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Fiji Hindus summarily reject a Christian Conspiracy to convert Fiji as a Christian State.

Fiji Hindus want a secular state in the face of Methodist conspiracy.

Fiji Hindu group rejects Christian state calls.

ANN | SUVA | 06-09-2012 :: Calls for Fiji to become an officially Christian state have been rejected by one of the country’s main Hindu groups.

It comes after the president of Fiji’s Methodist Church yesterday said the country was ceded to God by the chiefs and was therefore a Christian nation.

Vijendra Prakash, general secretary of Sanatan Dharam, told Radio Australia his members would prefer Fiji be a secular state where religion does not mix with politics.

“Because this country is multicultural religion and a multilingual country, and we have been living so happily,” he said.

“All the religious organisations are given respect and rights and no one is given supremacy over another or try to undermine the others.”

Mr Prakash said all citizens had a right to worship, regardless of their religion.

Fiji Methodist Church’s new president, Tuikilakila Waqairatu, on Wednesday said he supported the idea of of Fiji becoming a Christian state.

“Fiji was given to God,” he said.

“When we say that Fiji is a Christian state … we say it was decided by our chiefs who ceded Fiji to Great Britain that Fiji be a Christian country.

“When it was given to God, it has already established its covenant relationship with God, and that covenant relationship is eternal – it cannot be withdrawn.”

Courtesy: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News.

7 comments on “Fiji Hindus summarily reject a Christian Conspiracy to convert Fiji as a Christian State.

  1. Bhagyadhar Mohanty
    September 8, 2012

    Hindu means a living style.its the only religion that belives in secularism. Heartful tnx to Fiji Hindu Community


  2. ashwini
    September 10, 2012

    Not today,but tomarrow Fiji will be declared christian state,because there is mission&missionaries bent on to convert all human into christians ! &hindus have no mission&no missionaries to fight against enchroachment by other societies&religions! Hindus have eighty four lacs god-goddesses,four pith&four shankeracharyas&so many maths-mandirs,only collecting cash&kinds !


    • Bhagavan
      March 31, 2015

      Missionaries are good marketing executives for Christ.


  3. Avinash Shukla
    October 6, 2012

    The problem with the Hindus lies in their own religion that promotes tolerance and non-violence more than any other religion. Christians and Muslims have a history of violence and forced conversions, which the Hindus lack from the very beginning. Hinduism doesn’t allow its followers to adopt aggression and solve everything on the face of war. We can take an example from the Jews, who hold a very less population in this world but have united together against all the odds barricading their whole community with the latest and lucrative inventions, effective foreign policies and reformative measures. If we look into the world map, Israel is surrounded by Islamic nations but is capable enough of defending itself and the honor of Judaism.


    • Steve
      December 26, 2012

      You dont know the mentality of jews. Thats why you praise them. If they were not crushed by Hitler they would have ruled the world and made the world their slaves, because they believe they are the chosen people of God and they are the supreme race and superior over all human beings. However, indirectly they are controlling the worlds economy. And they are the staunch enemies of idol worshipers.


  4. Joeli Ditoka
    December 13, 2012

    I think though that Reverend Waqairatu’s comments should be read in context….he was referring to a historical fact and saying that Fiji was already a Christian state…whether or not the new constitution reflected that or not was and still is a moot point….but in any case the government has already said that the secular state was a non-negotiable issue….so that is pretty much an end to that discussion….there will not be a christian state created by the new constitution, period!

    I take issue with the tone of the article though and the headings about the so-called methodist conspiracy…I happen to be a Fijian and Methodist and think that it is misleading….Reverend Waqairatu was asked for his opinion which he gave…other senior pastors agreed and some disagreed….that is the nature of democracy. I think that headings such as this serve only to set back race relations in a country that is already fraught and rife with race-centered issues…


  5. Jesus dog
    February 26, 2017

    Christchuns bastred mother fuckers and sister fuckers, terrorist, your god is dog , go to hell bastred christchuns.


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