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Threatened abduction, forced marriage and Islamic conversions of Hindus in Balochistan and Sindh put Hindus a serious persecution in Pakistan.

MPA Munawar Lal, Amar Lal and Mangla Sharma among others were present at the protest held regarding the forceful conversion of Rinkle Kumari from Hinduism to Islam outside Karachi Press Club on 4th march 2012. PHOTO: AYESHA MIR/EXPRESS TRIBUNE.

Hindus in Baloch moving to other parts of Pak amid growing abductions.

ISLAMABAD | March 5, 2012 : As Allah is almighty, so abundantly    gives the rights to abduct, rape, forcefully marry the Hindu BKG (Beautiful Kaffir Girls) by his Muslim followers as and when required.  A total of 23 Hindus have been abducted in Balochistan province over the past few couple of days, forcing members of the minority community to migrate to other parts of Pakistan, an official has said.

Incidents of kidnapping for ransom and other heinous crimes have increased, Balochistan Home Secretary Naseebullah Bazai said.

Seventy people were abducted from Quetta Division alone during the past three months, he said.

Bazai told Dawn News channel that 53 of the 70 abducted people had been recovered while the others were yet to be traced.

He added that 23 members of the Hindu community were kidnapped from the province over a period of several months.

The rise in kidnappings had forced the Hindu community to migrate from Balochistan to other parts of the country, Bazai said.

An anti-kidnapping force had been formed to curb such incidents, he said.

Balochistan and Sindh provinces have sizeable Hindu populations.

Over the past few years, dozens of Hindus, most of them petty traders, have been kidnapped for ransom in Balochistan.

Several cases of forced conversion of Hindus have also been reported from Sindh.

Forced conversions of Hindus in Pak: Rinkle’s neighbourhood floods into Karachi to demand her release.

Hindus is Pak, nothing but Jimmi and subject to anything under bullying Islamofascists.

Karachi | March 5, 2012 : As Allah’s Rule is there, who damn care for the attractive daughters of filthy Hindu Kaffirs, if are not tasted by an Islamic tongue? There is no protector for the Religious rights of Hindus in Pakistan in the cases of   ‘Forced Conversions’ of Hindu Girls in Pakistan. Hindus in Pakistan have demanded immediate action against forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan. The leaders of the Pakistan Hindu Council appealed to the Pakistan government at a press conference on Thursday, to take action against forced conversions of Hindu girls to Islam in rural Sindh.

“Give us our Rinkle back. Give us the daughter of Sindh back,” demanded the relatives of the 17-year-old Hindu girl who was allegedly kidnapped, forced to convert and married to a Muslim boy last month.

Rinkle Kumari’s relatives came from Mirpur Mathelo in Ghotki district and staged a protest outside the Karachi press club on Sunday. Christians and Sikhs came out in support.

Learned connected Advocates of Hon'ble Sindh High Court, Pakistan, please do not ignore this mail/comment. Rinkle may be deported to UAE, consequently for flesh trade or making a woman suicide bomber. Ed. HINDU EXISTENCE.

The protesters wore black armbands and held aloft well-written handmade posters saying ‘Where should we go?’ and ‘Send Rinkle to a Karachi women’s shelter’. They kept up a chant demanding her ‘release’. One of her maternal uncles, Raj Kumar, said furiously, “Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Mian Abdul Haq and his men abducted our daughter at gunpoint. We want justice.”

The family claims that Rinkle was kidnapped from her home in Mirpur Mathelo by Haq’s men on the night of February 24. She was then taken to Bharchundi Sharif, where Naveed Shah, a supporter of the politician, forced her to convert to Islam and married her, albeit without her consent, they say.

On February 25, the family says, Rinkle refused to go back with the kidnappers while recording her statement in court. But, they say, the court ignored her statement and decided in favour of the other party when it announced its decision two days later.

“We were not allowed to attend the proceedings when the judgment was passed,” said Kumar. “The judge conducted the hearing an hour before the official court timings and he passed the judgment in only half an hour.”

Enraged youngsters from Rinkle’s hometown demanded justice and said that she should be presented before a court again or be sent to a darul aman till a court takes a decision. They said that the chief justice of Pakistan should take suo motu notice in this case.

Another relative, Ravi Kumar, said that videos were uploaded on YouTube in which Haq’s men were seen to be celebrating by firing in the air. He said that the forced conversion of Hindu girls was common in Sindh’s countryside, with around 20 cases being reported every month.

Another supporter, Daya Ram, said that initially the police was not even ready to register an FIR. It was only after a two-hour protest on the Super Highway that the police relented and registered a case.

Pak Hindus protest. Islamic neighbours posed most dangerous everywhere. Some blunt headed Hindus still find good in Islam. It does not in vary in Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. Islam is always cruel and gruesome.

While parliamentarians from the ruling party did not pay heed to the protest, a Muttahida Qaumi Movement parliamentarian, Munawar Lal, came to show his support to the family. He said that he would walk out of the Sindh Assembly if Rinkle is not returned to her family. “We are tired of picking the bodies of our children, and seeing our women being taken away by criminals,” he declared as people behind him shouted ‘Nai chalay gee, nai chalay gee, ghunda gardhi nai chalay gee.’ It won’t be tolerated, this won’t be tolerated, this hooliganism won’t be tolerated.

“Is this the same Pakistan that Quaid-e-Azam and our people struggled for?” he asked.

Ramesh Kumar, the father of a 28-year-old doctor, Lata Kumari, who was kidnapped last week from DHA’s Phase II, was at the protest. Lata was on her way to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.

The patron of Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Kumar stressed that Hindus were peace-loving people. “But sadly these conversions, kidnappings and extortions every day make our lives miserable.”

Sardar Ramesh Singh pitched in by saying that no religion allowed their followers to convert others by force. “Even Islam does not allow it. Then, how can its followers indulge in such wrongdoing?”

On the same issue  various minority communities in good numbers protested in front of the Lahore Press Club on 2nd March 2012. 

From source, it is ascertained that only Sindh Province of Pakistan witnessed such case of abduction of Hindu-Sikh traders, spiritual leaders, house-wives, teen girls and others and cases of forceful conversion to Islam exceeding a limit of 350 registered in the different police stations in Sindh during 2011. And taking together with Balochistan and Sindh, such abduction, conversion and forced marriage have already crossed a mark of 100 in just two months in 2012. Getting redressal or justice from  competent authority for the minorities in Pakistan including pity Hindus is an impossible fact as mandated by Almighty Allah.

Forced abductions and Islamic conversions of Hindus in Balochistan and Sindh put Hindus a serious persecution in Pakistan. When the persecuted Hindus from the troubled areas seek migration in another place or province of convenience, they face another threat and persecution by another band of Jihadis want to put Quranic ordeal to the kaffirs afresh. The Hindus of Pakistan in many places in Thars, Balochistan and other provinces leads a life of gypsies haunted by the Islamic persecutors. This fate of Pakistani Hindus cannot be denied anymore.

Courtesy: The Express Tribune | News Bharati | IBN Live | PTI.

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5 comments on “Threatened abduction, forced marriage and Islamic conversions of Hindus in Balochistan and Sindh put Hindus a serious persecution in Pakistan.

  1. We all should support them. And also baloochs too..


  2. Gaurav Trived
    March 6, 2012

    Plz plz i cant bear this any more plz tell me what should i do to help these people…. When we will have ram raj al over the world against this allah raj


  3. Vinay
    March 7, 2012

    Can you please tell how I, as a Hindu, can help? This is unbearable to read, and I am unable to sleep properly at night after reading what is happening to our Hindu sisters in Pakistan. Is there some Hindu organization in USA who we can get in touch with, and support?


  4. naresh kumar
    March 23, 2012

    plzzz help us in rinkle case she is innocent girl first they kidnapped her and after without any information they convert her in muslim this is really unfair with us nobody is helping us i want to ask why india is not helping us now where should we go??? here are many criminals mian mithoo MNA he is only one criminal but here are many others who will support us plzz help us on 26 march there will be decision plzz pray that rinkle come back with her mother and her family it is really unbearable.

    yes it is really unbearable i am naresh kumar from pakistan sindh province we hindus are very unsecured in pakistan specially in sindh now they are disturbing us they are saying change your religion convert hindus to muslim otherwise we will kill your family now at gun point they are coverting our hindu religion plzzzz help us we are in trouble we are really unsecure here in pakistan.

    naresh kumar. sindh. pakistan.


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