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How to combat Islamic Fatwa & Church Order on Population increase trying to make Hindus as minority in India?

Can Islamic Fatwa and Christian Resolution for population increase in India be averted from the way of making Bharat (India) as a Hindu State?


Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | 12 March 2013:: On Friday, 1st October, 1999, MR. Justice K. M. Yusuf, a retired Judge from Calcutta High Court and the then chairman of West Bengal Minority Commission, said  in an interview that the total percentage of Muslims in India is at least 20 %. In an interview to Business Line he conveyed his concern to the interviewer and that was published in the National Daily “Hindu” in the very next day.

In that interview Justice Yusuf  highlighted the so called plight and exploitation of Indian Muslims and it was published under a headline, ‘It’s easy to exploit Miuslims in the name of religion’. Justice Yusuf encompassed out the irresponsibility of the State for various discrimination (absurdly designed under al taqiyya ) upon Muslims but never pointed out the population explosion in Muslim Community which is very much detrimental for the social and economical development of Bharat (India). Otherwise, Justice Yusuf promoted the Muslim population of India indirectly as the strength of Indian Muslim Community and violated the Govt. Census (then around 13%) data accordingly. In that interview, he estimated a Muslim Population over 25% and less than 30%, as per his expectation. Yes, it is a general expectation of Indian Muslim to recapture India by population growth under a sinister Islamic design. Yes, it is the identical expectation of an erudite and enlightened (?) Justice like Yusuf or for an illiterate and uneducated rickshaw puller Yunus. And it is no exception for the Minor Rapist Master Afroz Raju of  Nirbhya Gang Rape of New Delhi also.

The Muslim Clerics have also been discarding and opposing the Family Panning programme (introduced by Government of India) by every means of their orthodoxy.  From every Mosques and Madrashas the teaching of Population Jihad is being taught to every Muslim men and women.

Islamic 'No Birth Control' Fatwa

The Islamic seminary of Deoband is giving fatwa whenever necessary for rejecting Birth Control as it contradicts the planning of Allah to capture this world by Muslim populace. It can clearly be seen in a fatwa no.  23287 dated Jul 21,2010 (screen shot pic. is published here), where it is said that “The concept of family planning is against the teachings of Islam. As it is prohibited to kill one’s children out of the fear of economic failure, in the same way it is unlawful and haram to stop its birth on regular basis and adopt such a method that discontinues the birth ability. It is not right for a woman to use copper-T with the intention of birth control”.

Actually, the more than  five times increase of Muslim population in India ( Muslims were appx. 3.5 crores in 1947 and now estimated as 16 crores at the lowest)  since  Independence (political and partial) in 1947  and the drastic decrease of Hindu Population in Indian Sub-continent at the same time is always a big question before the existence of Hindus in Bharat and Indian Sub-continent as well. We are seeing the current plights of Hindus in post- Shabagh retaliation in Bangladesh and a common phenomenon of Hindu  persecution  in Pakistan.

Aa a Global strategy of  Pan Islamism, Muslims want to capture this world by Five means. 1. Population Jihad (Explosion of Muslim Population)  2. War Jihad (Deadly Explosion and Terrorization) 3. Economic Jihad (Capturing World Business through Islamic Banking and Arab money flow)  3.  Political Jihad ( En-grabbing Political power  by Islamic fundamentalists or agents in front) 4. Love Jihad (Capturing Non Muslim girls and Women by Muslims for utilize them for the service of Islam) and 5. Cyber Jihad (Legitimize all the Inhumane Menace of Islam and Muslims by Internet propaganda). These five plans of Islam is active worldwide. But, it is most proactive in Bharat (India) to make India as a land mark Jihad Land of the East. Muslims in India are capturing India area wise. Where they are majority, the Hindu minorities are turned as “Jimmis” and finally that area is declared as ‘Mini Pakistan’ or ‘No Hindu Zone’.

Sonia Bukhari

With all these odd Islamic aggression on Indian Hindus, Christians also came forward aggressively to increase their population by discarding family planning with their regular programmes of conversion of Hindus to Christianity. Mizo church of North Eastern zone tells there couples to have more kids to ensure a desired 100% Christian population in Mizoram state in NE area of India.

“‘The 45th general conference of the Presbyterian Church Women Wing being held at the Republic Veng locality in Aizawl passed a resolution that an awareness campaign advocating women to conceive more children should be launched.

The delegates of the general conference on Saturday decided that the matter should be taken up by the central committee of the Kohhran Hmeichhia or the Women Wing and prepare the detailed programme.

The agenda was initiated by Bungkawn and Bawngkawn Pastoral women wings and they said all Mizo couples should be encouraged to have more children and added that poor couples who have more children should be provided some assistance.

Though it might be in contravention to the national family planning policy, church leaders have always propounded the concept of multiplying in accordance with the teachings of the Bible in the Old Testament.

They claimed that physical increase in population would lessen the risk of being assimilated by larger communities surrounding the small Christian-dominated state and that economically it would be more advantageous as more Mizo workforce would be produced.

The delegates of the conference also adopted an agenda that decent dress should be formulated for the bride and the bridesmaid during church wedding and the matter was handed over to the central committee.'”

The above reporting (“‘-‘”) came to the coverage of TNN in Indian Express on 12 March 2013. This trend of  manifolding the Christian population in India is not concentrated into to Mizo people only. The Christians of North East India and whole Christian Community of India have a certain plan of population growth by birth rate and conversion, both the ways as much as possible.

But the over-intellectual and so-called progressive Hindus are loosing their soils in thousand of places under the control of Muslim and Christian population with out any birth control. Hindu Couples are idiotically planning not to give a birth to endanger their own existence and future.

Hindu Rshtra Adhiveshan

As a branded #%@ Communal Hindu (!?<> etc.) by the anti nationals (don’t care), I have the courage to say that the Bukhari, Owaisi, Madani, Khan Companies are sleeplessly working to make a Muslim India within 2030. And the Vatican Agent in Delhi, Antonia Sonia Maino is giving huge patronage to the Churches to make complete Evangelization of India within 2050. On the other hand, most of the spine-less, crooked, lazy Hindu leaders and Saints hopelessly abandoned their responsibilities for the protection of Dharma and Hindu Nation.

Indian Muslims and Christians are strategically increasing their birth rate and population to outnumber Hindu populace regionally. A Hindu Rashtra is inevitable for the existence of Hindus in their own land of Bharat.

In this critical juncture, O Hindu able couples pray to almighty to come to their families and give birth more and more Hindu thinkers, reformers, fighters and propagators to save Hindu Dharma for ever. O Devout Hindus! Make a Hindu Rashtra within 2025 with a perfect combination of Brahma Jnyan (Divine Wisdom),  Khastra Tej (Warrior Spirit), Vaishya Shakti (Economic Power) and Sudra Jagran (Resurgence of Service force of the Hindu Mass). With this prayer, resolution and  materialization, Hindus must make a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat on their own. Make Hindu Votes as a Pious Votes for Hindu Rashtra!

Hindus have totally misunderstood about the importance of number of heads in the Democracy like Bharat (India). With a decreasing  numbers of  Hindus and reluctance to use their voting rights in election process, the situation will put the Hindus as a marginal force in its Democratic structure. While the Muslim and Christian Votes will speak, should Hindu votes remain keep mum?

Each and Every Hindu elector have the rights to ask each and every Candidate for MLA or MP seats, whether they believe and support Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. And Vote for the most devout and prospective Candidate who is really responsible for making a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram!

3 comments on “How to combat Islamic Fatwa & Church Order on Population increase trying to make Hindus as minority in India?

  1. Hrishikesh
    March 12, 2013

    This is a point to be noted but more than that Hindus are not following Hinduism properly …that’s why all other evils are coming up. Hindus must follow Hindusim first and point fingers at others.


    • Dipak chakra
      August 16, 2017

      Hindu temples do not work together to propage Sanatana Dharma.They should be interconnected and spread the same mesage, which should be come from a think-tank.At least 50 percent of religious songs should be same. There should be week-end sessions in temples, to teach children about Sanatana dharma and making them feel proud.


  2. kumarathasan
    March 12, 2013

    It is important to unite Hindus all over the world under one umbrella. This should be done immediately before the situation gets worsen. everywhere the Hindus are targeted and there is no country or organization to save them. See what happened in Sri Lanka, more than 150,000 perished. It is a damn shame and disgrace to all Hindu Organization all over the world for just watching this to happen. It is a pity that there is no good leadership to Hindus to guide the Hindus to prosperity. The Indian government is grabbing lands from poor Hindus and sell it to corporate crooks. It is time for all Hindus to wake up and question the leaders. can anyone dare to do it.?????????????????????????


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