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Muslim Terrorist Groups supplying explosive for Hindu Massacrer in India since 2010.

Busted IM module supplied explosives for blasts since 2010

imArun Dev | TNN | Bengaluru | 11 January 2015::  The three suspected Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives picked up by Bengaluru police on Thursday last, are suspected to have supplied explosive material for most of the blasts that were triggered off across the country since 2010, said MN Reddi Bengaluru police commissioner.

Citing information gleaned from the three suspects during interrogation, MN Reddi said the explosives for the blasts in cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai were provided by this arrested module.

Reddi said they have provided all information extracted from the alleged IM operatives to various central intelligence agencies and police departments of respective states. This is expected to rejuvenate the terror probes that had gone cold in these states. “The arrest of the accused will fill the missing links in the investigation of various terror cases across the nation,” he claimed.

He also said the specific roles played by each of the three suspects are yet to be ascertained. “Since they were in touch with a foreign handler,” he said.

The commissioner though stopped short of listing all the places where the blasts where triggered using material supplied by the trio. But Central Crime Branch sources said these men have given information about several important terror attacks including the German bakery blast in Pune (2010), Chinnaswamy stadium blast (2010) in Bengaluru and Dilkushnagar blast in Hyderabad (2013) among others.

Pointing out that the explosives and bomb making materials recovered from the house in Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, during a joint raid by Central Crime Branch and State Internal Security Division on Thursday, were similar to the materials used in most of blasts by IM since 2010.

The three men, Syed Ismail Afaq, 34; Abdus Subur, 24 and Saddam Hussein, 35, were arrested on Thursday. The first two were picked up a house in Cox Town in Bengaluru, while the third person was arrested from Bhatkal. Afaq is a homeopath doctor, Subur an MBA student and Hussein a scrap dealer.

Courtesy: TOI.

2 comments on “Muslim Terrorist Groups supplying explosive for Hindu Massacrer in India since 2010.

  1. ramkrishnagoel
    July 8, 2016

    1] (Please read after doing translation into Gujarati language) URL
    Intelli-Briefs bring you Intelligence briefs on Geopolitics , Security and Intelligence from around the world . We gather information and insights from multiple sources and present you in a digestible format to quench your thirst for right perspective, with right information at right time at right place . We encourage people to contact us with any relevant information that other news media organizations don’t cover . Contact
    August 25 , 2008
    (To be read in continuation of my aricle of August 2,2008, titled DIFFICULT TO DECIPHER INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN’S MESSAGES at and article of August 21,2008, titled SIMI Copy-Cats Dhiren Barot & London Bombers? at )
    One more E-mail message purporting to be from the so-called Indian Mujahideen (IM) was reported to have been received on the evening of August 23,2008, by a TV news channel. It is suspected to have been sent from a computer in Mumbai’s Khalsa College . Police have initiated investigation to identify the originator. As in the case of the earlier message before the Ahmedabad blasts of July 26,2008 , the suspicion in the present case too is focussed on one Abdul Subhan Quereshi, projected by police officers of Gujarat as an information-technology literate activist of the Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), who operates from Mumbai. He has also been projected as an expert in the assembly of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He is still absconding and has evaded capture by the police of either Gujarat or Mumbai.
    2. To prove its authenticity, the message carries the photographs of some IEDs under the caption “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and of two cars which were used for the blasts in Ahmedabad. This modus operandi is similar to the use of a picture of bicycles with IEDs attached to them in the E-mail received by a news channel after the Jaipur blasts of May 13,2008.In the E-mails sent by the IM before the blasts in three cities of Uttar Pradesh on November 23,2007 , and before the Ahmedabad blasts, the IM apparently did not feel the need of authenticity proof since the blasts themselves, which occurred after the receipt of the E-Mails, served as proof of authenticity. In the E-mails sent after the Jaipur and Ahmedabad blasts, pictures were attached as proof of authenticity.
    3. The messages sent before the UP blasts and after the Jaipur blast were purported to have been sent by one Guru al-Hind, which was suspected to be a reference to Mohad Afsal Guru, who has been sentenced to death for his role in the terrorist strike against the Indian Parliament in December, 2001. His mercy petition is still under examination by the Government of India.
    4. The message sent before the Ahmedabad blasts was purported to have been sent by the same Guru-al-Hind. By the side of his signature at the bottom of the message, the word Al-Arbi was written in capital letters. Al-Arbi means “The Arab”. It also stands for Wednesday. It was taken to mean that the message must have been signed by Guru al-Hind on the Wednesday preceding the blasts. In the latest message, the reference to Guru al-Hind is not there —-neither in the E-mail identity nor at the bottom of the message. Instead, the message is signed as Al-Arbi in capital letters. The e-mail identity of the originator has also been changed as al-arbi-al-Hind. In this context, al-Arbi could mean only “The Arab
    Page –2–P.T.O.
    ” and not Wednesday. Thus, the e-mail identity used means “The Arab of India ” Why
    so since the IM claims to be an organisation totally of Indian Muslims with no external links? Why the originator projects himself as “The Arab”? Is it a reference to one of the two Indian Muslims operating from Saudi Arabia for many years? One of them referred to by Pakistani jihadis as Abu Abdel Aziz was linked to the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LEt). He had played what the jihadis considered as a legendary role in organising jihad in Bosnia and was also closely involved in assisting the jihadis in J&K. There was no evidence in the past to believe that Abu Abdel Aziz was connected with the SIMI. The other Indian Muslim in Saudi Arabia is C.A.M.Basheer of Kerala, who was the President of the SIMI in the 1980s. He was co-ordinating the activities of the SIMI in India and the Gulf from Saudi Arabia .
    5.The latest message, like the previous one, has many religious quotations and allusions. It is quite abusive. The language used is typical Indian English—-not Pakistani or Arab. It uses abuses like
    “bastards” that one picks up more in a secular educational institution than in a madrasa. It shows a propensity for the use of the verb “await” as in previous messages. It tries refute the allegations of the Gujarat police that the SIMI activists arrested by them were the perpetrators of the Ahmadabad blasts. It denies that the SIMI has metamorphosed into the IM as alleged by the Gujarat Police. It seeks to convey the impression that the real perpetrators have not been captured. Interestingly, it also tries to implicate Ken Haywood, an American missionary worker who was working in Mumbai and whose computer was suspected by the Police to have been used by the Indian Mujahedeen without his knowledge, as a conscious collaborator. It thanks him and an associate of his for their co-operation and guidance in making the attack in Ahmadabad a success. Haywood has since run away from India when police investigation against him was in progress. Did he allow the IM to use his computer without knowing their background as a terrorist organisation?
    6. The message warns of fidayeen attacks in the future. Some senior SIMI leaders arrested by the Madhya Pradesh Police in Indore in March last were reported to have stated that they had experimented with peroxide-based liquid explosives during a training camp held in Kerala last year. Peroxide-based explosives are increasingly the favourite choice of pro-Al Qaeda jihadi organisations and elements abroad, including in Pakistan and Afghanistan . A peroxide-based explosive was used by the suicide bombers in their terrorist strikes in London in July,2005. Is the IM planning to use peroxide-based explosives for suicide attacks in future?
    7. The SIMI leaders arrested by the MP Police had also reportedly claimed during their interrogation that they had considered the options of hijacking an aircraft or taking of hostages before deciding on serial blasts. The IM may still resort to this modus operandi to get those arrested by the Gujarat Police released.
    8. The latest message, like the previous one, repeats the strong attack on the Times of India. The reasons for the IM’s anger against the TOI are not clear. Could it be more personal than religious? Did any Muslim serving in the TOI in the past leave the service in bitterness— particularly from its Ahmadabad office? Has it been less critical or more supportive of Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat? (25-8-08)
    (The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )

    President: Forum of Whistle-Blower of India. Ph: 0265-267677 Mob: 9427341041.

    Copy To Mr. Narendra Modiji, Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, for information please.

    2]] I was busy from 1996 to remove water logging in the Vadodara city due to corrupt GHB/ VMSS officers. From 1996 to 2016 I meet almost all thepolitucal leaders and bueaucrats of Gujarat those become frustrated from7.10.2001 not to take any decisions.
    READ ===
    President: Dr.R.K.D.Goel,-1414-A, Akashdeep Soc., behind Akaswani, Makarpura Rd.390 009 Ph: 2647677
    MSN NEWS DATED 14.11.2009.
    Terror radar: India is second worst terror-hit country
    Mumbai: India is the second most terrorism-hit country – behind only war-ravaged Iraq – facing eight terror attacks in 2008 alone and losing over 3,500 lives in the last few years.
    Quoting a recent United States report, city-based NGO “Bombay First”, said India follows Iraq in the number of lives lost in various terror attacks last year.
    “According to the report, terror attacks in India have increased in the past few years and claimed 3,674 lives, which is second to that of Iraq,” NGO Chairman Narinder Nayar said yesterday at a security summit organised at Hotel Trident, one of the sites hit by the terrorists in last November.
    Nayar said India, battling terrorism for nearly three decades now, has been attacked from outside and within.
    The summit saw global security experts, including those from the US and United Kingdom, discussing various aspects of terrorism and sharing their experiences.
    Source: PTI
    More news

    3]]] Why no action taken by UPA I and UPA II from 2004 to 2014 against terrorism against India. After serial Bomb Blatss in Ahmedabad on26.07.2008 and Mr. Narendra Modiji apraised Dr. Man Mohan Singhji PM for further attack son Gujarat / India by Indian Mujahideens READ below==
    IntelliBriefs bring you Intelligence briefs on Geopolitics , Security and Intelligence from around the world . We gather information and insights from multiple sources and present you in a digestible format to quench your thirst for right perspective, with right information at right time at right place . We encourage people to contact us with any relevant information that other news media organizations don’t cover . Contact
    AUGUST 29, 2008
    Narendra Modi met PM over national and Gujarat related security issues

    Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 30th of August, 2008

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday (August 29) met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and made a strong demand for giving assent to a bill to combat terror and organised crime(GUJCOC) in the state. National Security Adviser M K Narayanan was also present in this meeting. Meeting went on for 45 minutes in Prime Minister office.
    READ GujCOC Bill : Union Government haven’t sorted out “policy issues” yet ?
    Modi explained to the Prime Minister that the law similar to the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime Act was already operational in Maharashtra, then why not in Gujarat? Modi harped on the need for “strong laws” to prevent youngsters from falling prey to terrorists who were looking to recruit them for their anti-national activities. Modi said there was a need for border fencing and special training and providing modern equipment to the forces engaged in border security. Modi said he was not interested in playing politics on the issue of terrorism.
    “A political will is needed to further strengthen the police force including giving them more legal powers and resources. I requested the Prime Minister to immediately pass Gujarat’s law against organised crime, which has been passed twice by the Assembly, and has been lying with the Centre for the past four years. It is important to understand that this law exists in Maharashtra and if a bomb blast takes place they can use it, but if it happens in Gujarat just 50 km away I don’t have the law. I want to tell those politicians who have their minds filled with vote bank politics that there were terrorist activities even when POTA was in force and that despite having Section 302 (of IPC which gives death penalty for murder) murders do take place. Does this mean we remove this clause? I apprised them about the information revealed by the terrorists arrested for their involvement in the Ahmedabad blasts. There is a need for co-ordination between the Centre and states and also among the states to combat terror. It has come to light that states which are doing well economically are especially being targeted. I requested the Prime Minister to call a meeting of such states and he has agreed to it. I also requested the Prime Minister that since Gujarat is a border and coastal state there is a need to re-look and upgrade its security.I am not here as a BJP leader but as a voice of the Gujarat Assembly which represents 5.5 crore people. We should face terrorism as a united force,” he said, when asked if he felt the BJP-ruled states were being discriminated against by the Centre in the fight against terror. I hope the Prime Minister and the government in Delhi will show political will and take a decision soon” Modi said after his meeting with the Prime Minister.
    Posted by Naxal Watch at 11:02 PM
    Labels: MODI

    4]]]] How bad for Gujarat police they have not taken any precautions against the terrorists attack in India by the SIMI / Indian Mujahideens (IM) despite my letters to Mr. narendra Modiji from 2003 that his life in danger and he hi son terrorists radar to kill him from 2002 Gujarat riots called Pogrom.
    All poce of Gujarat were only conconcred for Safety of Mr. Narendra Modiji CM ( Conman Man of Gujarat).


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