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Revival of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is connected with the Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Revival of ancient Hindu Rashtra in Nepal

Why, What and Whom for Secularism in Nepal?

Revive the ancient Hindu Rashtra in present Nepal immediately.

By Dirgha Raj Prasai.

hindu existence logoNepal was bigger during the ancient time. ‘Himwatkhanda-Nepal’ extended from Bramhaputra in the East to Hindukush in the west, Kailash Mansovar in the North and Ganga in the South. In time the ‘Himwatkhanda Nepal’ disintegrated into many smaller nations. The fact is mentioned in the Prayaga archive of Samudra Gupta, the son of Bikramaditya, that ‘Nepal’ is a place lying in between Kamrup (current Assam) and Karkarpur (current Kumau). We can infer from these facts that Himwatkhanda Nepal in the ancient times was bigger than what is today. This area of the Himwatkhanda is the golden land. A veteran Rishi (Hindu’s ascetic Guru) in a special Vedic scripture has mentioned about Himwatkhanda, “Bharatkhande Utarayane Himalaya Tate Swarnabhumi, Swarnabhumi,” meaning ‘the northern part of Bharatkhande, the Himalayan mountains is the golden land and just haven’. We can draw inference as to the greatness of this land. Kalidash in his ‘Kumaar Sambhav’ has mentioned, “The land from Eastern Himalayas to the Western Himalayas is the Arya land.” Before the Muslim and English regime, Bharatbarsha had comprised 25 nations. After the unification of India by East India Company, then India was called Hindustan. But, before the King, the creator of greater Nepal- Prithvi Narayan Shah 1800 B.S (Bikram Sambat era) had said- ‘Nepal is the real ‘Hindusthana‘ at 1800 Bs (1753, AD)

During the time when Himwatkhanda Nepal remained a unified country the current powerful nations were divided into many smaller nations. Bismark had unified Germany, which had existed in the façade of many smaller nations, a hundred years after Nepal’s unification. Italy was also divided into many smaller nations a hundred years before Nepal’s unification, which was transformed into a greater Italy by good sons as Kabur and Gyalibhardi. Japan came out of the dark-age under the leadership of its King after Mehiji restoration hundred years after Nepal’s unification. Two decades before the unification of Nepal the now superpower America was a British colony. Prithvinarayan Shah had already unfurled the flag depicting the Sun and the Moon and unified the small kingdoms into a Himwatkhanda Nepal to save the tradition of this area. The Sanskrit language was the popular language of ancient Nepal and India. A famous Scholar Max Mucller has written in his book- ‘India-What Can it teach us’-‘ Sanskrit no doubt has an immense advantage over all other ancient language of the East. In a certain Sense we are still speaking and thinking Sanskrit or more correctly Sanskrit is like a dear aunt to use and she takes the place of a mother who is no more. Let us take a brief look at additional evidence to help verify the ides that Sanskrit was the original language of the world, and that it is connected with numerous countries and cultures. Latin and Persian are dialects of Sanskrit. Greek has borrowed a lot from Sanskrit. French & English are full Sanskrit words, roots and speech forms.

So, the identification of Himwatkhanda Nepal is associated with the ancient Vedic Hindu religion. May all be happy in the world and let no one suffer from disease and be sad. May no one keep ill will towards another being? May all be liberal and compassionate? ‘Basudhaiv Kutumbakam’. All humans of the world are our relatives. May all receive equal amount of food, relation and shelter. Let us become a liberal character of compassion and be active for omnipresent. May all worlds be well? ‘OM- Shanti’  is Vedic Hindu customs cleansed indicative. The welfare and happiness of all is the supreme system which is the belief of the Vedic Hindu society. Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri writes, “Hindus worship the Sun. The light that emanates from Sun is common for all. Without water no living being can survive. This is everyone’s right. Such things are beyond divisions, and consumed by all as per their necessity. For the prosperity of human life there must remain equal right and prerogative among us. No one should be hindered from contributing to their nation. So it is mentioned in the Veda, ‘Let us all rise for national awareness.’” This shows that Hindu religion is the vehicle that would show path to all human societies. Bramha- Bishnu-Maheshwor (the three Lords) is the guidance of Vedic Hindu life. In the ancient, Vedic Hindu religions the supreme is the ocean where anyone can swim anyhow.

Among all religions of the world Hindu religion is considered as the most liberal. According to renowned philosopher Voltaire, Hinduism is the best gift of the East to the West. Similarly, George Bernard Shaw, Irish litterateur also said ‘Hindu religion is the most important and the most liberal religion in the world. According to Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are even found in the present Islamic country like Iran. A stone scripture of 486 BC found in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus. Even an ancient Parsi scripture ‘Shatir’ has lifted a word of Ved Vyas ‘I am a true Hindu born in a Hindu country’. Another Hindu philosopher Manu has taken the area between Bindhya in south India and the Himalayas in the north as Aryabrata, the land of Aryans. Even outside travelers like Megasthaniz and Fai Han have written in their travel memoirs after their visit of the Kingdom of Chandra Gupta Maurya that Hindus have tall figure, long life, healthy, who avoid narcotics, simple, intelligent, truthful, who do not keep witness in transactions, do not lock their houses and there is no theft. So, in the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization, Hindu philosophy is taken as liberal, simple and tolerant.

The declaration of Nepal as a Hindu Kingdom does not signify just its religion rather it is taken as the source of Nepalese nationalism and an inseparable part of Nepal. So, the party leaders made a grave mistake by declaring Nepal as a secular state. If instead of declaring Nepal as solely a Hindu country, it would have made sense if it were declared both Hindu and Buddhist country. But it is a matter of serious concern for whose interest Nepal was declared a secular state. Nepal is a small country and on the south there is a big country with open border. There are about 800 million Hindus and Indian Hindus respect Nepal as a Hindu kingdom. This should be taken as a matter of pride for us. For security reasons also, Nepal has a big advantage by being a Hindu country. If the Maoists are for Nepal’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, all Nepalese request them to change their idea about secularism. Even if one is a Christian or a Muslim, they should support to keep Nepal a Hindu country. But the seven political parties have made a great mistake by announcing Nepal as a secular state.

Even if one talks about secularism, the census 2001 AD can be taken as referendum. That time those who call them intellectuals, leaders of ethnic communities and communists and those who call themselves Christians had made campaign not to write anything in the column for religion or not to write Hindu as their religion. But the Hindus never confronted them or made it an issue. Despite the campaign against Hinduism, the number of Hindus in Nepal was found to be 82 per cent. If one keeps the Buddhists out the number of Hindus before the 2001 census was 83 per cent. Half of the diminished numbers were increased in Buddhism and Kiratis and there was half percentage point increment in Christians. The rise in Buddhism and Kiratis do not make much of a difference because Buddhism and Hinduism are complementary to each other and Kiratis also worship the same gods such as Shiva and Bhagawati like the Hindus.

Therefore, if instead of declaring Nepal as solely a Hindu country, it would have made sense if it were declared both Hindu and Buddhist country. But it is a matter of serious concern for whose interest Nepal was declared a secular state. No one has right to trample believe and conviction of more than two-thirds majority of the people. Even if there is a referendum, more than 85 percent Nepalese will vote for a Hindu country. More than that Hindus have the freedom to pursue their own way of observing the religion. Therefore, if Nepal is to be declared a secular country, all countries, which call themselves as Christian or Muslim countries should also be declared secular countries. If they want Nepal to become a secular country, they should also be willing to shun their ‘Cross’ of the Christians, ‘sign of David’ of the Jews and ‘Kaba’ of Muslims. Actually, Kaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of perambulation is still meticulously observed and strictly followed. However, it needs to be pondered that even if Nepal was a Hindu Kingdom, its nature was  a defacto secular country as Hindus have never done anything that would harass or trouble other religions. (So, the abolition of an only official  Hindu Rashtra (Nation-State) in Nepal in 2008 was actually a clear violation of secularism as public realize it now generally. At least Maoists are not secular any way. They are the bloody Communists against Humanity in all sense. Ed. Hindu Existence).

It is shameful to write that in Nepal there are some existing international non-governmental organization (INGO) who are talking to develop Nepal but they were and has been involving in spreading the Christian religion with money and giving the fallacious assurance. The Nepalese religious people always regard the other religions. Nepal and the monarch never show the religious intolerance. From the very beginning, there are two Mosques in front of the Royal palace, near Clock Tower, have never faced intolerance. But, the so-called big party leaders and some civil society’ and INGO conveners who are the puppets Christian Mission are active to destroy the indigenous culture and identities. We should remember the quotation of Voltaire: “Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”

Despite knowing this fact it is intriguing on whose interest the so-called big parties including Maoist declared Nepal a secular state. They had directly hurt the feeling of the majority of the Hindus in the country and more than 1 billion Hindus all over the world. Political leaders must rethink its decision. What they should have done is to remove the anomalies such as untouchables and other caste-based and social discriminations. This would have been the real tribute and service to the country and to the religion. Apart from some social anomalies there is nothing in Hindu religion that should be opposed. By declaring republic and Nepal a secular country; they are only serving the interest of a narrow group. Otherwise, if one thinks of the liberalism and tolerance, Hinduism comes first and foremost of all other religions.

If we want to understand the reality about the secularism we can study the national history of India. A world renowned Hindutva analyst Stephen Knapp says- India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) is through the process of secular or Christian education. In public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. There are no possibilities to study the ancient Hindu literature or art in such institutions. The Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their home land. 5th Feb. 2008- Peoples Review). In fact the Christian saints order to destroy the huts where they keep the idols of Hindu’s God & Goddess and to break the statues of Hindus idols into tiny pieces. That was there goal to destroy Hindu & Buddha culture and make the country a Christian nation. The most dangerous steps is that the Indian Congress I- leadership groups are all Christians.

The Cultural Analyst Stephen Knnap writes- India is a predominantly Hindu nation.  83% of the Indian population is Hindu.  But it is a matter of great regret that India is the only country in the world where the Hindu majority population is being ruled by the other 17% minority communities. Sonia Gandhi, the President of the ruling Congress Party is a practicing Catholic Christian. Her son Rahul Gandhi who is being groomed as the next Prime Minister of India is also a Christian.  Sonia’s daughter Priyanka Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra are also Christians.  India’s Defense Minister is A K Anthony, a Christian. Sonia’s closest advisers are Christains:  Margaret Alva (resigned recently), Oscar Fernandez,  Ambika Soni, all are Christians. (yes, despite Ambika’s big Hindu sounding  name, she is a Christian).

It is a matter of grief that the nonsense foreigners (both the Evangelic and Arabic Groups – Ed. Hindu Existence) who want to destroy the Nepalese identities, sovereignty had and have been supporting the Maoist groups. A Nepalese  political analyst Prakash A. Raj  writes-‘The end of monarchy in Nepal and the declaration of republic would not have been possible without the support of Government of India as the Indian brokerage of ’12 Point Accord’ played the most important role in the success of Jana Andolan-2 (public agitation)  in 2006. Thus. India,  the secular country (actually anti-Hindu and run by an Italian lady – Ed. Hindu Existence) having the largest Hindu population in the world unfortunately played a dominant role in abolishing the only Hindu kingdom in the world. The stand taken by two European countries, Norway and Switzerland in supporting the Maoists after King Gyanendra took over power in February 2005 and before April 2006 is very revealing as it helped to gather support against the monarchy. Norway has shown a lot of interest in Nepal and was one of the few countries to welcome the first Maoist Prime Minister (Prachanda) of Nepal-2008. Now, all the foreigners are suffering by their mistakes.

Therefore, the question is why and how could they throw away the oldest and the most liberal of all religion just to serve the interest of another religion (Christian). The most important thing is that no religion and at the moment Hinduism must not be made a political issue. But by declaring republic & Nepal a secular state, they have made mixed religion with politics, which could be very dangerous and detrimental to the whole Nepalese society.  Now it is a high time Nepal should be careful to save her indigenous culture. So, let all Nepalese unite and raise voice to revert the irresponsible party’s decision and again declare the constitutional monarchy as well as Hindu Rashtra in Nepal as a fortified and flourishing land of traditional Hindus & Buddhists as a resource of Global Peace and Humanity.

(This revival of ancient Hindu Rashtra in Nepal mostly depends upon the tie-up of Nepal Monarchy and Public in a coherent good-faith, welfare of public by the existing Hindu dynasty in Nepal and Hindu Sentiment in general. But, the role of Bharat is the main factor which must be a pro-Hindu form from all sides. Unless and until Bharat is declared as a Hindu State within 2025, the revival of a Hindu State in Nepal is remote. Revival of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is now connected with the Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. So, the adherent Hindus of Nepal and Bharat (India) must fight jointly for the Hindu States both in Bharat and Nepal. Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram! Jai Bharat Hindu Rashtra !! Jai Nepal Hindu Rashtra !!! – Ed. Hindu Existence). 

12 comments on “Revival of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal is connected with the Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

  1. hinduawakens
    December 23, 2012

    Excellent article. Unfortunately, Christian missionaries are very active in Nepal(in various disguises). Will Nepali Hindus learn from Indian Hindu mistakes! As regards Christians with Hindu names , there are quite a few namely1. Digvijay Singh.2. Manish Tiwari. 3.Ajit Jogi. 4.Anand Sharma. 5. Satish sharma. 6. Satyavrat Chaturvedi. 7. Radhakant Nayak and of course, famous Reddys of AP.
    Every Hindu must take responsibility, must contribute time and money ( I wonder how many of us make financial contributions to Hindu organisations, including present website.Almost all Christians all over the world contribute to church every monnth. German catholics contribute 9 percent of their income to church. This is compulsory. Spain like many European countries is in economic turmoil. There are beggars on the streets of Spain, yet Spanish churches send millions of Euros to India for conversion purposes..
    My appeal to every Hindu is simple, DO OR DIE.


    • N K Maity
      July 17, 2013

      Today it is news that Digvijay Singh has declared he is devout Hindu, a disciple of Sankaracharya of Joshi Math, having six temples in his village in MP. He performed regular prayer and worship. This is given in The Telegrapk paper and Anandabazar of Kolkata.
      So your information is utterly misleading. I also told and mailed others about Digvijay as Christian by your information. Before such information, you must verify first yourself and then circulate it. Pl take care. Now I will be very doubtful about your information.
      prof. N K Maity, Kolkata, Email –, Pl – 09143016238


      • dipak
        September 11, 2013

        Dr. Vijaya Rajiva , ex-professor of an Canadian University, mentions him as a Christian convert . “He adopted this religion with his full conciousness and devotion”.. Mr. Francois Gautier, in his “Hindu world vision”, mentions Dig. as a converted Christian.I like to mention here Mr. Dig. called Baba Ramdeb as a “thug” and a “fraud”.Anandabazar” is a “secular” newspaper, you hardly find pro-Hindu news there and then India is the only country in the world where majority population is treated as minority, all the benefits go to minority.


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  3. Dr.C.P.Trivedi
    December 24, 2012

    Dear Brothers
    We all are pseudo Christian without aim of life and cultural hybrids under superstition of the Secularism and religion.
    Revival of Vedic Bharat ; Hindu Rashtra is illusory to divide Indian subcontinent We all are native of Indian subcontinent the religion is shrewd politics to divide Indians on the name of superstition of religion on the name of one God.
    The Dharma is Duty in life towards mother land with aim of life on the earth, under the natural cycle of rebirth and death. The formless creator is without attribute and character, he is one and same for all. It is not superstition.
    The Hindu is original modified literary term of Indu which signify Oxygen in Vedas. The muslim invaders have modified it to non Muslim Hindu -Kafir to the resident of Sindhu, with this our British rulers have given it a name of Hindu Dharma and race, and the Vedic Bharat as Hindustan.
    Brutally Lord Mcauley imposed Christianity with his education policy and produced educated pseudo Christians to oppose the so called Hindu Dharma, it has divided Indians into Muslim and Hindu as two races, which can not leave together with shrewd politics to divide Vedic Bharat?
    It has given the concept of two nation Pakistan and Hindustan. and created chaos and conflict in society under secularism.
    Our Dharma is duty in the life with aim of life in the world, and religion is superstition under one God.
    As such the Hindu is not a religion nor race. We are not Muslim, nor Christian, nor Hindu, we are only cultural hybrids, and pseudo Christian under modern education policy of secularism.
    The Hindu is term for cultural hybrids. We all are native of Vedic Bharat, we have depride of our Dharma -duty in life and aim of life. It requires Revival of Vedic Bharat for Indian subcontinent.
    With regards in the service of Mother land Vedic Bharat

    Dr. Chandra Prakash Trivedi


    • hinduexistence
      December 25, 2012
        @ Dr. Chandra Prakash Trivedi.

      Dear Dr. Trivedi.

      In response to your unclear commentary as above, I intend to place some words to your good concern.

      The Arya Samajists like Dr. C.P. Thakur have some problem with Hindutva or otherwise they may be the agents of Fake Swami Agniveesh always interested to attack Hindu Dharma , Amarnath Yatra or so on…..

      The Hindu Dharma and its identity as propounded Sri Chaitanya, Guru Nanak, Swami Ramdas, Ramkrishna Paramhansha, Swami Vivekananda, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sri Auribinda, Swami Pranavananda and so on… have no meaning to these Arya Samajists as they are only confined to Maharshi Dev Dayananda Ji.

      They think that the teachings of Pouranik Hindutva (as they think) will be abolished one day and Arya identity will surpass everything and Krinantvo Vishwaryam will rent the air. Dr. Trivedi, you must know that Arya Samaj is a minority group in India, gradually shrinking even after taking the ‘minority status’ from Govt. of India.

      With full veneration to Maharshi Dayananda and all your endeavors to propagate the Vedic teaching, I am compelled to say that Arya samaj has been synchronized as a new Purohit Varga (Clergy Groups) to perform some rituals in business management, to rent some Samaj Houses for Marriage etc., some celebrations to keep the organisation alive, some propaganda for your own existence. You never thought that how your castles in Lahore, Sindh, Karachi, Dhaka and everywhere compelled to surrender even with your profound Vedic Knowledge.

      If you cannot be practical, any theoretical knowledge will not give you the strength to survive. Without getting ties with the major part of spiritual strength, your material plan to combat Islam entering into an unnecessary comparison you have lost the spirit of Veda. So you are turned as Materialistic with Vedic Karmakanda and unfortunately have been avoiding the spiritual aspect and strength of it.

      First of all you have to understand the Bhartiya process of synthesis and try to understand the importance of Hindutva in Bharat. To avoid some ridiculous ideas of Mlecchas or Yavans, we opted an easy take to renounce Hindutva as coward. If we take it granted that Muslims see Hindutva with largest indignity, do they adorn Aryans as ‘Momin’ and don’t consider then as ‘Kaffir’? Really, your way of thinking is a blurred one.

      Actually, Muslims came to know the Hindu word from the Persian and Greek People who were not Muslims and had relationship with the Hindus with veneration and importance. The Greek and Persian accounts never disrespected Hindus in gross. But, how the Muslims got the idea that Hindus were bad only after hearing? Your logic are very peevish and of also ‘Puna Pravachan’ by Maharshi.

      Interesting enough that one Urdu Dictionary [see pic 1] contains maximum numbers of derogatory meaning of Hindu than any Arabic or Modern Persian dictionary (Old Persian, Hebrew and Greek Dictionary have only geographical meaning of Hindu, nothing more than that) which is edited by all so called Arya Samaj Pundits. You Arya Samaji people have been continuously protesting the Hindu word more than Muslims and also claimed Oxford and other English dictionaries also support their derogatory ideas. Their claims are false. Anyone can see those dictionaries and find the truth.

      Pic 1. asatya hindu arth by arya samaji mullas

      Actually, you cannot tolerate the Hindu word like Muslims and Christians and generally take a plea that Hindu name was given by the outsiders. It is not our own name. Mahashay, persons are known by different names not even known by the names given by their parents in many cases. Mool Shankar is world famous as Dayananda, Narendranath is best known as Vivekananda. Both are their good names, but if anybody rejects that the Dayananda and Vivekananda is unacceptable as those were not given by their parents….. ha. ha. ha. Sometimes we have to accept the big name/upadhi given by the public also. Who is giving the name is not a factor. We have to realize its significance and practical sense.

      The Hindu word/name has got a tremendous strength as a real challenge before the enemies of Bharatvarsha. This Dharma has its significant heights in various faculties and constitutionally dignified as a way of mainstream life in Bharat. You cannot call it as ‘hybrid’. Please don’t try to send the flow of Ganga to its source at Gangotri. It is impossible.

      Do you suggest to stop singing Hindusthani Sangeet, put ban upon Hindu Mathematics, Hindu Chemistry, Hindu Economics, Hindu History. Do you suggest shut down Hindustan Machine Tools. Hindustan Aeronautical, Hindustan Petroleum, the most famous name of Bharat as Hindustan. What do you want?

      Practically you silently suggest to stop all organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Jangagruti Samiti, Hindu Swamsevak Sangha, Hindu Mahasabha like ‘hybrid’ things and to open one Arya- Vedic window to manage the whole majority people of India. Have you that courage or capacity ? And ridiculously your Vedic concept only rely Maharshi Dayananda not even Adi Shankarayraya or any school of Veda propagators except Arya Samaj Gurukul system. Please don’t be childish.

      Try to understand the Oneness of Sanatan Sanskriti-Arya Vichar-Vaidik Parampara-&-Hindu Jeevan. Try to manifest indomitable Hindu Rashtra in Bharat which is not an ‘illusory’ at all.

      Om. Namaste.

      With full veneration.

      Upananda Brahmachari.
      Vaidik Hindu Dharma Pravakta.
      Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.

      N.B. Some Sources for Hindu Origin and Hindu Pride.
      The Accredited Tradition of Hindu is not confusing. Some Researches on Root of “HINDU”.
      by Upananda Brahmachari on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 4:27pm ·{From my Facebook Notes]
      The Accredited Tradition of Hindu is not confusing. Some Researches on Root of “HINDU”.
      Compiled by Upananda Brahmachari.


      *Hindu By Krishna Maheshwari.
      **ABOUT THE NAME “HINDU” By Stephen Knapp.
      ***The Meaning, Definition and Origin of word “HINDU” by Jayaram V.
      ****Who is a Hindu? The historical definition – Koenraad Elst
      *****Understanding Hinduism – N S Rajaram
      ******Puranas gave us the name HINDU not Muslim Invaders by Sugato Banerjee.

      Courtesy: Hindupedia |Stephen Knapp | Hinduwebsite | Bharatbharati | Folks Mag | IBTL.


  4. prashant
    December 24, 2012

    yes, please, this is the requirement of the day.


  5. Dr.C.P.Trivedi
    December 26, 2012

    To open one Arya- Vedic window to manage the whole majority people of India. Have you that courage or capacity ?
    Respected Swamiji,
    With due respect and apology, you have considered my views confined to Maharshi Dayanand and chilidish? I have not asked to stop any organisation. They are doing their job efficiently in the interest of India. I have only pointed out that the term Hindu has created confusion, and responsible for the so called religious division of India, it is not indigenous concept of India.
    We are the victim of world politics of religion. My humble request is that we can not fight with three forth majority of the world on the name of the so called Hindu religion, which has no foundation.
    The people do not know the aim of life. Without the knowledge of aim of life the land is waste land, just like Europe and Desert land Arab. The British have imposed the same on India with their education policy.
    Shri Agnivesha do not know the importance of Amarnath Yatra and |Idol worship. It is most scientific as per human mentality. In the influence of Christianity, they are opposing.
    Arya samaj has been synchronized as a new Purohit Varga, Jain, Boddha, Sikhs have also their rituals. They are not accepting them selves as Hindu. They prefer minority status.
    The Hindu is commonly used by invaders to divide Indians, why we should also accept it? Even Government of |India use it as communal, and we are second class citizen in our own country.
    With regards in the service of Mother land Vedic Bharat.



    • hinduexistence
      December 27, 2012

      Dear Dr. Trivedi,

      Om. Namaste.

      Supporting Vedic vision does not mean to contradict the Hindu ideology as mandatory as the anti-Indian – Bharat Shatru foreigners generally do as their daily routine.

      Swami Vivekananda said that I AM PROUD TO CALL MYSELF AS HINDU.

      Dr Keshab Baliram Hedgewad said that HINDU RASHTRA IS MY BIRTH RIGHT.

      Kranti Surya (Revolutionary Sun) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar propounded ESTABLISHMENT OF HINDU NATION IN BHARAT. Just read: HINDU RASHTRA DARHAN here.

      Sorry to say that you are fighting with your shadow. And that shadow has been created by some Islamic-Christian lobby. Unfortunately you are supporting the anti-Indian lobby in the name of your Vedic mission.

      You have not judged my comment with any importance, but only inclined upon your dogmatic views. And again sorry to say that I have no scope to agree with your views causing division in majority society very unnecessarily.

      I think it will be very idiotic to insert here the thousand pages that said by the same Muslims and Christians against Vedas, Sindhu Civilization or Arya-Dravid visions etc. Should we rely upon those gibberish or the rubbish about the term Hindu? Be proud as a Hindu.

      Please read the exact versions of various luminaries of Hindu exponents and have a clear vision about Hindutva.

      Thanks & Regards.
      Upananda Brahmachari.
      Editor, Hindu Existence.


  6. malayappaswamy
    December 27, 2012

    Why are the secularist organisations and NGOs so interested in Nepal ? What they are doing in Nepal, would they do it in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan ? There is monarchy even in the Muslim countries of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Brunei, and in the Christian country and ” modern progressive ” country like England. The British monarchy is deeply connected with the Christian nationalism of the British people. The Queen is the Head of the Church of England and the Defender of the Faith. THEN WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE HINDU MONARCHY OF NEPAL, THE LAST OF THE HINDU KINGDOMS ? WHY SHOULD ONLY HINDU-MAJORITY COUNTRIES BE SECULAR, WHILE MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN-MAJORITY ONES CAN HAVE STATE RELIGIONS ? What is worse is that India, a Hindu-majority country, supported the secularisation of Nepal. While Christian-majority USA ( claiming to be secular ) has successfully carved out Christian nations East Timor and South Sudan from Islamic countries, India is not supporting any Hinduization in Nepal, rather supporting farcical secularism there.


  7. Dr.C.P.Trivedi
    December 27, 2012

    Respected Swamiji,

    The Dharma is duty of an Indian in life towards motherland India, and religion is superstition on the name of faith and belief, we are not superstitious. Invaders have divided India on the name of so called Hindu religion with shrewd politics to divide and rule. India can guide the world with its Vedic Heritage, the supreme creator God is without attribute and character. Whatever is going on in the creation is nature only. The man is responsible for his own deeds.

    India is having a great cultural heritage of ‘Dharma and a dharma’ what is to be done, and what is not to be done with ethics. Even the ‘Mahabharata’ the Great War was a Dharma Yuddha for legal right. Where the battle was confined to day time, and in the night they may visit each other. Under the inherent traditions of Dharma with ethics, under these traditions, the Arjuna was brought up in the life and was a well educated and well cultured in all respect.

    In this condition to satisfy the sorrow, grief and quest of the Arjuna was a difficult task. Because the traditions of Dharma of which the Arjuna was a part, it was so deep rooted that it was impossible to convince him. The Arjuna was the only warrior to fight with his grand father and teacher Dronacharya, and to kill them was a great sin, as he was well acquainted with the ‘Dharma traditions and ethics. He was feeling guilty conscious and in grave tension to fight against his own relative, teacher and brothers.

    The hell or heaven after the death was a deep rooted thinking. To take the refuge from the sins and to full-fill the worldly desires, the various kinds of rituals and Vedic ‘Yaj¤a’ were in practice, for attainment of pleasure, and power with rebirth as their fruit. The Heaven was the supreme goal of life. Arjuna was suffering from the same with fear of death, under the traditions of Dharma. Being a Kshatriya, and man of Royal family, he was having the ego of caste and superiority of race also. He was fully conscious about the future consequences of this sin. Hence with sorrow and grief the Arjuna has taken one point decision and said “I will not fight”, and became silent” iÏta 2-9
    We are interested to know? How the Lord K‚risha inspired Arjuna, to take his decision back to fight the battle with self confidence?

    The questions raised by the Arjuna, were to the point and beyond the man of the earth to satisfy his inner inherent voice.
    To wipe out the fear of death and ego of the Arjuna Lord Krisha revealed the secret of creation in the eighteen chapter of Gita. The knowledge has been expressed in anthropomorphic manner in simple language with symbolism. When, we go into the depth of symbols, then the secret open in a systematic way.

    Lord Krisha a Yogi, with full knowledge of the creation. He at once understood the seriousness of the subject. The Lord K‚risha used all his abilities and knowledge to inspire, and teach, Arjuna to follow ‘Swa Dharma’- self duty as a human-being and as a warrior – Kshatriya.

    Most of the knowledge revealed in the Gita about the Atman – Soul and Brahma, the same has been described in the Upanishads also, Arjuna was also acquainted with them, as well as the conflicting statements of the scriptures. The Lord K‚–‡a explained the same with higher cosmic knowledge of the creation in its true sense that whatever is going on in the creation is nature only. The consciousness within the body is identity of’ the self with ‘Brahma’. The man is architect of his own fate with his own actions, under the cycle of rebirth and death.
    Our journey of life in the world as a human-being is also a field of battle for the salvation of the self. What ever mentality we have, it can guide towards new light and inspiration. Because. Lord Krisha discussed the life on the earth from all aspects with aim of life on the earth. Knowing this eternal knowledge of life, the person can move towards immortality without fear of death. Although, Lord Krisha, has used this knowledge, only to enlightened his friend Arjuna from ignorance.
    Lord Krisha expressed that neither the gods nor the great sages know the secret of the creation, from which the creation came into the existence. The Supreme is birth-less, and the prime cause of the creation. He is the Lord of universe. He is the source of all actions. All the components of nature have descended from it and merge into the same.

    The same has been explained in anthropomorphic manner, by identifying him self as Supreme. It is a reflection of highest scientific truth from the Vedas, where words are only the indicator of the phenomena, having vast ocean of knowledge in the background. On which modern Science has just reach. Before this what Lord K‚risha taught to Arjuna in Gita? It was beyond imagination. The discoveries of modern Science opened the door to interpret it in the light of Vedic Science.

    Hence, I have tried to give the references from the Vedas as appropriate first, and then I have discussed it from the point of view of modern Science, which is not different. I feel sorry, if I am anywhere fail to explain the height of Lord K‚–‡a’s wisdom, due to my little knowledge. If any mistake is there, it is due to me.

    It is only due to Lord Krish’s blessings that I have tried to explore his vision. I feel great honour, and feel obliged to use interpretation, and translation of GÏtÈ by shri Jay Dayal Goenka, in Hindi and English, published by Gita press, Gorakhpur.



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