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Bengali Hindu intellectuals please stop propagation of beef eating and cow slaughter.


Bengali Hindu intellectuals please stop propagation of beef eating and cow slaughter……..

~Upananda Brahmachari.


As a Hindu, I deserve a special veneration to Mother Cow (Go Mata) alike Mother Earth, Mother Ganga or Mother Gayatri, the exponential veneration of Vedas for the highest revelation of consciousness.

But, in my 30 years of  Hindu activism, I could not spare any special thrust for the Save Cow (Go Raksha) Movements until I join with Rashtriye Goraksha Sena (RGS) of Sri Ashoo Mongia in 2011. With the team of  RGS, the movement of Go Raksha got an impetus in West Bengal in recent times and I tried my level best to design a new dimension of this sacred movement in this state in a practical level of  confrontation with the opponents supporting the rampant cow slaughter in West Bengal violating all the existing rules and regulations. In the same year I was acquainted with another Save Cow activist of Arya Samaj of West Bengal, Acharya Yogesh Shasrti whose association in the cause of Go Raksha gave me a continuous scope to widen the Save Cow Movement in West Bengal and adjacent States. The Bangiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha is also associated with the judicial struggle for Banning the Cow Slaughter in West Bengal with its tireless efforts. I am fortunate so that I have got amply scope to render my research and technical support for the existing Court Cases connected with banning cow slaughter. I am also engaged with building up an awareness generation for the protection of  Go Sampad (cow resources) for the development of our country, as well as the protection of our Sanatan-Vedic-Hindu culture and heritage based upon our extreme veneration to Go Mata.

Now, I have been facing a very odd experience with my other fellows linked with Go Raksha Andolan (save cow movement) coming from some quarters of  renowned Bengali Hindu Thinkers and Writers. These Hindu Activists (very few in number) are extremely engaged with propagating beef eating and consequently supporting cow slaughter very wrongfully hurting the major Hindu sentiments. These persons are writing books, distributing leaflets with the propagation of beef eating and cow slaughter describing it as a basic foundation and heritage of Hindu Dharma. This is not only a very suicidal measures to dismantle the Hindu respect and faith on Cow worship, it is equally endangering  the process of Cow Protection as basic Dharmik practices and the economic advances of Bharat.

These persons are taking the help of some text of Dr Ambedkar who acted as a chief antagonist of his Hindu counterpart by writing the defamatory Riddles In Hinduism in which he challenged the authenticity of Vedas and the identity of Hindutva.  In this book Dr Ambedkar tried to thrash out both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna to demoralize the Hindu practices in Bharat. With the help of quotations from Dr Ambedkar, the present Hindu writers and self proclaimed neo-savior of modern Hindutva under a beef racket tried to infuse beef eating in the Hindus connected/influenced by them.

These persons are also the taking the help of some text of Swami Vivekananda, who was under a clear confusion for beef-eating and was not an exponent of Vedas or Sanskrit Grammar or some technical pedagogy without which, the real meaning of Mantras (Hymns) aren’t revealed anyway.  These persons are also taking the confusing illustration of some Vedic Mantras leading to a wrong direction and helping the Muslim preachers who always try to offer a piece of cooked beef to any Hindu to make it consumed by a Hindu in any sacrilegious method only for crossing the line of Hindu restrictions anyway. But,  these Hindu propagators of beef-eating are not ready to hear anybody to rethink over their anti-Hindu activism or to retry to understand the facts about the position and reality of Go Mata in our Scriptures. And these Bengali Hindu Beef-maroons do not have the sufficient knowledge about the Vedas, nor they are ready to hear even the versions of Sri Chaitanya, Maharshi Dayananda, Sri Aurobinda or Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya about  Cow Protection and discarding beef eating.

Some of such Bengali Hindu beef propagators, I think under some conspiracy beyond their imagination and being actually victim of certain Anti Hindu beef lobby, who are very tactfully using Hindu intellectuals against Hindus like a iron cuts the iron. I can say such two Hindu experts for ‘beef eating’ in West Bengal viz. Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari and Rana Pratap Roy. Dr Brhmachari is an eminent Hindu Thinker and excellent writer of Hindu Philosophy, History, Religion (actually Dharma which is quite different from Religion) and best Bengali exponent of anti-Jihad literature. He was a senior professor of Applied Physics Department of Calcutta University and also adorned the presidential post of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of West Bengal Unit  But, Dr Brahmachari was expelled from mainstream Hindu organisations due to his embarrassing propagation of beef eating. Another personality, Sri Ranapratap Roy is an ex-service man (perhaps in the higher echelon in Indian Army) and is a key person in one Save India Mission, who thinks that eating beef is the most effective remedy to save India with much physical and mental strength. In their every discussion in the present days, they jointly propagate beef eating to strengthen our reactive power against anti-Hindu force, specially the Jihadi Islamic force.  What an irony that Muslims propagate beef eating to weaken our congenital bondage of Hindutva and these self proclaimed Hindu saviors think beef eating to strengthen our sense of Hindu defense.

We earnestly urged these Hindu beef eaters to understand the Vedic reality and not to propagate the unauthentic Vedic-Hindu myth of Cow Sacrifice in Yajna (fire-sacrifice)  or beef eating, but they are discarding all of our points in a very fundamental way under which Muslims kill cows and eat beef to hurt Hindu sentiments and creating communal disharmony. We have every answer for our Hind friends who madly propagate cow slaughter and beef eating, but they are only to rely pro-Islamic views to explain Vedas views against the Hindu concept of “No Beef in Vedas or Hindu Heritage”.

Even then, we urged all concerned to spread  the truth of Cow Protection in the cause of Nation building. In the next portion of thid discussion, we reproduce some pages from as dedicated for Go Raksha and Samvardhan (Protection and Development of cow resources). We believe that the confused persons may get rid off their  hostility to kill cows and consume it cynically. We are also indebted to Dr Subramnian Swamy  for using one of his articles here for Cow Protection. Vande Gomataram!

Click here to get details into the Hindu Existence>>  Go Raksha (Cow Protection ) Page

See this unique video to break our ignorance and false propagation about Beef eating in Vedas & Hinduism.

4 comments on “Bengali Hindu intellectuals please stop propagation of beef eating and cow slaughter.

  1. arishsahani
    January 6, 2013

    Saudi are great war planners They have perfected the art or war for 20 and 21 century.
    They don’t send any more arms and soldiers. They just send their book with mullahs .
    Foolish politicians and locals leaders don’t get it. These mullahs just pick only poor , uneducated and criminals and make them follow saudis culture and book.
    Now these poor locals are new anti national forces to destroy the nation ,neighborhood and local laws and way of life. Locals converts destroying own nation.


  2. malayappaswamy
    January 7, 2013

    Such foolish propagaters of beef-eating must not claim to be fighting for Hindutva. They are doing a great disservice to Hindu Dharma.
    In the Chaitanya Charitamrita, Lord Chaitanya ( may He shower His Grace upon us ) explains to Chand Qazi about the prohibition of cow slaughter in the Vedic scriptures. The Lord says that in the Satya-yuga when the Vedic brahmin priests were very powerful and of higher spiritual consciousness, they could sacrifice animals during a yagya and then liberate the soul of the animal ( granting salvation ) . Sometimes, old cows were sacrificed in this way to Indra, Agni and other demigods. The meat of that cow then became prasad and was distributed among the people present. Such cow sacrifices THROUGH STRICT REGULATIONS was permitted in the Satya-yuga. But, killing of cows in general is prohibited by the scriptures. It was in certain SPECIAL SACRIFICES ( YAGNAS ) that regulated sacrifice of cows ( and other animals ) was permitted. Sometimes, the powerful priests could even bring back to life the sacrificed animal temporarily killed as an offering to Agnideva, and this is confirmed by the Lord in Chaitanya-Charitamrita. However, the Lord warns that COW SLAUGHTER IS TOTALLY PROHIBITED IN THIS KALI YUGA , AS NO PRIEST IN THIS AGE OF EVIL IS AS POTENT AS THOSE OF THE SATYA YUGA. KILLING A COW IS A GREAT SIN, AND SUCH PEOPLE GO TO A HORRIFIC HELL AFTER DEATH, WARNS LORD CHAITANYA. The Yuga-dharma for Kaliyuga is Harinam-Sankirtan ( chanting the name of the Lord ). All sacrifices are futile in this age, and animal sacrifices are discouraged.


  3. Dr Nila Madhab Das
    January 18, 2013

    I am astonished to read that some Bengali, so called, intellectuals are propagating beef eating. When the whole Hindu society of present days is inclined to respect cow, why are they playing this mischief in the name of Vedas which they have not read or which they do not understand. I am sure they are not exponents of Vedas neither that of Sanskrit. Why are they not reading the books written by the persons who have studied Vedas like Swamy Dayanand Saraswati and Swamy Adi Sankaracharya. Why are they not reading a simple book written in Hindi, Satyarth Prakash before going to pose themselves as great learned persons. By propagating and justifying beef eating they are doing a self deceptive job which is greatly anti Hindu and anti nation. This act is greatly unworthy of an intellectual. I do not understand the root cause why they are doing this nefarious job. It may be that they are moles planted by the Arab enriched Muslims of India into the Hindu society. Any way they should simply be ignored with a look of hatred. They should be considered as another group of black sheep equivalent to the category like Mamata Banerjee, Jyoti Basu, Sonia Gandhi ect. They have to be fought out.

    Dr. N M Das


  4. samrat chakraborty
    May 22, 2013

    Sir, Bengal has long tradition of Shakti Worship & Tantric practices where Meat eating was not a Taboo. Similarly most of Assam & Nepal Hindus both states eat Meat killed by Jhatka.

    Charaka Samhita & Sushruta rccomended Meat Eating.

    Chaitanya sampradaya is a Vaishnava tradition and they are vegetarians.
    Its ok & respcted but dont make anyone non Hindu if he eats meat.

    The best Hindu Warriors Eat Meat ~ Gorkhas
    90% Rajputs Eat meat.

    Fight for basic ideological problems first rather than vegetarianism or beef eating.

    I must not support beef eating anyway.


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