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Shameless Culprit Sudipta Sen of Saradha Chit Fund arrested from Sonmarg. But, what was this anti-Hindu culprit doing in Kashmir Valley?

CLOSE ISLAMIC CONNECTIONSaradha: Moments of misdeeds. Murder of faith in million minds…

Islamic Propagator and Saradha group chairman Sudipta Sen arrested from Kashmir while planning to escape from India through POK (?).



Upendra Bharti | Srinagar | 24 April 2013:: The big Fraud Man and Notorious promoters of Bengali Islamist Groups and News Papers, Sudipta Sen, the Chairman of Saradha group, the chitfund company which has allegedly defrauded thousands of depositors, has been detained from Sonmarg in Jammu and Kashmir along with two other company officials on Tuesday, a senior police official said.

“We have detained Sudipto Sen and Debjani Mukherjee, chairman-cum-managing director and a director of the Saradha group respectively, and Arvind from Sonamarg,” IGP (Jammu and Kashmir) Abdul Gani Mir said.

The three had admitted that they were the same persons wanted by the West Bengal Police, he said.

A police team from West Bengal was on its way to Kashmir to confirm the identity of the three, the IGP said.

The three detained persons had been lodged in Ganderbal Police Lines, SP (Ganderbal) Shahid Mehraj said.

In Kolkata, Bidhannagar Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said “three persons have been detained in Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir. The police there have identified them as Sudipto Sen, Debjani Mukherjee and Arvind Singh Chauhan.”

A Scorpio vehicle with a West Bengal number plate (WB-22-U-6742) had also been seized, Mr Kumar said as flashed also in the media channels.

With so many scams and debauchery in his personal life, Sudipta maintained a very fake religious life by mixing with some fake monks of Rama Krishna order and a Mutth based in Gujarat. Many a time he was seen in Mutths and temples to donate money to please the sects who like to renounce the Hindu identity from their religious practice. As per report Sudipta Sen believes in polygamy as in Islam and he has ‘three wives and five houses’ and countless cars.

Side by side keeping up with the tendency of West Bengal State Govt for Muslim appeasement, Sen started a dangerous game to make an islamic shield around him.  He tactfully sponsored an Islamic Weekly named Kalom to make its daily edition. For this fatal cause to make a revival of pro Islamic fundamentalism in West Bengal, one Kunal Ghosh a journalist turned as a politician and elected later as  TMC MP of Rajya Sabha (Upper house of Indian Parliament), acted as an useful catalysis as believed. Mr Ghosh was included in Sardha Group of companies in a higher ranks in terms of Rs 16 lakh monthly package as heard.  Name of another actress cum TMC MP, Smt. Shatabdi Roy came to surface as a brand ambassador of this Cheating Group named “SARADHA GROUP“.

Both of Sudipta Sen and Kunal Ghosh are the good example of Human Chameleon who changed their Red colour of leftist environment, into a bushy green in the changed weather of   TMC cyclone blowing  in West Bengal  in recent years.

Coming into power in the West Bengal Assembly, the ruling TMC Govt introduced eight papers – 5 Bengali, 2 Urdu and 1 Hindi paper for Govt libraries. Facing a retaliation from different quarters, the WB Govt introduced an addition of 5 papers includes an English daily (TOI) and a Muslim community Bengali weekly named ‘Saptahik Kalom’. Getting  a sense of promotion of Islamic movements in West Bengal, Saradha Group made a link with this anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim ‘Saptahik Kalom’ to enter into the minds of  Muslims accordingly. Saradha groups also came up then to promote another Urdu daily named Azad Hind.

With a high expectation Mamtaz Banu Arzee, the Islamist CM in West Bengal, inaugurated the Daily Edition of Kalom (the Jihadi  Bengali daily News paper)  to revamp a Pan Islamic propaganda in the month of April 2012 in a Kolkata auditorium. (Most probably 6th April 2012 in Kolkata Town Hall). Then the paper used its DL No. 199 dated 23.09.2011.

Promotion of Daily Kalom by Sardha Group and its opening by Mamata Banerjee. RELATION TO KALOM WITH BOTH SARDHA GROUP AND MAMATA BANERJEE IS UNQUESTIONABLE.

Promotion of Daily Kalom by Sardha Group and its opening by Mamata Banerjee. RELATION TO KALOM WITH BOTH SARDHA GROUP AND MAMATA BANERJEE IS UNQUESTIONABLE.

Assuming the growing crisis in the Saradha group as brewing since January last, the group was  forced  to wind up at least 10 media organisations – newspapers and television channels – that it had launched or acquired since 2010. Over 1,000 journalists and non-journalists have been rendered jobless. In that phase Daily  ‘Kalom’ got an indication from Saradha with some special blessings to strengthen its own machinery and  all on a sudden the magazine re-settled its registration No. RNI No. 34351/1981. The defacto ‘all in all’ of Dainik Kalom, Ahmed Hassan Imran is believed as a leader of banned organisation SIMI and hardcore activist in the Jihadi World. 

Any one from the Bengali knowing reader can taste the dangerous Islamic journalism to judge the truth from any single edition of it.

Not only that the caught culprit Sudipta Sen of Saradha Group maintained close relations with some other Chit Fund like KWIL (Sajahan Molla), MSD Group (Siraj Khan), VIVA (Ali Hossian) and so many Groups of Chit Fund to siphon its huge black money as believed.  Common agents of Saradha Group and the other groups like KWIL, MSD or VIVA is a very common in the fraud market of cheating funds.

Opening of Ambulances by Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister, W.B. and Sovan Chatterjee, Mayor of Kolkata. Good days of Saradha with TMC.

Opening of Ambulances in Jangal Mahal by Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister, W.B. and Sovan Chatterjee, Mayor of Kolkata. Good days of Saradha with TMC.

But  for appeasing the Muslim perpetrators and its name-sake Hindu counterparts in the Chit fund sectors, who actually run the various ‘Utsavs’, ‘Gala Ceremonies’  for Mamtaz Banu, along-with  facilitating lavish life of some MPs, MLAs and Political Goons of TMC, the West Bengal Govt. ignored RBI alert in Dec 2012 very culpably. Money of Saradha was definitely used by Trinmool Congress for their political gain in countless occasions.

Bengal Govt. is still giving the chances to prop up KWIL (Sajahan Molla), MSD Group (Siraj Khan), VIVA ( Ali Hossian) and so many Groups of Cheating Fund. Apart from that some Muslim outfits are running Islamic Banking in Rural areas of Muslim majority districts of Murshidabad, Malda and Uttar Dinajpur and MSDP Dists like South 24 Pgs, Birbhum, Nadia, North 24 Pgs, Purba Medinipur etc. Though Hindu Clients are the main target of these Cheat Funds run by Muslim Managements to loot the Hindu Money, Muslims are also being cheated by these groups and illegal Islamic Banking system under a fundamental sensitization. Govt has no control over these type of illegal cheat fund system. They are destroying the Govt agencies for small savings and Post Office savings system. One Saradha Chit Fund ruined lakhs of common people and their agents. But when the story will rock the fraud of Rs 10000 Crores by these three groups viz KWIL (Sajahan Molla), MSD Group (Siraj Khan), VIVA (Ali Hossian) , what will do the Govt. ? What about Alchemist and Rose ValleyGroup? Don’t forget that one Jane Alam Molla Group cheated Rs. 300 crores of public fund in the Left Front Regime. He did not get any severe punishment. Public didn’t get back their money.

Warnings Ignored

Dec 6, 2012: RBI Governor Subbarao warns state governments against chit funds. The responsibility of checking and prosecuting them is with the state government, RBI does not regulate chit fund firms, he says.

Mar 26, 2013: Sebi chairman U K Sinha expresses concern over the proliferation of chit funds in the country, especially Bengal. Sinha says such firms are taking advantages of “loopholes” in the regulations and urges states to plug them

Aug 22, 2011: A Left delegation, led by Leader of Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra, meets Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to look into the proliferation of chit funds in Bengal.


WB chit fund scam: Depositors suffer. Investors demand refund.

In this TMC regime we are seeing the same repetition. Muslim culprits are always get a special treatment in every sphere including this Cheat Fund sector also. Actually Govt is the protector of these class of Mafia Culprits and Financial looters. The Political parties in the Govt survive with this huge unaccounted, fraudulent black money. Without closing these companies, Govt should make arrangements to refund the claim of the investors under making an regulatory provisions. Govt can not deny his responsibility and investors should start calming refunds from all cheat funds keeping keen vigil upon the prospective flee-men.

According to RBI, there could be at least 80 such entities in the state, which are collecting deposits from the public. Saradha is in the news due to the scale of its operations and the resulting impact when it failed to repay its depositors following a run on it.

As per a report, Securities and Exchange Board of India or SEBI today barred Saradha Realty from the securities market, ordering it to wind up all its existing investment schemes and refund the investors within three months.

Now a Public Interest Litigation has been filed in the Calcutta High Court for a CBI inquiry against the Saradha Group. The petition urges the court to appoint a receiver to seize properties of chit fund companies to auction them and pay back depositors.

*Mala Banerjee, president, Federation of Consumer Associations of West Bengal, said there were “countless” small and unregistered shady firms in the state.

“We got an unconfirmed report that only in South 24 Parganas there are more than 50 fraudulent companies, which are small and unregistered. Other districts where such companies are operating include North 24 Parganas, Malda and Birbhum,” Banerjee said.*

*Read more at: India Today.

But, what was doing this Sudipta Sen in Kashmir Valley? It is suspected that the gang of Sen tried to escape from India through POK to enter into his magical world of Dubai. CBI, RAW can open another file to enlist the ruling operators having underworld and unbelievable business in Middle East.

As per source, the probability of escaping into POK by Sudipta Sen and his aides is being verified by central agencies as primafacie evidences support it.

And we know the hobnobbing of Mr. Sen and Mr Ghosh like great personalities attached with Islamic World. Actually they are Satan in disguise.

Saradha. Moments of misdeeds.. Murder of faith in million minds...

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Published in the interest of public service in a broad sense. Courtesy to All. 

5 comments on “Shameless Culprit Sudipta Sen of Saradha Chit Fund arrested from Sonmarg. But, what was this anti-Hindu culprit doing in Kashmir Valley?

  1. indian citizen
    April 24, 2013

    पता नहीं इस देश के बहुलों की नियति क्या है.


    • Hindu
      April 25, 2013

      Niti yehi hai, Bharat jo bhi Bach Gaya hai oosko khatam karo. This is what they want.congress ne almost destroy kiya hai rest of it is in the hands of disloyal Hindus like Sudita Sen, Shinde and many more. Sadly history keeps on repeating. Indians are very self centred, self before community and nation. We lost our nation to Islamic rulers because we were never united , then to Bristishers and now Sonia single handedly looting the country.


  2. malayappaswamy
    April 24, 2013

    Now I understand why the Bengali media is so anti-Hindu and Muslim-appeasing. Not just Saradha, even Rose Valley and MPS are such fraud companies running chit funds. And these fraud companies have links with Islamic underworld based in Karachi and Dubai. And these companies control all the media houses and TV channels in West Bengal. So the Bengali media people get fattened by the Arab petro-dollar, and in return they have to appease their Islamic masters. It is the same story with Bollywood.
    Now I got the answers to the following questions :

    1. Why Bengali media never showed anything about the Islamic violence upon Hindus in Deganga, Mograhat and Canning ?

    2. Why the media goes hysterical on Rizwanur ( a failed love jihadi ) death case, but totally silent on the killings of Hindu boys who married Muslim girls ? Media totally silent on the beheading of a Hindu man by Muslim fanatics in Murshidabad in 2008 for daring to marry a Muslim girl. Also what about the killing of Dibankar Roy in Barasat in 2012 by Muslims for marrying a Muslim girl ?

    3. Why the anti-Hindu tone in WB media ( both Bengali and English ) ? Why patronizing anti-Hindu personalities like film director Raj Chakraborty ( he blasphemed Lord Chaitanya and Radha-Krishna in a song of his film ), Jeet Ganguly ( music composer of that song ), writer Sunil Ganguly ( virulently anti-Hindu atheist who has blasphemed several Hindu religious figures from Goddess Saraswati to Sri Ramakrishna. Thankfully he is no more ! ) ?

    It seems the WB media is controlled by Dawood Ibrahim and his Islamic kins through the fraud companies.


  3. Pingback: News Analysis India | How does PM link to Chit Fund Scam and 2G Scam?

  4. Prakash Nair
    April 26, 2013

    Lessons from Saradha scam.

    A 50-year-old domestic help on the outskirts of Kolkata set herself ablaze after she lost Rs 30,000 that she had invested in a deposit scheme run by the Saradha group. An agent of the company also attempted suicide out of the fear of facing depositors’ wrath. The company’s offices across West Bengal have shut down and many of its cheques have bounced. It is unlikely that the depositors, most of whom are poor, working-class people, would be able to recover the money. Though the Chairman and Managing Director, Sudipto Sen, has been arrested, this hardly provides any relief to the scores of depositors who have lost their hard-earned money.

    The only route such depositors have is to approach the court, which could be a long-drawn and expensive route to recovering money.

    Even if the court orders that depositors be paid, it would be applied on a pro rata basis. And, in case the promoters have transferred the assets to another company, recovering money will be longer, says Jehangir Gai, consumer activist and lawyer.

    Para-banking companies, which include chit funds and nidhi companies, thrive due to the absence of strong regulation and monitoring. They also offer very high interest rates, easy liquidity and convenience such as door-to-door collection by agents and option to deposit small amounts of money.

    If an agent of such a company approaches you, remember that anything that sounds too good to be true is probably not true. So, make sure to check what is the business the company is investing in and if it can be sustained over a long time.

    For instance, depositors who invested money in schemes that promised high returns by investing in emu farms and teak plantations got money in the initial period. But after a while these went bust as the business was not sustainable.

    For chit funds to function, they must be registered with the respective state’s Registrar of Chit Fund Company. While there is a central government act regulating chit funds, not all states have implemented it and not all states have set up a Registrar for regulation of such companies, says Gai.

    Some that do have a Registrar are Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

    To verify if the company, whose agent is canvassing deposits is genuine one or not, ask for the certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of companies and for the registration number of the company issued by the Registrar of Chit Funds. In fact, the chit manager has to deposit 100 per cent of chit value, or the money collected, with the Registrar before the scheme begins.

    Ask for a list of directors of the company and verify for yourself the financial credentials of the diirectors. You must also ask for the chit agreement and go through the clauses. Ideally, the agent should provide a copy of the agreement to each subscriber of the deposit scheme before taking the money.

    If depositors in the Saradha group’s scheme had taken these precautions, perhaps they would not have lost money. But most of them were not even aware of these measures, since they were illiterate, like the domestic help who committed suicide.source – Business Standard

    Note – This is the lesson for the people who have invested their hard-earned money in fly by night companies promoted by unscrupulous persons for cheating the poor investors. At least for the future, please restrain from investing in these companies for a marginal extra return of 2-3%. This is the time for those who have already deposit with these types companies to re-think again, whether to continue with them or shift to another safe deposit scheme.

    Best Regards,
    Prakash Nair.


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