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Biswajit Killing in Dhaka

10 comments on “Biswajit Killing in Dhaka

  1. steves
    December 10, 2012

    Please be truthful in writing to make a point to reader. The killers of Biswajit are cadres of Bangladesh Chartra league – a student wing of present ruling party – Bangladesh Awami League. Please refer to all local newspapers.


  2. soumo
    December 11, 2012

    i am a Hindu. i am really hopeless at the reaction of govt. on this case


  3. maruf
    December 11, 2012

    they brutlly killed an innocent boy like Biswajit, you are blundering by a false statement of this brutal killing, Not islamist, BCL is behind the brutality..please try to be honest with the blog post..


    • Shabnam Biswas
      December 11, 2012

      What false? BCL is the greatest ISLAMIST in Bangladesh now. The fanatic Muslim guys of Chatra League were brutally torturing upon Biswajit and saying “kuttatare maar”. The fanatic Muslims have taken their good shelters inn every parties in Bangladesh.

      Shaikh Hassina, the culprit Prime Minister of Bangladesh is the greatest Islamist of BD in disguise for all times. Some days before she opned a big digital Quran site spending over 600 crores of BD Taka. She is not changing Bismillah Rahmanir Rahim from Bangladesh Constitution, Practically, she and her party Awami League is promoting Islam instead of Secular values for all. As such, her followers in Awami League and Chatra League are also going fanatic and engaging themselves to persecute Hindu minorities in many ways.


      • Faisal
        December 12, 2012

        I don’t know which part of the world you are from but Awame League in BD has long been accused of not being the ideal Islamic Party by the mainstream Islamic Political party named ‘Jamat-E-Islami Bangladesh’. Moving to the main topic; Biswajit killing took place during a daylong blockade called by the main opposition, such brutality and aggravation is to say the least, unacceptable and 5 of them are already caught & detained by law enforcing agencies. However, 3 more people died that day from the anarchy caused by this nationwide blockade and were all Muslims. As much we as a nation grief this brutality will humbly request you not to turn this into a relegious friction which it never was in any form in the first place.


      • Charles Rosario
        December 12, 2012

        To: Faisal….

        I dwell in the same part of the world, but live with a secular value though I am a Christian, but you are a communal man with blunt Islamic faith.

        First of all, I want to congratulate the site and its moderators who made a high sensation about Biswajit Murder in the world level. Hundreds of such murder of the infidels are made daily in the Islamic world without the notice of the media, but for the present hinduexistence made this marvellous job to highlight it with proper importance and input.

        At least the pseudo secularist like you (Faisal) are now compelled to stand in front of the mirror through which you are seeing the more plights of Hindus in Bangladesh under the so called secular regime of Awami League. It is the success of this website.

        Pretending as great secular, the Awami League is doing anti Hindu, anti -Buddhist, anti-Christian activities one after another…..

        In last few months, the minorities faced many violences upon the Bangladesh minorities including the devastation of Ramu Monastery and Buddhist habitation..

        The inept leadership of Awami League is now entering various corruptions including land Mafia rackets which are snatching
        the lands of minority religious institutions and the Hindu-Bauddha-Christians of Bangladesh.

        The arrested five persons in Biswajit murder case, as told by you but not authenticated by media, are identified as Muslim thugs of Awami-Chatra League member. And there was no involvement of no Hindu members of Chatra League so far.

        More over Biswajit was a owner of his tailoring shop. Then he was going to open his shop and repeatedly told such to the attackers. Then why Awami-Chatra League supporters (all Muslims) killed Biswajit brutally, when Biswajit was not a supporter of Bandh?

        In contrary if the BNP-Jamat-Chatra Shivir goons killed Biswajit as he wanted to keep open his shop discarding bandh, then why all available pictures and video footage tell that the Chatra League supporters were killing Biswajit with lethal weapons?

        A very through investigation is needed to reveal the truth why the minorities in Bangladesh are clueless victim in Islamic Bangladesh even in a regime of so called secular party of Awami League.


      • atiqullah1
        December 14, 2012

        If anybody wants to know real incident of Biswajit death, plz contact me personally. I am a resident of the locality and living for 10 years. Hindus should not be aggressive. Hindus must know the truth because they are being misguided by themselves.



        • hinduexistence
          December 14, 2012

          Yes, if you really want to convey that fatal incident of murder of Biswajit, you can safely write here for the information to our visitors.
          please send the updates also….

          We cannot promote any personal interaction (email etc) through this site.

          PS, Moderator,

          N.B. This Sick mad Islamist Atiqullah runs a blog in which he writes: If anybody wants to know real incident of Biswajit death, plz contact me personally. I am a resident of the locality and living for 10 years. Hindus should not be aggressive. Hindus must know the truth because hindu is a fake religion.

          This point of view clearly reveals that he is a anti-Hindu and cannot be able to give any impartial view. He is terribly defending the Muslim murderers of Biswajit.

          Not only that that this mad man Atiqullah said that we (HINDU EXISTENCE and its HINDU VIEWERS who are not BD people) have no rights to comment over the murder of Biswajit.

          We are compelled to warn this bloody swine Atiqullah to restrain him by saying that HINDU EXISTENCE is a global forum for HINDUS of every corner of this world. And it will surely address the trouble, torture upon Hindus whatsoever with placing demands for Hindu Rights and struggle.

          These class of crooked Islamists are even airing the names of three Hindu murderers in Biswajit case which is 100% false. All the identified killers of Biswajit was 100% Muslims.

          From the input from Charles Rosario from Dhaka, we came to know at latest that Awami Leagae press secretary demanded that the murders had their connections with Jamaat and BNP student unions.

          Atiqullah wants to use this site for his Islamic propaganda. So, his subsequent comments are hereby deleted.

          Pankaj Srestha,
          Moderator (Bangladesh Affairs),


  4. sameer
    January 28, 2013

    All Muslims are like this and they want to kill non Islamic people.
    In India their leaders says that give us 15 minutes and remove police from India we will kill all Hindus.
    All Muslims are son of a bi*ch and p*g.


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