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Highly Educated & Rich Muslim professionals in India are found in terror network.

Keep them on strict watch.

Educated professionals in terror network

ND Shiva Kumar, TNN Sep 5, 2012 | Bangalore ::  A DRDO engineer, doctor, journalist, MBA…The profile of the arrested LeT and HuJI operatives on Thursday has sent shock waves.The trend of educated professionals on the terror network began to surface in the state in 2006. It heralded the changing face of terror and the magnitude of their planning and involvement, which ranged from train bombings to terror attack on a foreign soil.
It began with the arrest of Muzammil Sheikh, a software engineer with a MNC in Bangalore, in connection with the 2006 train bombings in Mumbai.……………………………….

Next was the turn of Ahmed brothers from Bangalore – Dr Sabeel Ahmed, a MBBS doctor, and Kafeel Ahmed, a PhD scholar in aeronautical engineering – to get arrested in connection with the terror plot and the attack on the Glasgow Airport in the United Kingdom in June-July 2007.

A few months later, in January 2008, the state police stumbled upon a network of SIMI and LeT activists at Honnali in Davangere district and Hubli. Of the more than a dozen persons arrested, there were students of medicine, doctors and engineers, besides a LeT operative.

The terror modules busted in the state include the LeT, SIMI, Al-Badr, Deendar-Anjuman and HuJI. The investigators have also found some links to the al-qaida in the past.

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Changing face of terror.

Courtesy: TOI | DC.

Dawood Ibrahim behind Azad Maidan violence in Mumbai: Intelligence Bureau

ET Bureau | Sep 7, 2012 | Mumbai :: The Intelligence Bureau has informed the Maharashtra government’s home department that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s gang played a vital role in the violence at Azad Maidan in Mumbai last month. According to a senior officer of the state home ministry, the IB information is based on information collected through intercepts of international telephonic conversations.

All information related to how the violence at Azad Maidan was planned and executed has been handed over to Maharashtra home minister RR Patil. Just a day after the incident, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had told media that there was initial suspicion about the possibility of this violence being planned abroad. Now the telephonic intercepts show that there is evidence to prove this. IB officials who analysed the intercepts have identified the telephone numbers and voices of known underworld members lodged abroad.

Read details report here in TOI.

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2 comments on “Highly Educated & Rich Muslim professionals in India are found in terror network.

  1. premjidas
    September 8, 2012

    india is for hindus only as saudi is for arabs.muslim chose pakistan let the fuckers rot in pakiland and kill each other


  2. ramkrishnagoel
    September 9, 2012

    All these educated Muslims are involved from 2006. Why? The base of SIMI is Surat Gujarat. These SIMI converted to Indian Mujahideen’s and started bomb blast and killing of Gujarati’ / Hindus in different cities of India after Godhra riots of 2002 to take revenge of post Godhra killing. It is failure of our IB. In 2003, the Muslims of Vadodara were flying kites in Utrayan with Osama-bin Laden potriats. Where we were not sensed this that in Gujarat the muslims are flying kites with Osama’s photo. From 2002 we failed to check the activities of SIMI / Indian Mujahideen’s. They went increasing and by seeing the Videos of Post Godhra riots of 2002 in which the media showm misecare of Muslims throigh out the world. Our Hindus arranged conferences only showing these Videos. For all these we Indian / Hindus / Pseudo secularists are responsible as per my viewes. Educated muslims were not involved before 2006 in riots. See how much work for communal harmony did by Dr.J.S.Bandukwal, a professor of MSU despite his suffering on 28.2.2002. His house was burnt when his daughter was going to marry a Hindu boy. Hindu students use to live Dr. J.S. Bandukwala , a Physics professor of MSU. Even the hindus those helped to save Dr. Bandukwala were harrassed by our own Hindus.
    We should analyse why educated muslims taking to make Bombs and bombing in different cities of India and aslo taking training of Jihad’s / Muslim terrorists from Pakistan. These educated muslims are now in each city of India and having their cells. We should try to bring these educated muslims into main stream of Indian culture, We have Muslim Presidents / Vice President of India as well as in education as educational teachers in Colleges/ Universities.
    SIMI is the main reason for these educated muslims to join Islamic terrorists.
    Our these thinking only creating Educated Muslims as Islamic terrorists. We should change our Consititution of India as Secular State and Should make India a HINDU State as Pakistan. Can we throw 20 crores muslims from India as once said by Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji?


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