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Welcome to 2nd Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan at Goa, convened by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.


10 reasons  to join this Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan at Goa.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

UpanandaShree Ramnath Ashram, Ramnathi, Ponda,  Goa | 5th June 2013:: Just few hours back, I have reached here at the venue of 2nd Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan at Ramnathi, Ponda with my friends of Bengal (Acharya Yogesh Shastri- Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Bengal, Shri Rajen Das and Satadal Goswami of Nikhil Banga Nagarik Sangha) and three others from Jharkhand (Sri Sanjoy Singh, Ashok Kumar and Promod Rai, all diligent Hindu Activists) to join this august Hindu Convention as scheduled from 6th June to 10th June. Though the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) is the main organizer of this Convention under the spiritual guidance of Sanatan Sanastha (SS), other like minded organisations are wholeheartedly supporting these  convention to make a great success.

At least 100 delegates have already reached the venue with all enthusiasm, 100 of members and devotees of Sanatana Sansthan and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are working hard to give the final touch in all arrangements to facilitate the attending delegates and also chanced to meet with Sri Promod Mutalik of Shri Ram Sene, Sri Aswini Kumar Chringoo of Panun Kashmir, Sri Mahesh Yogi of  Arya Samaj, Farukhabad (U.P.), Sri Manish Manjul, Samarth Trust, Delhi. Sri Krishnadeva Arya, Haryana Arya Yuvak Sangathan and all my relatives of SS and HJS.

Last year I came here in the same venue. This year I have come here again. But why? Let me clarify the reasons in ten points.

1. HJS and SS are the only organisations who are organised this type of Hindu Rashtra Conclave with its like minded organisations and individuals for the establishment of Hindu Rashra in Bharat without any hidden agenda. Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma is the basis of this Dharma Rashtra.

2. Being a little bit fanatic to see a Hindu Rashtra in my life time, I have no other option but to join this Hindu Rashtra Movement of HJS, as it is clearly saying about  an establishment of Hindu Rashtra within 2025 and I will be there by Almighty’s grace.

3. In my 30 years organisational experiences in various Hindu organisations, I have perceived an unique simulation of subtle spirituality in a work-frame of scientific deliverance in the strategy of this Hindu Rashtra phase by phase.

4. I feel a very high urge within the devotees and members of HJS & SS to get a Hindu Rashtra within 2025 and all of them are active to infuse this ideals and methods of Hindu Rashtra to others as per their capability with an utmost sincerity.

5. Within a short period (just withing 10 years of it establishment), the HJS and SS at least openly demanding the Hindu Rashtra in open convention with a worldwide propaganda.

6. This Hindu Adhiveshan (Conclave) is not only a theoretical session, but a practical platform with all possibilities and perspective of Hindu Rashtra. And this Adhiveshan  is completely free from any version of fraud secularism in Bharat so far.

7. This Hindu Adhiveshan is searching new talents and spirits to come together in a strong warfare of Hindu Rashtra.

8.  This Hindu Adhiveshan is dedicated for both the Constitutional and Agitational process for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

9. I have marked that this Hindu Adhiveshan have rejected all political and vest-interest gimmick and very much strict upon its Dharmik agenda to change the Adharmik (immoral and corrupted) system in Bharat.

10. This Hindu Adhiveshan is considering Bharat as Hindu Rashtra being an only solution of manifold problems of  World Hindus, whether in Bharat or outside Bharat. I consider it as a Real  Hindu Freedom Movement in Bharat and the ultimate struggle for Hindu Existence in this globe.

Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram!

5 comments on “Welcome to 2nd Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan at Goa, convened by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

  1. Surinder Attri
    June 6, 2013


    1. Anger of the British people, at killing of a soldier is certainly understandable. But as far as Sullas are concerned, killing of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) is one of the job requirements of being a Sulla. This function is somewhat of a standard for a Jihadi-Sulla.

    2. It needs to be grasped that bloody & brutal murder of Kafirs, is part of a bigger picture of Islam. What Sullas of Islam are trying to do, is to prevent Kafirs from worshipping false-gods ( that is, gods other than Allah ). That is the fundamental & foundational teaching of Islam.

    3. However, how much Hell-Raising they do against hateful-Kafirs, the future of Islam is not very good. The future of Islam is not bleak, it is pitch-black, and Sullas are going to taste it. Life for Sullas is going to be miserable, famished, and short. This is what is in store & in future for the Jihadi-Smart Sullas. Barbarian war-lords of Islam, consumed with Jihadist-conquest, shall find hunger coming at them with full fury. Of course, Sullas will blame all their misery on Kafirs.

    4. In the highly-competitive life of the future, Sullas will scrape by to survive. Therir keeness for Jiahd, will not provide them with food to eat. Their best chance to survive is, to forswear Islam and flee from its barbaric-Jihad.

    Surinder Paul Attri.


  2. Sanjay Kumar Jangra
    June 6, 2013

    i want to watch the 2nd hindu rashtar adhivation on tv how it is possible .i am live in jind haryana i want join hindu janjagruti samiti.


  3. Dr Vishrant Vasisth
    June 6, 2013

    I am feeling sorry that I had fixed an appointment on the dates of this adhiveshan much earlier in Hyderabad. How ever I will support and work for all the unanimous decesions of this adhiveshan.Kindly earmark any particular assignment in this adhiveshan for me.


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  5. Surinder Attri
    June 7, 2013

    Subject: Mother of bombers. WATCH THIS!……. Time to get our MAD on

    1 COMMENT: Judge Jeanine Pirro takes off her gloves, and lets the Sullas have it. She gives plenty of Hell to Sullas. Sullas fully deserve it. No doubt about it at all..

    After all, Sullas have visited nightmare upon the Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world for 1400 years.

    2. Because of this nightmare, I do not buy Islam’s claim, as a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood. This claim has no plausibility or prabability. To tell it like it is:.

    Islam’s claim of a religion of peace, is as absurd as a religious-communist or a capitalist-marxist.

    Surinder Paul Attri


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