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High turn in Goraksha movement in India. Less cow slaughter in Eid ul Adha. No slaughter in Next 3 yrs.

India is fighting to save cows in harrowing Eid ul Adha. High momentum in Goraksha movement. No cow slaughter and halal in Bharat within next three years. 

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Ban Cow slaughter in BharatHindu Existence Media Bureau | New Delhi | 3 October 2014:: Save Cow Movement has taken a high momentum in Bharat (India) this year. Across different states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh,  ‘Save Cow’ activists and Animal lovers are fighting hard to save Cattle resource in India with a new zeal and seriousness.

Though Govt. support is next to less, the proactive Hindu warriors have taken the vow to stop illegal cow transport, cow trading, cross border cow smuggling and cow slaughtering from the sacred land of Bharat which is known for its high veneration to the Cow goddess and Bullock god. India is famous for its Gomata and Virsh Puja (worshiping Cow goddess and Bullock god).

As per an Islamic online magazine it flashes under the headline: ‘India Muslims Abandon Cow Slaughter in`Eid’, “As world Muslims prepare their rams for Udhiyah this year, millions of Indian Muslims will not be able to observe the religious ritual due to the growth of campaigns by Hindu far-right groups against cow slaughter, considering it a sacred animal..

“Traders from other areas buy cows from our district’s largest Wednesday weekly cattle market,” Ramzan Ali, a cow trader in West Midnapur district of West Bengal, told, warning that the latest Hindu campaign against cow slaughter has affected the cattle market to a good extent.

“This Wednesday the number of traders was 30% or 40% less than our expectation and the market traded around 70,000 cows this week- down from 110,000 cows last year.” [Read the full report here].

Before the Bakar Eid (Eid ul Adha), news coming from Pune, Bhadrak, Balasore, Rourkela, Mumbai, Panipath, Rohatak, Alwar, Dholpur, Hyderabad, Dhanbad, Raniganj, Kolkata, Mumbai that Hindu protestants are vehemently opposing the unaccountable cattle killing in the event of Bakar Eid.

There are various provisions in the law viz. different Cattle Prohibitions Acts specifically valid in most of the states in India, the Indian Muslims always try to flout to hurt the Hindu sentiments by killing cows and cattle throughout the year, specially in Bakar Eid openly. The provisions of Cow licensing Act, Cattle Transport Acts, Prohibition of Animal Cruelty Acts, Pollution Control Acts etc. are grossly violated in Eid ul Adha by the Muslims as they are put in appeasement shield as made as a political compulsion in an Indian Vote Bank Politics.

Shivai Maharaj saves Gaumata from Mulla buthchersIn the trend of Muslim appeasement in politics and for getting crores of bribe through issuing fake medical certificates, purchase memo,  transport challans etc. the veterinary medical doctors, police and officials in the corrupted administrative system are definitely helping cow smuggling and cow slaughter rackets. The Indian judiciary is also sometimes felt as an very slow and ineffective organ to pass orders for cow protection in a mode of strict direction for its execution by the proper authorities.

Even then the Goraksha (Cow protection) movement in Bharat is taking a new shape without getting its proper support and initiatives from the Sangha Parivar (RSS Tree) and its designated political wing BJP (Bhartiya janta Party).

The activities of Narendra Modi‘s BSF in the West Bengal-Bangladesh borders are same as presently being done by Mamata Banerjee‘s Police in West Bengal in the matter of Cow smuggling and cow slaughter accordingly. We are very much aware of the fact that 300000 cows, bullocks will be illegally transported in Bangladesh and a large numbers of cattle will be slaughtered in West Bengal. Then why the cipher of NaMo and the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is not giving an instruction to Director General, Border Security Force to seal the border to stop cross border cow smuggling? It can’t be. As the personnel of BSF are taking unaccountable bribe and getting commission from the cow-smuggling rackets in the broad daylight and in fall of the night. It is presumed the Home Ministry is also fed by a huge amount from the moaning of the cows and harrowing bloodshed. Lakhs of cattle are being tortured, horrified and compelled to cross the Bangladesh Border for the ultimate destiny of BD slaughter houses. For this sin Modi-Rajnath-Mamata all are guilty. They should get generic punishment undoubtedly. But who will bell the cat!

Hindus are fighting in the field of Goraksha even in a state like West Bengal, where the Muslim appeasement and Hindu persecution are considered highest in Eastern part of India.

In KTPP Police Station (Purba Medinipur) Case No.361/2014 case, the Police is trying to hand over 58 recovered cattle to the hands of butchers making various loopholes from the arised situation and pressuring the Goshala authority to handover the cows to the hands of butchers in the name of fake agricultural purpose.

In Panskura Police Station (Paschim Medinipur) Case No. 477/2014, the Police arrested only one person and doing a peevish work to hand over all recovered 7 cattle and have not taken any measure to stop illegal cow market, cow transport and cow slaughter in its jurisdiction.

In Raniganj Police Station (Burdwan) Case No. 339, 340, 341/2014, Police has arrested 12 Gau Premi (Cow lovers) and put them in Jail in the festival time. Police has released 41 trucks with over 1000 cattle to the hands. In a very mode of oppression, Police has leveled sections 147, 148, 149,186, 323, 307, 353, 295, 153, 153-A, 427, 447, 506, 120-B under IPC upon the activists engaged to rescue animals facing life threat. The official system the  court of law even putting hurdles to get certified copies of rejection of bail etc, so that the victims cannot come out from jail to participate in festivals of Navratri and Durga puja.

When Hindu Existence Forum members went to meet the 12 Gau Premi friends, now captive in Asansol Jail on October 2nd, with our team consisted by Acahrya Yogendra of Haryana Gauraksha Dal, Gurpreet Singh of Punjub Gauraksha Dal, Nilakantha Mohanty of Odisha VHP, Advocate Bibhutibhusan Palei and Advocate Sukanta Basu and this writer, it was felt that the mentality of all 13 jailed friends were soaring high to take another challenge. But, they were very sad for only one cause that the Mamata Banerjee’s Police handed over  all the cattle to the hands of the butcher rackets.

Hindu Existence Forum members also observed that Asansol District VHP leader Omnarayn Prasad and Shankar Choudhury, BJP Prsident of Ranigunj Asansol District also reached the jail campus with 50 local VHP and Bajrangdal activists to convey solidarity to  their arrested friends in jail, but it was seen as genuine local sensitivity and support without any arrangements for the upper level of VHP or BJP.  The State BJP or VHP have not issued any statement condemning the culpable arrest and demanding the immediate release of the captive VHP-Bajrangdal-BJP activists.

One senior member of Asansol VHP conveyed to Hindu Existence Forum that BJP star leader and MP of Asansol, Babul Supriyo had not taken any action to save the VHP-Bajrangdal-BJP activists from police oppression and unjustified arrest as such. They tried to contact  Babul Supriyo (BJP MP from Asansol) time and again but he was very much busy to enjoy Durga Puja opening ceremonies. All the time his PA  or himself conveyed his hectic engagements and no time to take care for the Hindu victims in Asansol. Moreover, Babul said that “Muslims are allowing and enjoying Hindu festivals. Accordingly, Hindus should do accordingly join Eid-ul-Adha and should maintain peaceful relation with them. Hindus must not interfere with food habits of Muslims. Why should one object killing of cows if it is considered as food of others.”  Excellent if the version of Mr Baral is true.

As a matter of fact, BJP has forgotten its election manifesto and hundreds of election campaign where they assured strong steps for Animal protection. Even then the alternative and practical Hindutva forces have taken the matter of Cow protection with every challenge in every sphere.

The Islamic media is very much anxious with the upheaval of Goraksha movement in India. As per their report there is 30-40% decrease in Cow slaughtering in India. Next year it will be 50%-60% decrease in sin of cow slaughter. Within three years  100% decrease in cow slaughter in India. And Bharat will be declared as a No Halal Zone with no slaughter of Cow. Cow will be declared as a National Animal in Bharat.

If BJP adopts an appeasement policy for Muslims and even tries to allow cowslaughter, Hindu public of Bharat will draw down them from the power and give capital punishment to every killers of cows and bullocks.

Another Bharatiya (Indian) resurgence for Hindu freedom is coming up fast through Goraksha movement.

11 comments on “High turn in Goraksha movement in India. Less cow slaughter in Eid ul Adha. No slaughter in Next 3 yrs.

  1. Lambda Scorpio
    October 4, 2014

    Inspite of all these efforts, the National Gau Raksha committee should try to build up a vigorous campaign. It should be a National movement to pressure the Modi Administration in formulating an Universal ban on Cow, bull or bullock slaughter. There is an urgent need of a National law against this non-sense practice.


  2. vedicupvan
    October 4, 2014


                      MODI  MODI  AND  MODI

                                  By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

    Narendra bhai Modi is my beau ideal. I like him, I love him I adore him. He is a true Bhartiya to his finger tips and lives up to the Vedic concept of a Rashtra Purush. He is a leader of the masses and is one of the masses. The People of India love Narendra Modi and he loves the people because he is one of them. Narendra Modi has gone through the trials and tribulations of poor masses who find it difficult to make both ends meet on their meager earnings. Many a time the poor people do not know where the next meal will come from. And yet they do not complain. Even if they complain, there is no one in the bhrasht  Bharat Sarkar that would lend an ear to them because the politicians in power are corrupt and out to plunder what belongs to poor people. The plundering bandits stash their ill gotten money in foreign banks and are protected by the Congress party from the reach of long arms of the law.

    The poor, the down trodden, the plundered people have been running helter skelter crying for help to be saved from the rich and corrupt politicians of the Congress party and their cohorts. No help ever came. The cries of poor people fell on deaf ears. Those born with a silver spoon in their mouths did not know what the pang of poverty was. The word Hunger was not found in the lexicon of the corrupt rich rulers who drew their power from their lineage. The dynasty rule lasted for over six decades. The name Gandhi was stolen by non-Gandhis just to fool the poor people who never crossed the portals of a school. History of India was twirled and twisted by pretenders to the throne to serve their own selfish ends.


    Narendra Modi comes from the front gate to rescue the wronged men and women, not forgetting the children. He is no usurper of the throne or the crown unlike the fakes in saddle. Born of poor parents, Narendra bhai used to sell TEA at the railway platforms to earn a living to maintain self and kith and kin. Never mind the jibes of the Congressmen rolling in riches amassed from countless scams, where the political and governing heads looked the other way to let bandits have a go at the public treasury. Or was it that everyone from top to bottom had a pie. Reportedly the riches were illegally transferred to blood relations living in foreign lands. When the Police had joined the Thugs who was there to catch the thieves? None, my fellow countrymen, None. The rulers of foreign origin and of Indian origin were hand in glove with to commit dacoity. The day light robbery went by the names of 2G, Railgate, Coalgate and so on. In the murky affair of stealing Coal just about everyone blackened his or her face, ignore the blackened hands.

    The time was ripe for a Revolution, just the French Revolution style. However, the poor and the hungry were too weak to pick up arms and kill the traitors or guillotine the new-fangled royalty who advised the poor to eat cakes if they did not have bread.

    Comes Narendra bhai Modi from Gujarat to save the whole of India from the general plunder. Modi had been the Chief Minister of the well administered state of Gujarat for three terms and had endeared himself to the masses. His good administration ensured that no citizen went to bed hungry or no one was deprived of education or employment by the former mafia of previous rulers. Now Narendra bhai is told by a non-Bhartiya madam that his government at the Centre would destroy Bhartiyata. What a fall from grace, my countrymen that someone who knows not the meaning of Bhartiyata has the temerity to pontificate on that term.

    In another unkind cut the same madam spoke from the pulpit and sarcastically said that running the government of India was different from running the government of a state. One wonders what experience of administration did she have when she defanged the de jure Prime Minister of India and ruled the country as a usurper. Her loyal bureaucrats who were disloyal to the Constitution of India took important government files to her at her residence to obtain her orders before the same files were put up to the de jure Prime Minister of India. A self respecting head of government would have resigned and gone home to till the soil rather than live a life of ignominy and kowtow to a former waitress of a restaurant from the university town of Cambridge. Unfortunately, the gentleman concerned had mortgaged his self respect at the altar of a post that would have been beyond his reach in the normal course.

    What are the credentials of Narendra Modi to be Prime Minister of India, one of the other camp may ask. Well, he is the Darling of the People of India. He is a proven administrator. He is honest, sincere, loyal to the country of birth and goes by the tenets of the Constitution of India. The Congress government at the centre tried its best to frame Narendra Modi in one case or the other and thus deprive him of his legal and constitutional right to run for a high public office and thus provide the much needed relief to the poor and the destitute. But the Rule of Law prevailed. Thanks to the independent judiciary and an upright Supreme Court of India, the conspirators drew a blank each and every time they had stepped beyond the bounds of Law. The bandits are at it even now and do not hesitate in encircling an upright son of India by hook or crook. How crooked the dacoits are, one cannot imagine.

    A basic tenet of jurisprudence is:  However high you may ever be, the LAW is above you. Unfortunately the Congress party rulers think that they are above law. Let us take the example of Quatrocci, the Italian arms dealer whose frozen bank account was released by the government because his compatriot wielding power in India wished it that way. Another case is that of the Italian mariners who had killed two Indian fishermen and were being tried for murder in New Delhi. Some unknown hand facilitated their bail to enable them to return to Italy to celebrate Christmas. They were unwilling to return to stand trial in India. However, the Supreme Court of India had hauled up the Italian Ambassador and ordered him to produce the suspected killers in India to stand trial. Our Law prevailed.

    Modi is the man who observes the Rule of Law and follows the Constitution of India both in letter and spirit. Unfortunately, the Congress party of which the Madam is the President, made an unsuccessful attempt to defame Modi over his child marriage and abandoning his wife for national service and leaving the marital status column blank in filling the nomination papers in earlier elections to the Gujarat assembly. A non-issue was made an issue by the culprits themselves. Has any Congressman queried the Prince Charming of Congress party why does the 43-yar old unmarried man goes to Europe every now and then to celebrate his birthday or some other festival. Does he have any other interest that remains undisclosed lest his name is sullied. Let us leave it at that and not bring in the murky deeds of Vadra, the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi in numerous land deals. About that, a little later.

    All said and done, Narendra Modi is the Man fit to be the Prime Minister of India in 2014. The people of India want it that way. The masses and the classes want it. It was the will of the people that made Modi the Prime Minister of Bharat in May 2014.  Above all, Modi is an independent and effective Prime Minister of Bharat lives by the tenets of the Constitution and promotes BHARTIYATA.

    Email:   Mobile:    9811173590.


  3. Phenu Greek
    October 6, 2014

    I love cows..They are so tasty

    Tampa, Florida
    USA, Postal Code: 33618.


  4. Md aslam
    October 7, 2014


    Kolkata, West Bengal.


    • Anu
      May 13, 2017

      Mr aslam u r so angry, just for request of not eating another livebeing, just because they r speechless.

      How will it feel if sombody removes ur skin or urvloved ones to eat organs and flesh, esp if somebody cannot talk, or ur loved ones.

      Like muslim rulers did, to hindu people fr years.

      No wonder u r so angry cause u ate something that was inpain and now u r in pain.
      Even islam, in middle east, doesnt support eating beaf. As no cows were available in middleeast.
      Mohammad didnt say kill animals for taste, only need basis, as in desearts nothing grew.


  5. gul khan
    July 11, 2015

    hello all, i’m a muslim n i do agree with u that there should be a ban on cow slaughter in India, n we all muslim respect and care about the hindus’ sentiments, but there should be also a ban on human slaughter e.g ahmedabad, gujarat, kashmir etc. in india and the slitting throats and mosque bombing by the isis and taliban people worldwide. bcoz we n all the world believe that human being is the most sacred, pious n super creature of God n we all human beings (buddhists, christians, hindus, muslims, jains etc.) are brother and sisters becoz we all r sons and daughters of single parents.


  6. momin asem
    May 6, 2016

    hamare yahan ek slaghtur house chaalo hai jo ki ek rashtra wadi (ncp)ka up nagar adheksh khalifa kureshi chala raha hai
    rojana 400 se 500 janwar jis mien (gai bail…) kate jate hain our un ko parshasan or police ka saath milraha hai main is liye bata raha hon ki hamin us se kafi takleef hoti hai …krupaya kuch karein……dist..osmanabad. st.maharashtra.


  7. Sameer Ata Khan
    August 31, 2016

    fuck off u hindus

    Sameer Ata
    Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.
    Pin. 518006.


  8. Anu
    May 13, 2017

    Yes, it should be banned.

    Just like pork not acceptable in middle east countries, islamic countries and jewish people eat kosher food.

    Cow meat should be banned in india.

    Do homas to cleanze all evil of slaughtering.

    Slaughtering and meat eating in warm places, brings in lots of diseases, like cancer, skin diseases, teeth, etc.


  9. Matty
    May 21, 2017

    Sou a D. 36 aninhos, sexo feminino, Curitiba – Pr, perda neiarsensoourl bilateral de severa a profunda, oralizada, uso de ASSI apenas no direito e aguardando o IC.e-mail/msn: Legal a ideia Paula! Já estou trocando figurinhas com as minhas novas amizades e se precisar de ajuda para o encontro, conte comigo! (Curitiba é uma boa dica… hehehe…)


  10. Ramanpreet singh
    October 13, 2017

    I am living in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) there are lot of stray cows here. Local resident take cares of only cows which giving milk , others they left on roads. Accidents happen eevryday here , either the cow dies or injured. Stary cow smuggling chances are also here because Mewat area is very near to Bhiwadi. No one here is bother to take care of these cows here even with BJP govt in Rajathan. My humble request to Gorakhsaks please take care of these innocent animals


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