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Fatal Love Jihad. Hindu parents murdered by Muslim boy.

Muslim boy murdered Hindu parents to capture a Hindu Girl.

Chinsurah, West Bengal | 4th April 2012: In the line of a horror film arousing much chilling sensation,   A Muslim boy murdered a Hindu parents of his Hindu fiance, after hiring four goons who had a close relation with Muslim community.  Within a love trap (LOVE JIHAD) the Muslim boySk Moidul Alam  instigated the Hindu girlMousumi to help him for materializing the murder plan to rescue and marry her from her annoying parents. The 22-year-old Hindu college girl was detained by police on Tuesday (3rd April, 2012)  for the charge of helping the murder of her parents because they would not allow her to marry the Muslim boy she loved.

Police say Mousumi Sarkar, an only child, had asked her lover Sk Moidul Alam alias Rippon to “teach her parents a lesson”. Before that Moidul infused her true lesson of ‘Love Jihad’ to see an end when their lust is not fulfilled due to the existence of the protesting Hindu parents, Mohit and Lata. It is learnt that Mousumi, the target of Love Jihad abandoned his parents religion and liked to behave like a Muslim for which the murdered parents had to face many troubles. The neighbor of the Sarkar family objected sometimes to that relation of Moidul and Mousumi as they habitually dishonored the Hindu parents.

Anyway, Rippon allegedly hired four goons from Howrah who accosted Mousumi’s father, Mohit, a retired Army officer, on the night of March 18, apparently to force him to accept the relationship. The soldier refused to give in and fought with the intruders, who stabbed and hacked him to death. Then they attacked his wife. The price of the double murder was Rs. 30,000 only (Appx. 600 USD).

Mousumi, who was in an upper floor all through the brutal slaying, called police a few hours later to claim robbers had raided the house and killed her parents. Police arrived to a gory scene at the Pandua Khannan address. Mohit and Lata lay soaked in blood.

Hooghly SP Tanmoy Roychowdhury said: “The girl’s account appeared unconvincing. She was in the floor above when her parents were murdered on the ground-floor. Though we were suspicious, we didn’t accost her immediately. Our suspicions were confirmed when we learnt from a source about her relationship with a Burdwan-based youth, which was the reason for quarrels within the family. When we interrogated the youth, he confessed to his role.”

Mousumi made a judicial confession before a Chinsurah magistrate on Tuesday, police said. She has not been arrested yet. Rippon and another, the extortionist he had allegedly hired, have been sent to 14 days police custody.

The incident irked the Hindu parents who indulge their daughters free mixing with the Muslim boys as a symbol of  harmonic co-existence. But, such brutality of the current incident affected their flat thinking about Hindu-Muslim relationship.

Experts say that the craving for non-Muslim girls by the Muslim boys has erupted as an ague, treatment of which is hitherto unknown.

11 comments on “Fatal Love Jihad. Hindu parents murdered by Muslim boy.

  1. Indian
    April 6, 2012

    The pigs are deliberately targeting Hindu girls. Hindu parents should warn their children and also see to it that they don’t mingle or have friendship with the infidels (Muslim pigs)


  2. indian citizen
    April 6, 2012

    They should be given “tit for tat” treatment.


  3. dholgobindodada
    April 6, 2012

    youth of us should start “love seba” which allows to make love muslim girls and ultimately convert them into hinduism .RSS,HINDU EXISTENCE,VHP etc should encourage and protect them for doing that .


  4. asansolnews
    April 6, 2012

    why is the media silent now? they are the first to blame the society about the “honour killings” when the parents eliminate their rouge daughters, where is the media to blame these “gems” when they are eliminating the parents who showed them the light of the world?

    what kind of term would the media invent to expose the real face of these girls?

    “TRAITOR KILLING”??????????


  5. Halagu Khan
    April 12, 2012

    first of all that type girl should be burn alive when the matter reveled for firsttime.I am very happy to see the girl’s father and mother died so horribly.They gave the price for tolerating such a crime by their daughter.In our bengali it says “khoma jeta khino durbolota, Hey Rudra nishthur jeno hote pari thata.”
    The girls parents didn’t care for that.


  6. gpsb26
    April 16, 2012

    It is shame to all Hinduism


  7. Sunita
    April 16, 2012

    There is a only solution for this “Love Jihad”……Like the dogs on street are injected with injection so they don’t give birth to more dogs….So should be the Muslim Boys caught and injected with such injections….so their population will reduce……. in India


  8. Shivaji
    April 29, 2012

    Tit for tat and no friendship with muslim girl or boy


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  10. Vikram Shukla
    January 14, 2013

    Love Jihad is most dangerous weapon in the hands of Jihadis. Patriotic Citizens must use the power of Social Media to create awareness amount the educated Indians about the Threat posed by Love Jihad to Indian Democracy and Demography.


  11. devkinandan gargiya
    August 25, 2014

    1. This is very common in UP at least and is catching up in other places as well. Mod-us op is that these Paki boys as they are such in legal terms target Hindu girls first with assumed names, steal their affections, spend money on them, trap them in love and then marry them with the girls’s consent. These incidents are encouraged by male guardians of boys.. These PAKI boys do make a open show of it as well. We as teachers have also observed that once the girls are trapped in love, these boys start bullying and ordering the girls to do odd jobs like fetching water and snacks and cups of tea in canteens and the Hindu girls timidly obey them. These Paki boys generally select their targets with careful deliberation. The girls chosen are class mates in colleges including technical and professional colleges, they must be without mother that is those girls who have lost their mothers and are emotionally insecure, and should be from rich families.. Some times these boys trap these girls and marry them under assumed names.After marriage most Hindu parents avoid and get detached from their daughters for ever. The Hindu girls from lower strata are forced to take up jobs and at times subjected to physical and mental torture.
    Highly skilled and educated girls are not affected much by such alliances than those girls who belong to poorer families.Generally these Paki boys are better built and smart in bearing which helps them to trap the girls easily. We found that these Paki boys do not take alcohol, are serious, disciplined on face, highly surcharged with communal politics at times and Hindu boys on the other hand are more undisciplined, not smart, alcohol addicts, and generally not very active.. Such alliances with mutual consent are neither illegal nor wrong unless it involves fraud, torture, cheating and betrayal. But what is wrong and illegal is that they these Paki boys are Pakis due to the fact that their elders had chosen and demanded Pakistan and hence they can not be called or considered Indians at all and ever as they are illegal residents in this country. That makes their alliance with Hindu girls illegal. ,In a city in UP the Paki boys have been caught in girls hostel at midnight with a religious priest at hand giving sermons and converting girls to their religion..Hindu boys have the major defects of demands of dowry and alcoholism and hence the reason for preference for Paki boys for romance and marriage..Now we have hellish number of real Paki boys spreading all over and coming calling from Pakistan illegally. Their first job on arrival in India is to seek a job first and next trap the selected girl for fun and for legal justification and to strengthen their stay here.

    2. Girls should be permitted and are free to marry any person of their choice only if they know about the true identity and intentions of the boy and know the boy fully well. That is not wrong or illegal. However the parents too have the right to disown the girl if they choose so or are unhappy with alliance. There are definitely good boys every where and in every religion..But the girl should not and can not be converted to any religion against her inner will and desire either way nor should she be forced to change her name either way or in any religion she goes into.


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