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Old Hindu Temple of Lord Hanuman destroyed in Tando Muhammad Khan in Pakistan.

Old Hanuman Temple torched and destroyed in Tando Muhammad Khan District.

Ash is scattered round a barely visible idol on the raised platform and the floor of the small temple which was torched in Tando Mohammad Khan in the early hours of Friday.—Dawn

546f90a2ef0eeM  H Khan | Dawn News | Hyderabad |  22 Nov 2014:: A small Hindu temple of Hanuman in Tando Mohammad Khan town was torched in the early hours of Friday, sparking protests by the enraged Hindu community and nationalist parties.

Hindu Panchayat leaders Dr Girdarilal Mirchomal Gul, Babu Patel and Mohan Lal termed the arson attack a conspiracy to trigger riots in Tando Mohammad Khan district and vowed to foil such attempts by exercising restraint.

They, however, urged the federal and provincial governments to bring the instigators to justice.

They said that it was an old temple located near the bungalow of former district nazim Mir Inayat Talpur. Devotees worshipped there till midnight and when they returned at 5am on Friday they found the stone idol of Hanuman blackened with soot and some religious books burnt, they said.

SSP Naseem Aara Panwhar quoted a witness as telling police that four men, who were seen fleeing the area on two motorcycles immediately after the incident, were believed to be involved in the attack.

She argued that the place was not a temple in the exact sense of the word. “It was an elevated platform for keeping idols. In the wake of arson attacks on temples early this year, we had told the caretakers of this temple as well to raise the boundary wall around it and avoid keeping idols and holy books there, but they failed to heed the counsel,” she told Dawn over the phone.

Dr Gul said that the temple which was mostly frequented by members of the Kolhi community did not have a complete roof either. “The caretaker called Baola had taken away all idols of Krishan, Ram and Shiv but kept books and Hanuman there,” he said.

He said that police were cooperating with them and a case had been lodged at the Tando Mohammad Khan police station against unidentified arsonists.

Mohan Lal, who is a nephew of minority affairs minister Giyanchand, said that the minister had sent a team to inspect the temple the same day. “The boundary wall of the temple is hardly three to four feet high, with a small gate,” he said and confirmed that the police had advised local Hindu residents to erect a higher boundary wall around the temple but they failed to do so.

Meanwhile, activists of several nationalist parties and members of the Hindu community staged protests on Phulelli road, demanding protection for the Hindu community and arrest of culprits. They said that such incidents were aimed at harassing Hindus and scaring them into migrating from Sindh.

In a similar arson attack on March 28 this year, a small Hanuman temple was torched near Fateh Chowk in Hyderabad, triggering widespread protests by the Hindu community.

MPA Aijaz Shah Bukhari visited the Tando Mohammad Khan temple and assured Hindu community leaders of complete cooperation while a notable, Mir Sajjad Ali Talpur, announced reconstruction of the temple.

Source: Dawn

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5 comments on “Old Hindu Temple of Lord Hanuman destroyed in Tando Muhammad Khan in Pakistan.

  1. Kumar Arun
    December 4, 2014

    Hindusthan or Bharat or India has suffered more than sixty five years in the hands of politicians who neither understood the history of Vedic Culture nor understood the land of Ram & Krishna. Many such politicians still alive today, posses political power to correct the problem but they choose not to.

    Unfortunately, the muslims who lived before Indian independence, also loyal to Vedic Culture & Traditions, did raise a generation of children who hardly understand what India was thousand years ago, much before Jesus & Muhammad were born. I have no doubt there are muslims in India, old & young who express loyalty to modern India. However, there is no measuring scale to verify their claim and trust them.

    This scenario brings to a simple question what should Hindus do? What should Modi, first PM after 65 plus years of Nehru’s “lunch Hindus policies” do? What should Hindus do in order to claim their old country back for its transformation process?

    In my understanding, Modi government must rewrite a new constitution of India. This new constitution must name the country “Hindusthan” regardless of changes made in constitution based upon our time tested Vedic Culture and its long practiced & well accepted traditions. I do not wsih to call my country Bharat or India but Hindusthan. What say you?


    Dr. Kumar Arun India Heritage Foundation Lansing, Michigan (USA)

    Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 23:13:30 +0000 To:


    • Lea
      December 5, 2014

      1. Hindustan is not a good name for your country, because the “stan” part brings it into alignment with other muslim majority “stan” countries. You may want to choose a name that has no allusion to islam to really separate yourself from the islamic identity, which is the most important part of the transformation process of India into a non islamic country, where muslims are treated with a different set of laws, since they hate democracy and oppose human freedoms, for the sake of the majority of indians/hindus and their safety and prosperity. Muslims should not be allowed to take up positions of authority in government and should not be allowed to serve in the military. History proves that muslims are subversive in all these respects and can never be trusted. Severe limits and restrictions must be opposed on muslims until their lives become so miserable that they will choose to immigrate to one of their 57 islamic utopias. Pakistan is a country that in fact belongs to india too, and even the granting of this land to muslims just shows that nothing is enough for these depraved and greedy muslims.

      2. Secular democracy is a great system because it provides for equality before the law. However, the seculars are sometimes people who are nothing more than communists and know this: the communists and the muslims are one in ilk and ideology. Both these groups and movements seek a one world government and domination over the rest of the kaffirs and peasants.


      • hinduexistence
        December 6, 2014

        Actually it is Hindusthan not Hindustan. Sthan (स्थान) is a Sanskrit word means place. ‘Hindusthan (हिन्दुस्थान) ‘ means the ‘place of Hindus’.

        Pankaj Srestha,
        Moderator,Hindu Existence.


  2. Lambda Scorpio
    December 4, 2014

    What the Hell of Secularists doing here? Who will hang them, they are the real dangers of Hinduism. When will the intellectual Hindus will understand this and organize the masses against them??? How long will we wait??? Not a single Muslim should be allowed do dis-respect Hinduism, here. Neither they should be eliminated.


  3. Gopalakrishnan Nair
    December 6, 2014

    GOD AYYAPPAat mount sabari…………..may be appealed against AYYAPPA idol in the international border will calm down the situation………..


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