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Hindu Rally in front of White House. Barack Obama asked to protect Hindus in Bangladesh.


Barack Obama asked to protect Hindus in Bangladesh. Hindus Rally in front of White House to stop persecution upon minorities. 

Hindu Rally in front of White HouseMitra Chandra | Washington | 11 April 2013 :: Today on The Bangladesh Hindu – Buddhist – Christian Unity Council’s USA Chapter has given a memorandum to stop the Persecution upon Bangladesh Minorities to the White House authorities at the end of an street agitation here to  draw the kind attention of Barrack Hussein Obama, the President of USA on Thrusday  in Washington DC.

In this protest rally, the members of Sarbojanin Puja Udjapon Samity, Shri Krishna Bhaktasangha, United Hindu Parishad, Sanatan Sangha,  Harinama Sankirtanasagha, some other Organisations and Hindu activists gathered to join the agitation coming from different corners of USA, viz.  New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut,  Massachusetts, Delaware  Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina  and Georgia.

Protesting against the rise in violence against minorities in Bangladesh, Hindus of Bangladeshi-origin have gathered outside the White House here, asking US President Barack Obama to protect them and enlist radical Jamat-e-Islami as a foreign terrorist group. After the pronouncement of War Criminal Sayedee’s hanging order as  a post Shabagh effect, Hindus-Buddhists in Bangladesh have been thrown into  a new fire place of Islamic torture.

Raising slogans like “We do not want Talibanisation of Bangladesh” and “Save Hindus”, Bangladeshi American Hindus in a memorandum asked Obama to save the religious minorities of Bangladesh and enlist “Jamat-e-Islami, Bangladesh” as a foreign terrorist organisation.

“We are urging everyone to be united in outrage and by humanity and do all you can to save the endangered minorities of Bangladesh,” the memorandum said as the protestors demanded enactment of hate crime laws by the Bangladeshi Government.

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They also demanded establishment of a monitoring cell with prosecutorial authority to monitor, prevent, and prosecute all communal incidents; and creation of a minority welfare ministry with authority to create a special police force drawn from the minority populace. The peaceful protest rally was organized by the supported Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, with support from various other organizations like Hindu American Foundation and the Indian American Intellectual Forum.

“Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA is calling upon the civilized world to come to the protection of these innocent and peaceful people who have committed no other wrongs than belonging to faiths other than what the terrorists would choose for them.They can count on no one and go nowhere,” the statement said.

In the memorandum handed over to the President of US, it is mentioned that in the history of 42 years old Bangladesh, thousands of temples were vandalized,  wealth of minorities were looted, women and children were  raped, but not any thing could be  trialed before Court of Law to give them Justice. It is also told that over 1 crore minority people of Bangladesh, maximum of them are Hindus, were compelled to leave their Motherland in an unbearable situations have been being created by the Islamist perpetrators of any colour any party.

The organizers of the rally also demanded introduction of  Hate Crime Law in Bangladesh along with establishment of  Minority Watch, Welfare and Protection Cell and Judiciary Investigation Committee for giving punishment to the persecutors upon minorities in Bangladesh.  The memorandum has also demanded a special session and hearing in the US Congress to verify the injustice and persecution upon Bangladeshi Hindus, Buddhists and other minorities.

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9 comments on “Hindu Rally in front of White House. Barack Obama asked to protect Hindus in Bangladesh.

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  2. प्रशान्त
    April 12, 2013

    good but not enough.


  3. Money Jihad
    April 12, 2013

    I hope that this raises attention for the issue. Maybe U.S. newspapers like the Washington Post will begin to wake up about this problem, and start covering Shahbag with as much excitement as they covered Tahrir square.


  4. malayappaswamy
    April 12, 2013

    The White House is more concerned about the death of 40 Christians in Kandhamal or the rape of a nun in Jhabua than the ethnic cleansing of millions of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh


  5. anonymous
    April 13, 2013

    Why not infront of Parliament hous ein NEw Delhi?


  6. Mohananpillai
    April 13, 2013

    Every hindus facing many problem in Bangladesh so need to stop this.


  7. surinder attri
    April 13, 2013



    2. Comment:



    Comment: Thanks for the concurrence.


    Comment: Good Question !

    4. That being said, it needs to be stated further that, it is Islam that fuels the plague of Jahaliat ( Ignorance ) among its followers ( Pakis included ). When Islam came into being, it made unerringly-certain that, its preposterous-combination of regimen & routine, cannot be corroborated with logic or science.

    5. What is the panoramic conclusion on Islam ?

    Answer: The book of secrets unmasks the unabashed-truth that:

    ” There is no intelligent-design in Islam. Islam is the dumbest thing on earth. ”

    Surinder Paul Attri


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  9. Neil Karsin
    August 25, 2014

    Barack Husein Obama is an Islamist who supports the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. He has made donations to them in the form of financial aid, weapons, bombs, etc. Barrack Husein Obama also employs several high-ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation in the White house as part of the Decision making government of the USA. These people have access to all the CIA, etc.


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