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Nalasopara (Maharashtra) Hindus unitedly foiled Missionary ploy to convert !

Good example to check Christian propaganda. 

Nalasopara (Maharashtra) – United efforts of Hindutva-vadis foiled Christian Missionary conspiracy of conversion! 

Stop ConversionNalasopara (Maharashtra) | HJS | 3 Dec 2104::   There was ‘Changai’ meeting arranged by Christians for conversion of Hindus; but the ploy was foiled by brave-heart Hindutva-vadis. Other Hindus may get inspiration from these Hindutva-vadis courageously  spoiled  the Christian conspiracy  to convert Hindus through allurements and false propagation.

Nallasopara is a town within the Mumbai Conurbation. The town lies in Palghar district of Maharashtra state in India. The population of the city is 184,664 (2001 census), now 2.5 lakhs appx. Its railway station is on the Western Railway Zone, approximately 50 km. from Mumbai Central station. It is governed by the VVMC Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation.

1. It was learnt from a handbill on the night of 30th November, that Christian missionaries had organized ‘Changai’ meeting on the following day. With earlier experience of conversions carried out through such meetings, local Hindutva-vadis reached the venue which was a residential society.

2. On inquiry, it was learnt that the program was going to be held in a neighboring dilapidated building at 9.30 a.m. on the following day. It was decided to lodge a complaint with police as nobody was available to get details of that program.

3. On 30th November at 1.00 am, 18 Hindutva-vadis lodged a complaint with Nalasopara police station against the ‘Changai’ meeting. (The prompt action taken by Hindutvavadis, even at midnight, for protection of Dharma is worth emulating ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Initially, police declined to acknowledge the complaint lodged arguing that it cannot be accused from just a handbill that it was conversion program. Police were asked whether they had given permission for ‘Changai’ meeting and if not, why handbills about the meeting were distributed. Through questions asked to police, it came to light that no permission was granted by the police for such meeting. Then, police changed their stance and cooperated. But, Police did not pay any attention to the anti Hindu programme until Hindus  questioned directly !

4. On the following day, police went to the venue of the meeting at 9.00 a.m. and asked the Christian organizers to go to the police station in view of the complaint received against them regarding conversion.

5. Later, police asked the organizers to stop the program and warned that nothing other than prayers, would be held and if any other program like conversion was held, such program would be immediately stopped.

6. Not only in Maharashtra, in all over India it is seen that some foreigners are taking part in the various services of the churches including distribution of Christian pamphlets-books etc., collecting money and participating in the programme of mass conversion.

7. Such activities by the foreigners on tourist visa are strictly prohibited under law and such activities are subject to prosecution to the violating individuals. So, any Indian national can easily protest them and lodge complaint to the police authorities.

8. In most of the cases, the Christians drive in any new area to test the soil in a small groups of 5-10 persons or less. So, if the ill motive of the Christian intruders in a village or in an area is noticed, Hindutva-vadis of that area must chase them with a group of 10-15 persons and must hackle the ill motivated evangelists and must snatch away their anti Hindu propaganda books and the materials of allurements. And next, go to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint against the Christian preachers for creating communal tension in the affected areas.

9. It is also seen that the Christian preachers and Church authorities keep ready a person or some persons beforehand for their help. These persons many be detected very strictly and must be put in boycott as they promote illegal conversion.

10. Students going to the Christian missionary schools must be taken special care by their parents. As the Christian intoxications are injected into the students in the schools in many subtle ways and those are most injurious to the Hindu culture and values, such students must be detoxified with Hindu values and teachings as applicable by the process of questioning and counselling.

Base report: HJS.

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3 comments on “Nalasopara (Maharashtra) Hindus unitedly foiled Missionary ploy to convert !

  1. Gopalakrishnan Nair
    December 5, 2014

    hindus should protest against irresponsiblity of a semi government body in kerala TRAVANCORE DEVASWOM BOARD …………….famous sabarimala AYYAPPA temple pilgrimage is managed by them……………it is located in kowdiar trivandrum……………….there are 3 members at the top of it…2 are elected by hindu ministers and one by hindu mlas………………..vvips rule but devotees should enquire and question the defects mounting……………there are also 1400 more temples under it…………..people belong to all states should enquire about stock of gold and other metals………..even through right to information act…………only hindus with innocent heart can do good for worship vvip will protect our most sacred places………….awake arise stop not till the goal is reached…………STOP NOT EVEN AFTER THE GOAL IS REACHED………………..this is the golden message of GOD AYYAPPA to hindus all over the world……….


  2. Meenakshi
    December 5, 2014

    We all must unite together to save our religion and people too.


  3. ramanan50
    December 10, 2014

    Christhava Brahmana seva Samithi (Trust) .

    He informed me that Christians ,posing as converts from the Brahmin Community are insulting Hinduism.

    He asked me to blog about it

    I told him that, some time back, I received a call from my fiend ,Mr.Sundaram,Bangalore informing me that he had seen small handbills stuck in Railway Compartments, where Christians changed the Slokas, both Ashottram and Sahasranama of Hindu Gods and claimed that they were written in praise of Jesus Christ!

    I Informed my friend Mr.Sekaran,Myiladuthurai that Chistians, in their over zealousness of promoting Christianity,so strong is their Religion and their Faith in it, are capable of doing anything for numbers.

    Why would they not, with Millions allotted for Religious Conversions by The Vatican and the innumerable sub-sects(Christianity , like The Seventh Day , Eighth Day, Tenth Day Churches contributing their might, in terms of money and Manpower!

    They entered as Traders,become Missionaries,Regional Language scholars(like Robert Caldwell,Veerama Munivar),posed /pose as Educationists, Social workers to increase their flock,not by Conviction, but by the lure of money and power……

    Please check out for more at

    For more articles on Hinduism and Christianity check under Hinduism category at the site


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