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Pakistan Hindu Refugees are no more nobody’s children. They are accepted by one billion Hindu brothers and sisters through Yagyopavit Sanskar.

Yagyopavit Sanskar (rituals of taking Sacred Thread) of 482 Pakistani ‘Dalit’ Hindus in Delhi.

PHOTOS+130521-4+PAK+HINDUS+YAGYOPAVIT+SANSKARBijwasan | New Delhi | 21 May 2013:: In a very special dharmik event organized at Dada Mote Mandir, Village Bharthal, Bijwasan, Delhi, today on May 21, 2013, 482 Pakistani Hindu refugees were honored and sanctified with Yajnopaveet (Sacred Thread in Hinduism).  In a joint action of Arya Samaj Delhi, Kendriya Arya Yuvak Parishad and Agniveer, these uprooted Hindus from Sindh and some other places in Pakistan are now tied with majority Hindus in Bharat (India) through taking an oath before the fire of Yajna to protect and persuade each other.

The program was masterminded by Dr Anil Arya, President – Kendriya Arya Yuwak Parishad (KAYP)  and Dr D K Garg, eminent educationist and Head – Education & Knowledge Excellence   of Agniveer. Dr Anil Arya and Dr D K Garg have been leading and galvanizing the Agniveer and KAYP initiatives for supporting and rehabilitating Pakistani refugees in many ways. Several other educationists, industrialists and social activists joined in this programme with their whole hearted support.

These 482 Pakistani Hindus have taken refuge in Delhi after fleeing from Pakistan as result of unprecedented anti Hindu wave including all types of attack upon Hindus and Hindu temples there. Kindly read  here to know more about these families and difficulties they are facing currently. Agniveer organized couple of medical camps last month for the families and delivered free medicines and medical help.  Agniveer also became instrumental in helping 25 (now 70) Pakistani Girls get free education upto graduation in several Gurukuls of Arya Samaj.

2013-05-21-01.16.49 But today’s programme touched in history  for two reasons. These Hindus that, unfortunately, are called as ‘Dalits’ (but, we don’t believe in such so called ‘Dalit’ concept), who were denied rights of practicing their religion by fanatics, who were denied rights of performing rituals, performed Yajna after taking Yajnopaveet (Sacred Thread) and broke stupid notions of casteism. They defied slavery of hundreds of years and now vowed to live a free and dignified life henceforth. All of them resolved to leave meat, alcohol, addiction, smoking, gambling and follow the ideals of Sri  Rama, Sri Krishna, Veer Hanuman and Maharshi Dayanand. They also resolved to become Vedic role models to attract entire world to Vedas. They took oath of avenging tortures on them in last 65 years in Pakistan by spreading Peace, tolerance and showcasing why they love Hinduism, why they live for Hinduism and why they can die for Hinduism.

Today’s event was a slap in the face of those who believe that women and ‘lower caste’ people cant perform Yajna or cant have Yajnopaveet/Janeu. Yajnopaveets were distributed to all regardless of caste and gender. And Agniveer is committed to spearhead this crusade against caste and gender inequality till it ends. Those who criticized that Hindu women  have less religious and social rights than men,  this programme has its immense effect to shift their views so that girls and women are also given their rights of sacred thread and Vedas as well through this unique event.

In his address, Shri Sanjeev Newar – Founder, Agniveer urged the Pakistani refugees to be not just survivors but be role models. He explained that this Janeu Sanskar is a vow that they will not only assert their commitment to Hinduism, but set such examples that whole world is attracted to Hinduism. He urged them to understand what true Hinduism is, what a true Arya is and become true Arya – noble ones. The Pakistani brothers and sisters agreed with wet eyes.

2013-05-21-01.49.48Dr D K Garg asked them to take a promise that they will shun all vices forever  and say no to alcohol, tobacco, smoking, meat. They all willfully agreed. He also offered jobs to 50 of them in his organization along with home, electricity and every other facility for dignified living. But they must strive to be Vedic role models – that was the precondition.

Apart from Yajnopaveets, clothes were also distributed to the families that Agniveer’s representatives have collected from across India. Shri Ronak, Shri Bipin and many other Agniveer representatives led the massive campaigns for collecting clothes and medicines for this cause. Volunteers from Spiritual and nationalistic organizations like Art of Living worked hand in hand to make this campaign a success. Agniveer thanks all individuals and groups that helped in this Seva mission directly or indirectly. Once again many thanks to our Agniveers Bipin and Ronak for their restless efforts.

The role of  Dr D K Garg, who is the mastermind behind this whole event,  the initiative of Dr Anil Arya  for his invaluable leadership in making this event a success,  and lastly the tireless effort of Chandra Nahar Singh, modern day Bhamashah, with folded hands who has been giving  shelter, protection and doing everything for these brothers and sisters in distress, set an incomparable example of humanitarian services, which are denied by the shameless Central Govt. in Delhi.

Good news is that after 70 children of these families have been offered free education till graduation by Arsha Gurukul Noida,  Arsha Gurukul Hasanpur and  Arsha Gurukul Faridabad,  local administration has also agreed to provide primary education to all children of these families free of cost. Children were distributed school bags and books in today’s event.

The programme was more attractive with singing devotional song and ended with taking prasadam (grand sacramental food) with all.

Hindu Existence Forum is always monitoring the coordination between various working groups dedicated for the Pakistani Hindu refugees in Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.

[Input from Agniveer & KAYP].

11 comments on “Pakistan Hindu Refugees are no more nobody’s children. They are accepted by one billion Hindu brothers and sisters through Yagyopavit Sanskar.

  1. Abhay Kumar Mishra
    May 22, 2013

    First time some positive work


  2. Basudeo Varma
    May 22, 2013

    Greetings from San Antonio, Texas. If I can be of any service to such a good organization, please contact me. I fully agree with Mr. Abhay Kumar Mishra’s statement. It is time for us to change our attitude and do all to make our dharma universal. Basudeo Varma.


  3. Surinder Attri
    May 22, 2013

    Subj: Yagyopavit Sanskar (rituals of taking Sacred Thread) of 482 Pakistani Dalit Hindus in Delhi.

    1. Quote: Pakistan Hindu Refugees are no more nobodys children. They are accepted by one billion Hindu brothers and sisters through Yagyopavit Sanskar.

    2. COMMENT: The date of 21 May 2013, is a special one for us Hindus. This date is very proud & dignified for us Hindus. On this day, our 482 Pakistani Hindu Brothers & Sisters, who fled Pakistan, were provided not only all kinds of help, but were also decorated with, dignified thread Yagyopavita.

    3. Let us face it. We Hindus are all one & singular. This singulairy is extremely important to us Hindus. With this singularity, we Hindus are proud & a power to be reckoned with. Without this singularity, we are niggardly & nothing. Our score is nine times nothing or zero. And Islam claims a time of reckoning for Hindu’s doom. How well we Hindus know the blitzkrieg, offense, and onslaught of barbaric Islam on the Kafir-Hindu ?

    4. In Pakistan, these 482 Hindus, were denied the right of practising their religion. These Hindus defied Islam’s slavery, inside the country of Pakistan, and boldly fled to India, to live a free & dignified life, inside the land of Bharat Varsha. Because these Hindus are subscribing to Vedantism, they are first rate role models, for attracting people from all over the world, to Vedanism.

    5. In Pakistan, these Hindus were Dalits. Today’s date ( 21 May 2013 ) also demonstrates not only gender-eequality but also caste equality. Both men & women were decorated with yagyopavita theads.

    6. We need more notable & memorable events like this, for the propagation of our Vedic Dharma, and for the total eviction of barbaric Islam, from the land of our Bharat Varsha.

    Surinder Paul Attri


    • Irfan Akram
      June 12, 2019

      With millions of people living in abject poverty, how can it be assured that these poor people ‘ll be provided all the amenities.


  4. Dr Vishrant Vasisth
    May 22, 2013

    The responsible person there may note my e-mail and mobile no. 09871006521 if I can be of any help. Of course we are publishing this news on front page in our Samvad Vimarsh Weekly.


    • Mohit
      May 26, 2013

      Appreciate this effort of Arya Samaj and Agniveer.. I was born in India who spent his teens in India, and then immigrated to West for my education and job, but still would like to see my country of birth progress and get rid of all prejudices, terrorism and evils that are trying to subdue India’s forward march.. And, Untouchability, caste system in Hinduism is one such blot.. It pains me when I hear or read anything that shows prevalence of this shameful practice, which prevents Hindus to be one unified entity in face of grave dangers to our country from neighbouring countries and Ebrahimic religious zealots (esp. Islamic jehadis).

      If any one from Arya Samaj or Agniveer or Kendriya Arya Yuvak Parishad is reading my comments, please do something about the untouchable Hindus in Odisha..
      watch this video about their plight

      Don’t wait till the missionaries descend on their villages and convert them or they fall pray to Jehadi mullas brainwashing and convert to Islam to escape the humiliation the upper caste hindus (I am born to upper caste hindu household as well) have heaped on them.

      The so-called creamy layer champions of OBCs/Yadavs like Mayawati/Lalu won’t do anything for them.. Please please help your Dalit brothers and sisters from clutches of rotten Caste system.. It divides Hindu society and prevents us from standing united and fighting against invaders.


      • Irfan Akram
        June 12, 2019

        If we talk about Ebrahimic religions, then Christianity and Judaism also have belief in Ibrahim.
        One of the reasons for conflict with each other is that present day Jerusalem / Bait-ul-Muqaddas is sacred to all of all believers.


  5. Rahul Raina
    May 22, 2013

    Excellent Job done by Hindu Biradari…. I feel proud that Hindus have woken up and accepted each other. Never too late…. Good Job….Excellent Job….. Such works must carry on…


  6. malayappaswamy
    May 22, 2013

    I pray to Lord Vishnu for the well-being and dignity of the 482 brothers and sisters. Let them be the role models for all of us. If personal well-being and material interests were more important to them, they could have easily converted to Islam to be able to live in peace in the Islamic hell of Pakistan. But their age-old Sanatana Dharma was more important to them, so even in the face of severe persecution by Muslim fanatics in the form of kidnapping, rape, forced marriage and conversion, they refused to leave Hindu Dharma. Let they be models for the 150 crore Hindus worldwide to place Dharma even above personal interests like family, wealth and fame. The spirit of Guru Tegh Bahadur, who considered it better to give up his head than giving up his Dharma, is alive in all of us. Hari Om !


  7. Pingback: Yagyopavit Sanskar (rituals of taking Sacred Thread) of 482 Pakistani ‘Dalit’ Hindus in Delhi. -News

  8. Irfan Akram
    June 12, 2019

    It is subcontinental version of
    The Expulsion of the Moriscos (Spanish: Expulsión de los moriscos, Catalan: Expulsió dels moriscos).
    In which, Muslims and Jews were forcefully converted to Christianity.
    N.B.: This forced conversion could not eliminate Islam and its values from Spain.


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