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Coming Islamic regimen will stop Ram Janmabhoomi Temple and start forceful cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh. Hindus will be put in a peril.

The Win of Mullah Mulayam Singh Yadav and the Fate of UP Hindus.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

As the majority Hindus in India have no Political Party to whip, rather no political strategy or intention to live in India as Hindu in a Hindu majority state with a political gain, the jugglers in the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) presented a very poor show in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election in 2012 without any urge to go ahead.

Once captured the heart land of India called as Cow-belt with strong Hindu sentiments tagged with Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Movement, from a period of 1991-96, the pseudo Hindu leaders in BJP could not protect their boats this time anywhere in the streams of Ganga, Jamuna or Sarayu. As a matter of fact the deities of Ram Lala in Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya,  Lord Viswanath of Varanashi and Lord Krshna in the Mathura Krshna Janmabhoomi Temple cursed this party for their sin to betray with the Hindus time and again. Both the BJP and its mentor RSS (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangha) have no intention to make a ‘Hindu Vote Bank’ for the survival of Hindus in India. These organizations are only to run their organization of their organizational sake, not for the fortified future of the Hindus.

BJP has been ousted in Uttar Pradesh, the Hindu heart-land of India.

As a result, the Uttar Pradesh is now ensured as a place of certain Muslim gain with no Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at all. Around 20% Muslim voters (17% as per Govt. stat.) have successfully set a fire brand of 69 Muslim MLAs (largest MLA strength in any Indian State and highest ever in UP) to slap in the faces of 47 BJP MLAs, as and when required in the floor of UP Assembly and to oppose Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.  But the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), BJP, RSS and the Bajrangdal will beat their drums in the deaf ears of reluctant Hindus for their organizational interest and monetary gain. Simply, the Hindus will be put in a peril.

The majority Hindus even do not know that the upsurge of two Muslim political parties namely Peace Party (4 MLAs) and Qaumi Ekta Dal (2 MLAs) in the UP assembly is unprecedented one as there was no reality of any Muslim party in political scenario in Uttar Pradesh so far with an thin existence of Dr Faridi’s ‘Muslim Majlis’ in the late sixties.

In reality, the election equations of  Azam Khan and Mullah Mulayam Yadav or Peace Party or Qaumi Ekta Dal and Samajwadi Party (SP) were frantically squared up by both the Aligarh and Deoband contingents to quash out the Court verdict in favour of Ram Janmabhoomii Temple at Ayodhya.

SIMI-SIO have the largest base in Uttar Pradesh to dictate the Muslim Voters and to influence the political parties.

Congratulating Mulayam Singh Yadav and Muslim Candidates, Maulana Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani of Darul Uloom Deoband said that now when the people of Uttar Pradesh have given a clear mandate to Mulayam and his team he should learn from his previous mistakes and fulfill his promises made in the manifestoe. Maulana said that Muslims have played a very important role in the victory of Mulayam so he should give proper attention to their demands.

Rahat Abrar PRO of Aligarh Muslim University said that this was for the first time when the majority of Muslims gave their support to Mulayam. Now it is the duty of Mulayam Singh to do what he promised for the Muslims before the election.

From reliable source, it has been ascertained that the so called  non-political Muslim organisations and their student wings had played a vital role in this election in UP to promote a Muslim force in the state to ensure the Islamic supremacy in the region to enact a law of Allah. The banned student organization SIMI (Student Islamic Movement in India) and SIO (Student    Islamic Organization) – the Student wing of Jamat-e-Islami-Hind had deployed 2000 ansars (dedicated cadres) in the fray to help the SP and Islamic tie up. From 1977 the SIMI and SIO have been trying hard to change the entity of Hindu Uttar Pradesh to an Islamic hold in various names like Rohilstan, Mughalstan, New Pak Land or anything they like to think better.

The entire anti Hindu force now fully relish the UP verdict in favour Mulayam Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, who will never allow a Ramjanmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.  This Mulayam Singh Yadav ordered firing against the Karsevaks in Karsevapuram and in the streets of Ayodhya and the banks of Sarayu in the year 1990 when more than 100 Karsevaks killed, heavily injured and unfound permanently.


It is not a matter whether Mulayam or his son Akhilesh will be sworn in the UP Assembly House as next Chief Minister, but they have assured the Muslim regimen in UP without any hurdle any more.

In a letter to Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Delhi, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, just after setting  his election strategy and campaign, Mullah Mulaym Yadav promised setting up a commission to “survey the backwardness of Muslims” in Uttar Pradesh and give “exemplary reservation” to the community if his party formed the next government in the state.

Yadav was replying to a letter sent by Bukhari in Dec 2011, written to the former chief minister (1989 to 1991, 1993 to 1995, and 2003 to 2007) utmost urging to include a list of proposals for uplifting the Muslims in the Samajwadi Party manifesto.

Bukhari, in his letter, said that there was discontentment amongst Muslims against SP in the last Lok Sabha elections, and that the party will have to take some strong steps in order to win back the support of Muslims.

The main suggestions in Bukhari’s letter were implementation of the recommendations of the Rangnath Mishra Commission and Sachar Committee, declaration of all Muslims as backward, a survey across the state to assess the backwardness of Muslims, and extending all the benefits to Muslims that other backward classes enjoy.

Bukhari also demanded the immediate release and compensation for Muslims who have been “jailed under the pretext of action against terrorism.” He also urged Yadav to make special provisions for employment of Muslims in security forces of the state, setting up of educational institutes in Muslim areas, budgetary provision for imparting technical education in madarsas as well as establishing government-run Urdu medium primary, middle and high schools on the lines of Maharashtra.

Agreeing that the political, social, educational as well as economic condition of Muslims is “pitiable” in the country, Yadav reiterated that he is in favour of full implementation of the Rangnath Mishra Commission and Sachar Committee’s recommendations.

Accusing the UPA government of cheating Muslims by promising 4.5 per cent reservation for minorities, and not for Muslims alone, Yadav said that he is in favour of reservation for Muslims in education and employment.

Bosom Friends: Mulayam & Bukhari.

He said that soon after forming the government in Uttar Pradesh, his party members will discuss the issue with Muslims, intellectuals as well as legal experts and will give reservation on the lines of reservation given to Muslims in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, in Sitapur, senior SP Azam Khan trained the guns on Congress, asking it to clarify its stand on the Batla House encounter probe. Recounting Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh’s remark that the encounter was fake, he asked the UPA government to decide who was correct — Singh or Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, who had claimed that the encounter was genuine.

With all these no Ram Mandir in Janmabhoomi-Babri site was a promise and pulsation to woo the Muslim vote bank to crush down all the political opponents to Swamajwadi Supremo Mullah Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Total Islamization of Uttar Pardesh

Actually, 70% of the state’s Muslim electorate, according expert analysis, had voted for Mr Yadav. For this, the two national parties, BJP and Congress, must accept blame. Mayawati said the Congress created the problem with its hard-selling of a special quota for Muslims in jobs and Muslim universities. Hindu voters panicked and moved towards the BJP, which played into their fears that the Congress would promote Muslims at their expense. Meanwhile, Muslims found that the Congress was not a strong enough party to back. So UP Muslims opted for Mr Yadav as the new Maulana Chief Minister in Uttar Pradesh.

The decline of BJP base in Uttar Pradesh and immature Hindu sentiment for building a Hindu Vote Bank in UP or elsewhere in India, will compel us to watch no Ramjanmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya, forceful cow slaughter in Hindu areas, political supremacy of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, heavy reservation in services, jobs, business and all other sectors in Uttar Pradesh as a role model of Islamization of future India. Perhaps, this Islamic lead in Uttar Pradesh has been designed for the destiny of rest of India also.  (Though, RSS will still murmur in a dream to capture Pakistan and Bangladesh in the name of an Akhand Bharat. God will never save us for such a lie).

I heard another mockery in the pre-pole days. The Swami Ramdev  Team and Team Anna were also in election operations in disguise  to protect the Uttar Pardesh people from corruption and collaborators vested in the anti-national powers. Would they not be able to do worst than this?

Defensive Hindus will be wiped out by the offensive Muslims in India ­– this is the sermon of this unpleasant parable.

15 comments on “Coming Islamic regimen will stop Ram Janmabhoomi Temple and start forceful cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh. Hindus will be put in a peril.

  1. we are like an ostrich. we do not see the oncoming situation.


  2. NAMAN
    March 10, 2012

    Party can be blamed for this…., why they kept Modi out?


    • westbengalwatch
      March 10, 2012

      Modi will save India as RSS saved Bangladesh (Eastern Pakistan) and Pakistan (West Pakistan) in 1947 after it took the vow to keep India undivided in its foundation in 1925.

      Not even RSS wanted a Nationwide Movement to pressurize the Govt. of India for declaring India as a Hindu State under constitution in 1947 or 1950.

      Then the rod was red hot, but we missed the chance to make a good sword to cut all evils for a Hindu Nation.

      Modi is satisfied with Gujrat, what else worst if happened in UP or other state?

      The Utopian cultural Hindu nation concept of RSS has in the verge of contraction for ever.

      Like BJP, Modi is not a solution for Political Hindutva.

      Militarise Hindudom and Hinduise all politics- this sermon of Satyantra Veer Savarkar should be the final word for Hindus.

      Modi or anyone can lead us after true realization of the message of VD Savarkar.

      Rama Roy.
      Kolkata- 700 026.


  3. H. Subramanian
    March 10, 2012

    Two decades back the people had high hopes in BJP and had voted it to power. But its performance was very disappointing. The percentage of criminals, traitors and different mafias holding office and haigh positions in BJP was much more than that in other political parties. Also, there was too much infighting within the party and their priorities were totally mixed up. For example look at the state of affairs in Karnataka. It is just disgraceful and the party can be sure they will not be voted to power again in this state. And as for pampering the minority community, they are no better than the other parties.
    What the nation wants is a Hindu rashtra and unless the Hindus wake up they will be wiped out from this land.


    • rohan
      March 12, 2012

      (1) Well your idea sounds good , Hindu organizations should focus in this direction .. but its quite a touch ask not only the money from Saudi is a problem but also Muslims themselves as they are fully brainwashed , their believe is strong & rigid which makes them hard to convert unlike Hindus , Christians etc . However I agree with you its worth a try , even if we manage to convert a tiny section , it could trigger an avalanche …who knows ..

      (2) But this is not all true. BJP still is by far the least corrupt among all parties. Most of the charges against BJP are baseless & fabricated, dont get carried away by Cong & media propaganda against BJP. Reg BJPs tenure you are misinformed , it was the best 5 yrs in history of independent India . The inflation was below 3%, GDP rose to 9% , avg was 7.4%. record FDI and forex reserve. Boost in infrastructure , national highway project took off in big way , up linking of rivers , power projects , even the Metro in Delhi was initiated by BJP . These are all facts on record . Its sad that immature people did not realize all this & BJP lost or rather Cong rigged the elections thru EVMs as many people believe . However I do agree the infighting & giving up on Hindutva are reasons of downfall of BJP ..


  4. Mahendra Tamhane.
    March 10, 2012

    It is truth that BJP is not political party to protect Hindus in Hindusthan. At the time of freedom of Hindusthan at least Hindu Maha Sabha was there having clear agenda of protecting interest of Hindus but Bhartiya Jansangh emerged by replacing HMS from the political scenario of Hindusthan. In begining BJS was O.K. for Hindus but the leaders of if having lust of power found shortcut by merging an only surviving Hindu prty BJS in the pseudo secularist Janta Party and then onward instead of changing Hindu mentality it changed itself and it became counterfeit of Congress that is BJP by leaving Hindus at the mercy of anti-Hindu forces. Now it is a right time that Hindus must think of their own interest from coming out of illusion of BJP and form a new political party that would without any reservation or fear speak and act for Hindu interest.


  5. Sundar
    March 10, 2012

    We have to urgently woo the citizens of this country (HIndus, Sikhs, Jains) for the next freedom struggle.



  6. Indian
    March 10, 2012

    We have to stand up for our rights, boycott the pigs, buy nothing from them even if it means paying a bit more. Our children should not be allowed to mix with piglets.


  7. Sithamalli Balasubramanian
    March 12, 2012

    I had similar fears. But the election of Akhilesh as the CM is encouraging.

    It was opposed by Azam khan. His excuse was that he cannot bow to a younger
    man. Mulla Singh was firm and offered Azam the speaker’s post. The latter
    accepted it and proposed Akhilesh’s name.

    The event is a trailer to what is in store for the future. Muslims with 60
    MLAs have a strangle hold on the mullah. But BJP can successfully supplant
    these with outside support with its 55 MLAs. This might give room for the
    Mulla to resist excessive demands.

    We have to see the developments. Muslims would be wise enough not to
    polarize the sentiments with excessive demands. If their demand is only
    room for secular growth it is ok. If they cross the line God bless them and



  8. Arish Sahani
    March 12, 2012

    All muslim in India,pakistan ,bangladesh and kashmir are converts from Hindus.

    We have no Mugals ruling us any more .

    They have good chance to go back to Hinduism and its time all Hindus should go out and reconvert these lost souls.
    Muslim as hindu will enjoy more live longer and will be happy too.

    As Today whole world hates ISlam and convert Muslims are looking some one to give them direction.

    Muslim leaders are incapable to do that as they are still get funds from arabs to keep the muslism misguided.


    • Srinivasan
      March 15, 2012

      Oh Hindus, are you people living in a fool’s paradise? Please wake up and fight for Hindus and Hinduism.


  9. Bhagavaandaas Tyaagi
    March 12, 2012

    Upananda Brahmachari jii , you are 100 % right —— we hinduus are doomed —— there are too many JAI CHANDS IN INDIA NOW —— due to one JAI CHAND we hinduus were slaved for 900 years ; now we have too many JAI CHANDS and we hinduus will be doomed for ever ——


  10. Bhagat singh
    April 29, 2012

    People of India like BJP and like to vote, but where is the party? who is the leader? what is the agenda? What they are doing to connect grass root people and there problems? I recent Up election public want to vote BJP but there is no connection with party and public…No leader.. I have a fear if this party will not realize yet 2014 election ……….


      June 2, 2012

      U R RIGHT……..


  11. Raj Singh
    May 7, 2012

    Jai shri rama . Islamic community should not monopolise the state .This is adharma


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