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New series of Hindu exodus from Bangladesh after recent Islamic violence by Jammat e Islami.

Fiery Islamic Violence is on in Bangladesh. Huge Numbers of Bangladeshi Hindus are coming to Bharat crossing borders. Pic. Kumar Basu at Petrapole Border. Courtsy: Bartaman Patrika.

Fiery Islamic Violence is on in Bangladesh. Huge Numbers of Bangladeshi Hindus are coming to Bharat crossing borders. Pic. Kumar Basu at Petrapole Border. Courtesy: Bartaman Patrika.

Hindu minorities are at the dire receiving end in Bangladesh. The exodus of Hindus to India is continuing.

Upananda Brahmachari | Kolkata | 8 March 2013:: Telling a lie does not come under any fine or tax.  On Saturday last (2nd March 2013),  the West Bengal government denied that there has not been any exodus from Bangladesh to West Bengal following violence in the neighboring country over a top Jamaat-e-Islami leader being sentenced to death for crimes against humanity during the 1971 liberation war. “We have no such report,” Home Secretary Basudeb Banerjee told PTI when asked if there was an exodus from Bangladesh. “Security arrangements have been strengthened along the border,” he said on the measures that the state government has suggested to the BSF. In Malda, the BSF has been asked to intensify patrolling along the border. Top BSF officials said that the border outposts have been alerted all along and till now there was no report of any influx from either side. Some of the worst trouble spots in Bangladesh were said to be located quite close to the West Bengal borders and round the clock vigil was mounted. The news hooked up in the prime media coverage.

But, the reality in West Bengal borders and sudden increase of pilgrimage from Bangladesh in the holy places, shrines, monasteries tell another thing.

Not only that,  BJP Rajya Sabha MP Chandan Mitra, who accompanied President Pranab Muherjee on his recent Dhaka trip, said the situation in Bangladesh “is pretty tense”.

Mitra said that “Hindu minorities are at the receiving end in Bangladesh” in the current communal clashes in Bangladesh run by Jamaat e Islami of Bangladesh.

The violence against minorities is “aimed at driving out the Hindus who are concentrated in a few districts where the Jamaat is also concentrated.. The exodus of Hindus to India is continuing,” said Mitra.

The Jamaat is protesting the death sentence handed over to a leader for war crimes committed in 1971.

Mitra said India has “certain moral responsibilities as they have to be mindful of their security.. And if another exodus takes place (like during the 1971 war), we will have to provide shelter,” he said, adding that the Jamaat is like the Taliban in nature. “It has risen from strength to strength and consolidated its position.” So, the new series of Hindu exodus from Bangladesh after recent Islamic violence by Jammat e Islami, has been started afresh.

 Actually, hundreds of Hindus have been attacked, their shops and businesses burnt and women threatened by the Jamaat-e-Islami in the current spate of violence unleashed by the Islamists in neighboring Bangladesh, as it is focused  in a discussion forum held in New Delhi.

“Hindus, who number more than one crore in Bangladesh, live in fear and agony… They don’t have anyone to help them,” said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay at a discussion on ‘Bangla Desh-Shahbagh Rising, Jamaat-e-Islami’s violence and the Indian response’.

The protests at Shahbag transcend religion, he said.

“They are an assertion that we are all Bengali Bangladesh is a friendly country, and Sheikh Hasina (prime minister) is a friend (of India).. But it is horrendous and unacceptable that thousands of Hindu homes are being burnt, looted and police are unable to provide protection,” said Vijay.

Activists from The Bajrang Dal and Visva Hindu Parishad (VHP) shout anti-Bangladesh slogans in New Delhi on March 6, 2013, during a protest against recent attacks against minority Hindus in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s main opposition leader Khaleda Zia has condemned recent attacks on Hindus in different parts of the country allegedly by activists of fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami, demandING punishment to perpetrators of the attacks. AFP PHOTO/RAVEENDRAN (Photo credit should read RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images) 2013 AFP

Activists from The Bajrang Dal and Visva Hindu Parishad (VHP) shout anti-Bangladesh slogans in New Delhi on March 6, 2013, during a protest against recent attacks against minority Hindus in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s main opposition leader Khaleda Zia has condemned recent attacks on Hindus in different parts of the country allegedly by activists of fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami, demandING punishment to perpetrators of the attacks. AFP PHOTO/RAVEENDRAN (Photo credit should read RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images) 2013 AFP

“The Jamaat is acting on behalf of Pakistan and the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) and against India,” he alleged.

As a result, as far as 1600 Hindu families from Noakhali and Chattagram has reached to Bharat with or without passport only to stay here until the position in Bangladesh is made stabilized. Major portion of these families are visiting holy places in West Bengal and staying in the different Dharmashalas, different branches of Hindu Ashrams and in the houses of relatives or in rented houses.  The poorer Hindu refugees in this phase are also seeking the job of daily labourers  or anything to be a means of survive.

Most of these Hindu uprooted families from Bangladesh  are mainly halting in Kakdwip, Basanti areas in South 24 Parganas. Barasat, Banga in North 24 Parganas and Ranaghat, Tehatta areas in Nadia and Cooch Behar and Dakshin Dinaj Pur and Jalpaiguri in North Bengal. Some of these people are now in disguise of patient or pilgrims. Some of these Hindu refugees from Bangladesh uprooted by the Jamaatis, are now contemplating to venture in far states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra.

The Islamists in Bangladesh are trying to make a Hindu-less Bangladesh. Minority Hindus of Bangladesh are compelled to flee away from there to here in Bharat. Still Govt. of India is  saying ‘No Exodus yet’.  Though different Hindu organisations in India protesting the tremendous tortures upon Bangladesh Hindus,  Govt in India is not ready to accept the truth of exodus or to extend any help to the tortured and uprooted Hindu refugees from Bangladesh. What a tragedy for the Hindus in Bangladesh.


BJP WB Met Governor for Minority Protection in BD

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20 comments on “New series of Hindu exodus from Bangladesh after recent Islamic violence by Jammat e Islami.

  1. bhagavaan daas
    March 9, 2013

    shame on all hinduus , hinduu-temples, hinduu-organizations , RSS, VHP , BJP etc. etc. all over the world for not working for HINDUU-CAUSES and not giving “TIT FOR TAT ” to ISLAAMIC people to save HINDUUS —— India must kick all MUSLIMS from ALL OVER INDIA AND FROM KASHMIR ————————-


    • HindutheGreat
      March 11, 2013

      Bhagvaan Daas : Aap kya kar rahe ho? Sirf RSS,VHP BJP karni hai kya? aap kuch nahi karenge? har rose RSS ko terrorist organization bulaya jaa raha hai aur hum kya kar rahen hai?? pehle support karo…. automatically sare thik raste pe aayenge


  2. jawaharuddin nehru
    March 9, 2013

    what bjp, bajarang dal, hindu sena/s, VHP, RSS doing? bharat band karo. kill few thousand pisslovers. bangladeshis must get the message. capture bangladesh.


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  4. shebajee ray
    March 9, 2013

    Hi All,
    It is a shameful happening that all human beings are the gift of God but in Bangladesh Minority Hindus are being humiliated in such a way that one cannot see with a naked eye. Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities Hindus in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) started in 1947. Over half-a-century has passed with no end is in sight. Following the last week, Minorities in Bangladesh, including women and children were subjected to extreme brutality and torture after Jamaat top leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced to death.
    The recent terror runs after the Minority in Bangladesh by using FACEBOOK page “BASHERKELLA” with no less than 100,000 followers Jamaat-Shibir activists. Throught FB they are exchanging instructions about how to spread violence in the country as well as keep track on the minority communities over the past one week. Homes and temples of Hindus and Buddhists were vandalised, burned and looted by Muslim fanatics in parts of the country since February 28, the day Jamaat leader Sayedee was given the death sentence for war crimes.
    The administration of Basher Kella, which is run by Jamaat-Shibir activists, posted last Sunday, “In this subcontinent, if we [Bangladesh] and Pakistan unite, we won’t have to care about Malaun [Hindu], atheist and Nasara [Christian],” and also added “We will name this Islamic country as Islamic Republic of Banglastan or join with Pakistan where only Muslims will live,”
    Jamaat-Shibir bloggers are now coming up with stories of dginn (a type of spirit) and feresta (angel), thinking it would work like the propaganda of Sayedee’s face being seen on the moon did. In some posts the Basher Kella administration is trying to build confidence, saying many dginns and Ffrestas are taking part in Jamaat-Shibir processions. “So nobody can defeat us.”
    Over the past week again Bangladesh has been affected by Islamic virus including women and children were subjected to extreme brutality and torture. Following the death sentence of Islamic terrorist Delawar Hossain Sayedee, who was one of the top leader of the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami for “crimes against humanity” during the 1971 liberation war, Hindu minorities were being targeted in all over the Bangladesh. Jamaat and Shibir activists set fire to a temple and houses of Hindu community Noakhali, Barishal, Chittagong, Rangpur, Bagerhat, Gaibandha, Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj, Sylhet elsewhere in the country.
    Already, Fifteen hundreds of Hindus houses, business establishment, 40 Hindus temples were burned down. The violence is wide spreading day by day. The first attack was at Nakhali on Thursday 28th February 2013 right after Right after the verdict, leaders and activists of Jamaat and its student affiliate Islami Chhatra Shibir took out the procession at Begumganj’s Rajganj Bazar and also set the residences of Bhuiyan and Banik families on fire, leaving six people injured and Two people were killed as the activists clashed with law enforcers at different points of the district town.
    During the attack, the Jamaat-Shibir men also threatened newsmen to keep from covering the incident and took away cameras of photojournalists. There are also some Hindu temples in Bagerhat, Barishal and Rajshahi were set on fire on 2nd March, Saturday as supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami continued to target minorities following the death verdict on their leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee. Jamaat-Shibir men also attacked on Hindu-majority localities at Jaldi union of Banshkhali upazila and set ablaze a Buddhist temple at Satkania upazila of the Chittagong district. They set fire to houses at Dhopapara and Mohajonpara of the union and attacked people with sticks, iron rods and sharp weapons. Rioters of Jamaat-e-Islami and student body Islamic Chhatra Shibir attacked temple and business establishments belonging to Hindus at Bhelkobazar in Sundarganj upazila at Gaibandha district.
    At Rajganj under Begumganj upazila of Noakhali, there are the Minority Hindu Families leaving under the open sky, without sleep and proper food they do not know what lies ahead. “It is our sin to live in this country being Hindu; it is our sin not to flee away,” Minoti Rani Das shouted. “We had a happy family. Now I have no shed, no food, no space to cook, no furniture. Now I have only some ashes.” This is not only Minoti’s story. Around seventy six families have been living under inhumane conditions since Thursday afternoon as the bigots ran riot after the pronouncement of Sayedee verdict. While millions of compatriots across the country were celebrating following the verdict, Minorities families were losing everything in the village.
    We, the people of Bangladesh, having proclaimed our independent on the date of 26th March 1971 and through a historic struggle for national liberation, established the independent, sovereign people’s republic of Bangladesh. Pledging that the high ideals of nationalism, democracy, socialism and secularity, which inspired our heroic people to dedicated themselves to, and our brave martyrs to sacrifice their lives in the struggle for national liberation, shall be fundamental principle of the constitution.
    But on 7 June 1988, we have lost our main idealism by the Eight Amendment Act. The Eight Amendment declared ISLAM as the State Religion instead of SECULARITY and we became the 2nd class citizen in our country. After that the Ethnic Cleansing rapidly spread from top to bottom in the all the sector and all over the Bangladesh and till now it’s on going. The Islamic fundamentalist groups target to kill or convert or drive away all the minorities from Bangladesh to establish their dreamed ‘Islamic Bangladesh’. And they are really performing to their mission.
    In these circumstances, we religious minorities are very much concerned about the upcoming Election 2014. It may be the horror days for us. We are now hopeless to stay secure in Bangladesh and we don’t know what to do, where to go, how to live and how to save our families. But we need to stay alive.
    Please come forward to save us.
    Best regards,
    On behalf of Bangladesh Minority Watch,
    Shebajee Ray

    All occurrences have been published in the national and international newspapers.


  5. Ajit sarkar
    March 10, 2013

    Indian Govt. Keno Bangladesh a hinduder opor tourture er protibad janache na? 28 february thake soro kore ekhon porjanto hinduder mondir vangchor, lootpat, hotta chalache jamat sibir. R Koto din R koto bar hindu ra emon nirjaton shojja korbe? Hindu ra ki manus noi? Tara ki desh k swadhin kore ni? Tahole keno amader opor ei ottachar? Bangladesher Govt. E ba ki korse amader janno?


  6. Dr. R. Chellaram
    March 10, 2013

    1. Start with Bangladesh. repatriate all muslims from Bengal and Assam to Bangladesh.

    If they want to come issue an ID card then only they can enter India and return after the days work. In this way it is more organize the Muslim will be free to practice their brand of Islam in Bangladesh anyway they want without fear or prejudice.

    West Bengal (Indian side) belongs to the Hindus. Since the Bengali Muslim cannot live in peace with the Hindus this will ensure the peace and harmony.

    Bengal has a very rich culture and tradition they are peace loving people and dedicated Indians. We want to protect this heritage from outside influence.

    We must protect our border and our culture from outside influence.

    2. Why is Hindu being punished ?

    If their Government has issue a death sentence to their own criminals what that has got to do with the Hindus?

    This violence started by a Muslim group.

    This criminal organization, the Islamists group, are cropping up every where.

    They are sponsored by the Saudis. They are the one giving bad name to Islam, which is supposedly to be a peaceful religion.


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  8. Nachiketa Whalekar
    March 12, 2013

    But why do Muslims deny that Muslims can be violent and aggressive?

    Bangladesh minorities ‘terrorised’ after mob violence…

    Minority Hindu and Buddhist communities bore the brunt of the attacks as their houses and temples were vandalised and burnt down.

    “This should not have happened. We feel sorry about it. It is not in the Holy Koran” said Nurul Alam Bhuiyan, Noakhali district [Muslim] cleric.
    Turkey’s PM Recep Erdagon expressed the same denial:

    2/09 Syrian Arab News Agency: “Islam means peace, and it cannot tolerate terrorism. We reject all attempts to link Islam with terrorism.”
    Bing/Google search “civil wars in the world” and determine where they are being fought; then research each civil war and determine who is fighting in them. The results are startling: 90% of them involve one combatant-religion — Islam. Muslims extremists fight in civil wars against Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Shamans, Copts, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Christiana, animists and Confucians and other non-Muslim entities. They fight in China, Russia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Indonesia-Ambon & Halmarhera, Côte d’Ivoire, Kashmir, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kurdistan, Kirghizia, Nigeria, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Chechnya, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Mali, Chad, Libya, Bangladesh and East Timor.


    Now see some set peace movement of Islam in recent days:

    Whatever the Muslims might to say, the fact remains that Muslims do things that show us all the true face of Islam. And, it’s not only in Bangladesh.

    Islamic Fatwa says that the Torah and Bible can be used for toilet paper…

    Australia : Muslim Students Urinate, Spit On Then Burn Bible…

    Egypt: Muslims burn Christian man alive, stab his father to death…
    Pakistan: Muslims burn Christian man as policeman rapes his wife…

    6 killed in Pakistan as Muslims burn Christian homes
    Muslim rioters burn 13 churches in north Nigeria…

    Islam Gang Rapes, Beats and Forces Christian Girls to Convert…
    Muslim rapes Christian Toddler for Failure to Convert to Islam…

    Muslim mobs burn 100 Buddhist homes; 10 temples
    Muslims Behead a Young Buddhist Boy, Slaughter Others in Thailand
    Muslims brutally beat up, slit throat, behead Hindu youth for marrying Muslim…
    Islamists Burned Train Coach Carrying Hindu Pilgrims

    Hindu Boy Burned Alive for Loving Muslim Girl…
    Innocent Hindu Tailor ghastly murdered in open day light by fanatic Muslims in Bangladesh Bandh.…
    Hindu Doctor mercilessly beaten to death by Muslim hooligans for tease protest, near Kolkata.…


    • HindutheGreat
      March 13, 2013

      Brother Nachiketa Whalekar, nice research about the facts. can i know ur email id? i would like to get in touch with u.


  9. Naveen
    March 13, 2013

    Why these hindus dont retailate in bangladesh…. kyu jaan ki bheek maangte ho.. apne swabhimaan k liye lado.. chaar ko maar k mar jao bajaye unke juto main naak ragdne k aur phir maut k gale lago…. agar maaroge muslims ko to unhe bo pata chalega ki maut ka kauf kya hota hai aur fir wo bi shaant ho jayenge..


  10. Surinder Paul Attri
    March 18, 2013

    Subj: Ethnic-cleansing of Hindus by the barbarian Moslems of Bangladesh

    1. Bangladesh episode of ethnic-cleansing of Hindus, is a story of Islam’s shame & degradation. East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, has been conducting ethnic-cleansing for about 70 years. Many Hindu victims of Islamic atrocities, have migrated to India. Most of them have forgotten their past, they have lost sight of the savage deeds that were done against them, while they lived in Bangladesh.

    2. The phony-liberals & leftists of India, pay no attention to this large-scale barbarism on Hindus, next door. Worse than that, they spread a myth that, the Moslems of East Bengal, are peaceful. This is a big fat lie. These phony-liberals cannot penetrate the history of Noakhali massacre of 1946, when the Moslems of Bengal carried out ethnic cleansing against their Kafir ( Infidel Non-Moslems ) Hindu neighbors.

    3. There have been no riots or ethnic cleansing against the Moslems in West Bengal, as a revenge. To add insult to injury, Moslems have been sneaking into West Bengal ( from Bangladesh ), and the proportion of Moslems in West Bengal, has been rising. It is a double/triple threat to the Hindus of West Bengal & to the Hindus of India, largely as a result of failure of Hindus of India, to take appropriate revenge, against the barbarians of Islam, who are skilled-professionals of ethnic-cleansing.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  11. Partha
    March 23, 2013
    Hindu Mandir is destryoed by setting fire in Gazipur . see in this web site


  12. Partha
    March 25, 2013
    More stories on hindu atrocity in Bangladesh. Please see the website.


  13. Partha
    March 26, 2013
  14. Partha
    April 13, 2013

    Please see the atrocity of Jamat shibir in Noakhali during last month vendalism.


  15. Partha
    May 15, 2013

    after 20 yrs there will be no Hindu in Bangladesh. Chairman of Bangladesh Manobadhikar commission Mr. Mijanur Rahman complained in a dialogue in the Teacher-Student centre of Dhaka University. Please visit the page for details.


  16. Partha
    June 13, 2013

    Please, visit the page and have an idea of the Muslims of Bangladesh. What kind of stupid they are!


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