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Plight of Hindus in Jharkhand and the negative role of BJP.

Plight of Hindus in Jharkhand and the role of Bhartiya Janata Party.

~ Dr. Nila Madhab Das, President, Tarun Hindu, Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

Part- I

BJP recently lost the bi-election in the Hatia seat in Jharkhand and was placed in third position. It was not for nothing. In Jharkhand the people are seriously annoyed with BJP due to many reasons. One amongst them is its cold shoulder attitude towards the Hindus of Jharkhand. In 1992, so many false cases were imposed on the Hindus by the then Lalu Prasad Yadav Govt. BJP promised to withdraw the in-genuine cases against the Hindus. But practically what has happened is that BJP Govt. has revoked many genuine cases against the Muslims and not a single case has been revoked from the Hindus.

Whensoever  there is a Hindu Muslim conflict in the state, the Jharkhand police simply takes side of the culprit Muslims and intimidates the Hindus and those who fight for Hindus. Political party leaders of all hues rush to enshrine their names in the good books of the Muslims. The BJP leaders either remain dormant or refractive, or even show as if they are supporting the Muslims. Hindus are beaten by the Muslims, doubly so by the police and trebly so by the political parties. BJP is indifferent and refractive.

There are so many incidences to be narrated but let me do so only one, the latest one. In the village Keshka of Tundi block and Dhanbad district the Muslim youths were in a habit of gathering and teasing the Hindu girls who were bathing in a pond  . Some Hindu boys objected to that, as a result a number of Muslims boys retaliated with lethal weapons. A Hindu boy suffered severe injury by way of breaking his hand bones. A Hindu boy snatched a weapon from the Muslim boy and hit him at head.The Muslim boy suffered  severe had injury and succumbed to it in Ranchi Medical College Hospital.

Now the perpetrators are not being booked but the persons who acted in defense are being tortured and even arrested. Rabinder Pandey is the MP of the region. Hindu People of the village approached  the MP and the district BJP president. Initially they paid some lip services but later supported the police action telling that the police has done a good job. But for the prompt action taken by police all the Hindus could have been massacred. Even the Sangh Parivar is finding it convenient to look otherway.

Tarun Hindu does not have that big a strength to take on such a big nexus. Yet it is trying its best to boost the morale of the Hindus of the area. It is trying legal options to get the culprit Muslims arrested.  Even the people of the village are terrified to co-operate with the Tarun Hindu.

We request the Hindu organisations to write protest letters to the chief minister of the state who also happens to be the home minister.

Part – II

The other day I described one incidence to show-case the plight of the Hindus in Jharkhand and the role of BJP. Today I am going to describe one more incidence.

It is a tribal Basti in the village of Koiri in the subdivision of Baliapur, district Dhanbad. There is a shop owned by a Muslim aged over forty. A tribal girl of 15 years went to the shop in an afternoon to purchase something. The Muslim shop owner pulled her into an inside room and raped her. Soon after the incidence the matter was disclosed and the tribal inhabitants pulled the Muslim tied him in a tree and gave a good thrash. Later the Muslim was handed over to the police. The police instead of lodging a rape case against the Muslim released him. Later it was known that a small time BJP leader came to the rescue of the Muslim. He negotiated with the officer-in-charge of the police station and saved the Muslim. Now the Muslims have made a meeting and have vowed to teach a lesson to the tribal people. The seed of a big communal divide and communal tension has been planted in the village. Will ever these tribal people or the people of the nearby villages or even anybody who happens to hear this incidence vote for BJP? Once upon a time BJP and the Sangha Parivar were highly vocal of a Hindu Rashtra. Now none of them speaks of that. Instead, they are now enticing the Muslims at the cost of the Hindus.

Hindus should seriously think of their own political empowerment.

Part – III

I have penned above two incidences from Jharkhand which have shown the plight of Hindus in Jharkhand and the indifferent role of the BJP leaders of the state towards the Hindus. Let me describe another incidence of the type just now.

This case relates to village Moko of Baliapur subdivision, dist. Dhanbad. A small minor Harijan girl of 14 years was working as maid servant in the house of a powerful previous BJP leader. This leader is the right hand of the local MLA. The MLA of the area was in BJP in his previous term. Now he has converted to another political party, JVM (Jharkhand Vikash Morcha).

A Muslim man of around 30 years managed to entangle the girl in the net of love jihad, and managed to take out the girl from the leader’s house to his own home. The Muslim man was supported by the local Mukhia who was a Muslim. So all the leaders of all the political parties of the area supported the Muslim man who had kidnapped the Hindu girl.

I got information about the kidnapping only after long 7 days. Immediately we the workers of Tarun Hindu gathered at the police station. It was winter and my workers hanged up to late in the night. Supporting the Muslim man were all the political leaders of the area, and we were a few dedicated workers pressurizing the officer in charge of the police station in the name of Hinduism.

We frantically wanted the support of the local BJP leader who was an MLA candidate. But he also thought it wise to remain non committal. At the end police succumbed to our tenacity and recovered the girl at 11. 30 PM in the night.

No case was registered against the Muslim.

The matter could have been easier for us and beneficial for Hindus if at least one leader of any political party should have sprung up to the occasion and stood by the Hindus in the moment.

The MLA and his right hand who were in BJP some time back were now supporting the culprit Muslim. Did they have some love for Hindus when they were in BJP? No. It was also clear that the present BJP leaders over the region did not have any love nor feeling for the Hindus.

So the Hindus of Jharkhand are without any political empowerment. They have to find their own alternative political empowerment. (Concluded).

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3 comments on “Plight of Hindus in Jharkhand and the negative role of BJP.

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    June 20, 2012

    After reading these events, I feel that the Gujarat State is much better under Mr. Modi where now not hindus but the muslims are also feel secured by these goons of muslims boys. The culprit will be booked by Modi Government may be of any community.


  2. Rajat
    June 25, 2012

    Narendra Modi is the last hope for Hindus


  3. Balu
    July 22, 2012

    i feel even our tempal law also breking by our hindus in tempal is place for pray all together, we don’t have any system pray no disciplin & u”ll find out dan peti eszly but if try to find garbege box u’ll nevar find esely we know our dharm granth is geeta ask any to tel about “geeta” very five will know’s we make our god golden statue is it requir ??? we can spend that monye to make big hall for tempals we can teach people about hindusum, we our self dont know how menten our religion now in the temples people are making bisiness, in futcher we have dificulty to save hundusum.


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