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“Please don’t send us back to the Hell of Pakistan. We like to die here in starvation”, Pak Hindu refugees.

Deport our bodies to Pakistan, not us: Pak Hindu refugees staying in Bharat.

08_04_2013-8hindurefugeesNew Delhi |  8 April 2013 | IANS ::  Fear of deportation looms large over a group of 479 Pakistani Hindu refugees as their visas expire Monday but they are firmly set against returning to Pakistan, saying they will prefer to die than go back.

“We don’t know what will happen to us but what we do know is that if we are deported, it will be our bodies not us. We will die but not return to Pakistan,” Dharamveer, a farmer from Pakistan, told IANS.

(What a crucial situation for these unfortunate and persecuted Hindus came to Bharat as their last refuge to get a relief from the brutal torture by fanatic Muslims in Pakistan. But through the nexus of regulations these Hindus are inhumanly sent back to a slaughterhouse named Pakistan. What now the BJP MPs in Delhi are doing their massive jobs in Parliament? – Ed. HE.)

He is one among the asylum-seekers who crossed over to India through Jodhpur in Rajasthan March 9 on the pretext of visting Maha Kumbh in Allahabad. The group reached Delhi March 10 and took refuge in a 28-room building owned by Nahar Singh in Brijwasan area in south Delhi.

“Hindus are not safe there. Daughters are abducted and forced to convert. We can’t perform even funeral by setting bodies afire on pyre as Pakistanis ask us to bury the corpses,” said Dharmveer, who fled Hyderabad town in Pakistan’s Sindh province with his wife and four children.

“What we want is Indian citizenship so that at least we can die here peacefully,” he said.

The group comprises 83 women, 86 men and 311 children – of whom one died a few days ago.

Nahar Singh, an ex-soldier, is looking after these refugees. He had also sheltered 146 Pakistani Hindu refugees in 2011.

(When 3.5cr Bangladeshi Muslims are staying in Bharat with undue rights and procuring ration cards, voter cards, land etc. with the connivance with the political parties, then why such a meager numbers, hardly 25,000 in total, of Hindus are being sent back to mouth of an Islamic demon? Ed. – HE). 

“They knew that it was me who had arranged the stay of 146 Pakistani Hindu refugees in 2011 and came to my house. I am sympathetic towards them,” Singh told IANS.

Asked how he was managing the funds, he said that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and various NGOs were helping them.

(Please start indefinite sit in protest with chain fasting with the Hindu refugees from Pakistan, at Jantar Mantar. HJS, HND, BSKS, MSS, RGS please take the initiative. ED. – HE). 

Same News in Hindi: हमारे शव को पाक भेज दो, हमें नहीं: हिंदू शरणार्थीजागरण डॉट कम 


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13 comments on ““Please don’t send us back to the Hell of Pakistan. We like to die here in starvation”, Pak Hindu refugees.

  1. प्रशान्त
    April 8, 2013

    let them stay.


  2. mala
    April 8, 2013

    Let’s save these Hindus. May be the children can be adopted by good Hindu parents in India. I am willing to adopt a boy and girl if I can. I am also interested in supporting Sri Nahar Singh by sending donation.


  3. vivek pathak
    April 9, 2013

    let them stay sirs/madams. but officially they must be Indian otherwise the Pakistan can claim that the India is forcefully keeping the our citizen.there must be a very clear formality on international level which should clear tell that they want to stay and live in our nation India & now they do not want to go Pakistan to live and stay ever till their lives .


  4. HinduIDF
    April 9, 2013

    Reblogged this on Hindu Internet Defence Force.


  5. dnesh
    April 9, 2013

    When persecuted jews came here we gave them asylum! when persecuted parsis came here we gave them asylum1 why not for persecuted hindus???


    • dipak
      April 9, 2013

      Beacause India is an anti-Hindu country i.e. secular (Indian variety )


    • Params
      April 10, 2013

      1. Well said Dinesh,
      But the problem lies with us Hindus, who has the strongest force , patience. We don’t care who comes to power, We don’t care who makes our laws. We don’t care if the taxes we pay are utilised for our good. All we need to see is that I am least suffered. I get my pay, and things are better for me.
      These political parties have played with us Hindus to such an extent, we are no longer required in this country. Muslims and Christians have been constantly working up plans with these political parties to benefit their community and their lot.
      Conversions are carried out in full support of these politicians. The head count of Hindus are reducing drastically. Kashmir is ignored.
      Time to Unite !

      2. O Guardians of India’s Democracy. Its time you kept aside your political mischief and played an active role in lessening the burdens of Indians and Hindus in particular. Life in Pakistan is not less than hell for Hindus, its time you took the Initiative to get back all the willing Hindus from Pakistan back to India.
      Lest you forget, the game that you are playing with the Hindu sentiments is bound to consume you and your likes like an avalanche.


  6. surinder attri
    April 9, 2013


    *Please dont send back to the Hell of Pakistan. We like to die here in starvation”, Pak Hindu refugees.* * ***

    1. Quote;



    *”Please dont send back to the Hell of Pakistan. We like to die here in starvation”, Pak Hindu refugees.***



    Deport our bodies to Pakistan,not us: Pak Hindu refugees staying in Bharat. New Delhi | 8 April 2013 | IANS :: Fear of deportation looms large over a group of 479 Pakistani Hindu refugees as their visas expire Monday but they are firmly set against returning to Pakistan, saying they will prefer to die than go […]

    2 COMMENT: This phraseology of the Paki-Hindus,does not astound or amaze me at all. It is perfectly-understandable.

    Pakistan is extravagant in Jihad against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), which is all about massacre, mutilation, and misery imposed upon hateful Kafirs ( who are treated as enemies of their Allah ). For Kafirs, Paakistan is Full-Strength Jhanam ( Hell ) on earth.

    3. It is because of the Jhanam ( Hell ) of Pakistan that, so many Kafir-Paki-Hindus have fled to India, they are still making a get-away from the Jhanam of Pakistan, risking death & open sea, rather than stay behind in Allah’s perfect Jhanam, which goes by the name of Pakistan.These Paki-Hindus have no appetite for the hard labor, beggary, misery, murder, rape, and mutilation, imposed upon them by Allah’s most perfect religion ( in reality Allah’s most perfect barbarism ).

    4. No body ought to be flabbergsted or wonderstruck that, Paki-Hindus want to:

    ” Get the Hell out of Pakistan ” in a hurry/

    Surinder Paul Attri


  7. surinder attri
    April 9, 2013


    Mr. Saha,

    1. Nice to learn that as a Hindu you have pains.

    It is said that “If you can not suggest a solution, You are also a part of the problem”.

    I do not want to hurt your feelings, however please use Your THINK TANK to give ideas to improve & strengthen HINDUISUM.


    CC: with a request to all

    2 COMMENT: After reading the elucidation of Islam, by Signor Robert Spencer, I deduced that Robert Spencer is telling it like it is.

    3. Quran tells Moslems that killings, murder, plunder, and rape, that are done by Moslems, are in fact done by Allah ( after all, Moslems do these acts in the name of their Allah ). So Allah shares saucy-culpability for these performances of his followers.

    4. Quran also reminds Moslems that:

    a. Allah will throw fears into the hearts of disbelievers ( that is, Kafirs ), and smite their necks & fingers

    b. The fires of Hell, will be fueled with the bodies of idolators & unbelievers ( that is, Kafirs )

    and so & on.

    5. This shows that there is a direct link between Moslem’s Jihad & his Allah’s commands. There is also a clear connection between Moslem’s barbarism & his rewards from Allah of Janat ( Moslem’s paradise ), with the choicest sex, after death.

    Allah promises many attractive rewards to his Moslems, for their untamed, savage acts of barbarism.

    6. What all this reveals is that:

    Islam, in stead of being Allah’s most perfect religion, it is in fact, Allah’s most perfect barbarism.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  8. Meera
    April 9, 2013

    India has a moral responsibility to give refugee status to our Hindus. They cannot be sent back to be persecuted. How can those poor Hindus possibly live in such an oppressive Muslim country? We need to home our people. India please listen


  9. dipak
    April 10, 2013

    Where can we send financial help for these unfortunate Hindus?


  10. Bhart
    April 11, 2013

    First send back all the muslims who are living in india illegally and let these hindu stay here


  11. B Amin
    April 13, 2013

    Can’t understand what’s wrong with India they Welcome and give Ration card to Muslims from Bangladesh and Millions in Aid to Afganistan but Don’t want Hindus Frøm Pakistan……..shame on the rulers elected to destroy their own country…..


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