021

    Meiden uit Kerala hebben een lekker donkere huid. Ontvoer wat van die mlecchi-kutjes! You reap what you sow…

    (Remove this comment if you fear problems)


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January 2012
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