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Anti ISKCON-HINDU Propaganda & Status of Hindus in present Russia. Moscow’s only ISKCON Temple facing threat to demolish under the sanction of Orthodox Christian Church.

iskcon russia

Conspiracy to abolish Vedic-Hindu-Buddhist influence from Russia.


by Upananda Brahmachari. 

Atishgah temple in Baku

Atishgah temple in Baku. Evidence of Hindu Past.

The Hare Krishna  Hindu temple of ISKCON in Russia, is scheduled to be demolished by Moscow authorities by 15 January 2013. The ISKCON monks announced that the Hindu temple was facing closure by Russian government, a year after the Christians of the country had sought ban of Bhagvad Gita, though the Russian Court of Tomsk rejected the ban on Gita upon the plea of the Orthdox Church.  The temple destruction has been generated by the protest of Orthodox Church of Russia which hold the status of more than ‘State Religion’.

This Orthodox Church of Russia is not going to demolish religious places of other faiths except the Hindus and obviously ISKCON’s.  As this Hindu group is working hard to fulfill the spiritual vacuum among the materialistic Russian people so disgusted by the meaningless services of Orthodox Church. After attacking the Srimadvagabad Gita’s ISKCON version (‘Gita as it is’ by Prabhupada), the Orthodox Christians are directly hitting ISKCON from their sheltering place. The Church authority is hatching a clear conspiracy against the increasing influence of ‘Hare Krishna Movement’ in Russia.

It is hard to reveal  the real Hindu-Buddhist history of Russia. ISKCON has many branches in Russia having Shri Krishna-Gour Netai Temples in Russia. Ramakrisna Mission has its branch in Moscow. Regular Hindu pujas are conducted there in Ramkrishna Temple.

Azerbaijan’s Baku still carries the Hindu reminiscence of ancient Vedic  Agni Puja in Jwalaji Temple (Hindu Temple). Russian Mongolia has still Buddhist (TantraYana) majority and Hindu-Buddhist amity. Buryatia still maintains its Indian roots in religious practices. But, the Christian conspirators are planning to end the Indian influences in Russian religious practices.

In 2007 a ancient Vishnu Deity was unearthed in an excavation work near Volga region. The Vishnu idol found in Staraya (old) Maina village dates back to VII-X century AD. Staraya Maina village in Ulyanovsk region was a highly populated city 1700 years ago, much older than Kiev, so far believed to be the mother of all Russian cities.

The Hindu Council of Russia [HCR] represents members of the Hindu religion in Russia. The council was created on December 19, 2011, in light of the Bhagavad Gita trial in Russia, by “Hindus from Bharat (India), Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal and other countries residing in Russia.” Sadhu Priya Das is the current chairman of  HCR.

The presence of ISKCON,  Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission, Ananda Marga, the organizations associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sahaja Yoga, Brahma Kumari, Satya Sai Baba and Osho Rajneesh unequivocally prove the Hindu Existence in Russia.

While ISKCON and Brahma Kumari appear to have a relatively strong followers in Russia, the other organizations in the list have a marginal but significance presence in this country. So far 80 centers of ISKCON and 20 of Brahmakumari’s are nurturing the Hindu and Buddhist Culture in Russia with the other Indian Root Hindu Organizations.

As of December 2005, the Federal Registration Service recorded the number of registered Hindu groups listing Hindu group and Hindu groups with particular orientation on Krishna (78) and Tantric sects with the 20 self realization centers of Brahmakumari’s.

According to the Hindu Forum of Britain, there are 60,000 Hindus in Russia, over 10,000 of whom live in Moscow.

The present protest against Hare Krishna Temple in Moscow has been orchestrated by the Russian Orthodox Church which did not want land given to a temple one Hindu Organisation as considering it as a measure of  “converting Russian Christians to a Hindu way of life”.  With the vehement anti-propaganda of Russian Orthodox Church, Hindus were victimized, threatened, bullied, beaten and subjected to violence one after another in a so called socialist country and a citadel of ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’ .

Finally, in November 2005, the Mayor of Moscow canceled the land order and took away the piece of land given for the construction of the Hindu temple.

On November 29, 2005, Archbishop Nikon of the Russian Orthodox Church sent a letter to the mayor of Moscow, describing the Hindu deity Krishna as an ‘evil demon’. The letter continued in that manner, using words such as ‘satanic’. Some days after a representative of  Teresa, the Queen of Christian Conversion in India met the anti Hindu Archbishop Nikon with a confidential mission.

On January 14, 2006, Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone handed over letters expressing concern about the harassment of Russian Hindus by the Moscow Government and the Russian Orthodox Church to the visiting Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov in London, even as British Parliamentarians led by Ashok Kumar MP, Lord Dholakia and Baroness Flather got ready to host the launch of the Defend Russian Hindus Campaign at the House of Commons on 18 January of the same year.

British Parliamentarians and members of the all faith communities  adopted then a resolution to  Defend Russian Hindus launch at the House of Commons, urging the Moscow Government to stop harassment of minority religions in Russia. Parliamentarians from all three parties will later hand a copy of this resolution to the Russian Ambassador in London.

After that gallons of water have flown in Ganges and Volga, but the Orthodox opposition to Hare Krishna Hindu Temple of ISKCON still remains intact as majority Christians do not tolerate Hindus any way. They want Christian conversion of this world and India in a very scrupulous evangelical way. Actually, Orthodox Christians in Russia haven taken a vow to end up all Hindu activities in Russia in every footsteps by demoralizing Hindu Scriptures and destroying Hindu temples.

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to India in his official visit on 24th Dec, 2012 for a Indo-Russia strategic purpose. He came and flown away after signing some agreements and deals, but the Indian-Russian cultural disruption did not get a chance to heal up properly.

Anyway, huge numbers of Hindus everywhere and the some confused Hindus in Ramakrishna Mission still observe Christian celebrations of year ending and new christian era.  Christian are destroying Hindu Temples in Russia, converting huge numbers of Hindus in Christianity and we are enjoying 25th December…. 1st January. SHAME.

And we foolish Hindus are celebrating various Christian celebration in our own way. What a suicidal measure we are adopting all around. Stop buying cakes for a persecutors’ (Christian) celebration. Donate for a Hindu Cause to Ramakrishna Mission, ISKCON, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,  Hindu Existence… where ever you get a scope to strengthen our Hindu society.


Important update 28/12/2012: Protest Letter Sent by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to Russian Embassy at Delhi and Mumbai.

ramkrishna vedanta moscow hindu influence in russia

Russia’s only Hindu temple faces threat of demolition.

proposed moscow iskcon templeTNN | Dec 24, 2012 | New Delhi :: The Indian ambassador to Russia has asked the Moscow authorities to give an extension to a temporary temple which is set to expire on December 31, 2012, until they complete the construction of a Vedic cultural centre.
NEW DELHI: A year after Russia sought to ban the Bhagavad Gita, the Iskcon Krishna temple in Moscow is facing closure by the Russian government. By January 15, 2013, Iskcon monks said their Moscow temple, the only Hindu temple in Russia, would be demolished by the city authorities.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives on Monday for a day of talks with the Indian government, the temple issue is likely to figure in the discussions, not least because the issue has been pursued by the foreign ministry.

Indian ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra has asked the Moscow authorities to give an extension to a temporary temple which is set to expire on December 31, 2012, until they complete the construction of a Vedic cultural centre. Asked about the proposed demolition, Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin dismissed fears of demolition.

However, Iskcon monk Madanmohan Das said the demolition order has not been revoked, so the temple is due to come down in January, because the authorities said it “violates the urban building code” and has no legal grounds for existence.

In a statement, the temple officials said they feared that even the permanent temple would face the axe. “A source in the Moscow mayor’s office said on condition of anonymity that Mayor Sergey Sobyanin also ordered to axe the permanent temple project, which Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit and previous Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov had included in a joint declaration in 2006 as a symbol of cultural cooperation between the cities. Following the declaration, Indian ambassador Ajai Malhotra laid the cornerstone for the new project earlier this year,” the statement said.

This year, Russia plans to push for land from the Indian government for a Russian orthodox church in Delhi. In 2004, Moscow’s Iskcon temple was demolished and the Iskcon group was offered another plot to build a temple. Reports said the offer was withdrawn after Russian orthodox church members protested against the temple building plans.

Last year’s Bhagavad Gita trial had brought Lok Sabha to its feet and in a rare move, Parliament had collectively asked Russia to prevent the ban. The latest issue of demolition promises to put another wrinkle in the bilateral relations. [Courtesy: TOI]

17 comments on “Anti ISKCON-HINDU Propaganda & Status of Hindus in present Russia. Moscow’s only ISKCON Temple facing threat to demolish under the sanction of Orthodox Christian Church.

  1. malayappaswamy
    December 27, 2012

    My fellow Hindus in Kolkata are celebrating Christmas with gusto. In my Roman Catholic school, carol singing during Christmas is compulsory for all students, 95% of whom are Hindus. We have all been Christianized after studying in missionary schools. While we Hindus are partaking in Christian celebrations, Hindu temples are being demolished by the Christian fanatics in Russia. This is totally unfair. The burning of few churches in Odisha and Karnataka made international headlines, prompting the USA and human-rights groups to intervene. But where are the human-rights lobbies and Freedom of Religion Council now ? India makes a lot of hype about old ties with the erstwhile Soviet and present-day Russia. Then what is our Mounmohan Singh doing ? Of course, he is under the spell of Roman Catholic Lady Queen of India, who follows the same ideology of evil St. Francis Xavier – destroy the heathen culture.


  2. Mukund Apte
    December 27, 2012

    Dear Sir,
    Please note that all religions (including Communism or Marxism) born in Europe and born outside Bharat are mortal enemies of Bharatey religions. These (Bharatey) religions have not done any harm to them. As per the Western culture every man has selfishness and jealousy in him. These characters appear to have been born in them since birth of their religions. In fact they are jealous about the great achievement of Bharat when these people were roaming about in jungles even without coverings. That is the reason when they were established they wanted no other religion alive. Everyone of them desires to be the अनभिषिक्त सम्राट on the earth without any other Religion.
    In fact Swami Vivekanand said that there should be as many religions in the world as there are people so that they can pursue their own routes to God. But these ignorant people have to understand the benefits in such thoughts. How happy all in the world will be!
    With regards,
    ——Mukund Apte


  3. Durga Shankar Nagda
    December 27, 2012

    That can not happen in India until the Indians become nationalists, however the Temple in Moscow may not be saved as Hindus there are in minority and as usual may not be united.

    With best wishes for your health and happiness, and regards,

    Sincerely, DS

    Hari AUM
    Dedicated to Service with Love.


  4. bhagwat goel bhagwat
    December 27, 2012

    Who will dare remove churches under the rule of POPE’s nominee Sonia Gandhi?


    • Jhon Divakar
      December 28, 2012

      If even Sonia Gandhi is sent back to her country, no one can dare remove 1 single church. We are not like others who have kept quite on demolishing their prayer place.


      • Dara Singh
        December 28, 2012

        Don’t forget the wrath of Dara Singh……

        After the killing of Swami Aseemananda, we had to raze 100s of churches in Kandhmal in Orrissa. Do you return that phenomenon again in your place? Give your address and see.


  5. Save Ganga
    December 28, 2012

    we should protect our culture and spread Sanatan Dharma so other may take its benefits


  6. John Divakar
    December 29, 2012

    Wow…. All my other comments are removed. Except one. This is the best example that Hinduism cannot stand in front of any other religion. It has sooooooooooooooooooo many flaws.


    • hinduexistence
      December 29, 2012

      To: John Divakar (,Holy Saint (, Hindu Awakening (,Proud Indian (, Proud Indian (, Proud Indian (, Upendra Brahma (, Hindi (, Hindu Existence (, Brahmachod (, Jai Ho (, etc. etc….


      This bloody swine in different names from IP address or or from Hostname , ISP:Tata Communications, Organization: Tata Communications at Country:India, State/Region:Karnataka, City:Bangalore, Latitude:12.9833, Longitude:77.5833, is continuously disturbing us. Our source said this impostor named Talib belongs to a Jihadi group operating from Bangalore and getting INR 130000 pm to monitor and demoralize Hindu Websites in Bharat. Interestingly this Muslim culprit is using so many Hindu names and even the name of Hindu Organisations and the holy name of Upananda Ji Brahmachari of Hindu Existence to make confusions and putting differences between Hindu organisations. We have got such reports from others.

      Hindu Organistions are warned that don’t rely the above email ids as these are completely fake and false.

      Hindu Existence Page is not a place of false propagation of Fake Religion like CHRISTIANITY or a brutal religion like ISLAM.

      You maroon, make a list of selling of Churches to the Hindu Organisations in your Europe and American land of Christianity.

      Make another list to get the account how Muslims are killing Muslims throughout the world.

      The people there will completely reject you.

      Stop Christian and Islamic conspiracies in Bharat.

      Return to Hinduism again or reject the name Divakar. You are making confusion by many ways by taking Hindu names, Hindu rituals, Hindu robes and signs, Hindu singing, distributing money for conversion, helping subversive groups etc very cunningly. Stop all these Evangelical menace.

      Otherwise we will kick you out.

      You are using the fake ids and identities and do challenge us. Give your name, address, real email and contact numbers. We will meet you within three hours anywhere in India.

      Hare Krishna.

      Rama Roy.
      Moderator, Hindu Existence.


    • sanatani
      April 27, 2015

      @john, The biggest flaw of fictious christianity has been masssive slavery imposed on the ignorant masses we call christians..


  7. Dr.C.P.Trivedi
    December 30, 2012

    The orthodox church are following rituals like Indians I have observed at orthodox church, Athens Greece, they are unaware about the teachings of Geeta,

    The secret of eternal life has been taught to the Arjuna by Jagat Guru Lord K‚rishnaa. He is his friend, philosopher and guide. The Gita is a vision of a Self Conscious Soul from the mouth of Lord K‚–‡a. It is a comprehensive vision of the truth contained in the Vedas with Sankhya Yoga. The beauty of Gita is that it absorbs all the faiths in it self without criticism, and enlighten the reader with his own vision for the liberation of the self.

    India is having a great cultural heritage of ‘Dharma and a dharma’ what is to be done, and what is not to be done with ethics. Even the ‘Mahabharata’ the Great War was a Dharma Yuddha for legal right. Where the battle was confined to day time, and in the night they may visit each other. Under the inherent traditions of Dharma with ethics, under these traditions, the Arjuna was brought up in the life and was a well educated and well cultured in all respect.

    In this condition to satisfy the sorrow, grief and quest of the Arjuna was a difficult task. Because the traditions of Dharma of which the Arjuna was a part, it was so deep rooted that it was impossible to convince him. The Arjuna was the only warrior to fight with his grand father and teacher Dronacharya, and to kill them was a great sin, as he was well acquainted with the ‘Dharma traditions and ethics. He was feeling guilty conscious and in grave tension to fight against his own relative, teacher and brothers.

    The hell or heaven after the death was a deep rooted thinking. To take the refuge from the sins and to full-fill the worldly desires, the various kinds of rituals and Vedic ‘Yaj¤a’ were in practice, for attainment of pleasure, and power with rebirth as their fruit. The Heaven was the supreme goal of life. Arjuna was suffering from the same with fear of death, under the traditions of Dharma. Being a Kshatriya, and man of Royal family, he was having the ego of caste and superiority of race also. He was fully conscious about the future consequences of this sin. Hence with sorrow and grief the Arjuna has taken one point decision and said “I will not fight”, and became silent” Gita 2-9
    We are interested to know? How the Lord K‚rishna inspired Arjuna, to take his decision back to fight the battle with self confidence?

    The questions raised by the Arjuna, were to the point and beyond the man of the earth to satisfy his inner inherent voice.
    To wipe out the fear of death and ego of the Arjuna Lord K‚–‡a revealed the secret of creation in the eighteen chapter of GÏtÈ. The knowledge has been expressed in anthropomorphic manner in simple language with symbolism. When, we go into the depth of symbols, then the secret open in a systematic way.

    Lord K‚–‡a a Yogi, with full knowledge of the creation. He at once understood the seriousness of the subject. The Lord K‚rishna used all his abilities and knowledge to inspire, and teach, Arjuna to follow ‘Swa Dharma’- self duty as a human-being and as a warrior – Kshatriya -warrior..

    Most of the knowledge revealed in the Gita about the Atman – Soul and Brahma, the same has been described in the Upanishads also, Arjuna was also acquainted with them, as well as the conflicting statements of the scriptures. The Lord K‚–‡a explained the same with higher cosmic knowledge of the creation in its true sense that whatever is going on in the creation is nature only. The consciousness within the body is identity of’ the self with ‘Brahma’. The man is architect of his own fate with his own actions, under the cycle of rebirth and death.

    The Upanishads and Vedas were used to teach the students in the Gurukul to give knowledge of the creation and life on the earth. Lord ƒri K‚–‡a used the same to inspire Arjuna in a systematic way with Vedic Science, cosmic principles, and the SÈnkhya system of Yoga.

    Our journey of life in the world as a human-being is also a field of battle for the salvation of the self. What ever mentality we have, it can guide towards new light and inspiration. Because. Lord Krishna discussed the life on the earth from all aspects with aim of life on the earth. Knowing this eternal knowledge of life, the person can move towards immortality without fear of death. Although, Lord K‚risha, has used this knowledge, only to enlightened his friend Arjuna from ignorance.
    Lord K‚–‡a expressed that neither the gods nor the great sages know the secret of the creation, from which the creation came into the existence. The Supreme is birth-less, and the prime cause of the creation. He is the Lord of universe. He is the source of all actions. All the components of nature have descended from it and merge into the same.

    The same has been explained in anthropomorphic manner, by identifying him self as Supreme. It is a reflection of highest scientific truth from the Vedas, where words are only the indicator of the phenomena, having vast ocean of knowledge in the background. On which modern Science has just reach. Before this what Lord K‚rishna taught to Arjuna in Gita? It was beyond imagination. The discoveries of modern Science opened the door to interpret it in the light of Vedic Science.

    Hence, I have tried to give the references from the Vedas as appropriate first, and then I have discussed it from the point of view of modern Science, which is not different. I feel sorry, if I am anywhere fail to explain the height of Lord K‚rishna’s wisdom, due to my little knowledge. If any mistake is there, it is due to me.

    It is only due to Lord K‚–‡a’s blessings that I have tried to explore his vision. I feel great honour, and feel obliged to use interpretation, and translation of GÏtÈ by shri Jay Dayal Goenka, in Hindi and English, published by GÏtÈ press, Gorakhpur.



  8. Dr.C.P.Trivedi
    December 30, 2012

    Gita – The Glory and wisdom of India

    India has a great cultural heritage. The same is the identity of India in the world as the centre of civilization, through which India has guided the world in different ways in past. The modern world is facing, the crisis of religious fundamentalism, which is not much different from the Mahabharata war, which was known as ‘Dharma Yuddha’ fight for right. The Arjuna, the main warrior of the Pa‡du was suffering from traditional Dharma-duty, Lord Krishna inspired him to follow Swa Dharma – self duty, through the divine knowledge of Gita in the battle field.

    The life on the earth is it self a manifestation of God. To know the reality of life is quest of human mind from dawn of civilization on the earth. The Gita opens the door to realize the eternity of life with Swa Dharma – self duty. With this wisdom any human-being can cross the sea of life successfully.
    Mostly the people consider that the Gita is for the ascetics Sannyasi, who has left the world for salvation of the self. Accordingly, all interpretation and translation of Gita, moves around spiritualism, it has restricted Gita to Dharma, and spiritualism with faith, and beyond intellectual discussion. Although, Lord K‚rishna inspire Arjuna with knowledge and said ‘knowledge with wisdom is superior to all, and intellectual is close to Me’. It is for intellectuals to search the truth behind the traditions.
    As a scripture, the GÏtÈ embodies the supreme spiritual mystery in a scientific manner. Lord K‚–‡a expressed that to understand the GÏtÈ, one must know the Vedas, because, he has explored the scientific truth from the Vedas.
    It contains essence of the Vedas, which are the oldest literary record of human civilization on the earth. In the words of F. Max Muller, who has the credit to introduce Vedas in the world “What can be more tedious than the Veda, and yet what can be more interesting, if once we know that it is the first word spoken by the Aryan man?”, in a similar fashion, we can say that Lord K‚–‡a is pioneer to use the Vedas to inspire Arjuna for ‘Dharma Yuddha’ in a scientific manner. Otherwise ‘Might is Right’ may have ruined the country.
    Its style is so simple that any one can grasp the knowledge as per his mentality, and may lead the life through ‘Karma Marga (Path of selfless action), Bhakti Marga (path of devotion) or J¤an Marga (Path of knowledge), but the thought behind the words is very deep, hence Gita inspire with thoughts, eternally new to the seeker of knowledge. Lord K‚–‡a also said that Knowledge is superior to Action, and dear to him.
    The intellectuals, who are confused with contradictory statements, may find new light with wisdom of iÏta. With this view the interpretation of Gita with reference to Vedic and modern Science has been prepared, to satisfy their quest. Because Gita is the essence of Vedas and the Sankhya Yoga, which is first time in the history of world, asserted the complete independence of the human mind and attempted to solve the problems of life solely by the aid of reason. Lord K‚–‡a used the same with his wisdom and solved the problem of Arjuna, Arjuna, was too a learned, cultured and great warrior with inherent traditions of Dharma.

    Actually Lord K‚rishna used the background of the Vedic Science and the Sankhya Yoga, and Upanishads up to eighth chapter, which is traditionally known. The higher knowledge of the creation has been described from the Vedas to inspire Arjuna, with Vedic symbolism, where the words are only indicator of the phenomena of nature. Accordingly, the GÏtÈ can be interpreted in its true sense with the background of Vedic and modern Science. Where, Lord K‚rishna used the higher knowledge of the cosmic principles. He has explored the origin and evolution of the creation and life, on which the modern Science just reach recently.
    It has been explained in the Vedas that the creation has a beginning, and it has developed at its own under space, time and the environmental conditions, through a gradual process of evolution, from the supreme fundamental energy with energy transformation. Puru–a sÊkta, ÿg.10-90, Lord K‚–‡a used the same to wipe out the fear of death, hell-heaven, grief and sorrow of Arjuna, with the knowledge of Vivasvan – DNA and the atom, as described in the Rig-Veda 4 – 58
    In his gospel, he has used all the modern scientific theories from Vedas, with which, we are just acquainted in modern era. Accordingly, He has instructed.
    He (supreme un-manifest energy) is the sustainers and ruler of this Universe, its father, mother and grand father, the one worth knowing, the purifier, the sacred syllable OM. And the three Vedas Rk, Yajus and Sama Gita 9 – 17

    Lord K‚rishna; narrated the whole knowledge of the creation, to understand it, one must know the purifier, OM, and the three Vedas. Through it, he has satisfied the quest of Arjuna. The purifier is Ozone layer in the atmosphere, which absorbs the toxic UV rays of sun, OM is the symbol of Magnetosphere around the earth, which produces a shield against the high energetic solar winds, and it feed the creation with ionization. Due to this life is present on the earth.

    The successful experiment on Bell’s theorem in 1972 by Clauser, Freedman, David Böehm, and Alain Aspect in 1985, science discovered a synchronistic non- locality, where at the base of matter “non – local” causes operate and similar particles at a space like distance are some how “Instantaneously interconnected” without the connection of any signal like light or electromagnetic waves. The discovery of Neutrino, which is uncharged, mass less and travel constantly with more than the speed of light, it was first discovered indirectly by Clyde, L Cowan, and F. Reines 1953

    The white visible-light with seven rays and formation of atom have constituted the base of creation. The DNA with four bases is a universal genetic material. It is the base of living-beings universally. Lord K‚rishna explored the same.
    Now, it is unanimously accepted that Vedas are oldest literary monuments of the world, as such they represent common heritage of the mankind on the earth. They explore much more about the creation, which is the foundation of Gita

    He is considered as incarnation of Lord Vi–‡u, as Lord K‚–‡a identified him self as Brahma – Purusha, so he is Rudra – Mahadeva, and Brahma also, and explained all aspects of life on the earth as a Scientist also. He has justified all as one God, and he take birth to establish righteousness, whenever righteousness on decline.

    Lord Krishna identified him self as Supreme Brahma – Puru–a. It is the reflection of the Upanishad’s thought ‘tat tvam asi’ ‘thou art that’ or ‘Pragyanam Brahma’, ‘Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma’ he is every where. So as to explain the supreme knowledge of the supreme Soul at molecular level, which is hard to explain, he has explained it in an anthropomorphic manner in the symbolic language of Vedas, which can be grasped easily. It is Vedic method to express the truth in anthropomorphic manner, with identifying himself as a part of the nature..
    So by these knowledge men were raised to ÿ–is, when ancient sacrifice sprang up, our Fathers.
    With the mind’s eye I (Spirit) think that I (Fundamental energy) behold them who first performed this sacrificial worship Rig-Veda 10 72-6
    Through the knowledge of the creation, it has been explained that Men- were raised to ÿ–is, when ancient sacrifice sprang up, our Fathers.
    The ancient sacrifice denotes early primitive condition of the creation, the charged particles with actions and interaction have brings forth the solar system, and accordingly, the human species has evolved.
    The creation has its beginning with actions and interactions. The charged particles are the first. Hence the charged particles have been termed as fore fathers metaphorically. It is just like the series of the generations. Accordingly the living-beings have evolved (men), they were raised to seers. Hence it has been expressed that with my mind’s eye I (spirit) behold the charged particles, they who first performed this sacrificial worship.

    Lord Krishna has not imposed his words on Arjuna, on the contrary, he inspire Arjuna, to realize it with self practice of Yoga. The Yoga is an ancient method of self realization. It is the way to realize the secret of the creation. When a Yogi or ascetic moves on the path of Yogic meditation, he must be acquainted with the creation, nature, and life on the earth. There is a concept of ‘Ash tang Yoga’ the eight discipline (Yama, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi’) Yama and Niyama are related with the principles of the creation, what to do and what not to do? For this one must have the knowledge of the creation and nature and its functions. Yoga is not a mechanical exercise only. It is the process to develop wisdom of mind, through concentration on one object with control on breathing in a systematic way. It is the natural process of the purification of heart, mind and the body. It gives longevity with wisdom.

    During the meditation followed by eight disciplines, when one closes the doors of physical senses, mind will be empty of thoughts, waves of mind will be still, in that state, he can realize the light of soul, with appearance of universal sky of infinite mind. For attaining this state, one will require a long period of meditation, depending on the nature of the person concern.
    Shutting out all thoughts of external enjoyments, with the gaze fixed on all the space between the eye-brows, having regulated the breathing control, Prana and Apan breaths, flowing within the nostrils, he who has brought his senses, mind, and intellect under control- such a contemplative, is ever liberated Gita 5 -27, 29
    The meditation with concentration of mind on the space between the two eye- brows, with breathing control is the way to realize the truth. Lord K‚rishna expressed that the human body is microcosm inside a macrocosm, there is a cavity in the brain, which is the seat of soul, it can be realized in the form of flame, light, and OM in extreme state of meditation.

    It is interesting to know that Dharma traditions were much deep rooted with the Indian doctrine of transmigration of the Soul. It is a sound ethical principle, which makes every man the architect of his own fate. For, as every bad deed done in the existence must be expiated, so every good deed will be rewarded in the next existence. From the enjoyment of the fruits of actions already done there is no escape.
    The cycle of existence of the world is having no beginning, it is endless. The every event of present life is the result of an action done in a past one, the same must hold true or each preceding existence ad infinitum. The subsequent effectiveness of guilt and of merit, commonly called unseen, invisible, but often also called simply ‘Karma’ ‘deed or work’ it believed to regulate not only the life of an individual, but the origin and development of every thing in the world; for whatever takes place cannot but affect some creature, and must therefore, by the law of retribution, be due to some previous act of that creature. In other words, the operations of nature are also the results of the good or bad deeds of living-beings. There is thus no room for independent divine rule by the side of the power of ‘Karma’ action, which governs everything with iron. Hence, even the acknowledgement of Brahma – God can only assign to him the function of guiding the world and the life of creatures in strict accordance with the law of retribution, which even he cannot break. Hence, it has been said that the ‘Brahma’ can give the blessings, but he can not share the sins.

    The theory that every individual passes after death into a series of new existences in heaven or hell, or in the bodies of men and animals, or in plants on earth, where it is rewarded or punished for all deeds committed in a former life.

    The hell or heaven after the death was a deep rooted thinking. To take the refuge from the sins and to full-fill the worldly desires, the various kinds of rituals and Vedic ‘Yajna’ were in practice, for attainment of pleasure, and power with rebirth as their fruit. The heaven was the supreme goal of life. It has given way for many superstitions.

    Lord K‚rishna, has enlightened Arjuna, by saying that the creation has a beginning with movement and cosmic actions and interactions. Till that it was a common faith that the creation has no beginning, it is endless. Similarly on the God – Brahma and Soul, the ascetics (Sannyasi)| were having the monopoly on it, with salvation as the final aim of life. For this the knowledge of the creation and faith in one’s own self is essential. .

    Those who thus perceive with the eye of wisdom the difference between the Kshetra and Kshetrajna, and the phenomenon of liberation from Prakrati – nature, with her evolutes reach the supreme eternal Spirit Gita 13 – 34

    God abides in the heart of all creatures, causing them to revolve according to their Karma by His illusive power, seated as those beings are in the vehicle of the body Gita 18 – 61
    Action too which you are not willing to undertake through ignorance –bound by your own duty born of your nature, you will helplessly perform Gita 18 – 60

    He has explained the true nature of God – Brahma and Soul as universal identity with reference to Vedas. He has given him true knowledge of salvation. The natural internal, eternal micro body is the vehicle of merits and demerits of an individual. It is different from the Soul. All mental operations, such as perception, thinking, willing, are not performed by the soul, but are merely mechanical processes of the internal organs, that is to say, of matter. The personality and identity of an individual is supplied by the subtle or internal body with mentality and sense organs, they bind the soul in the body.

    In modern terminology, the internal micro body is DNA, who carries the hereditary characters from generation to generation with cell division and off-springs. It records the actions of an individual in its language code as the vehicle of merits and demerits.

    The modern discovery of DNA De oxy ribose Nucleic Acid is a major step towards the same. Because, the DNA is universally present in the living-beings and immortal through off-springs and cell division. It has been described as internal micro body, bio-soul, which is responsible for transmigration.
    The human species is under the process of mental evolution, under the cycle of rebirth and death as the controller of the self. He is free to think for his welfare with his mental abilities, where, a man is himself a friend or foe of his self. With birth in human species, a man has got the opportunity to evolve one’s own self towards humanity and divinity.

    The essence of GÏtÈ is “Your right is to work only, but never to the fruit there of. Because the fruit of action depends on the past deeds of previous birth, on which no body has control”. OM TAT SAT, ‘The OM is that truth’ (magnetosphere around the earth)

    The aim of Life
    The consciousness, in the living-beings, is proof in the self, it is universal, and to evolve one’s own self from animal instincts to human instincts, and to the Sattvika divine nature is the aim of life on the earth under the cycle of rebirth and death.
    “Your right is to work only, not to the fruit there of, because, no body has control on the fruit of action, every body is in the control of his deeds of previous birth.”

    Lord K‚risha said: Arjuna, God- supreme Soul abides in the heart of all creatures, causing them to revolve according to their Karma by His illusive, invisible power, the past Karma- actions are acting as driver with hereditary characters in the vehicle of the body. To evolve one’s own self towards higher humanity and divinity is the aim of life. Harmony with the nature is the best way to attain supreme bliss.


    Vedic Gita -The secret of eternal Life
    A Vision of Self Conscious Soul


  9. Yogesh Saxena
    December 31, 2012

    Nobody ever had the education or the courage to tell the truth.

    The Muslims invaded India, destroyed the Hindu temples, killed the Hindus in the millions and raped their women, but still we had Gandhi, a national leader (National father to some cowardice Hindus), who wanted Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai. To get a Muslim Pakistan after the British would leave, the Muslims killed the Hindus and the Sikhs, GOT THEIR Pakistan, but the DEVIL Hindus did not want an exchange of population. The Muslim got Pakistan and then killed and drove away the Hindus and Sikhs from West Pakistan and the Hindus from East Pakistan. The non-Muslims living in areas to become Pakistan were offered by BI Sexual Gandhi/Maulana Nehu to Allah as sacrificial goats. Even during Bangladesh freedom fight in 1971, the West Pakistani soldiers killed some of the Muslim leaders but killed over 800,000 Hindus, who had no role in the freedom, but just for the pleasure of killing the Kafirs. But NO DEVIL on earth talks about it as if Hindu life is no more valuable than garbage.. And even US President Nixon blindly supported Pakistan and ignored this genocide.

    Our misguided selfish Advani of so called Hindu-Vedic bold tradition and icon of Sangha Pariwar broke a few stones of a discarded Babri Tomb and no Muslim was hurt, but the Muslim world roared and 3,000 Hindus of Mumbai were killed by the Indian Muslims. And that was nothing to the STUPID News media.

    No non-Muslim living in West Pakistan or in Babgladesh today can dare to utter a word about their plight but are living in fear every day. But the Muslims of India, who demanded Pakistan and killed the Hindus in the thousands stayed on and were enjoying DEVIL Nehru’s SECULARISM and they burned 58 Hindu pilgrims in a train in Godhra. If the Hindus had even a trace of the Muslim manhood, then Millions and Millions of the Muslims would be killed and driven out to Pakistan, where they belonged. In utter pain some Hindus killed a few Muslims (about a thousand) and drove some from their homes, but the Muslims also killed many Hindus. And the DEVIL CNN and the many Hindus blamed Mr. Modi for not stopping the Hindus. It makes me sick to see how the cowardly Hindus cannot unite and drive the Muslims out of India. The Hindus who can call that devil Gandhi, a Mahatma and father of India, really deserve what they have been receiving from the Muslims. The Hindu leaders, mostly from the upper castes are proud of their misinterpretation of Vedas and Geeta and cannot go out, embrace every low caste Hindu and make a united and powerful Hindu India and keep the Muslims the way the Hindus were kept, killed and driven away. How could these upper caste leaders let an Italian Catholic widow rule India? In the biological struggle for survival, our Hinduism or Vedas must be utilized as a manifesto of killing the enemies of Dharma and the Dharma Rashtra. Fight or die but do not cry like cowards. Many of you hate me but only I wrote how we may unite and make India a strong and rich Hindu Nation.


  10. Amit Saha
    December 31, 2012

    I really impressed by the comment ” confused Hindus in Ramakrishna Mission”. They are really confused. Then they would not celebrate 24th Dec JISHU Puja. Such a bogus group of believers.


    • malayappaswamy
      January 1, 2013

      The monks of Ramakrishna Mission have completely deviated from the agenda which its founder Swami Vivekananda ( all glory and respect to him ) had set for the betterment of India and the Hindus. Swamiji clearly had a grand Hindu vision of India. He had asked the Hindus to be strong, brave, declare with pride that ” I am a Hindu ” and fight tooth and nail against all evil forces. But RK Mission has no such agenda. Every evening, lectures on lofty ideas of Vedanta is given to certain small groups of people at the various centres of RKM, and the usual ” All religions are equal ” mood exists. But there is no effort on their part to mobilize the Hindu masses on a large-scale and make them aware of the problems that they face today in their only homeland. Mamata Banerjee aka Mumtaz Begum is encouraging Islamic extremism in WB, but what has been RKM’s efforts to intervene, especially when that lady is seen sharing the stage with the vice-president of RKM or visiting the president of RKM at Belur Math ? Did a single saffron-clad monk on those occasions point out to her the fact that one of her Muslim MPs instigated violence against the beleaguered Hindus of Deganga ? Hindus are being subject to tremendous torture in Deganga, Magrahat, Murshidabad and other mini-Pakistans across WB, but why is RKM silent ? Their cowardice had been exposed when they sought minority status from the Supreme Court after being continuously harassed by the Marxist regime in WB. Where was the lion-spirit of Vivekananda then ?


  11. Upananda Brahmachari - HE.
    January 1, 2013

    Letter to Russian Embassy and Consulate Offices in India.

    1. Russian Embassy in New Delhi, India
    Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021
    Phone : +91 11 26873799; 26889160; 26873802; 26110640/41/42
    Fax : +91 11 26876823
    E-mail :,,,

    2. Russian Embassy in Mumbai, India
    42, L. Jagmohandas Marg (Old Nepean Sea Road), “Palm Beach”, Mumbai – 400 036
    Phone : +91 22 23633627, 23633628
    Fax : +91 22 2363-04-03
    E-mail :

    3. Consulate General of the Russian Federation
    22A, Raja Santosh Road, Kolkata – 700 027
    Tel : (33) 2479 7006 /2279 9973 / 22797982
    Fax : (33) 2479 8889 / 2449 8701
    E-mail :
    Телефон для экстренной связи в случае возникновения чрезвычайной ситуации: +91 983 643-30-04

    Subject : Request to stop demolition of the only Hindu temple in Russia,
    the ISKCON temple and protect religious and Human Rights of Hindus in Russia.

    References: (1) Russia’s only Hindu temple faces threat of demolition (TOI dt. 24.12.2012).
    (2) Conspiracy to abolish Vedic-Hindu-Buddhist influence from Russia.(Hindu Existence dt 25.12.2012).
    (3) Russia to demolish only Hindu temple in the country (HJS dt. 29.12.2012).

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Repeated Humiliation of Sacred Hindu Text like Srimad Bhagadad Gita or Hindu Organisation like ISKCON in Russia by some alleged Christian Org. viz. Orthodox Church of Russia, really hurts the billion of Hindus all over the world. The Russian authorities must understand the Dharmik (commonly known as religious) sentiment of Hindus and also the importance Hindu Culture and tradition towards the development of Humanity in every footstep of our life. We must consider that attack on Hinduism means the attack upon Humanity. I fervently request the appropriate authority through Russian Embassies and Consulate to save the Hindu temple in Moscow in question and share divine blessing all over.

    Hare Krishna.

    Sincerely yours,

    E-mail: //

    [cc.sent via email to important dignitaries in country and abroad].


    • CP Delhi-Neeraj Kumar
      January 15, 2013

      Dear Citizen,

      Thanks for your E-mail. Your E-mail has been acknowledged by Commissioner of Police, Delhi and the same has been referred to the Special Commissioner of Police/Int. for further necessary action and your reference 59/E-mail dated 02/01/2013. You may contact in his office on telephone No. 011-23490203.

      Neeraj Kumar. via nic dot in.

      [Important: This comment post is reproduced from the original one as received at our official email. -Ed. HE].


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