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Islamic Violence erupted in Bangladesh. Jamaat men attacked Hindus in Noakhali & Chattagram. 44 killed after hang order to War Criminal Sayedee.

Hindu temples in Bagerhat and Rajshahi were set on fireBangladesh Communal  Violence Updates: Bagerhat, Barisal Hindu temples set ablaze:

War crime trial: BD violence toll rises to 42: Zee News.

Bangladesh war crimes verdict sparks more violence: BBC.

Bangladesh calls out paramilitary force amid violence, 42 killed: Deccan Herald.

Hindus under attack in BD after death sentence to Islamic leader Sayedee; 44 dead: HJS.

banglaprotestdec18pic1 Noakhali-pic-

bangladesh-tuesday-clashe Dindgadoba- Rajshahi

At least 32 killed including Hindu minorities by Muslim fundamentalists in protests in Bangladesh over Islamist’s death sentence. 

Jamaatis wreak havoc over Hindu minorities in Bangladesh after awarding death sentence to Delawar Hossain Sayedee.

The Enemy of Humanity.

BD Liberation War Criminal

Upananda Brahmachari | BD News Agency | Dhaka | Feb 28 2013 :: Islamic Bangladesh is again on Jihadi fire. Bangladesh was put on the boil today as at least 32 people, including three policemen, were killed and scores injured in violence after a death sentence was handed down to a top leader of the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami for “crimes against humanity” during the 1971 liberation war. Hindu Minorities were then being targeted in NoaKhali, Satkhira and almost all over Bangladesh, out of a bare outburst of Islamic communalism. The same repetition is now being observed in Noakhali and Chattagram in present situation after Sayeede’s death verdict.

After Jamaat executive council member Delwar Hossain Sayedee was awarded death sentence for 1971 war crimes, the attacks there were carried out from a Jamaat procession protesting the verdict. The violence followed the verdict of the special Bangladeshi tribunal that handed down death penalty to Delwar Hossain Sayedee, vice-president of the party, amid a nationwide shutdown called by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI).

“He (Delwar Hossain Sayedee) will be hanged by neck till he is dead,” pronounced chairman of the three-judge International Crimes Tribunal Justice ATM Fazle Kabir.

Sayeedi was accused of working with the Al-Badr group during the independence struggle and carrying out numerous atrocities, including forcibly converting Hindus to Islam.

His critics say that during the war he formed a small group to loot and seize the property of Bengali Hindus and those who supported independence.

The tribunal found Sayeedi guilty of eight out of the 20 charges levelled against him. These were murder, torture, rape and forcibly converting Hindus to Islam.

Right after the verdict, leaders and activists of Jamaat and its student affiliate Islami Chhatra Shibir took out the procession at Begumganj’s Rajganj Bazar.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Begumganj circle Mahbub Alam Khan said attacks were carried out from that procession and the Hindu temples at Rajganj Bazar, Thakur Barhi and Bainnabarhi areas were vandalised. Reports of molestation of Hindu girls are also hooked up in the widespread news.  In some places Kali and Krishna Temples are completely vandalized.

The attackers also set the residences of Bhuiyan and Banik families on fire, leaving six people injured.

ASP Khan said additional police forces were deployed later.

Meanwhile, activists of Jamaat supporters clashed with police in Noakhali town following the verdict. Shibir activists detonated several crude bombs at that time.

sayedeer mukti chai

Demand to free Sayedee

Acting SP Mahbub Rashid said the Shibir men also vandalised 12 buses and torched four more at the Al-Amin Bus Depot at Dattar Haat.

He said police fired at least a hundred rounds from the shotguns to take control of the situation. – See more at:

At least 23 people were killed as the activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir went on the rampage across the country after Sayedee’s verdict,the Daily Star reported.

The victims included the cops, activists of Jamaat, Shibir, Juba League and common people.

Of the deceased, six people, including three policemen, were killed in Gaibandha, four in Thakurgaon, three in Satkhira, two each in Rangpur, Noakhali and Sirajganj while one each in Dinajpur, Natore, Cox’s Bazar and Chapainawabganj.

In Gaibandha after the verdict several thousand supporters of the Islamic party attacked a police outpost in Sundarganj upazila.

They beat three policemen to death and set fire to the outpost. In response, police opened fire, leaving three people killed.

In Thakurgaon about 1,500 Jamaat-Shibir men took out a procession after the verdict and attacked shops and houses of Awami League men and the Hindu community.


Noakhali- Begumganj

Police and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) teams rushed there and fired blank shots and tear shells to disperse the attackers.

Encircling the police, the marauding Jamaat-Shibir men started to throw brick-bats and, at one stage, closed in to fight them. Police opened fire to escape, leaving one dead on the spot and about eight to 10 injured.

A 13-year-old Shibir supporter, was later found lying dead, bullet-hit, inside a shop. Two other persons were declared dead at the Thakurgaon Sadar Hospital, police said.

At least two people were killed and 57 others injured during clashes between the activists of JI-Shibir and the police in the northwestern district of Rangpur.

The deceased were Shibir activists.

In Noakhali after the pronouncement of the verdict, Jamaat and Shibir activists set fire to a temple and houses of Hindu community.

Two people were killed as the activists clashed with law enforcers at different points in Noakhali.

In Dinajpur, a Shibir man was killed and two sustained bullet wounds when the BGB men opened fire on activists of JI and Shibir.

Three people in Satkhira, two in Sirajganj and one each in Cox’s Bazar and Chapainawabganj, were killed in violence following the verdict.

An Awami League activist was hacked to death in Natore district.

Banskhali, Chattagram.

Banshkhali- Chattagram

JI activists also attacked police camps at different places.

Authorities earlier called out paramilitary BGB along with the police and elite anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) to maintain law and order.

The verdict came as a security blanket covered the capital Dhaka and other major cities after JI called a nationwide shutdown coinciding with the date of the judgement, while thousands of youngsters enforced a street vigil demanding the capital punishment for the war criminals.

Following the verdict, thousands of youngsters celebrated beating drums and chanting slogans in the capital and several other major cities where transport plied in large numbers and offices and businesses remained open defying the JI strike call.

“Hang the war criminals, ban Jamaat-Shibir,” they shouted parading the city streets.

No clash was reported in Dhaka though witnesses said JI activists tried to make visible their presence on the street exploding homemade bombs and staging street marches at places but fled the scenes as police chased them with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.

Source News & Pic.s: BD News | Daily Star | Outlook | AFP | Reuters | Agencies.

More News: 34 killed in Bangladesh after Islamist ordered hanged: AFP.

Bangladesh Islamist’s death sentence sparks deadly riots: Reuters.

32 killed as Jamaat men run riot across country: The Daily Star.

দক্ষিণ চট্টগ্রামে তাণ্ডব, হিন্দু বৃদ্ধ নিহত || নোয়াখালীতে মন্দির-হিন্দুদের বাড়িতে জামায়াতের হামলা

See Video:!

10 comments on “Islamic Violence erupted in Bangladesh. Jamaat men attacked Hindus in Noakhali & Chattagram. 44 killed after hang order to War Criminal Sayedee.

  1. Sarama Roy
    March 1, 2013

    Where there is Islam, there is Peace. Obviously the Peace of a graveyard after a deadly killing filed. Ban Islam from Civil Society.


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  3. Bangladeshi Hindu
    March 1, 2013

    Sayedee:the notorious Hindu murdered in 1971

    On May 7, 1971, Sayedee identified the houses and shops of the Hindus, and people who support Awami League and the Liberation War at Parerhat Bazar in Pirojpur. He as one of the perpetrators raided those shops and houses and looted valuables, including 22 shers of gold and silver from the shop of one Makhanlal Saha.

    On May 8, 1971, Sayedee led a team of the Pakistan army to the house of Nurul Islam Khan, where he identified for the army Nurul Islam as an Awami League leader and his son Shahidul Islam Selim as a freedom fighter. Sayedee then detained Nurul Islam and handed him over to the army men who tortured Nurul Islam. His house was then looted and finally set on fire.

    On June 2, 1971, Sayedee led a team of Peace (Shanti) Committee members, accompanied by the Pakistani army, to raid the house of Mahbubul Alam Howlader (freedom fighter) of Tengra Khali village in Indurkani. Sayedee and the team then detained Mahbubul’s elder brother Abdul Mazid Howlader and tortured him, and looted cash money, jewellery and other valuables from the house.

    During the final stages of the war, Sayedee one morning led a team of 50 to 60 Razakars into the attack on the Hindu-dominated neighbourhood of Hoglabunia in Pirojpur. Seeing the attackers, the Hindus managed to flee but one Shefali Gharami failed. Some Razakars entered her room and raped her. Being the leader of the team, Sayedee failed to prevent them from committing rape. He and the members of his team also set fire to the dwellings of the neighbourhood.

    During the Liberation War, Sayedee led a group of 10-12 armed Razakars and Peace Committee members and surrounded the house of Gouranga Saha of Parerhat Bandar in Pirojpur. Sayedee and the others abducted three women and handed them over to the Pakistan army at Pirojpur where they were confined and raped for three days before being released.

    During the war, Sayedee, being a member of Razakar and exercising his power, forced 100-150 Hindus of Parerhat and other villages to convert to Islam and compelled them to go to the mosque to offer prayers.


    • abhay mishra
      March 2, 2013

      Talking and informing these facts becomes meaningless as we the Hindus are not united. we only discuss these issues on all short of electronic media print media etc but we do not have got any idea of protesting these acts as we are not united. thus instead of information through e mails, we have to came forward.


      • hinduexistence
        March 2, 2013

        The comment of Abhay Mishra is nothing but a reflection of his own inaction and default submission before the problems and pressure in front of the Hindus in crisis, as we hold.
        To overcome this critical crisis, truth is a powerful tool to use it for combating the evil forces before us. Without proper information these cannot be done. And more than 80% Hindus are not getting the proper information with the Hindu analysis. So giving and sharing information for Hindu cause or disseminating Hindu knowledge to remove the darkness of information gap is not crime or contra jurisprudence.
        Shri Mishra writes: “we do not have got any idea of protesting these acts as we are not united”. Plz he may kindly favour us the way. We are not united is also a half-truth. Obviously we are not united in that level as we desire. But we are united in fragmented. way. There are 66,000 Hindu organisations so far in Bharat and obviously they all possess some kind of united force to join or break. We have to make the bigger to biggest united force on the basis of these ‘fragmented’ united forces.
        We have one advice to Sri Abhay Mishra (Ld. Advocate), plz join first any of the Hindu Orgs., you like and feel the organisational strength to remove your pessimistic views towards Hindutva Movement.

        Trilok Rathi,
        Moderator, Comment Section,


  4. shamol
    March 2, 2013

    oikya parishad , please call the demonstration fornt of un. because today razakar jamyit islam attark and burning hindu temple&house, show the world razaker jamyit islami terorist group.tell the bangladesh goverment band this group.also oikya parishad tell the usa goverment. what are doing terorist jamyit islami right now,thay attark minorities hidu.please all bangladeshi minority in usa strong your voige .(jamyit islami not political party this terosist group)


  5. malayappaswamy
    March 3, 2013

    The young educated Bangladeshis are inclined towards secularism and demanding ban on Islamist organisations like Jamaat e Islami . Maybe there is some hope for the Hindus in Bdesh . But the hypocrisy of Washington and London is shocking and disgusting . The rape of a nun or the killing of a Graham Staines makes international headlines and organisations from Human Rights Watch to US Religious Freedom Council put India in the dock . But nobody , US or UK, questions the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh


  6. surinder attri
    March 3, 2013



  7. HinduIDF
    March 4, 2013

    Reblogged this on Hindu Internet Defence Force.


  8. shiv
    December 30, 2016

    Modi must import all hindus frompakistan and bangladesh and help them with private help immediately and look for illegal muslim living in India and send them back


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