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TG ARRESTED AGAINNews Flash Updates (23-03-2013): Some hrs back it is learnt that Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh of Hindu Samhati was again put to the jail custody in Alipore Central Jail on extension upon some technicalities of Gopal Nagar PS (in relation of Case No 410/12). He is still in ACJ. The release was expected as the bail had granted earlier. Justice suppressed by Admin.

Illegal Cow Saughter at Gopal Nagar, N 24 Pgs 

i. On the very day of Bakri Eid (27-10-2012), some outsider (named Md Jubbar Mondal),  came to Magurkhali Village under Gopal Nagar PS, North 24 Parganas to help some fundamentals of the locality viz. Selim, Sohet and Khayrul Mondal to organise  illegal cow slaughter in that mixed area where Hindus are not minority yet.

ii. In this alarming situations the local Hindu villagers protested the barbaric animal cruelty and illegal slaughter and found the OC of Gopal Nagar PS helped the Muslim butchers to kill one cow already. Due to public wrath out of criminality of Police itself, the Hindu villagers attacked the Police vehicle and injured the OC, Gopal Nagar PS, following the heavy lathi-charge of the police.

iii. Local MP and MLA (both of TMC- Total Muslim Congress) were compelled to intervene to rescue the all Police personnel put in a besiege in the Police Station. Police started a case 410/12 dated 27-10-12 in Gopal Nagar PS mentioning four Hindu Villagers.

iv. As the news reached Hindu Samhati Media Cell, as per source, the news was published in Swadesh Samhati Samvad in its issue no. 8, vol no. 2 in the month Nov 2012. As the villagers contacted Hindu Samhati  for getting suggestion, the O.C. Gopal Nagar afterwards included the name of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh very unreasonably while Hindu Samhati was not actually connected with that public resistance in no way as mentioned above.

v. As a bare example of State Repression upon Hindus and their Organisations, the State authority cunningly connected the case no 410/12 of Gopal Nagar PS under section 147, 148, 149, 325, 353 186, 427,34 IPC along with P.D.P.P. Act (Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984) etc, just half an hour before the expected release of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh from Alipore Central jail on 23-03-2013. Sri Ghosh is facing an extended detention in ACJ and may be taken under the Police Custody of Gopal Nagar PS on 24-03-2013 after production him in the respective Court on the same date.

vi. Sri Ghosh is likely to be produced at Bangaon ACJM Court on 26 March 2013 as reported by lawyers connected with affairs.

vii. Sri Ghosh is now at Bangaon Sub-Divisional Jail in North 24 Pgs. (updated upto 27-03-2013).

viii. Hindu Samhati activists announced a protest rally on 30-03-2013 at Metro Channel, Kolkata to get an answer from the State administration, why their leaders are still in Jail without sufficient reasons. West Bengal State Police and Administration took the matter seriously and started  to spread a caution all over the state to dismantle the rally. Side by side, the State administration started a process to materialize the release the Hind activists in jail custody. The State Police in the higher echelon wanted to know from Hindu Existence, what is the actual demand of the aggrieved activists of Hindu Samhati. Then it was clearly conveyed the demand of unconditional release of Hindu activists detained in different jails of West Bengal and to stop the Muslim appeasement by the ruling party in West Bengal. The Samhati rally of 30-03-2013 was postponed. (updated upto 30-03-2013).

ix. Kakdwip ACJM granted bail to Sourav Shasmal, a Samhati activist on 01-04-2013 and relaesed from Diamond Harbour Jail. (updated as on 01-04-2013).

x. On 02-04-2013, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President Hindu Samhati and Sri Bikarna Naskar were released on bail from Bangaon Jail and Alipore Central Jail respectively as the bail were granted by the respective Hon’ble Courts in function. (updated as on 02-04-2013).



HND gave memorandum to Smt Mamata Banerjee, Cheif Minister through Resident Commissioner of West Bengal and Mukul Roy, MP West Bengal to take action to stop persecution upon Hindus in West Bengal. 

TG HS RELEASEDHE Correspondent | Kolkata & New Delhi  | 22 March 2013 :: Despite the State oppression to malign Hindu Leaders and to demoralize the Hindu activists of West Bengal, the Hon’ble Dist. & Session Judge in the Judges Court, Alipore granted the bail today in favour of  Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Prominent Hindu Leader and President of Hindu Samhati.

Sri Tapan Ghosh was taken to Police Custody by Kultali P.S. and the normal date of hearing was fixed on 28.03.2013. But, the Ld. Advocate Sri Nabakumar Ganguli and others for Hindu Samhati, pleaded hard for the bail, as no material charges could be substantiated in the FIR to detain the President of Hindu Samhati any further. Ld. Advocate Sri Santanu Singha with Ld. Advocate  Sri Gopal Ghosh & Others were also present for Hindu Samhati.

After completion of formal procedures, Sri Ghosh is likely to be released from Alipore Central Jail tomorrow.

Sri Chittaranjan Dey, Senior Leader of Hindu Samhati and Sri S G Das, Convenor, Legal Cell of HS confirmed news of granting bail in favour of the President of Hindu Samhati.

In a very Important move , the activists of Hindusthan Nirman Dal (HND) today submitted a memorandum to Smt Mamata Banerjee, Chief minister of West Bengal through the Resident State Commissioner of West Bengal at A/2 State Emporia Building, Baba Kharak Singh Marg in New Delhi- 110001 with a demand to release Sri Ghosh immediately and stop persecution upon Bengali Hindus in West Bengal in a row of Deganga and Canning violence.

Afterwards, the activists of HND went to the Delhi residence of Sri Mukul Roy, Rajya Sabha MP at 181 South Avenue, New Delhi- 1 and Sri Shailendra Jain of HND met Sri Roy to describe the plight of Bengali Hindus in a TMC ruling state of West Bengal, where the dreadful incidents of Deganga and Canning is happening on regular basis. Sri Jain also requested Sri Roy to take early action to release all Hindu Samhati activists with its President confined upon fake charges. Sri Roy conveyed that he is nor fully aware of the Canning incident and he will see the matters in the written memorandum.

In the memorandum it is pressed that “We the members of Hindustahan Nirman Dal, a registered Political Party accredited by the ECI, would like to crave your kind attention to the following fact concerned to the plight of the Hindus in West Bengal.

1. We are deeply concerned with the intermittent of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati along with two whole-timers viz i) Sri Bikarna Naskar and ii) Sri Saourav Shasmal with four supporters including two juveniles. Sri Ghosh and others were arrested from different places on 14th March with very fake charges to malign Hindu activists and Hindu Organisations in West Bengal. The FIR against Sri Ghosh mentioned 147/148/149/332/333/353/427/152/153/109/186/507/186 and 307 I.P.C, while Sri Ghosh is working only to give a safe-guard to the victimized Hindus in Bengal.

2. The Hindus in West Bengal are grossly victimized in the Muslim Majority areas in many districts in West Bengal. The Riot of Deganga (North 24 Pgs) in 2010 or the recent Violence in Naliakhali Canning in 2013 (South 24 Pgs) are the eye-opener for the dreadful situation of the Hindus under the attack of anti-Hindu Forces. No Political Parties are serious to hear about the increasing plight of the marginalized Hindus in many places in west Bengal. Loot, dacoity, rape, teasing, torturing, land-grabbing, replicating religious rights, discrimination are the main reasons for the day-to-day degradation of the Hindus in Bengal.”

Further it is demanded by HND that “In this situation we demand: 

A. Immediate release of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh with all Hindu Samhati Activist and lift the cases under quick procedures.

B. Give a right safe-guards and justice to all Hindus so that they may not be further victim of any communal conspiracy hatched against them.

C. Don’t make discrimination on Hindus upon minority-majority basis. Stop appeasement to Muslims on religious ground. 

Otherwise start same concessions and facilities to the Hindus where they are minority in Development Block (BDO) basis.

Hope that you will be kind enough to take necessary action through transmitting our concern to the appropriate authority to see and act accordingly.”


In the course of discussion it is conveyed to both  the Resident State Commissioner of west Bengal in New Delhi and to Sri Mukul Roy, MP, Rajya Sabha and the Ex Rly Minister that Muslim appeasement in West Bengal is evident from undermining the rights of Hindu People in West Bengal. In the name of minority welfare, the Ruling Party in West Bengal (TMC) is giving various concessions and facilities to the Muslims only violating Right to Equality in various ways. The Muslim Imams and Muazzins are only getting the monthly honorarium only, but not the poor purohits, padris or garnthis. Only Muslim Girl students are getting Cycle without considering any economical status. But the poor non-Muslim girl students coming from very poor families are not getting any cycle under such scheme. While Madrasha Education and Urdu language are being promoted highly by TMC Govt., they are doing nothing for the Sankrit Pathshala-Toll education or the Sanskrit language. The list is never ending. But it is clear that the slogan for “Maa-Mati–Manush” has been changed as “Musalman Maa-Mati–Manush” under a dangerous Islamic Change. The Infiltration from Bangladesh and the Jihadi activities in West Bengal are also growing high without any check. Attack upon Police Stations by Muslim mob or killing of Police personnel by Muslim goons are being easy method to terrorize Hindu Public by the perpetrators. The problems of Hindus in bordering districts were also raised in the course of discussion.

Hindustan Nirman Dal and Hindu Existence Forum are jointly contemplating to start bigger movement in New Delhi to stop the “Row of Hindu Persecution: Deganga to Canning” in West Bengal.

From source it is obtained that the Hindu Activists in Delhi are contemplating to take  a harder stand to treat the West Bengal MPs who are reluctant to see the benefit and security of the persecuted Hindus in Bengal.

Update on 24-03-2013. Sopporters of Hindusthan Nirman Dal took out protest rally on Sunday in Delhi Roads (KARAWAL NAGAR CHAOWK SE BHAJAN PURA CHAOWK) to register their concern over the ongoing torture upon Hindus of West Bengal under TMC support and immediate release of Hindu Samhati leader, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh.

Update on 24-03-2013. Supporters of Hindusthan Nirman Dal took out protest rally on Sunday in Delhi Roads (KARAWAL NAGAR CHAOWK SE BHAJAN PURA CHAOWK) to register their concern over the ongoing torture upon Hindus of West Bengal by Muslim fundamentals under TMC support and immediate release of Hindu Samhati leader, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh.

Courtesy: HND | Ramranjan Roy.


  1. ramohri
    March 22, 2013

    Excellent news. May Ishwar shower His Benign blessings on Tapan Da and impart to him the strength and courage of Ramabhakata Hanuman. .


    Ram Ohri


    • Dr Saradindu Mukherji
      March 23, 2013

      Mr Tapan Ghosh has been unnecessarily subjected to harassment and humiliation at the hands of the West Bengal’s anti-Hindu establishment led by Ms Mamata Banerjee. Compare this, with her policy of pampering Muslim communal /separatist demands. It is time that the civil society of West Bengal tries to understand the dangerous situation prevailing in various parts of West Bengal and the growing insecurity of the Hindus. The situation is similar to the situation prevailing in Bengal/India in the 1940s-marked by rabidly fanatical attacks on the Hindus by organised Muslim organisations leading to the “Direct Action” and the pogrom of Noakhali and then the partition.
      The point is can west Bengal allow another partition on the basis of religion, and where would to the Hindus of Bengal go if the government begins harassing genuine Hindu human rights’ activists like the Hindu Samhati and abets Islamic violence against the Hindus, many of them, incidentally happen to be victims of religio-ethnic cleanasing from East Pakistan/Bangladesh.

      By endangering the Hindus of Bengal, they are actually attacking the very existence of West Bengal and jeopardising th the security and territorial integrity of India.

      Is it not a tragedy that the Hindus are suffering in West Bengal and also undergoing inhuman attacks in Bangladesh.

      Dr Saradindu Mukherji


      • Alok Kumar Chatterjee
        March 23, 2013

        Dr.Saradindu Mukherji’s comments are most thought-provoking.
        The penny wise – pound foolish policies of the present political leaders of West Bengal, for the sake of petty electoral gains, are slowly and unfalteringly pushing West Bengal into the dark abyss from where any return will just be impossible.
        While there is still time, all saner elements of the state must wake up to this grave danger.

        Alok Chatterjee


      • ramohri
        September 18, 2016

        More trouble will face Hindus of W Bengal unless Mamata govt. is dismissed and President’s rule imposed. My reading of the situation is that W. Bengal will soon another Kashmir where Jihad is in progress. But slumbering Hindus castrated by dogma of non violence will never wake up.

        Ram Ohri


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