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Suspected Hands of Al Umma Jihadis in Bangalore blast. Why maximum terrorists are Muslim here?

3 Bangalore blast suspects arrested from Tamil Nadu

Interrogation May Confirm Link To Banned Outfit: Sources….

Al Umma Suspects nabbed for Bangalore BlastArun Dev & A Selvaraj | TNN  | Bangalore- Chennai | 24 April 2013:: Three suspects arrested in connection with last Wednesday’s bomb blast near the BJP headquarters in Malleswaram, were brought to Bangalore on Tuesday morning. K Peer Mohiddeen, 39, and J Basheer Ahmed, 30, were nabbed at a Chennai lodge on Monday night, while Kitchan Buhari, 38, was picked up at the Mattuthavani bus stand in Madurai around 8.30 am Tuesday.

The three men were brought to Bangalore on Tuesday afternoon and produced before the chief metropolitan magistrate who remanded them in 14 days’ judicial custody. Sources told TOIthey were shifted to an undisclosed location where Bangalore police officers are interrogating them.
Sources also said a possible re-emergence of the banned Islamist outfit, Al-Umma, which planned the Coimbatore serial blasts of February 1998 targeting BJP leader LK Advani at an election rally, was seen during the investigation.
While addressing a gathering at the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry here on Tuesday evening, Bangalore police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar confirmed the arrests but declined to answer questions about motive and involvement of a particular terror group.
Another senior officer told TOI that based on the intelligence gathered from the interrogation, the manhunt may continue. “We’re keen on learning more about the motives and modus operandi of these men. We’re certain this interrogation will answer many questions,” he said.
Police sleuths zeroed in on these suspects as the IED used in the Bangalore blast was similar to the pipe bomb-like IED kept by suspected extremists on the route of Advani’s rath yatra near Madurai in September 2011 when he had another providential escape, another source said.
Police said the three men helped the bombers buy the motorcycle on which the IED was placed, adding that Buhari was arrested by Coimbatore police in connection with the 1998 bomb blast case that killed 58 people. They described him as a “hardcore” member of the banned fundamentalist organization Al-Umma.
Buhari was convicted in the Coimbatore bomb blast case and was released from prison in 2008. He was also involved in a few other cases in Tirunelveli after he came out of prison. Mohideen and Basheer are married and with families living in Melapalayam. Basheer works in a real estate office in Tirunelveli. Mohideen sold tea sachets in Bangalore, police said. Basheer, Mohideen and Buhari, had been in touch with the main culprit, cops said.

NIA to quiz suspects for Hyd blasts info –  The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is likely to question the three men arrested in the Bangalore blast case for possible clues to the Hyderabad blasts. The NIA, which is probing the February 21 blasts in Hyderabad, is expected to seek custody of the three accused once Karnataka police finishes questioning them for the Bangalore blasts. The NIA will quiz them on possible links between the Hyderabad and Bangalore blasts.

TERROR FOOTPRINTS IN TN – Syed Mohamed Buhari alias Kitchan Buhari, 38, was picked up at the Mattuthavani bus stand in Madurai on Tuesday, while K Peer Mohideen, 39, and J Basheer Ahmed, 30, were nabbed in Chennai on Monday.
Police said the three had helped the bombers buy the motorcycle on which the IED was placed in Bangalore.
Buhari (in pic), a hardcore member of Al Umma, was convicted in the Coimbatore blasts case, in which 58 people were killed, and was released from prison in 2009 Basheer works in a real estate office in Tirunelveli, while Mohideen sold tea sachets in Bangalore for the past couple of years.
Police zeroed in on them as the IED used in the recent Bangalore blast was similar to that planted on the route of BJP leader L K Advani’s rath yatra near Madurai in September 2011. [Courtesy: TOI].
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N.B. Pictures produced here are not the part of original TOI Report.

6 comments on “Suspected Hands of Al Umma Jihadis in Bangalore blast. Why maximum terrorists are Muslim here?

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    April 24, 2013

    We say all terrorists are Muslims but not all Muslims are terrorists WHY? See our Rath Yatras of Mr. L.K.Advani, from 1990 from Gujarat to Ayudhiya in 1992 and demolition of a old structure of Babri Masjid which was known the place of Birth Place of Lord Ram where Hindus want to built a Lord Ram Temple. I am in Gujarat from 1973. the people of Gujarat are peace loving till some one not proke them. What Rath Yatras given by Mr. LK.Advani to Gujarat. Riots in 1993. The Gujarat was peaceful till 2002, After unfortunate Post Godhra riots of 2002 the Gujarat was defamed in world with Mr. Modi known as murderer of Muslims. But the picture is wrong Mr. Modi is not involve to give any orders to any organization to kill Muslim. This was a spontaneous reaction of Hindus to take revenge from Muslims as they killed 59 Hindu Karsawaks at Godhra on 27.2.2007. If the burning of S 6 bogie of Sabarmati Express would not have been in Godhra, there wpild not have been the riots in Gujarat. Now the Muslims are organized to take revenge from Gujarati’s of 2002 Muslim Killings. We not handled the post Godhra riots of 2002 properly.
    Now SEMI which was banned in 2001 have transformed into Indian Mujahedin’s as Muslim terrorists out fits. The real perpetrators of Post Godhra riots are roaming free and innocent Hindu and Muslim boys are arrested those were part of Mob. In every Bomb Blasts the Muslims are booked. As per Mr. R.B.Srikumar (Retd) IPS we are making the Muslim boys a terrorists which is correct. Muslim boys going to Pakistan to get traing from ISI of Pakistan to become Muslim terrorists to work in India against Hindus. This trained we have to stop that India Muslim Boys should not become Jihadis / Muslim Love Jihadis etc. This is my personal views


    • satish pawar
      April 25, 2013

      yes your are right Mr. ramkrishnagoel i agree with you


  2. Dr Babu Suseelan,
    April 25, 2013

    The Koran stands alone as the ultimate source of guidance for terrorism. From Bangalore to Boston, people who follow the unholy Koran terrorize incontinent infidels people and death to infidels and kafirs. Are they suffer from virulent form of cognitive disorder, compassion fatigue. Imams and mullahs have give Fatwas against a Muslim is murdered by fellow Muslim. But none came out when the victims are Innocent Hindus, Jews and other infidels. Muslim Jihadis target Hindus and Jews for beheading, homicide bombing and intimidation by terrorism. It has been a hallmark of Muslims since pedophile MohaMad started his campaign against infidels from the 7th century.

    Freedom loving, liberty promoting, God realizing people have joined together and wiped out Jew hating Nazism, dogmatic fascism, Marxism, imperialism, slavery and colonialism. Why not we join together and wipe our terrorism promoting Islam. Islam is the root cause of terrorism world wide.

    Dr Babu Suseelan.


  3. Dr.R.V.Reddy
    April 26, 2013

    Just like a Leopard does not lose its spots , so will a Muslim will lose an opportunity to kill Kafirs ( as Quran warrants ). According to the religious scripture if a Muslim kills a Kafir then he will be forgiven by ALLAH and will find a place in Heaven, in the company of beautiful girls.This is how the young Muslim youth is seeemingly motivated to kill the kafirs / infidels and they get sucked by the religious fanatics. Hence the saying goes: NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS BUT ALMOST ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS. Globally this is true !!!
    Besides, the Muslims are under the psyche / myth that the entire world would be ruled by Islam / Muslims for which each and every Muslim must strive hard…This is What the Ullemas are making the illiterate Muslim believe in the Friday sermons and brain washed in Madrasas….what they call ” DARUL ARAB / NIZAM-E-MUSTAFA”
    The trouble is with the Hindus who are mostly secular, liberal in outlook and not as sticky on religion as Muslims. Hence they are not as communal as Muslim in their outlook and behaviour.



  4. Jays
    September 25, 2013

    I am a Hindu, and i tell you, Gaddafi wasn’t a terrorist, no Hindu or Indian got killed under him, in fact he had transferred 18,000 Indians safely to India, right before al-qaeda and NATO started killing all Libyans.

    Gaddafi is just another proof, how bastards Muslims are, because they killed Gaddafi for so called “sharia law”.


  5. the king
    November 17, 2020

    no hindhus always terriost rss , vishwa hindhu parsad
    also terrosit groups


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