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Goddess Kali and Bajrangbali deities are desecrated by Muslims. Tension in Medinipur Town, West Bengal.

Medinipur Muslim Attack 12.05.2013

Pro-active Muslim Fundamentalists in Medinipur Town are engaged in Iconoclast Jihad. Goddess Kali and Bajrangbali deities are rampaged by Muslims.  Tension in Town.  

Subarnomoy  Pandey for Hindu Existence | Medinipur | 20 May 2013:: It is a Jihad of iconoclasm surfacing here and there in Medinipur town.  From the second Sunday of this month the Hindus of Medinipur town are facing a ‘Jihad against Infidels’ fomented by the fundamental Muslims of the town, even from some Islamic felons coming from outside.   200 Muslim miscreants came together in the late night on Sunday (on 12-05-2013) and rampaged in a Kali Temple near Keranitola in Medinipur Town (West Midnapore Dist of West Bengal). Police imposed partial restriction in portion  in the town subsequently. The Bajrangdal and some club members blocked the roads and observed bandh in some areas on Monday morning in the protest of Islamic hooliganism in Mediniapur.

The tension between Hindu Muslims started in the post evening on 12th May,  when a Hindu Motor Cycle rider collided with a Muslim bicycle rider and the local Muslims ceased the motorcycle and captivated the Hindu man for a ransom of Rs. 25,000/-. Knowing the situation, the Hindu activists of the town reached the place of turmoil to rescue the Hindu Man without any ransom. Losing the captive, angry Muslim perpetrators gathered stealthily to attack the local Kali Temple as a revenge. The deity of Goddess Kali is fully damaged by the attackers with iron rods and lethal weapons. When the Hindus were getting ready for a retaliation, Police and Rapid Action Force (RAF) took the control the area to pacify Hindu wrath by force. Three Hindu boys were detained by police initially. Afterwards police arrested another six Hindu persons, but not a single Muslim was arrested for the damage and desecration of the Hindu deities and the Hindu temple. Mamata Banerjee’s police is very much proactive to protect the Muslim Hooligans in Medinipur and Kharagpur Towns. Some the Hindu protesters were severely beaten up by the cops favoring the Muslims. An Administration, Police and Judiciary trio is plying a foul role against victimized Hindus by denying the bail of the falsely accused persons so far. A legal team of RSS and Bajrang Dal are monitoring the crisis so far.  BUT THERE WAS NO NEWS FOR THIS IN THE SECULAR MEDIA IN BENGAL.

But, it was reported in a pro-Hindu website thaton 12/05/2013 at around 9:00 PM, some boys from Goyla Para were  gossiping by the roadside near Keranitola on their motorcycles, suddenly a large container truck came in high speed, after delivering motorcycles to a nearby shop Palco Motors, and hit one of the boys. That made the boys furious and they stopped the truck and demanded an apology from the driver. The driver allegedly refused to tender any apology and rather started using abusive language against the boys. This made the boys hostile and they broke the headlamp of the truck. Hearing the chaos, a group of people came out from the Dewan Sporting Club – which regularly receives huge fund from the proprietor of Palco Motors, situated just opposite to the incident. The club secretary Shaikh Laltu and Shaikh Tulu came to the spot immediately along with other boys and started beating the boys. They also started pelting stones towards them. Some brickbats thrown by the club members hit the mazar nearby resulting some damage into it. Then they accused the Hindu boys for desecrating the mazar and attacked the Kali Temple beside the road. They kicked at the idol, destroyed it and started playing with broken idol. Hindu boys from Goyla Para could not tolerate it anymore. They called other people from their area and pounced on them. Allegedly they also attacked the mosque and mazar and damaged its properties. Once, they were gaining the control over the situation, the administration called for RAF from Salua and Sec 144 was imposed.

Bajrangbali attacked in Medinipur

The situation is still very tensed in the area. Hindus, in the area, are fuming for revenge. It is reported that even RAF personnel are offering them moral support. Local MLA Mrigen Maity and former commissioner Nazim Ahmed have reached the place and appealed for maintaining peace & communal harmony.

Actually the Muslim driver of Palco Motors hit the Hindu biker when the driver was moving back his vehicle. And out of all hell, the notorious Muslims took the advantage to destroy the Hindu temple until CRPF took control over the situation.

The situation turned grim when some conspirators aired rumors for putting some garbage in front a mazar (where Muslims worship a grave as a holy object) near Palbari area in the night of 19th May. The Muslims took the roads to attack Hindu vicinity. As a repercussion  some Hardliner Hindus damaged the wall of a Mazar near Kotbazar.  Afterwards through a  motivated revenge (after spreading the rumours of desecration of mazars), the Muslim felons broken a Bajrangbali  deity of a temple near Gandhi Ghat beside Kansai Bridge (the gateway of Midnapore town) in the early morning of 20th May.

Apprehending a severe retaliation from the Hindus of the town, Sri Soumen Khan, local Councillor of Medinipur Municipality rushed to the place with police contingent and cleared the broken idols of Bajragbali in order to install a new idol of Bajrangbali within 6-30 am.

The tension between Hindus and Muslims in the town is growing fast. And Administration and Police authorities are playing a very objectionable role under the dictum of pro-Muslim TMC party from the beginning. Four more Hindu activists of Bajrag Dal have been arrested on 20th May and no Muslim is arrested yet.

All the 13 Hindus arrested so far are being denied from getting bail under a repression made by the ruling party in West Bengal led by an Islamic mentor named Mamataz Banu Arjee.
For last few years, Medinipur Town has been turned as the dane of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. They are mainly concentrated in the areas Pathan Mohalla, Dewan Chak, Sepoy Bazar and Aurobinda Nagar near Medinipur Court.  These Muslims are engaged in Love Jihad and women trafficking, desecrating Hindu Temples, land grabbing from Hindus, illegal cow slaughtering even within  non-Muslim areas and putting many hurdles to Hindu festivals. 
Unfortunately, this town  gave birth of the culprit of Direct Action Day (Calcutta, 1946), Hasan Shaheed Suhrawardy, who is still an inspiration of the subversive Muslims of Medinipur. 
Hindus of Medinipur must find their own way to their struggle for existence.

9 comments on “Goddess Kali and Bajrangbali deities are desecrated by Muslims. Tension in Medinipur Town, West Bengal.

  1. mala
    May 21, 2013

    I feel very sad Hindus in West Bengal. They are all suffering because of cowardness of Hindus in India. We are most selfish people unless something happens to our family we won’t react. I hope atleast Hindu Gurus (all Hindu politicians are corrupted and they can do anything for power and money) should be united and give support to them. I don’t know what rich guru like Baba Ramdev is doing, BJP and VHP are doing?


  2. Surinder Attri
    May 21, 2013

    Subj: *Goddess Kali and Bajrangbali deities are desecrated by Muslims. Tension in Medinipur Town, West Bengal.*

    1. Pro-active Muslim Fundamentalists in Medinipur Town are engaged in Iconoclast Jihad. Goddess Kali and Bajrangbali deities are rampaged by Muslims. Tension in Town. Subarnomoy Pandey for Hindu Existence | Medinipur | 20 May 2013:: It is a Jihad of iconoclasm surfacing here and there in Medinipur town. From the second Sunday of this month the Hindus of Medinipur

    2. COMMENT: Why the Hell are these Sullas doing such barbaric things, to sights and symbols of religions other than their own ?

    Answer: Because Islam is a highly intolerant religion ( in fact, it is a barbaric dogma ), and its book of Quran is a gospel of hate.

    Question: What good did Mohammad ( the leader of Islam ) do to the world ?

    Answer: Not a damn thing.In fact, think of the great evil that has been done, in his name, and though his fanaticism. And also don’t forget the hundreds of innocent millions, who have been massacred through his teachings, mothers bereft of their children, children made orphans. Whole countries destroyed, and millions upon millions of innocent Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) killed.

    3. The truth is that Islam is no good, and is up to no good. In spite of its terrible record of shame, Islam is not even bashful or modest, but shamelessly calls itself, a religion of peace.

    Its followers think every ritual or symbolism used by a Kafir is sinful. That is why he regards goddess Kali or Bajrangbali as sinful. He does not think so, when he comes to his own shrine, the Kaaba. Besides, every Moslem wherever he prays, must imagine that he is standing before the Kaaba.

    4. The Moslem religion allows Moslems to kill all those who are not of their religion. Quran clearly says:

    Kill the Kafirs, if they do not become Moslems. They must be put to fire & sword. In the history of man, there has not been a religion, which has shed so much blood, and has shown so much cruelty to other man as Islam. In the Quran, there is a doctrine that, a man who does not believe these teachings ( of Islam ), should be killed. It is a mercy to kill him, and the surest way for a Moslem to get to Janat ( Moslem’s paradise ), where there are beautiful houris, and all sorts of wild sex & sensual enjoyments. There has been so much killing of Kafirs, as a consequence of such beliefs of Islam.

    5. Moslems have been going with Quran in one hand, and sword in the other hand. Any body who is not a Moslem, will have his throat slit.

    6. Conclusion: Islam is not what it claims to be. Islam is something evil.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  3. sridharan
    May 21, 2013

    Get bail. get the services of the best lawyer. Muslims do not have judiciary where they are in majority.But they cunningly take advantage of the democratic institutions in Non -islamic countries. The 100 crore Hindus are with our brothers and sisters in Bengal.


  4. malayappaswamy
    May 21, 2013

    I wonder what organisations like Ramakrishna Mission, which have so much followers in West Bengal, are doing about this. These spineless Hindus have been fed on the “all religions are the same” mantra. I have information that the RK Mission has been hijacked by the secularists and the corrupt Sonia Congress. That’s why the celebration of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary by RKM under the auspices of Sonia, Manmohan and Mamtaz Banu Arjee in WB is made into a purely secular event with the Hindutva aspect of Swamiji’s teachings being eclipsed. Swamiji’s teaching about “playing football instead of reading Bhagavad Gita” is over-emphasized, whereas the same man’s teaching that “Indian culture is Sanatana Dharma”, or “Say with pride I am a Hindu” or that “every person leaving the Hindu pale is not only a man less but an enemy the more” are totally concealed. As a result, the common Hindus are almost in total ignorance.

    And who gains from this ? The Islamic jihadis and Christian crusaders of course ! They desecrate our deities and abuse our religion, but we keep singing “Ishwar Allah tero naam” and “sarvadharma samabhava”. Perhaps we will continue our secular tolerance even when our country will become Darul Islam.


  5. Kumarathasan Rasingam
    May 21, 2013

    Dear and Most Respected Guruji,

    I pray our almighty god you are ok now.
    I am very very deeply worried about the future of Hindus in India and Sri Lanka and all over the wrold. The only country supposed to be a Hindu majority country INDIA is not showing any SYMPATHY towards Hindus in India, in neighbouring Sri Lanka and all over the world.
    Please note regarding the massacre of 149,000 Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka most of the world leaders and politicians released sympathy message to the victims of war on the 4th Anniversary of the GENOCIDE OF HINDU TAMILS. But it is shame that India so far not conveyed any sympathy towards the Hindu victims of War. This shows how the ruling congress is an anti Hindu Party – most the leaders are not real Hindus.
    It is time for all Hindu Organizations to stand in one voice against the ruling congress party.

    Thank you GURUJI again.

    I remain your most obedient servant.

    Kumarathasan Rasingam


  6. Deep
    May 22, 2013

    jab tak yeh congress ki govt rehegi Hindu o k sath aise hota rehega . just vote bank politics. these bloody politician will sell their mom and sisters for muslim votes

    i appeal to all hindus to get united and vote in a responsible manner.



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    December 29, 2013



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